Korina’s Confessions

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Chapter One- My First Big Relationship

At this point of my life I started to worry a little bit about my desire not to be a slut when coupled with my desire to be sexual. Masturbating was good enough most of the time. But every now and then I wanted to feel and touch a guy and I wanted to be touched. I wanted to be fingered. And I wanted to have a guy go down on me. It just occurred to me, that was something I had not even experienced yet. I really wanted to make it a goal of mine to make a trade with whoever the next guy I decided to mess around with was. I started to become more and more curious about how it would feel to have a tongue down there.

Once I got to college adjusting to dorm life was the hardest part. I wasn’t the most outgoing person in the world. I liked my privacy and there were always people scurrying about, in and out of the dorm, planning the next party, just stuff, always stuff going on.

My mind started to change more once I got in college. The phase of rapid growth in relation to my sexual desires had reached its plateau. But now it felt like I was in need of preparing for real life. I started to become interested in different things. And I started to plan for my future.

High school was easy. Show up and I made A’s. College was a bit more challenging. But I didn’t find that the work was so much more challenging than the amount of work and the availability of different fields of study to choose from. I always knew that I was intelligent and that I liked to challenge myself. Now it was about finding out what my interests and passions were.

After my first semester got under way with general education classes I could at least start to see some preferences. I really enjoyed Biology during the first couple of weeks. I had always enjoyed reading and writing, so I was also pretty happy with my Literature class. I wasn’t as into History or Math, but I was succeeding at them both.

Sadly, I spent the entire first semester of college engulfed in school. I probably only went out with a group of peers four or five times total. I found myself several times alone at night in my dorm room with my roommate gone out partying, actually masturbating to porn every now and again. Granted, it wasn’t the sort of porn I had experienced in the past. It wasn’t the huge dick, fuck ’em hard, cum on their face, raw kind of porn. I had found a couple of sites that were more sensual. More tailored to females, most of them with at least some sort of reasonably believable storyline.

Anyways, I spent that entire first semester without even trying to meet a guy and without sex of any kind. When I got home for break I was glad to be home. But Karen could certainly tell that something was up. She got me one morning when the boys were gone and just asked me about everything. I explained my social life, or lack thereof, in great detail to her. She already knew I had done well and probably always would do well academically.

I was determined to take her advice to heart. Which was basically that I would never have any academic troubles, so to make sure that I involved myself in some kind of social settings. Or, as she put it, “It’s okay to go out and just get some dick once in a while.”

That really wasn’t my thing. Especially given my first and only attempt at just getting some dick. It was a horrible experience for me. I was what I was and what I was, was a relationship kind of girl. (Did I just find an inner Dr. Seuss?) Still, I did look forward to physical contact from someone other than myself.

I was going to choose the guy this time. It may take a bit of time, but I’m not letting anybody else make the suggestions.

There was a guy in my Biology 201 class that I had my eye on, Chaz. I knew he was a baseball player and from the first two weeks of class I could tell that he was smart and engaging. He sat one person up in the row beside me. As soon as we were assigned our first lab and our teacher told us to choose our lab partner, he turned and glanced my way and with a confident smile on my face I mouthed, “Wanna be my lab partner?”

He briefly gave one of those “Who? Me?” looks as he pointed to himself. “Of course,” Chaz responded.

Over the course of the next three weeks, having done two labs together now and having talked more and more during class, we were in that phase where I think we both knew that we were interested in each other. I was the one with the balls to ask him out, though. I invited him to my house to grill out down by the lake at my place. He seemed eager.

Chaz was pretty good looking, I thought. He was about six foot two inches tall, on the thin side but well built. And from what I could tell thus far he was smart and sweet. I was glad he accepted the date.

Date night was that Friday. Karen and my Dad were going to grill out for all of us this time. There wasn’t going to be much (if any) fooling around tonight. I was okay with that. I didn’t much care for my malatya escort last experience, so when and if I did anything with Chaz, it was going to be after he showed that he could restrain himself a bit. He had to earn it. But I was sure as hell hoping he would.

