Lessons from Sadie Ch. 05

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As we lay sweated together after our exertions Sadie murmured “Jack, I swear, you get more adept every time. That was gold star quality.”

I gave her an extra squeeze at the elation that gave me. I had just been challenged to give her a massive orgasm or as she put it, “Make me cum out of my mind.” And she wanted me to do all the work. So I tried to apply all the elements of touch with fingers and tongue that she had taught me, laced with the subtlety of my movements once I’d entered her. I had been rewarded with a massive heaving of her body as she climaxed, and that was matched by my own vast cumming.

So now we lay enmeshed on the tumbled bed, my head between her superb breasts.

“I promised to tell you how I came to be this way, didn’t I?” she said. “Want to hear it now?”

I told her I had been curious to hear her story.

“Not always pretty mind—” And, her voice occasionally shaky, she told me just what had happened to fashion her life.

One of the surprising things was to learn that at the age of eighteen she had had no sexual experience whatsoever. This was down to the rigid (frigid?) upbringing of her parents. Her father was principal of the local college which Sadie attended and frequently declared he knew exactly what was on the minds of most boys and she should have nothing to do with them. Her mother, a church organist, was even more severe in her warnings. Any mention of sex—or love for that matter—was instantly suppressed in their household. Her mother made sure that she always dressed in the plainest of clothes, abhored make-up, and ensured her breasts were encased in the most unrevealing bra. Sadie would later wonder how she’d ever been conceived. It seemed it must have been the chance of a rare event.

Of course, Sadie’s strict parents made it very difficult for her with other girls at school. She knew they talked about her behind her back and she’d heard that some of the boys called her ‘Sadie the sad virgin.” Sad was right. She knew she was missing something in life. She’d heard other girls talking about their exploits with men and had been horrified hearing about an erect penis, what it looked like and what it could do. On the rare occasions her own fingers had strayed to her nether regions, sheer guilt had made her shy away from the momentary sensations of pleasure.

Then came that sunny Sunday afternoon when she was permitted to take her customary stroll through the local park. Dressed in a plain white blouse and button up black flared skirt she was warned before leaving the house not to consort with any boys.

Strolling by the lake she was struck, not for the first time, by the sight of young couples clutching each other as they walked. Park benches would have couples kissing, or just gazing into each other’s eyes. What was she missing?

The thought of how she would ever have a boy friend was broken by a deep voice behind her. “Excuse me, but do you have the time?” Startled, she turned to find herself looking up into a darkly handsome face. But this wouldn’t be talking to a boy. This was a man. Mid twenties, Sadie guessed. Tall and quite obviously well proportioned, in his white shirt and black pants. Sadie felt an unfamiliar tremor deep inside, but she managed to tell him that it was ten minutes after two.

“Thank you,” he said, then he smiled and added, in a rich brown voice,”I see we wear the same colours.” Then he was walking away leaving Sadie reflecting on her chances of ever seeing him again. If only she could have known!

A couple of circles of the lake, watching young lovers and kids fishing she turned towards the main gate. Rounding the corner of the gate pillar she collided with someone coming the other way. Her knee banged on something and she staggered back, only to be held by a pair of strong hands. Shaken, her breath caught in her throat when she saw it was the man from the park.

“I’m terribly sorry. So clumsy of me. Are you all right?”

Basically she was unhurt, simply confused by the man’s sudden reappearance.

“Here, let me walk with you a short way. Make sure you’re okay.”

And her weak protests were lost as he took her elbow and walked with her alongside the park wall. There were one or two cars parked along the sidewalk and, then, as they passed a large black van, its rear door suddenly shot open. The hand holding her elbow turned her quickly in that direction. Before she could work out what was happening, she was lifted off her feet and hands were reaching for her from the dark interior of the van.

“Hurry,” a voice urged. She was about to open her mouth in protest as she was dragged into the rear of the van when a heavy hand covered it. Her heart pounding in terror at the suddenness of it all, she heard the voice of the man who’d brought her to this say, “Careful, Max, don’t hurt her. Nobody gets hurt.” Then a strange smelling cloth replaced the hand over her mouth and dizzying fumes filled her head and then she felt nothing.

