Leg Worship Soul Mates Ch. 02

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I hope you will remember my previous description about how I first met my partner-in-leg-lust, and that first of several encounters in sexual heaven. Well, in case that story piqued your interest let me describe some of our subsequent encounters and erotic adventures that allowed us to indulge our greatest turn-ons and fantasies. As you recall, Susan loved to have her legs worshipped, and I was more than happy to oblige her.

First adventure: at the office. Susan and I developed some regular routines in her office setting, and one of them went like this. She works as an executive manager for a consulting firm in an office tower in the downtown area, just a few blocks from where I work. On usually a short-notice basis, or sometimes as we had scheduled, I take the elevator up to about five floors below the one on which she works. I then access the almost-always empty stairwell and call her on her cell-phone. She then goes to the stairwell on her floor, and walks down the stairs to where I am waiting for her. On these days, she deliberately wears either a short skirt or dress, with no stockings, so that her beautiful and sexy bare legs would be easily visible and accessible to me.

The fun starts with her slowly walking back up the stairs to her office floor so that I can easily look up her skirt. I am more than a few stairs behind her, admiring her sexy legs and panties (usually a skimpy thong, or lace) and fantasizing about what it would be like to reach out, caress and kiss the back of her tanned and toned thighs and calves, working my way to her shaved pussy. She usually gyrates her hips a bit while climbing, further inflaming my fantasies. By the time she approaches her own floor, my cock is hard and throbbing, straining in anticipation of being able to unleash a load of hot cum all over her legs.

She then comes to a stop about half-a-floor before her own, but does not yet turn around. I get close to her, and from a few stairs lower I start to slowly kiss and caress her calves. I move my tongue and hands up to back of her thighs. I slowly hike up her skirt and start licking, kissing and sucking the upper part of the back of her thighs, gently kneading her butt cheeks, moving them away from her pussy lips. My fingers then move aside her thong panties, and I slowly rub her pussy lips with my thumb. I gently insert a finger or ankara masaj yapan escort two. She is usually already wet, and so I know she must have been fantasizing about this all morning.

I hear her gently moan and feel her pussy lips responding with a delicious wetness. I sniff the intoxicating aroma of her juices that have now started flowing. I turn her around, and she spreads her legs wide open, with her panties now down around one ankle. As she hikes up her skirt I start licking and sucking the inside of her amazing thighs while, at the same time, I start massaging her swelling clit. After a minute or two of this, I can tell that she is halfway to cumming. She unzips my pants, takes out my throbbing cock and slowly rubs the head up and down her pussy lips, and inner thighs, and back again. I leave a sticky trail of pre-cum all over her.

The possibility, remote as it usually is, of some office worker opening a stairwell door just below or above us just adds to the sense of danger and excitement.

To begin the conclusion of this “appetizer” that we started, she suddenly pulls her panties back up, smoothes down her skirt and puts on a professional air. She then walks up to her stairwell door, opens it, and goes back to her office. In the meantime, I go down a floor and access the elevator, going up to her floor. Once there, I approach the central reception desk in a professional, business-like way, and tell the receptionist that I am here for an appointment with Susan. I sit in the waiting area, trying to look calm and innocuous while reading a magazine, hoping the magazine will cover my still hard and throbbing cock. After a few minutes, the receptionist tells me that Susan can see me now. I knock on her office door. In a formal, professional manner, she greets me in a voice loud enough so that any listening ears will hear: “Hello Mr. Richardson, please do come in.” I enter and she locks the door behind her. She goes to her desk telephone, picks it up and says: “Grace, please hold all calls for the next hour.”

She comes over to me and greets me with an open-mouth kiss and tongue. Quickly she goes over to the couch that is near her desk. She crosses her legs and with her skirt riding high I see her shapely tanned legs, and panties. I stare at them with anticipation, imagining mecidiyeköy escort what will be happening in a few minutes.

