Lovely Linda

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As I drove down the highway, I contemplated my life. I thought back to the 1970’s when I was driving down a different highway on a day I will never forget.

My name is Tim Johnson and I was average in pretty much every way. Average height, average weight, average looks, even an average name! 5’11” tall, 155 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. Cute is usually the term used to describe me by the opposite sex. At 18, I was still a virgin and not really happy about it! It’s not that I had no experience with the softer sex but had not yet gone all the way (not for lack of tying!).

Little did I know, that was about to change in ways I could never have imagined! I worked for a construction company as a gopher/laborer/office boy and was returning to the office on the Friday before Christmas (which fell on Sunday this year). The office Christmas party was today and I was going to miss most of it while running my errands for the company. As I pulled off the highway towards the office, I thought of the last year spent working for company. It was a father/son operation and a good job to have while in school. What made the job enjoyable though was our secretary Linda Spinelli!

Linda was the vision of my ideal woman. Italian with olive skin and long dark hair. Her eyes so dark, they looked black. Was black really an eye color? She was tall, about 5’8″ but we always looked eye to eye with the heels she wore everyday. She was 32 yrs old and unmarried but always seemed to beypazarı escort be dating some sophisticated guy. She was curvy in all the right places! Large breasts, slim waste, nice hips and a gorgeous ass! A taller Annette Funicello for those of you old enough to know her (if not, take the time to google her). Her outgoing personality was her best feature though. Okay, maybe not her best feature, that award goes to her tits!

I arrived back at the office, aggravated that I missed the party, as I saw it was winding down! As I walked in, I saw Linda in her tight red Christmas dress holding some mistletoe. She had obviously been drinking as she held the mistletoe over my head and gave me a peck on the lips! Now Linda had always been sweet to me and I thought I had kept my lust for her hidden and our relationship would be considered friendly but professional. As she kissed me, I blushed and felt my cock harden in my pants!

About this time, the boss came up and asked if I could give Linda a ride home as he didn’t want her driving drunk. I knew she lived only about a mile away, so I would drive her home in her car and walk back. Of course this just made me more aggravated but I would do anything for Linda, so of course, I agreed.

I helped her find her purse and walked her to her car. I held her door and as she got in, her dress rode high on her thighs! I thought I saw red lace peek out before she adjusted her dress. She looked çankaya escort up at me and just smiled! The bulge in my pants became more uncomfortable by the moment. As I drove her home, I could not help glancing over at her ample cleavage as she relaxed in the seat next to me. “It’s okay sweetie, you can look, I enjoy it when you check the girls out!” I wondered just how much she had to drink! Again, I felt the blush and tightening in my pants!

As we arrived at her house, she invited me in. I started thinking to myself, “Dear Penthouse Forum…”, then filed that thought under impossible! What would this sexy, mature woman want with an average 18 yr old virgin? I nervously agreed, my knees shaking as I followed her perfect legs and ass framed by her tight red dress! She offered me a coke and splashed some rum in hers as she sat next to me on the couch. We talked a bit about our lives, when she told me she was between boyfriends and was lonely. She asked about my love life too. I laughingly told her I was between girlfriends too, for the last few months!

Linda’s next words will forever be in my memory. “Why don’t we help each other out with that situation.” Nervously, I told her I did not have much experience. She nodded and said, “I’ll teach you honey.” I thought I might be dreaming, when she set our drinks on the coffee table, stood and removed her dress! I think I heard angels sing as her body was revealed in her red lace bra and matching çayyolu escort panties. Her body was better even than in my dreams! She removed her bra to reveal her large tits with a slight sag that made them even more appealing! The natural olive skin of her tits was only slightly lighter than the rest of her skin. She had dark half dollar sized aureole with long puffy nipples. I was speechless as she took a pillow and knelt on it between my legs!

I was almost hyperventilating as she unbuttoned my jeans and slid down my zipper! My cock is also average, 6 inches and moderately thick, with a slightly above average sized head. It was steel hard and leaking precum profusely! As she gripped the base and licked the fluid off the tip, I thought I would cum immediately. Linda sensed this and squeezed the base tightly, winked at me and said, “not yet, sweetie!” As the crisis was averted, she started to slowly lick my cock from the base to the tip! She even licked my balls for a while as she stroked my shaft. I thought I would cum again, but again Linda squeezed the base hard. I thought I would scream from the pleasure/pain! She then took her tits and wrapped them around my cock and slid my cock between them repeatedly. I started to beg her to let me cum and she started to suck me again. She started to take my cock deeper and move her head faster as my orgasm approached. I screamed as she squeezed my balls as I felt my cum travel up my shaft and shoot into her mouth! She kept sucking, swirling her tongue around the head until I was too sensitive to take anymore! She lifted her head and smiled as she swallowed my load! I was lightheaded, seeing stars as she said, “now that the first one is out of the way, there are so many things I want to teach you!”

To be continued

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