Like Mother Like Daughter

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


“You… Both of you? Oh, I am so sorry, I must be misunderstanding… Wait… Heh, this can’t…”

Hans backed up against the long, polished wooden table, blushing heavily, the bat folding his wings in around his body, though he had been holding his paws up against his mother-in-law and his wife a moment ago. He’d known just how open his mother-in-law, Ruth, was about sex and eroticism, which hadn’t been a far stretch considering how Ruth was too, though that didn’t mean that his cheeks didn’t burn hotly at the idea she had put forward. To learn how to better please his wife… Over breakfast in the estate breakfast parlour, no less!

Ruth had not minded his trouble, however, smiling, sipping from a cup of tea and peering at him over the rim of the mug. Oh, the bat was a sweet one, perfect for her Beth, but perhaps he would come around to a more open way of life and sex in time. He was wrapped up in customising a remade turn of the century electric engine for a Studemaker, which was delightful, but…not quite what the older wolf was interested in.

However, she didn’t have to be engaged in the same interests as her son-in-law, frankly, not when she could use her skills for more tenacious, nefarious means. Few knew about her true nature, which had been passed down to Beth, but…oh was that really information that needed to be known? She only showed her fangs when required, after all.

That was how she posed herself, watching with a sensual lap of her lips through a crack in the door leading to her daughter’s room. The wolfess, who looked so much like her, moaned on the bed, on all fours, grinding back onto the bat’s cock, crying out for more.

So much like me… Ruth thought lustfully, pride rising inside her, warming her through. Taking what she wants. I’ve taught her well.

But Beth understood perhaps a little better than Ruth how to seduce and tease, how to get the rough, pounding strokes that she wanted without pinning a partner. She was in control, however lightly or forcefully it was taking, reverberations running through her entire body, from snout to tail, with every stroke of his cock.

“Yes… Hans…” She moaned, tail lifting as if to afford her watching mother an even better view of how their bodies joined. “Hard… Oh, you feel so good… So good inside me…”

Yet he wasn’t quite there and Ruth could see the frustration in her daughter’s eyes, how she wanted to be taken but could not grind back onto his cock at the pace that she wanted to be pounded in. The bed creaked under them and Beth let out a strangled howl of upset, twisting in her throat, on the edge of climax but, in such a position with her bahis siteleri partner using only his cock, not quite able to get there.

“Hans… You need to…” Beth struggled with the words, wanting to show him so badly what she wanted, what she needed him to do. “Change the angle…mmmph, oh…of your hips…”

But, try as he might, Han couldn’t quite do it, head tipping back in pleasure, even as worry curled through him at not being able to please his wife. There was only one thing Ruth could do on seeing his face, the twisting contortion in his frantic expression.

“Not to worry.”

She smiled as she entered the room, striding forth as if she had a right to be there, taking up space and chuckling lightly. Hans flinched and pulled away, heat flooding his cheeks and the sensitive inside of his large bat ears, though Beth growled and lunged for him, holding his wrist so that he could do little more than pull insistently from her. However, he wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry with an aroused and unsatisfied wolfess right there before him.

“I will help you two with your little marital problem,” Ruth said lightly, though her daughter looked considerably happier about the assistance than the bat did. “Every young couple has issues from time to time and the art of making love, Hans, is not something that you can pick up from a book, no matter how studious you are.”

Hans blushed, but Beth did not allow him to pull away, holding him insistently down on the bed by his shoulders as she straddled him, sitting across his chest.

“Mmm… Thanks, mother,” she rumbled softly, a hint of a growl behind her words, “but don’t forget that he’s still mine…”

“Don’t worry, daughter, I will teach him well. How is this gentleman bat with his tongue, I wonder?”

“What — no!” Hans blushed and made as if to pull away, but Beth was already in place on top of him, her scent in his nose, confusing him for the brief seconds it took for her to regain control. “No… I didn’t mean to offend earlier, it was…”

“Oh, quiet, sweet one,” Ruth all but purred, joining them in the nude as she slipped out of her dress and undergarments, letting them pool on the floor in a soft rustle of fabric, her breasts full and enjoying release from the tight confines of her attire. “I shall assist you… The art of eroticism is not something that you alone can find the answer to.”

Hans blinked, not sure where it was going, blushing furiously, yet his cock was still hard and ready and it was not as if he could force it to soften, despite the rather strange situation he had found himself in. Ruth was…attractive, he had to admit. But she was Beth’s mother! That couldn’t possibly be something that they both wanted from him…could it?

With two naked wolfess’ on the bed with him, the bat’s head was foggier than ever, however, slow to work as Ruth came up to sit before his head, facing her daughter, her tail lifted. Even though Hans tried with all his might to be strong, to resist the urge to look, Ruth ground back onto his muzzle, the taste and aroma of her canlı bahis siteleri juices flooding his senses.

Trembling, Hans moaned. He couldn’t help it.

“There… That is better,” Ruth crooned. “Take his cock, Beth. We don’t need to leave him waiting… Not while I teach him to please.”

