Lover Beware Ch. 03

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Vic felt across the bed and found an empty space, his brain tried to compute the situation, it was dark, it was quiet and it was lonely.

He heard the doorbell ring and seconds later ring again, he struggled to his feet and pulled on his dressing gown and slippers. lurching for the front door as the bell rang again and again.

“I’m coming,” he shouted, “Hold your bloody horses I’m coming!”

Tripping down the stairs, he reached the door and opened it. Kerri, his wife’s mother stood there with an overnight bag in her hand. She pushed past and walked into the lounge.

“God it’s cold out there,” she said, shivering, “I thought you’d never answer.”

“Kerri, what.. what.. why are you here now, I thought I was coming over to pick you up later this afternoon?”

“Yes I know, but I got so excited I couldn’t wait so I packed and got a taxi over.” She looked round the room expectantly, then glanced at the door.

“Where’s Glynnis, I thought she’d be here, what’s up?” she looked at Vic fretfully.

“Kerri she’s gone shopping, I’m supposed to tidy up and hoover and make up the bed for you, but I fell asleep, sorry. The plan was to be organised to come over about three’ish and bring you back here. Glynn’ll be furious with me for cocking up!” he glanced ruefully at Kerri. “Sorry Kerri, but what time is it?”

She glanced at her watch, “About eleven thirty, when did Glynnis go out?”

“Shit! about eight thirty, which means she’ll be back and I’ll be buggered, quite literally.” He massaged his rear and looked at Kerri.

“Sorry, do you want a tea or coffee, put your bag down have a seat, I’ll make you a drink and hop in the shower.” He gestured at a large comfy chair and went to take her bag from her.

“Tea please, no sugar but a little milk.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek as he bent down to pick up the bag. he smiled and mouthed ‘OK’, but was taken aback as her hand sneaked into his gown and found his cock.

“Can I have a piece of this too please,” she said and winked at him.

Vic stepped back and felt her soft warm hand slide off his dick, “Sure you can Kerri, as soon as Glynn gets back you can have it all, but, I won’t do anything behind her back, unless it’s to stick my cock in her doggie style.” He smiled and turned, pleased with his feeble joke.

“Sit down and I’ll make the tea,” he left and popped the bag in the spare room, blew a breath out, “Phew!” and turned to the kitchen,

He rattled round and made tea and a coffee for himself. Returning to the lounge he set Kerri’s tea down on the coaster on the coffee table,

“I’m going to shower, be about twenty minutes, remote’s there on the coffee table and there’s some girls mags of Glynn’s on the shelf underneath, make yourself at home.”

She smiled and picked up her tea, sipped and sat back with a smile on her face, “That’s lovely, thank you Vic.” she said and winked.

Vic smiled and left to shower. As usual and without thinking he went to the bathroom and walked into the bursa escort shower, switched on and when warm enough stepped into the shower. He used gel and shampoo to clean up his hair and body, not noticing the shadow walk in through the open door.

He opened the door and stepped out to see Kerri sitting on the toilet, naked below the waist. Her legs were open and a thick mass of curly white hair whisped over her pubis.

In the quiet a gentle hiss preceded a jet of piss erupted from the fur covering her cunt, cascading out into the toilet bowl. The piss fell and met the water in the bowl in a noisy cascade of boiling and bubbling sounds. Kerri smiled sweetly,

“Sorry Vic I had to go, been a long while since breakfast.”

Vic stood mesmerised by the scene,

“That’s OK; oh! did you feed your pussy err cat before you came over,” he stammered, his face changing to beetroot red.

“Oh, I always take good care of my pussy.” she said smiling and reaching for the toilet tissue. She wiped from front to back then dropped the paper into the water, rising, turning and flushing. This gave Vic a view of her backside, which although white was surprisingly firm.

He felt his cock rising, just as Kerri returned and the front door opened and closed. Vic stood confused, heard Glynnis shout hello and Kerri answer. Glynn’s head appeared round the bathroom door and she stared at Vic.

“And what’s going on here then? have you started without me?” she scolded, walking in and smacking his backside. Kerri giggled.

“You’d better smack me too, poor Vic was in the shower and I snuck in and surprised him by having a pee as he got out the shower.” she glanced down at his rock solid thick prick.

“God, you lucky girl, I’m surprised you want to share that!” she pointed at Vic’s turgid stem and licked her lips.

“Go on Mummy, get down on it then,”

Glynn said pushing her Mother towards Vic. He glanced at Glynn and shrugged, she smiled and mouth ‘Love you’ at him. Then a soft delicious, wet cavern closed round his knob. Kerri swirled his cock round her tongue, drawing him in as her throat began to suck him down. he gasped as her gullet took him down and began to fellate him.

A minute later her gasped sagged and poured a torrent of spunk down her neck. She swallowed it then swirled the head round to clean him up and let him slip out with a soft plop.

Vic sat back on the bath edge, eyes glazed unable to believe the sheer pleasure that engulfed him. he came too and stood placing the towel on the ground he pulled Kerri down resting her head on it and scrambling between her legs, removed her knickers which were still around her ankles.

Swooping down he buried his face in her cunt and returned the oral gesture, leaving her screaming and crying with joy as he brought her to her first climax by a man in forty five years. Tears welled up in her eyes and she kissed Vic’s face as he came up from between her legs.

Glynnis stood with her hand down her trousers, her finger bursa escort bayan buried in her pussy, massaging her clit. Vic and Kerri pulled her down, removed her trousers and pants, whilst she shrugged her t shirt and bra off and then they took turns to lick and suck her pussy. She came in minutes and they all sat up in a three handed kiss.

