Lockdown Slave Ch. 03

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About 15 minutes after she locked me in the basement and went away, I lost my erection.

There was no clock on the wall, and my wristwatch was now in my luggage since she required me to be totally naked and not have anything on my body. So, I didn’t know the time. But after about what seemed to be about 3 hours, boredom began to set in. I could track the sunset through the tiny window on the wall. The window helped me to have an idea of the time.

The night was quiet and empty. I slept alone on the cold floor. Chen didn’t bother coming to check on me until morning, after she had breakfast with her parents.

I was so glad when I heard the chains on the gate clanging. She walked in casually and elegantly like she hadn’t done anything wrong. She was full of life, but still not smiling at me or anything.

I saw the small sprayer in her hands again.

“Good morning, Mistress Chen!”

She didn’t reply or say anything to me. As soon as she got near me, she sprayed my naked body from head to toes.

“Turn around!” she ordered.

She sprayed my back also, from my head to my feet. Then I turned back around to face her. Up until this moment, we have had very minimal body contact. In fact, I could say there wasn’t any real body contact yet. The closest I got for a touch was when she was fixed the chain around my neck and locked the padlock. She was maintaining that short distance now again.

“China is on a lockdown, so, you can’t even leave. And forget about time, this is your new home for now!”

I looked around the home. No chairs, no table, no bathroom, no fan, no heater, nothing! ordu escort It didn’t look like home to me.

“I’m going to start having fun with you already, but there won’t be anybody contact for the next two weeks, after which I can be sure of your Covid-19 status.

Yes, this is a quarantine!”

She went out, but seeing she didn’t lock the gate, I knew she would be back. Shortly after, she reappeared with a bucket.

She brought two dog bowls out of the bucket and placed them on the ground in front of me. The first one with the colour brown, the other, yellow.

She pointed at the brown bowl; “This one is your plate. That’s what you will be eating your meals from.” She pointed at the second bowl, “This one will serve as your cup, for drinking.”

She dropped the bucket close to the wall. There was a bunch of polythene bags inside. She made me I was to pick one whenever I wanted to defecate. I would defecate inside it, tie it, and drop it back inside the bucket. When the garbage removal company comes around, they would be disposed off.

She and her family had Sichuan Pork for breakfast that morning, and she was gracious enough to have saved me a ration. She poured it into the brown dog bowl. She then poured water into the Yello dog bowl. I was very hungry and knew I didn’t have the luxury of asking for eating utensils. I rushed at the food and started eating with my hands, even before she gave me the permission to eat.

“You eat like an animal. That’s ok.”

I paid her no mind, neither had I paid the wall some attention to have noticed there was a whip hanging on the osmaniye escort wall until I attempted to lift the bowl off the floor so I could sit on my ass and eat more conveniently.

She didn’t say a word. She just went to the wall and took the whip, came a few feet towards me and started whipping me. Her whips landed on my head, shoulder and upper body. I quickly dropped the bowl back on the ground before I would mistakenly pour my breakfast on the ground.

“Dog! The bowl stays on the ground. Don’t ever move it!”

“Yes, Mistress Chen, please forgive me!”

I cowered in fear and panic and wondered what I have gotten myself into.

“Eat, you are starving.”

I resumed eating and she stood there watching me as I ate my breakfast like a hungry creature in the wild. I finished eating the food and then sucked on the water. I lapped up the last drops. I didn’t make the mistake of lifting up the bowl again.

She went out again and came back with a stool. She dropped it close to me, but not close enough for me to be able to reach. The length of the chain wouldn’t allow me to.

She sat down and for the first time, she smiled at me.

“Chase, my American dog!”

With that, she opened the floor for some fun discussion. It was the first humane treatment I was getting since my arrival. I didn’t know it wasn’t going to last long.

I told her about my journey, the conference etc. She also told me about her family and the present state of the streets. Since I had no direct access to the news feed, I really needed that from her.

“There is no need to introduce ostim escort you to my family. You are just an animal.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

On the night of the third day, she brought me a black and white Tv. The thing looked like something out of a museum. She plugged it on a socket on the wall and finally I was glad I could feast my eyes on something when I’m alone. It was on a Chinese station, and I had no idea what exactly they were saying, but I could follow the images. And once in a while, they aired some things briefly in English. One thing was certain, the virus is making waves across the world.

That night, before she left, she asked me to go on all fours.

“Henceforth, any time I walk in here, this shall be your position!”

“Yes, Mistress Chen!”

She went behind me and began to whip my ass. I cried, but there was no one that would come to my aid. Welts upon welts swelled on my ass. I asked her what I did wrong.

“You have done nothing wrong, Chase. I just want to flog you. I see you as an animal, and I want to pass that message across. I want you to feel what I think about you.”

She continued to whip my ass some more.

After satisfactorily tearing my ass up, she sat back on the stool in front of me.

“You are not just here as my guest, you are also here as my slave, to do with as I please. Remind me, what did I say you are?”

“I am a dog!” I replied.

“Yes exactly. And here is the thing, when I say you are a dog, I don’t mean it in a fancy way. What I mean exactly is that you are an animal. And I will treat you like an animal. The next couple of days will be very tough for you. That is why you haven’t entered into the main house proper or met my family, because there is no need. This is where you belong; in a dungeon. This is what you are, an animal from San Diego.”

(To be Continued… )

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