His head spun, but there didn’t seem to be anything he could do as the wolf ground onto his muzzle, smearing her arousal across his nose.

“Use your tongue, young one,” Ruth breathed, while her daughter nuzzled down to his cock, lapping and teasing, distracting his attention further. “Around the folds, dipping inside… Take it slow… Think of the pleasure of it.”

Hans knew how to give oral, of course, but he’d never been instructed quite like that, though he felt helpless to do anything other than to go along with it in the moment. His wife and her mother had made it quite clear that they wanted it, after all, and his only objection was that it wasn’t “conventional” — but what ever had been conventional with Beth? He grunted softly, ears shivering, licking into the wolf, finding her entrance, swirling his tongue up inside the first femfur that he had been with since Beth. And Beth had been his first, his very first…

Not his only, however, not as Ruth coaxed him, spreading her folds for his tongue, showing him how to pulse his tongue on her clit. Her need thrummed through her, a swift instruction, but one that would hopefully last, opening the bat up to the world of sexual desire and lust in their family that could and would be shared between all adult members.

Beth nuzzled p his cock, suckling on the tip, keeping him in line while the bat squirmed under their bodies. His pre-cum tasted so thick, clinging to her tongue as if it did not want to slip down her throat, but she knew exactly what to do as she sat up, facing her mother while she took her husband’s cock deep inside her pussy.

Against Ruth’s pussy, the bat moaned, Ruth laughing aloud.

“Is that enough to distract you, little bat?” She teased softly. “Well, use your paws then, there is no rush… Take it long and slow, please her… Bring your paws up here, to my breasts…”

The bat shivered, vaguely doing as he was told, though he did not feel as if he was in control of his own body, feeling the older wolf’s breasts, squeezing softly, massaging, kneading with his fingers as he sensed the weight of them. Hans’ fingers grazed Ruth’s nipples, bringing them to a rise of pert peaks, his cock throbbing inside Beth. The young wolfess smirked.

“Oh, he enjoyed that, mother…”

Her mother’s eyes locked onto Hans, stroking his head while he lapped up into her, Beth’s hips rising and falling as she rode her husband.

“Oh, did he now?” She said with a gleam in her eye. “Well, keep going, my dear, for this is how he should learn the erotic arts…”

Hans drifted, his head comfortably fuzzy, yet there was nothing he could do against them, not even as Ruth lifted her hips from his face, leaving him dazed and licking his lips as if she was still there. He canlı bahis needed her, needed them, needed something, though the bat did not understand it all at that moment, everything a swirling mess of lust and heat.

“That’s right, Hans…” Ruth encouraged, helping him up even as Beth was displaced from her position. “Now… Let me show you…”

Lying back, she spread her legs in the missionary position, Beth taking her cue and helping her husband move over her mother, his cock hard and ready. It did not slip easily inside Ruth, the two of them not knowing each other as well as she and Hans did, but it was erotic even for her to watch, the instruction of her husband all something that would make him an even better sensual husband for her.

But Beth was not to be left out, pushing her bat’s paw between her legs, encouraging him to finger her as she rocked and moaned against him, electric tingles thrilling through her body. It was all that she wanted, longingly watching her mother take him deep, though it was Ruth whispering softening, sweetening words to Hans, encouraging him to penetrate her more deeply, to take pride and boldness in his thrusts.

“Find yourself, young one,” she whispered with the passion of a succubus. “Take me… Hard!”

Hans jolted as if he had been shocked, Ruth’s influence flowing through him, a long, low moan on his lips. He thrust and thrust and thrust like a being possessed, seeing nothing else but the two femfurs before him, fingers deep inside his wife while he took her mother.

No… Fucked her mother. That was the word he should use to properly account for the passion between them, lost where he was, heaving, panting, tongue flicking out again and again against his lips. And, still, his cock throbbed inside Ruth, driving as deep as it was possible to go, the she-wolf encouraging him on, to fuck her harder, to take her with every ounce of lust in his body.

Yet the bat lost all sense of time, each thrust coming with a fresh wash of pleasure, only drawn back to reality by the cry of his wife, climaxing on his paw. His head spun, though he could no longer hold on, already teased and overstimulated, even as Ruth wrapped her legs around him and demanded his load. Just like Beth, she took control, yet with a more experienced, more dominant paw, holding the back of his neck firmly, not allowing him to pull out even as he tipped over the edge.

He groaned, head hanging, panting through an open mouth, not able to do anything else as his cum spurted inside her, trickling into the mix of their juices, the wolf’s slick arousal painting his length. Beth ground onto his paw, though he thought he knew what to do with his fingers, caressing her clit and rubbing it in tight circles to further her orgasm, her lips tugged wide in a smile. Proudly, the bat’s heart surged, despite his aching exhaustion.

The bat might not have fully understood what had happened that day, but it was most certainly the start of something new, something that would change the course of his sexual life with his wife forever. Ruth squeezed around him, eyes alight with lust, licking her lips. Hans shuddered, but with her legs around his waist and her taste on his lips, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Whether or not that was a good thing remained to be seen, however…

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