She came to her ayaş escort senses only slowly. There were voices and at first she thought she was in her own bed, only the sheet she lay on felt too silky. She tried to move her hand to feel the texture. That’s when she found her hands unable to move. They were tied above her head, and when she tried to move her feet they too were tethered so that her legs were humiliatingly spread. That brought her awake quickly. “Ah, here she comes,” a male voice growled. “Let’s get started.”

“Stop your rush, Max.” Sadie found herself looking up at the man from the park, and she began remembering, and with it the fear kicked in.

“Please, let me go,” she said weakly. The one she’d heard called Max growled, “Could have had her stripped ready. Let’s get it on here.” He was the only pot bellied one, his face unshaven, dark and heavy.

“Ease up, Max. Plenty of time. Gently does it.” This was a tall slender black man, who was smiling down at her.

“That’s the idea, Jaz.” The man from the park said. God, in spite of her fear Sadie found him so very handsome. He stood over her now and his voice was gentle. “Try not to be scared. We are here to give and take pleasure. We have no wish to hurt you.”

“I just want to go home,” Sadie said, trying to suppress the sob in her voice.

“Look, call me Mike. That’s Jaz. Over there is Craig.” He indicated a tall blonde haired man wearing a check shirt. He had a large dimple in his chin. “And the tubby one is Max.”

The unshaven face scowled, “Less of the tubby and let’s get started.”

Four fully grown men and she was their prisoner. She tried to blind her mind to what their intentions were.

“Please untie me,” she pleaded, tugging at the restraints on her wrists.

Mike smiled down at her, “I’d like to do that –er–your name is?”

Without thinking she told him. “Right, Sadie. I’d like to untie you but we have to be sure you don’t try anything silly. Now first, we need to remove your clothes.”

Sadie tensed. Her clothes off? In front of all these men? The very thought of her naked body being exposed like that brought her close to fainting.

“Would you do it yourself?” Mike queried, his voice undemanding. Sadie shook her head fiercely. Mike shrugged and nodded to the one called Craig, who leaned towards her and to her horror began unbuttoning her blouse. Without even thinking about it she heard her own voice yelling, “No!” Her body continuing to heave against her restraints. Then Jaz with an apologetic smile began unfastening the buttons down the front of her skirt.

As both garments parted there were murmurs of approval. “I love flat bellies like that.” Max sneered.

To her horror Sadie saw Craig produce a knife and lean towards her. She cried out in terror.

“It’s all right.” Craig said gently, “just lie still or you might get cut.” And with two swift moves he cut the straps of her bra and immediately sliced at the side of her panties. Sadie to her dismay felt them being peeled away down to one of her ankles.

She was totally naked, legs spread, and four pairs of eyes were devouring her exposed body.

“Hey,” Max said with a gruff laugh,” a pussy that looks like a mouse. I can’t wait to get some of that tail.”

Mike pushed at him, showing some anger, “Do you have to be so—macho?” He looked down at Sadie,” You have a lovely body. You’re boy friend must be very proud of you.” “I don’t have a boy friend,” Sadie said tearfully, feeling the reddening of her face under the onslaught of lustful stares. Then without ever knowing why, she added, “Never have had.”

“Never? Does that mean you’re a —–” Max left it unfinished. “Boy, this gets better and better.”

“We’ll have to be particularly careful with you, Sadie,” Mike said, and he turned to Max. “You hear me? Careful.” “I hear you. Can we just get on with it?” From her prone position Sadie could see Max’s hands clenching and unclenching. What were they going to get on with? Her brain shut down on the answer to that.

Mike sat on the bed beside her,”May I kiss you, Sadie?”

Sadie felt the fear welling deep inside her, fear and shame combined to make her heart beat a frantic tattoo. Such a handsome man, in other circumstances his request might have thrilled her. But now she turned her head away and closed her eyes.

“Very well,” Mike said. “We’ll have to do without the kissing for now.”

Sadie felt his fingers touch her shoulder and instinctively her flesh tried to cringe away from it. But the fingers were delicate,almost soothing, as they traced along the curve of her shoulders, and down to–Her breast! The fingers were touching her breast. She turned and looked up into Mike’s face, “Please, no.” she whimpered.

