Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 04

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Beside tease and denial, this story is a mix between lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls. But this one takes place in a universe ruled by women teasing guys relentlessly without consent.

I intended chapter 4 to end part one of two parts… but I decided to separate it in two and re-separate it in two or it would have been as long 1, 2 and 3 together, so part one will be 6 chapters long, in which 5 are over, and the last isn’t started.

The odds are high you understand nothing if you start here from scratch. This universe is not mine and uses many many concepts you won’t understand without at least reading the glossary in chapter 1.

THIS STORY IS VERY LONG! If you prefer to download it instead of bookmarking, my profile redirects to my medias which propose it in pdfs (there will be a picture at the end of chapter 6 too). It depicts the life of people in this world with all its aspects (notably the dub-consensual), and the evolution of the romance follow these.

It focuses on absolutely terrific extreme tease and denial mixed with the adorable and cheesy stuff. It is my take of a very cute love story between two outcast people in this world, but a lot of the “unfair” and “unsafe” out of their rainbow world is described and not less part of the kink.

Chapter one and two are crueler (and weird for 2) than the following; people into strict gentle femdom may prefer starting at chapter 3, but will miss the evolution of the romance starting into this harsh universe of male abuse. This is bad for marketing haha, but the two first chapters (many are likely to like less) serve the purpose to introduce the evolution and actual start of the relationship with crazy tease and denial all along the way.

I reworked this intro from previous chapters and forgot to mention delicate aspects of mild consent and virgin “not-shaming-but-quite” and around (by around, I mean self-awareness about social-awkwardness, introversion, shyness and all. If you’re not at ease with this, it may be a bad experience). Also I add now that it’s no more a spoiler that though there is few actual pure ballbusting or cbt (there still is), balls kinda hurt a lot in this universe^^.

Also there is always some legitimation of an abusive relationship, in order that the guy finds meaning in his life and doesn’t suffer from what happens to him, because I hate sad feelings. This is part of the scenario, universe coherence, and made to contrast with the gentle romance while being arousing as a kink for me.

Words from the creator of this universe.

“This is Salamando_Flames. I am allowing CuteAndLovelyYetHorny to post this work based on my Sex Mage World concepts. “

Minimal additions are added to the existing lore, this is a fanfiction.

Glossary and basic info of the universe as created by its creator:

See chapter 1

Archmage: Sex Mage awakening often at 18 and not 19 or past, and with much stronger powers. A very little percentage of all sex mages.

Megami: The Queen of a Queendom, a sex mage that awakened unimaginable powers to counter a worldwide sex magic catastrophe occurring some years earlier, resulting in the creation of queendoms. The politics of a queendom reflect the will of its Megami.

In my own take of the universe:

See chapter 1

V.A.C. Events: Elina went looking for me as a virgin guy to awfully torment, violating Montana’s laws and culture. Not heartless, she chose one, me, that would take her whims without suffering mentally, and felt compassionate for the other lonelier and way less stable she met, the “Virgins are cute” teams were born. It became an official town structure taking those interested as consenting playthings to girls who’d love to tease them and be kind too, granting some care and release, organizing fun games.

– 1 –

Why am I so faithful and friendly to Elina? An interesting question to raise now I’m not only hers anymore.

The shielding she offers by itself? Plays a big role but… I mean it’s unique and wonderful in our world to not get any random nor ambient tease when Astra and I are blushing hanging together, happy to be with one another… but what I mean, I really mean is that huh… I need to cum to such an unimaginable point that if I was given a choice, that wouldn’t worth it. Not in our world where your female friends can all see your dick in their minds and your fantasies involving them, and you can’t help to have them anyway when you’ve not cum for a week, let alone 7 big months… I’m sensitive, I love symbolism, I love to be Astra’s own boy and stuff, but there’s a limit. I think it’s time to give this question some ankara otele gelen escort thoughts…

So what? Why just don’t stop it already, and ask Astra out? Why not stopping it before, with that level of abuse, there was no problem running to a Samaritan center. Well, I don’t know… Maybe I am just spineless? Yeah I sure am… it’s not having ovaries to ask remaining pent up for a so ridiculous reason, as tough as it may seem, just my brain fucked up by my innocent selfless love further than my blue balls.

