Lingerie Dream?

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As I entered the bedroom, I found her standing there wearing a sexy red silky chemise which put a smile on my face. Normally she doesn’t wear anything sexy except for special nights, because she knows how much I love lingerie. I walked over her to give her a big kiss, but while I was kissing her I couldn’t resist giving her silk covered breast a squeeze. I noticed a bag on the bed, and I started to walk over there to see what was inside, but she stopped me and told me to take a shower.

When I retured from my quick shower, I found her laying in bed with her favorite toy going in and out of her. I got so aroused by the site I stopped in the door way to gently stroke myself. I must have made a noise since she looked up at me and told me to stop what I was doing. She then instructed me to put on what was in the bag. When I opened the bag I was both nervous and excited, found a pair of red silk panties, a red padded bra, a long red gown and a pair of black stockings. I wondered if she knew what I did when she was gone, did she know that I wore her lingerie while she was out? I didn’t have any trouble getting dressed except for the panties barely covered my hard on.

She niğde escort then instructed me to start licking her clit, which she didn’t have to ask twice to do. There I was licking and sucking while her dildo was sliding in and out of her, needless to say it didn’t take her long to have an orgasm. I went up to give her a kiss, but she shoved my head back down which is unusal since normally after she has an orgasm she wants intercourse. After 3 more orgams she finally let me stop and give her a big kiss. I find it so sexy when she lets me kiss her after I have eaten her out, so we can share her juices.

She then instructed me to lay on my back, at which time she started slowly kissing my body. She stopped at my “breasts” and gave them plenty of attention before she continued to work her way down, but she missed the spot that was desiring the most attention and continued down to my feet. She had my roll over on to my stomach, and started kissing the back of my legs. When she got to my butt, she lifted the gown up so she could slide her fingers under the waist band on the panties. While she pulled them off she noticed the wet spot on the front and made the comment that nişantaşı escort I must be enjoying the night. She then stuck her tongue inside of me, followed by one finger then two then three fingers. The next thing I knew was that she was sticking my butt plug deep inside of me. She had me roll over on to my back, and gave my hard on a couple quick flicks of her tongue, but she continued moving up until she was sitting on my face. I didn’t have to be told what to do, so I ate her to another orgasm.

At this point she had me get on my hands and knees, and I was wondering what was next. She gently pulled out the plug, which I forgot was even there, and asked me if I enjoyed being her bitch which I was. She then informed me that I was going to know what it was like to be fucked. I had no idea what she had in mind until I turned around and noticed she had put on a strap on. At first it hurt, but after awhile I started to enjoy it. She must have had another orgasm since I felt her body shake and then she colasped on top of me.

She then had me roll over on to my back and pull up my gown to around my neck at which time ankara olgun escort she told me to start stroking myself. I wanted to cum so bad I went fast, but she said slow down. Either way I was so aroused it didn’t take long for me to explode all over my stomach, chest and the new padded bra I had on. She instructed me to rub the mess into my skin, which was a weird feeling but I did with out arguing. She then cleaned me off with her mouth and moved up to give me a kiss. I tasted something different in our kiss, and that is when I realized she was pushing what cum was left into my mouth. I resisted at first, but I finally did let her have her way. She said I always kiss after I eat her out so this was only fair.

She still wasn’t satisfied, so she started sucking on my limp penis and using the silky gown until it got hard, at which time she mounted me and rode me hard. She had another orgasm, but I was having a hard time cumming since I just had. It wasn’t until I focused that her silky body was rubbing against my silky body and our “breasts” were rubbing against each other did I finally cum again, and we fell asleep in each other arms.

When I woke up, we were both in bed naked. Was that all a dream? Or did it happen? I didn’t know until she woke up and asked me if I really enjoyed the night before, and then I looked down and noticed the lingerie laying on the floor. She said if I enjoyed last night I would really enjoy the next special night we were going to have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32