” Wow that was fabulous, I could do that again soon,” said Kerri, eyeing Vic’s stiffening prick.

He smiled, kissed her and began to unbutton her cardigan pulling it off her, then her blouse without unbuttoning it. Her bra clad breasts gently rocked in front of him, as Kerri breathed harder with the excitement.

Glynn’s hand came round and gently circled her orbs then began to slowly squeeze each one. Vic meanwhile leaning behind her, cinched the centre strap freeing the cups of their charges. Her breasts spilled out as Glynn pulled the cups off her tits. Her breasts were smaller than Glynn’s but large and soft and saggy.Bending down each side, Vic and Glynn slipped the nipples and aereola into their mouths, using both hands to support the globes.

Kerri sat back and mewed softly her hand straying to her clit. Soon she was rubbing it quickly and trying to slide a finger into her love hole. Suddenly she yelped and thrust her bottom forward and up, plunging her finger deep into her and rapidly withdrawing it, again and again. She grunted and froze, her finger pistoning in and out, her thumb pressing and rubbing her clit.

She grunted again and slapped her arse on the floortiles spreading her legs and pulling her fingers out with a flourish. This was closely followed by a thin trickle of piss which spread in a pool in front of her.

“Ohh, good,” murmured Vic, “Another orgasmic pisser in the family.”

He smiled and looked knowingly at Glynnis, who smiled back at him, as she massaged her mother’s tits. Kerri, reached out and began to cup and squeeze Glynn’s large saggy tits, leaning in they kissed. Vic gazed in awe and excitement as they shifted position and Glynn lay back, so Kerri could reached down to her Pussy.

Lifting her leg over Glynnis, Kerri moved down so they were in a classic sixty nine position, lowering her face into her daughters cunt her tongue came out and began to lap at her labia, as Glynn reached into her mother’s folds and fingered her opening.

Vic felt his cock lift up and his hand went to it, stroking it slowly, Glynn’s legs widened as she tried to give Kerri more access to her sopping wet pussy, little gasps of pleasure escaping her lips. Then her sounds became muffled as Kerri lowered her pussy onto her face. Glynn’s tongue ranged over her mother’s slippery folds and lapped her clit. Both women lurched to a shuddering climax, rolling off each other to see Vic standing over them, grimacing as he wanked himself to a climax over their naked bodies.

Globs of cum squirted into the air to drop down on their bodies, which they eagerly rubbed into their skin. Vic grunted as the final spurt jetted out and escort bursa landed on Kerri’s damp and wiry grey haired pussy. Kerri went to rub it in but Glynn’s face beat her to it as her tongue wound through her pubes to lick up the spunk.

“Shower,” said Glynn as she helped her mother to her feet. and they climbed in the shower, before they could turn the taps on Vic walked to the screen and pulled it back.

“I need a piss,”

said Vic, as he aimed his cock at the women; they leant forward in anticipation, as the pee jetted out of his piss hole. Aiming up slightly he soaked their breasts and belly’s, Glynnis pulled her stomach flat with her hands and he drenched her pussy hair.

Kerri turned and bent over pulling her arsecheeks apart. Vic hosed her anus and cheeks, covering her hands. The stream died away and he flicked the last drops into the base of the shower.

“Get in Vic,” said Glynn, her finger between her mothers cheeks, searching for her piss soaked arsehole, Kerri obliged by widening her legs and bending slightly. Vic got in the shower, his limp, cum slickened dick dangling down, spent. He fondled Glynn’s tits and his mother-in-laws arsecheeks.

Kerri rocked back and forth on Glynn’s insistant finger, as it slipped into her dirt box. Vic, moved his hand down between Kerri’s legs past Glynn’s searching finger and into her pussy opening. Findng her entrance he pushed his finger in, timing his entry as Glynn’s finger entered her mothers rectum. Their fingers slid side by side separated by the thin membranes between them.

Vic felt a dribble of piss on his hand as Kerri orgasmed again, withdrawing his hand he licked his fingers tasting her salty piss.

Glyn pulled him to her and rubbed her breasts and belly against him. He ran his arms round her waist and lowered them down so his hands clasped her large arsecheeks in them. He squeezed gently as she pushed against him. His cock flapped against her labia and he surprisingly felt it stir.

Glynn did too and mashed her groin against him desperate to orgasm. As he hardened slightly more his cock head rested against her clit and she rocked against it until she came again, a small trail of piss trickling down her leg. Falling back, against Kerri she sobbed and cried.

Stunned Vic reached out for her and took her back into his arms, Kerri moving behind to wrap her arms round her daughter’s waist.

“God Vic, to think we nearly messed this up with our stupidity, thank God it’s all working out, I love you so much.” she hugged him tighter, as his now erect cock became caught between their bellies. Kerri’s fingers just above.

“Glynn, hush, it’s ok now, we’re together and that’s all that matters. And we have Kerri too, don’t forget that, we’re all we need.”

“I can’t believe this is happening, I’m so happy darling, you and Vic mean everything to me, I love you both so much.”

She kissed Glynn’s shoulder and squeezed her belly with her fingertips.

Glynnis smiled and kissed Vic on the lips,

“Shall we have that shower now and then go to bed for a while?” She smiled and twisted to kiss her mum’s cheek.

Vic flipped the power switch and there were screams and shouts as the cold water sprayed the three of them.

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