Late Hour Romance

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This is my first story here, and as such started off as something that would be quick and easy and exploded from there. Please feel free to comment, all opinions are welcome.


She was beautiful, a flawless totem of all things punk and right with the world. Unruly and kinky tendrils fell from her head in heaps, framing her round face in mahogany brown chunks. Her skin was a deep caramel that darkened around her eyes, making them appear slightly sunken. Thick kissable lips that pouted and fought to keep a silver loop piercing in place with a small button nose rounded out her face. That face had drawn me to it for several weeks now, it being the issue that invaded my thoughts. I needed her more than air at this point, I could tell she was driving me insane.

I’d seen her in passing around campus, our routes always crossing while I made my way to swim practice. If I had used my eyes sooner, she would be in my bed by now. We must have seen each other a thousand times, but we hung around in different crowds, so we saw no interest in one another.

I’d only noticed her after a drunken celebration party for a summer meet win. I was plastered, hanging onto my friend who had invited what seemed like the whole town to her house when the dreadlocked beauty showed up. She’d found a way to form the kinks into a wave of chunky curls that cascaded down her back. Her clothes were standard for her, a leather jacket that hid a battered band shirt underneath and skin tight jeans that hugged against her thick thighs. She wore beat up chucks that were black with rainbow laces, and upon further investigation I noticed that the usual lip ring had been switched for something more ornate. I clung a little too firmly to my friend Krista, and turned her towards my mission.

“You have five seconds to tell me who that is.”

Krista searched in front of her for what could have caught my eye, failing to find her target. “Dani, what are you talking about?”

I rolled my eyes, exasperated with her slow speed in my drunken state. “That girl with the dreads, who is she?”

“Oh, that’s Brie Madet, major punker for life. Why?” She looked at me for a moment, then gasped and pushed me away. “Dani, that poor gazelle does not need to be attacked by you.”

Shuffling from the shove, I found my footing after landing softly against the living room couch. The people on it were all too intoxicated to notice the drunk girl that almost fell on them, and that became the funniest thing on the planet to me. I couldn’t stop the laugh that climbed from my mouth, covering my face with my hands in a ridiculous fashion. I was drunker than expected.

Krista placed her hands on her hips and clicked her teeth at me. “Oh no, I am not letting you pick up a girl if you can’t control your mouth Dan.”

I gripped my chest, feigning shock. “Krista, chill. I totally have halkalı escort this under control. By the end of tonight, Brie cheese will be my favorite food.”

Her face wrinkled in disgust. “Ugh, your fucking drunk puns, I can’t stand you sometimes.”

“Please, you love me.” I started to break away to find Brie, but turned back to Krista. “One last thing, can I use your bed tonight?”

Krista jumped back a little and shouted, “You mean for sex?!”

I hooked my arm around her neck and whispered into her ear, “Shh, Jesus you’re so loud! I’ll give you 20 bucks.”

“Fuck no, double it and do my laundry for the month and you have a deal.”

“Oh, you’re brutal. Help a pal get laid!”

She broke loose of my hold, crossed her arms and looked away. “Go home and get laid, then. I’m in full support of that.”

I pouted slightly, knowing surrender was near. Fishing through my pockets for my wallet, I plucked two twenties from the folds and pushed it into her hands. “You are a bitch who knows I’m too drunk to drive, so you have a deal. But I hate you and you should feel bad for taking advantage of the impaired.”

Krista responded by grabbing my hand in a forced shake. “Oh Dan, you make it so easy. Good deal though. Shouldn’t you try and find your pillow princess?”

Which was a good point. I kissed Krista on the cheek for her blessings, and sifted through the crowd of sticky hot students to find my prize. After what felt like eons, I found her in a dim corner den that sat off to the side across the hall from the main party room. The space was tiny, a little alcove that housed four people comfortably on duel facing benches, which would give me the privacy I needed with her. She had been drinking, the heat making her abandon her jacket and giving me time to appreciate her smooth chocolate covered arms. I came up slightly behind her and took the bench across from her, smiling as our eyes connected.

Her stare was full of confidence, something about it making me stammer out, “H-hey there, I’m-“

She cut me off. “Dani Ross, star of swim. You’re a living legend.” I was expecting a jab, but her face hadn’t changed. The respect that resonated from her words caught me even more off guard. She made me nervous. “But really, the question is if you know me?”

Her question put me on edge. “You’re Brie Madet. I see you everyday on my way to swim, and we catch the same shuttle every now and then.” I hadn’t looked at her face while I stated my facts, and only could when I was greeted with silence. I found Brie staring at her lap, playing with her hands anxiously. “Did I say something wrong?”

The party raged on around us, pulsating beats swelling through the hallways of the home as people talked and laughed around us. In the alcove though, all was quiet as I waited for her response. My heart was racing, şirinevler escort beating out of my chest.

Quietly, she asked, “What do you want?”