It’s not so unrealistic: science was at the point to reduce love to a bunch of molecular reactions fulfilling an evolutionary use of survival, and sex magic pops to the world and blurs everything in a second. And I’m there everyday, levitating home-LEG, balls hanging low, over sensitive, as they fuck under my eyes; and love made me ask for what I knew would turn into all this.

It’s like if science had wanked for millennia, felt the edge coming by 1850, and had ended expertly ruined by the cosmic hand it removed from equations. A majestic feminine hand pissed of that patriarchal belief systems took over the world anywhere you looked at, and one particularly bored day, she just said “oh, fuck it” and snapped her fingers, sending malekind into unescapable lives of blue-balled despair.

Takes a huge nerd to think like that, doesn’t it? … Yeah, that’s the thing:

I can totally picture Elina getting this and giggling at this: yes, she’s one of an heavy nerd! With insurance, friends, boyfriend and stuff, but still one. Sure, you can’t compare with Astra, she was the type of weirdo that took my heart at first sight (“Mr Science” wanted to explain that it was only a romantic myth, but if you saw the color, size and sweat of its ballsack, you’d get quick that it could only whimper weak noises in its mind-broken state instead). So then, could my link to Elina come from her own way to distinguish herself from the cock-teasing masses of this world?

She was the weirdo among her friends too, “that cool but special girl”… who the hell wants to own a virgin? Never let him cum? And not hurt him mentally? You gotta choose right? She did it all at once. Maybe 17 years of magic made things like a new routine: same spells, same teases, same looks on guys face, same pleadings. As it became “normal”, I swear girls started unconsciously to underestimate what it was to be sexually frustrated, probably proportionately to how our minds adjusted to bear it slightly better. Yet, it remained eventually physical and when you adjusted your mindset to bear a certain level of things, “social expectations of teasing” made your balls grew fuller in the process, no escape! And yeah… that’s only Montana, many other Queendoms are far from being so playful and nice for men’s lives…

Elina was different, she had that scientific itch that made her stay true to her words, and rational in any aspects of her life: if that was symbolically important for me, she’d be sure to not forget my shield a single time. I think it made her someone who had a clear idea of what having blue balls feels like, and gave her that personality. She doesn’t just want to tease because it’s what girls do in this world, she wants to smile, get wet and drool at the knowledge that it’s totally crazy, unbearable and unfair to make me bear this. She wants to feel that deep, but not “high”: aware, conscious of what it is. She doesn’t want to forget what waking up for a new day means for me after she woke in the same house than mine hundreds of times, saw my thoughts everyday, teased my balls till cum crashes against the orgasm block so much times, over and over.

The key is entirely there, and further that making a summary of it like “I can’t get the pros without the cons”, maybe she also… deserves to have fun with her eternally blue balled virgin? Maybe in this world where females officially rules, if I’m freed the day I kiss the girl I love and can modify my “contract” if I decide so, without fearing things the law can’t help about… then it’s fair she gets her part of the cake isn’t it?

I swam in my thoughts for 10 minutes and the door suddenly rang.

You get a jeans and go open the door, boy? I’ll leave you 5 seconds of rest in the evening!

What wasn’t my surprise to see a cute Astra waving “Hiiii!” with happy red cheeks.

“Elina called me, apparently you’ve had some touching thoughts, so that’s her reward.” she smiled and unexpectedly kissed my left cheek. “See ya tomorrow!”

I was still holding my sweetly itching cheek in front of the door 5 seconds later. Then I rolled my eyes and yelled out loud in the flat.

“You want so much to never forget the reality of the unbearable hell you put me through that you never tune both your magic-ears out, hm? They’re fuckin’ full; freakin’ awfully deadly filled up ready to burst!”

Owwwwww… poor cutie, almost as I love them!

Hahaha… öveçler escort … … … … … And thank you… for the shield… and for giving my balls a purpose… not much the one virgins dream of but… … I guess sometimes they do, they don’t want to admit it to themselves but in a certain way… and thank you to let me be hers and helping your way, without really having to…

I didn’t expect less than a playful tug, more realistically 10 to 50 phantom and voodoo things taking cum to the breaking-unbreaking point, but I just got a chuckle in the head… and an even hotter evening to surrender than initially thought!