The dinner and the conversation was great. Chaz didn’t talk much but was very polite when he did. My parents seemed to like him. I found this to be a pretty good barometer oddly enough for a kid my age.

After dinner my parents left us alone by the fire. Chaz had to leave by ten o’clock and it was eight forty-five. For several minutes after they left Chaz didn’t say a word. I kind of liked that he was a bit shy. I decided to take charge a little bit and find out more about where we stood physically. I got up out of my chair, walked over to him and straddled him and sat down with my hands on his shoulders beside his neck.

I looked in his eyes and said, “Well…do you wanna kiss me or what?”

He leaned forward and we started making out. He placed his hands on my hips the whole time. He didn’t touch my ass. He didn’t touch my breasts. He didn’t touch my anything. But after several minutes of making out I could feel his pants start to rise. I pulled away from him, smiled and kind of gently poked the top of what was certainly his shaft and asked, “What’s going on down there?”

And before he could answer I added, “I’m glad you’re turned on but it’ll have to wait until next time.” And we kept making out for a few more minutes before I decided to cut it off. I figured I could use this as a tease, but also, he wasn’t touching me. He was clearly more shy than I thought. I would have to be ready to get things going next time. And he left for the night.

I was certainly hot and bothered that evening after our first physical exploration. I masturbated in my room later that night thinking about taking it further.

Over the next week we continued to hang out more and more. We found ourselves meeting in the college cafeteria each morning so that we could eat breakfast together. During the following week there was a short holiday break. I invited him to come to my house for the start of break since I knew Mark would be gone and I knew my parents would have to work. What I didn’t know was how to make sure that Kris wasn’t at home that day.

I told him that I wouldn’t tell Karen if he wanted to go to the bowling alley all day with his friends.

Chaz got there around nine in the morning. I knew he must have been somewhat anxious and wondered if he would have gathered up the courage to do a little more physically this time, but I wasn’t about to wait for his shyness to make an attempt at me. I wanted to make sure it happened.

I went straight to it. I told him to come into my bedroom with me. I hopped onto my bed and laid down and motioned for him to come join me. He slid on top of me without really touching me and we started making out. I sort of jerked him down onto me to reassure him that physical contact was okay. I grabbed his right hand and moved it down to my body to help him get rid of his shyness, and to help guide him towards touching me. Though he started rubbing me he clearly did not have a clue what he was doing. I helped guide his index finger into me. He began to go in and out slowly, which felt—eh—okay. Fortunately I was already a little wet with anticipation anyways, so it still felt good.

After a few minutes of fingering me ever so gently, I decided that he was so inexperienced that I would have to take some control. I pulled his finger out and gave him a light push up to guide him off me. I helped position him beside the bed and I sat up and faced him with my face about even with his stomach. I lifted his shirt up over his head to reveal a nice flat stomach. Then, to help him out, I unbuttoned my top and shed my shirt and took off my bra. His eyes lit up. It was like it was the first pair of tits he’d ever seen. I placed his hands on them for him to feel. He was very gentle when touching them as well.

I reached to his pants and unbuttoned the top button to reveal another button. Buttons all the way down. After undoing the very last button I skipped a step and pulled the underwear down with his jeans all at once. Size wise he was at least pretty close to what Craig’s was. It was really big and from what I could tell, not completely hard yet.

I grabbed it gently and moved it side to side to get a good look at it, looked up to Chaz and said, “You’re really big,” grinning.

“Thanks,” he said. (I always found this an interesting response. It’s not like he had any control over it.)

I started sucking him slowly and gently. For the first few seconds I just barely went past his head and used my tongue to make swirls around the part that I was sucking. After less than a minute he had grown a little bit as it got fully hard. His cock was really long, but it was also fairly thick. His shaft was thick and had a slightly upward maltepe escort curve. His head wasn’t small but it wasn’t particularly big or thick either. It was a sexy cock.