His dark head nodded, “You’ll be all right,” he said reassuringly, as his fingers traced the full globe of her left breast. Sadie felt she would die from the humiliation, she could never face people again. bağlıca escort Mike’s full hand closed around her breast, squeezing gently. She trembled, her breath sobbing in her throat, as his fingers trailed over and around her nipple. At that point fingers moved over her right breast, and on opening her eyes she saw it was Craig, not Michael on that side. Just as her sense of utter terror rose she became aware of a different sensation. The fingers on her nipples were giving her a tingling sensation. A gentle current that buzzed through her bosom. She felt the bed rock a little, Mike and Craig had moved and she glanced down to see a black hand on her right breast and felt a rough slightly painful squeeze on her left. Max was sitting there, dark eyes glaring lustfully into hers. She winced as his fingers pinched at her nipple.

“Easy, Max,” Mike’s voice ordered. “Too bloody slow this.” “You can leave whenever you like, Max.”

“What, and miss the pick of this fruit–no way.”

Mike and Craig were lower down the bed and she felt hands on her belly and her thighs. Oh, God, no,not there. She wasn’t going to be able to stand this shameful intrusion. But the hands on her skin were so soothing—apart from Max, and that electric sensation in her bosom seemed to be spreading. At this point Jaz lowered his hairless head and she felt his tongue tickle around her nipple. That made her whole body jerk, she could have sworn she felt her nipple rise. Now he was gently licking and sucking at it. God, it wasn’t unpleasant, not unpleasant at all. And that was the point that Max copied Jaz, bent to her breast and bit at her nipple causing her to cry out in pain.

Mike pushed Max aside.”I won’t tell you again, Max. We made certain rules here.”

“Ah, let’s fuck her and have done with it,” Was all Max could mutter. Sadie shuddered at the coarseness of his words.

Mike was leaning over her again, “Sorry about that,” he said, and he lowered his head to her breast,tongued her nipple and made little sucking movements all round the full globe of her breast. Jaz was still mouthing her right breast and the ministrations of the two mouths were producing an effect that was totally new to Sadie. The terror about the intimidation had eased just a little and a warm glow was building somewhere inside her, all stemming from the action on her nipples.

Then Mike’s head moved and his lips and tongue began to trail down over her belly, while his fingers gently stroked along the inside of her spread thighs.

“You have delightful skin, Sadie.” She heard him murmur but she froze as his fingers strayed through her pubic hair, before drifting back to her inner thigh. He was too close to her private place, too close. This was wrong. His fingers continued their passage between her pubic mound and her inner thighs while his tongue licked around her navel.

Craig and Jaz continued to suckle at her breasts, and briefly she caught a glimpse of Max standing back, with a sulky, impatient look on his face.

Sadie found it hard to comprehend the sensations that were coursing through her. Her whole body seemed alert, alive with electric impulses stemming from the action on her breasts. But as Mike’s fingers worked from thigh to pubis she became nervously aware that she wanted his touch somewhere else. In fact she wondered whether she might have had an accident down there. Between her legs was feeling strangely moist. And even as the thought arrived Mike’s finger roamed along her labia and her body tensed and jerked at the unexpected pleasure of it.

“Mm, feels like you’re interested.” Mike said, and his fingers moved faster, probing through the folded lips until one finger tip rested on some part of her that had her gasping with shock, she felt muscular contractions in her lower body that she had never known. Lovely contractions deep inside that secret place that Mike’s fingers were now exploring. Then Mike moved his head and his mouth was down there. Surely not, she thought. He can’t be putting his mouth there—can he? Not only his mouth, his lips were on those lower lips. Then she felt his tongue licking at that spot– that same spot–that had——Oh, God! Sadie’s whole body was ablaze with sensation, her skin must be turning fiery red. Mike’s tonguing continued,his fingers lingered deeper. Sadie wanted her arms free, her legs free, they needed to be doing something. She didn’t know what. All she knew was the pounding of her blood, the jerking of her body.Something was going to happen—on top of everything she’d felt so far. Without thought she allowed herself to collapse into it. Her nether regions felt agape, demanding more as her head tossed from side to side. A lift shaft opened up inside her, warmth flooded in, wetness, and trembling heat. A throbbing that clutched to the very heart of her. The sounds she was hearing were her own noises as she groaned and yelped under the thrall of this delirium which had come upon her.

Mike raised his head, bala escort “By hell, lady, when you cum you really cum.”

She saw him nod to Jaz, “Your turn pal.” And the next moment Jaz’s black face was smiling at her before lowering to her throbbing thighs. Was he going to repeat it? No, that couldn’t happen to her twice, could it.? But as soon as Jaz’s mouth ran along her moistened labia she was gasping with the pleasure of it. “Untie me—please.” As Jaz’s tongue searched into her deepest parts Mike stood over her. “Can I trust you?” he asked.