Demurely she says: “I notice that you are looking at my legs. Do you like them?” I nod and murmur “very much”, to which she replies, “Well, consider them yours for the hour- you can do whatever you like with them.” That phrase alone is enough to further harden my already firm cock.

Over the course of the hour we play with each other in many delicious ways. She leans back, uncrosses and spreads her legs, and starts rubbing her pussy through the material of her thong panties. I unzip my pants, take my cock out and slowly start to stroke it in rhythm to her own rubbing. I remove my clothes. Eventually, I move over to her and on my knees start kissing the inside of her knees and thighs, moving closer to her pussy. She then stretches out on the couch on her side.

First, I take off her high heel shoes. Then I slowly raise her skirt to her waist and take in the marvellous view. I start to caress and massage her sexy, firm legs. Soon I start exploring them with more intensity, with my lips, fingers and tongue. I first start with her calves, running my tongue over them, then sucking and biting gently. At the same time I caress the back and then front of her thighs. She then lifts up one leg to allow me to more easily start exploring her inner thighs. I lick at nibble at her soft but toned flesh, especially concentrating on the upper inner part near her pussy. I can smell and taste more intensely her pussy juices that have started to flow from her wet panties to her legs. She is moaning gently now. She continues to massage her pussy while I suck on smooth inner thighs.

I slowly slide her panties down her legs and off, carefully putting it on a nearby table. She turns over on her back and with her skirt hiked up, she spreads her luscious legs wide open.

I go at her inner thighs with even more passion and intensity, kissing, licking and sucking while I insert a finger or two in her hot, wet pussy. My cock is absolutely throbbing and pulsating, and she tells me to move along side her in a ’69’ position. I quickly do so, and as I bury my tongue in her pussy, suck her clit and spread her juices with my tongue over her legs, she slowly drives me wild with mersin escort one of her super techniques. She slowly sucks each of my balls while stroking my gistening shaft and then takes my cock deep into her mouth, and then she repeats the process. After a few minutes, it’s all I can do to prevent myself from releasing my hot load of cum down her throat. Sometimes I do just that, of course. At those times though I try to time my spurting load to the moment when she starts to cum, which is the moment when she moans: “now!”, the signal for me to spurt my hot load into her warm, wet mouth. She loves to swallow it all.

At other times, she will turn over on her stomach, tell me to crawl between her legs and then bury my mouth in her ass and pussy for a few minutes. I will make sure that I get to lick the back of her legs as I spread her pussy juices all over them with my pussy-juiced tongue. Quite often, she tells me that she wants me to “do her legs”. By this she means that she wants me to put my hard cock between her legs while she stands up and faces away from me. She will guide my cock into the heavenly space between her uppermost part of her thighs, close to her pussy. I will slide my now-creamy cock in and out of that tight space. Her pussy juices drip down to make the gliding even smoother. Usually she will then bend over slightly and guide my cock closer to her pussy lips, enabling me to rub them while I push in and out. After caressing her lips for a while with the top of my shaft, she will then insert my cock deep into her pussy. When she is ready to cum, she gives me the signal (“now!”) and I spurt my load into her. She then waits for my cum to slowly drip out of her pussy onto her inner thighs. She then spreads my cum all over her legs. Actually, there are many ways that we make each other cum in her office, but more about that at a future time…

Once we’re done we spend some time cleaning ourselves up, and getting dressed and composed. She takes her panties and wipes up our juices from her legs. She hands me her panties, which I put in my pocket, and she takes a fresh thong out of her desk drawer, and puts it on.

I get ready to leave. I open her office door and we walk out. Just outside of her door, while extending her hand in a good-bye, for anyone to hear she says: “That was a useful meeting Michael. See you next time and we will discuss your proposal further. If you have any questions before that please give me a call.”

And so I leave…

As for the panties in my pocket, I will take them home. Later that night I will use them to masturbate while I recall the details of our office meeting, and images of those hot sexy legs that I worship so much.

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