Let’s be honest… I didn’t really ask for something else.


I blushed and turned a little bit, unbuckling my trousers in front of my cute and shy second owner.

“Twenty more hours of heavy work inside those since yesterday…” I smiled shyly as my jeans ended up on the floor.

Speaking even lower than me, she commented:

“You know, I had a glimpse yesterday when she flew you before she crushed them. It didn’t look so swollen, even in your super tight jeans… poor you.”

She felt like chuckling but also felt sorry for me, at the same time, what ends with a rather neutral weird face.

I had a quick amused smile:

“I cage myself so that you don’t see my dick tent like yesterday, but now my balls are barely less obvious that if I was naked… at least that will help, haha.”

“I’m eager!” she exclaimed.

With all the magical “come and go” she felt yesterday, we thought having a clear idea of what her background constant magic could do will help.

However how happy her quick and emotional surge of magic makes us, it’s like 20 or 30 times weaker than any random basic spell, and that permanent background she couldn’t even feel within wasn’t weak nor subtle or any euphemism, it was totally ridiculous and we wanted to do our best to increase its efficacy, so we don’t have to say it anymore!

I coyly put my hands behind my back and purred, blushing.

“I’m your test boy now… It would be nice that you could move my hands there by yourself later…”

“You love to be my test boy, hm?” she advanced towards me on all four and pet my head, making me nod happily.

Time was so mystical since yesterday, we could finally express our love under the excuse of belonging. We held up for so long I didn’t have the energy to not show I loved it, and she didn’t have the energy either to pretend to not acknowledge!

She wanted to aim at my balls and I wanted to take it!

“I’ll try to sense your arousal first, it should be the base but it feels the hardest, just like emitting it…”

“If you say that you’ve learn to consistently do a “phantom something”, shouldn’t you try it first?” I asked low and turned aside, mumbling. “Not that I need it to wish I can cum every 3 seconds and get mad at any body part and arousing clothes in my sight… but still…”

“Hihihi!” she chuckled as I felt indeed a phantom… “something”… yeah, tickle my left testicle; and I started to wiggle my pelvis funnily on the bed.

“You improved…” I added plaintively, past a little moan. “It’s clearly something unlike last time… hmm… not clearly a fingertip, but it could definitely be one.”

She smiled happily and gave me a shy but intimate look, and pulled one of her sleeve off her shoulder.

“Any body part, hm?”

“W… Whaow…”

She bit her lips and unbuttoned a button down her shirt, revealing more flat skin, except that I already used to tell her this place under the neck to the cleavage was very sensual for me. It was true when I was only an innocent boy in love, telling it to comfort her about her little chest, so it was now sensual enough to drool and twitch at with the package of raw denial dangling between my legs.

Her look was sweet and you could tell she loved the stunned way I looked at her. Her third “something” coming tickle my big orbs only looked like “not something yet”, but a second “finger-something” teased my left nut by now.

“Can’t do the third one… but your face is 10 times as expressive, haha!”

“I really love the attention but… you’ve made me all mushy now… and your phantom fingers are… turning into fingers… nhhh, at least your attuning works, but that’s not like it was a surprise anymore” I whispered in my sweet torment.

She blushed and turned her head away. “We can chill a moment with some Mytube vids maybe…” but she smiled and pulled her hand ahead towards my mouth. “But you get a little relief for taking it, even if you love it…”

I flushed and felt my breath fill my lungs, closing my eyes; and I kissed the back of her hand like a princess.

We looked at each other turn crimson from the edges of our shy eyes…

“You’re really wonderful, and beautiful… guess we need that little chill out pretty bad.”

Finally pendik escort we burst in laughter after some awkward seconds of silence, so it took less chilling out to get back to the point… and really, none of us wanted that chill out deep down!

We went back seated on her bed, calmed down, emotionally stable.

“So, are you really that much of a good boy? Was I lucky when I read you loved neck caresses yesterday, or do you think of booties and boobies all plump and mellow when you cheer me up about my curves, hum?”