“I need to move,” she choked, as the sensations started again. Mike quickly undid the straps. Sadie’s immediate reaction was to press one hand on the back of Jaz’s head while her thighs spread even wider. Jaz moved his tongue to that special spot. He only stopped to mutter, “Hell of a swollen clit.” Then his gentle licking began again, while his fingers probed deep into her vagina. Within just a few seconds her body was heaving to the same muscular contractions, the same heated sensations.

Jaz sat back as her fever calmed, “Yeah, you can sure feel that virgin head inside her.”

When Craig took his place Sadie was almost eager for his attention. He was even more caring than the other two, slower and so, more tantalising, and, as she felt her body responding, she was suddenly aware of Mike kneeling on the bed near her head. “Now that your hands are free maybe you’d like something to hang on to?” And as he spoke he unzipped his trousers and Sadie found herself staring at her first fully erect penis. It looked massive, so much bigger than she could ever have expected. At any other time it would have repelled and horrified her, but as her insides responded once again to the oral stimulations of Craig her gaze was more one of wonder.

From her prone position she could see the thick dark vein running up the underside from the full wrinkled sack right up to the bulbous purple head. Fascinating. Without even thinking, and consumed by the fires in her lower belly, she reached out her fingers to touch the swollen member. It was pleasing to see Mike’s eyes close as she trailed her fingers along its length. Good to know that men had weaknesses. “Would you like to put your mouth on it?” Mike asked quietly.

Her mouth? There? But then she recalled what their mouths had done and were doing to her and, raising her head as Mike leaned in towards her, she allowed her lips to ripple back and forward along that thick blue vein. Mike gasped with pleasure and at that same moment Craig’s licking hit her trigger full on and she convulsed as the climax hit her once again. Her mouth gaped open and, almost in automatic reaction, enveloped Mike’s rampant penis. As the ecstatic impulses filled her, her tongue and mouth sucked avidly on it.

She only became aware of what she was doing as the climax faded and she was suddenly conscious of the sensations presented by Mike’s cock in her mouth. It was a warm, generous feeling. She wanted to give.To give and go on giving. She let the bulbous head run along the inside of her cheek, mouthing it, rolling her tongue at it, until she heard Mike cry out and a hot saltiness invaded her mouth. “Swallow, Sadie. Just swallow.” Mike gasped, and she heard mutters of encouragement from nearby, as his fluids jetted down her throat.

Gasping for breath she lay back and Mike’s flaccid member slipped away from her. Now she became aware of another mouth nuzzling into her labia, and glancing down she saw the darkly shaved head of Max.

“Like to try this one now, Sadie,” a deep voice beside her asked, and sitting up she found the long black erection of Jaz near her face. A black cock in her mouth? Well, it might take her mind off Max’s rougher mouthings down there. She felt his teeth on her clit and along her labia and winced. Mike must have seen this and she heard him order,”Watch it, Max. Keep it easy.”

Max’s response was to poke three fingers into her. She didn’t believe he could ever be gentle. But Jaz was being very considerate as she allowed her tongue to play around his cock head. “Oh, thank you for this, Sadie.”

Sadie wondered if she was out of her mind. Why was this feeling so natural? For the briefest of moments she thought of her mother and father, but quickly banished that as her lips surrounded Jaz’s swollen member, and she drew it deeply to the back of her throat. So easy. In only a few minutes Jaz’s cock twitched mightily and she felt the hot spurt begin and sucked on him with vigour, swallowing deeply at the same time. “My God, Mike,” Jaz gasped as he slipped from between her lips. “This is some virgin.”

Max had been continuing his rough mouthing of Sadie’s intimate parts, but now he sat back and grumbled, “Bitch isn’t going to cum for me.” Then he saw that Craig was now having his erection licked and suckled by Sadie. “Oh, but I’ll have some of that.”

Sadie had been surprised to discover that Craig’s penis was the longest of the lot. A little thinner than Jaz’s but quite a mouthful when she started on it. She just couldn’t get her mind round how she had taken to this. It was as if all her sexuality had been locked away for so long it relished this release. And still untapped somewhere deep inside her she was aware of an unsatisfied craving.

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