I was bold, nerves fueling the fire behind my words. “I want you. I think you’re beautiful, and I can’t get you out of my head.” I pushed off from my bench and landed loudly next to her in a sloppy mess. As I worked to sit straight, I heard a giggle escape her throat before clapping her hand over her mouth. “That sound is wonderful, Brie. I love that.”

She looked down again, and I took that as my time to strike. I wrapped one arm around her shoulder as I grabbed her chin with my free hand. Bringing her eyes level with mine, I leaned forward and kissed her lightly. She froze, lips unmoving as I pressed more forcefully against them. The tongue ring’s pressure against my lips was a sensation I savored. After a moment I pulled away, watching her eyes open slowly, and did it all again when they did.

The second time got a better response, light pressure meeting mine when we kissed again, and only a soft moan from her broke our lips’ touch. She turned towards me, allowing me to wrap both arms around her as her arms found a home around my neck. Our lips and tongues battled fiercely, my hands sliding slowly down to grab her large ass and play with it. I rubbed and grabbed at her cheeks for a few minutes, then I pushed my hands farther south and grazed her lips through her pants.

Brie broke my hold and climbed on top of my lap, giving me easier access to rub her lips from the front while I worked her breasts with my free hand and mouth. I played with her smaller bust, bringing her nipples to two small points that tented beneath the cotton material of her shirt. The band logo warped and wrinkled as I brought my fingers underneath it to pinch her hardening nipples, soft groans filling the area. When I started to snake my hand closer to her pants zipper, she pushed it away and broke our kiss again.

“Danny, I’ve never really…been with anyone.”

I pulled her towards me and kissed her forehead. “Does that mean you want to stop? We can, I would never force you.”

Brie poked my chest, and my ears were greeted by that sweet giggle. “Polite even when your wasted, can you be more perfect?”

“Sometimes I snore.”

That warranted a full laugh from her, which made me laugh too. Her smile lit up the space, her giggles shaking us both. “I’ll take my chances. You’re just such a dream, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Oh, this is so real. Follow me, sweetheart.”

My pale cream fingers laced between her caramel ones and I dragged her through the crowd. We rushed with privacy in mind, brown haired and ginger haired blobs fighting through throngs of party goers looking to score without the plus of a room. 40 dollars was the difference between escort istanbul poverty and luxury for college kids, one that I greatly appreciated right now. When we hit the stairs we raced to the rental, taking them two at a time and playfully shoving one another to get ahead. Once the door was closed however, Brie grew quiet.

I walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders gently, guiding her closer to me. I bent to kiss her, and she returned it passionately. I wrapped my arms around her, slowly bumping into shelves and dressers as we blindly made our way to the bed. When I found the edge, I pushed her down and in one deft movement ripped her pants and panties down to her ankles. Her clothing trapping her, I held her thick chocolate thighs open with my arms as I kissed a trail from her knees, across her inner thigh, to her outer pussy lips. My tongue made a circle around each one, then parted them to find her clit swollen and wet.

Licking and stroking her pink knob, I felt Brie’s body start to convulse under my grip. Her thighs jiggled around my face, low moans emanating from her tight lips. While I played with her pussy, Brie had freed her breasts from her shirt twisted her nipples to hard points. I came up from between her thighs and sucked on them, holding on to her as I thumbed her clit.

As the assault on her clit continued, my other hand began to gently finger her hole. I traced the outer edge, coating my fingers in her arousal before slowly pushing one into her. I gently thrust into her, stopping only when I’d gone fully inside her before pulling out to admire her body. After a few slow thrusts, I gained speed as she became accustomed to the intrusion. I brought my lips to her ear, grazing her skin as I whispered in her ear.

“Brie, I love how wet you get when you’re big fucked.”

I had gained the reaction I wanted, vulgarity making her flustered. She started to pant as she whined, “Dani, you’re embarrassing me.”

I sucked on her earlobe as I added another finger, giving her deep long thrusts. I knew she wouldn’t last much longer, her moans coming up louder and frequently. I turned her face to me, kissing her sloppily as I finger fucked her forcefully. As I broke away to watch her, she exploded around my fingers, her walls clenching me tightly inside her as she covered my fingers in her juice. We laid together in a tangle of limbs, basking in the afterglow. Brie was fighting to catch her breath while I watched her sleepily.

When Brie found her composure, she forced open her sleepy eyes and questioned, “So what am I to you? Chubby black punk girl can’t really be seen with the athletic star.”

“What? I think my paleness compliments you just fine.” I kissed her forehead shortly before continuing, “Your size is so sexy. I’m not letting the hottest girl slip away when I haven’t even seen her fully naked yet.” Jacket and shirt still on, pants technically still in the picture, I didn’t get to fully enjoy all the wonders of her.

“I thought you would be okay after having sex with me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “In the world of sex, this was more of teenage foreplay. But don’t worry, this is only our beginning.”

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