“Haha, worse than that, you ovary-less weak glitch!” Ironizing around the new “slang reversal” boys tended to adopt to get in the favors of the new dominant gender seizing up their genitals, more often than to taunt about it.

“Let’s see…” she smirked and centered. “Ghhhh… blurry… there’s magic but… shhh… I’m sure you’re online, downloading I don’t know what weird porn…”

“I’m a good boy I swear, I’m just thinking of a cute thing you do sometimes, it gets me all red and all…” I pouted coyly, playing innocent to hint I thought of a cheek kiss and somehow sync us.

“Still a pixel orgy… at least I can see your cheek so it’s not my mind trolling me, I just need more power… and you’re a good boy by the way!”

“Hmmm… I’m turning a bad one if it’s what it takes to gain in intensity…”

“Hihihi, there’s pink… and black… lingerie? Nah, it’s alright, your cage is twitching, don’t torture yourself. I just gotta practice!” she smiled, abandoning her failed trial.

“Hm Hm. Guess sending ideas into my mind will be the same?”

“You never know… … … … … … well not even… or you’re feeling it? But not me.”

“You’d feel the connection and stuff… Elina says there is a moment the magic always has to link with the material, and when it’s about the mind, it’s about the whole neural network… hey, what if… I just thought of something.


“Can you try to freeze me? You probably won’t succeed, that’s normal.”

“Of course, haha.”

“Are you trying?”

“Huh… okay…”

“Doesn’t work.”

“You said it!”

“Okay okay… but my little finger alone?”

“Oh… you think… there’s something, can you move it?”

“Yeah! Huh, no. I meant, “Yeah you made it” haha! Just center on a point and I think every spell will work. At your level, but it should do.” I smiled while flexing my finger with a little bit of will. “focus on the last phalanx, a single point in the center.”

“I’m trying.”

I blushed as I instantly felt it locked in place, only moving normally if I moved the 4th finger with… yeah, magic won’t make your bones defy physics!

“Huh… it really worked well, but try on the forefinger to be sure” I showed her the problem and we laughed, but instead of feeling my finger frozen in place, I squealed as “nothing” gave two simultaneous flicks to my resting balls.

“I have learnt!” She beamed. “I did it once but it worked instantly as I wished and I… it’s incredible, I can do things to a single spot at will, it’s embedded in my mind, it’s obvious and seems like I always knew it!” She flicked one of my ears to show and jumped on me. “I’m so happy! I feel what every girl do anytime!”

“I… …” I wanted to tell her how happy I was for her, but found myself so shaken by her burst of happiness that pushed her warm and beautiful body against mine, still very sensitive, that I closed my mouth and held her back gently, as I could. She landed a fast and noisy big kiss on my cheek that terminated me.

“Whoops…” she had a cute guilty laugh when she let me and watch me look down and avoid her face, beet red and silent, looking like a shy little boy on emotional overflow. She put her hand on my hair and let me follow it as she patted me slowly.

“I’m lucky you can’t read me yet ’cause I swear I wished to be your test boy forever for a second…” I pouted, to make her laugh.

“Ohhhhhh, hihi, right?! So you were a good boy in the end, I could almost be disappointed!”

I raised my head to give her a shy look and fell back on the bed.

“Hmmmmm… guess we won’t chill out each time “that” happens… just stopping to watch you for a moment will do.”

She chuckled along with me, both already “chilling out” eventually, and she smiled:

“You’re mine, right?”

“Hummm… I think I’m a strong independent guy and I came yesterday in a tight wet eager pussy… in the dreams my past owner induces in my sleep at least.”


She was already secretly drooling for a few minutes at the sight of me, lying; and even if that was not true, hearing “past owner” instead of “second owner” created a strong reaction between her legs. So it far from prevented her to take a seat on my chest, on her knees, legs on my bed.

“Daaaah! Nhhhhh!”

“It tickles?”

“Real bad! Like Elina’s ones”! I answered, breathing out, as she succeeded to have a phantom toothpick pick somewhere in my balls and disappear while another was already generated and heading towards a sensitive tiny bit of skin. She could try and focus on making the image appear in her mind, but it ended up really blurry again. It was still impressive how she didn’t need it to chain those cute little jabs.

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