After less than a minute of the shallow sucks with my tongue swirls I decided to see how much of him I could take in. I went down slowly so as not to choke myself. Like I said, I had a kind of natural talent for this. I only missed getting the whole thing by about an inch. I was pretty impressed with myself as I slowly pulled my lips back down the length of his huge shaft.

Clearly he was pretty impressed as well. As soon as my lips got to the tip of his cock he shouted, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

I pulled his cock the rest of the way out of my mouth and started giving him long hard strokes with my hand while pointing him at my chest. His cum didn’t shoot out like I expected. It just kind of rolled out. There was a huge amount though.

I knew he was sexually inexperienced, but given how quickly he came I wondered if that was his first blowjob. So, I asked, “Have you ever gotten head before that?”

“No,” he replied.

“Well, did you like it?” I asked.

“It was amazing!” he said, breathing heavily.

“Good,” I replied.

“Have you ever gone down on a girl?” I asked.

“No,” he replied seemingly a bit ashamed of that fact.

“Wanna give it a try?” I suggested.

“Sure,” he said.

I suppose it was because of his lack of experience but there was no warm up. There was no working his way down there. I was already really wet because quite frankly I had a certain fondness for giving head, so I didn’t really need much in the way of teasing, but if I had, I would have had to tell him exactly what to do.

When he got down there he put his tongue inside me and began to lick. It felt every bit as good as I expected it to. I enjoyed being fingered, but this was a different kind of feeling. As is easy to imagine his tongue was softer, wetter and had to work harder to get inside me. He didn’t change things up any. He just licked me the same way for several minutes. I wasn’t going to cum like this. But it was worth the first experience.

After several minutes I pulled him back up to me and laid my head on his shoulder as he lay beside me on the bed. He asked me if he was bad at it.

“No. It felt really good. I’ve never had a guy go down on me before, so I imagine there are other techniques I would like you to try in the future, but your tongue felt really amazing inside me,” I responded.

“Your tongue felt amazing too!” he said excitedly. “Have you given head before?” he asked.

“Yeah. I have given two other guys head. But I’ve never tried on a dick as big as yours. I have almost no gag reflex so I was surprised I couldn’t get you all the way down. I’ll get there with some practice!” I teased.

Over the next month we found several times to mess around. We experimented with each other orally on a regular basis. Our relationship was getting pretty close. I was wrong about one assumption from the first time I gave him head, though. He didn’t cum quickly because of his inexperience. He came quickly because he came quickly. I didn’t know how that would translate for me when we decided to have sex, but I didn’t care a whole lot because he was actually a decent guy. In a way it made me feel a little bit bad for him that he was prone to cum so quick. He didn’t get to enjoy things for very long.

After about three months worth of dates and getting to know each other I just came out and asked him if he would like to have sex. He of course jumped at the opportunity.

The morning of the day I had invited him over I decided to go to Walgreen’s to buy some larger condoms. I still had the ones Karen had left for me with the dildo, but they weren’t the ones for larger guys. I didn’t think they would fit him. And honestly I didn’t know if Chaz would think about it, or if he wouldn’t be too embarrassed to actually take them to the counter and buy them.

That night I told Chaz to meet me at the same place on the public beach down from my house that I had used before. This time it was just going to be he and I though.

We started a fire and just cuddled for a bit under the stars. I started the action as usual. We took that action into the tent where the firelight was just barely enough for us to see each other.

I made him finger me and go down on me for a bit to get me really wet before I had any intention of trying to fit his size inside me.

“You’re really tight,” he replied.

“Yeah it’s a really tight fit with that huge dick of yours,” I said grinning as I started to straddle him. I wanted to make sure he was on the bottom so that I could control how deep I went. I figured he was big enough to hurt me if I didn’t control the depth and pace.

As soon as the head of his cock was inside me my eyes rolled back in my head. I slid further down mamak escort with extreme caution. I went very slowly for both myself to help me adjust to his size, and for him to help keep him from having an orgasm. I kept my hand on the base of his shaft as I slowly started to glide up and down. I looked at him and asked, “How’s that?”

“You feel so good,” he replied.

I slid myself back down on his shaft. His size felt really—it’s hard to explain it. It was a filling kind of feeling. After about two minutes of riding him I started to worry about his ability to hold it. I told him, “You don’t have to tell me when you are about to cum, okay?” “I just want you to enjoy the feeling. When you need to cum I just want you to let it out.”

I began to pick up the pace and ride him a little bit deeper. Sure enough he started to thrust his hips into me after about thirty more seconds. His thrusts felt really good. He was unable to control his pace once the urge hit him. He began to moan with pleasure and I could feel his cock get even harder and larger inside me as I knew he had started to cum.

For the next couple of months we found every opportunity we could to have sex. I always enjoyed it, but there was no denying at this point that his premature problem was not going away.

I decided that I wanted to get a little bit kinky with him one day when we were at my house with nobody else but Karen there. He had come over for breakfast, which Karen made for us. After breakfast Karen finished her cup of coffee and told us that she was going to take a shower.

As soon as she walked back to her bedroom to take a shower I grabbed Chaz and pulled him up from the table and drug him quickly into my bedroom. I was going to take advantage of his quickness and satisfy my horny curiosity at the same time. I didn’t really want to risk sex because it would take some time to get the condom on and off, so I was just going to give him head. I laid him on my bed and yanked his pants off. I got his dick hard very quickly and began sucking him with a little faster pace than normal.

Of all the times for him to last two or three minutes longer…

I could feel his cock begin to twitch in my mouth after about four or five minutes of vigorous sucking. I could tell he was getting close. I started to deepthroat him as deeply and rapidly as I could, trying to get his whole penis in my mouth with every suck. Right about the time I knew he was about to cum my door swung open. Karen let go of her towel with her hand over her mouth and a somewhat shocked face. Her towel fell to the floor and half a second later Chaz began to cum. She stood in front of the both of us completely nude, with a towel wrapped around her hair to dry. It was the first time I had seen her with no underwear. I was somewhat surprised that she was a little bit furry down there. All of the girls my age that I had ever talked to or seen in the showers at school were shaved. I assumed she would be too.

I held the base of Chaz’s cock and let him finish his orgasm. There was really nothing either of us could do. Plus I am sure it didn’t hurt him any to see my hot step mom naked as he was cumming. And I am not entirely certain that Karen didn’t know what she was doing. She stared as he continued to cum. Once he was almost finished she seemed to awake from a miniature trance, shaking her head and saying she was sorry as she closed the door back.

I told Chaz not to worry about it, that she was really cool. He seemed pretty okay with it.

Chaz left for a baseball tournament shortly after that little episode played itself out. When I sat down for lunch with Karen she just gleaned at me for several minutes before I finally asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing. Quite the difference between he and Eric huh?” she pried.

“Yes, there is a pretty big difference,” I said.

“I’ll say pretty big!” she said excitedly. “That thing was huge!” “So how is it? Do you like it?”

“I mean, I like it, but…” I started.

“There’s a but?” Karen interjected.

“Well, it feels pretty good, but he’s got a bit of a premature problem,” I admitted.

“Really? How premature?” she asked.

“He pretty much never lasts more than five minutes. Even when I am just giving him head,” I opened up.

“Well that’s too bad. He seems like a good guy. Can’t help but think about that dick, though. It’s been a long time since I have seen anything like that!” she said giddily.

“I mean I really like him. He is a good guy. But I do worry about any possible future since he’s considering transferring colleges halfway across the country,” I told Karen.

“Well if you ever want to bring him back over for some wine and some fun,” she winked. “I’d give that dick a shot!”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure he already gave you a shot while you were standing there naked staring at his dick,” I responded.

Chaz had become my first long-term relationship (‘long-term’ for me meaning more than three months). We were nearing the end of the school year and were still together, still having fun and still learning about each other. The longevity of the sex had still not changed, but he had started to make up for it by taking longer during the foreplay.

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