Kitty’s Boys Ch. 02

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Big Tits

“Ah!” Kitty sucked in huge breath of air. “Kip, slow down!” she pleaded. His organ felt like it was splitting her in half. Kitty clawed at the leather fabric of the couch and kicked her heels into Kip’s back as the pain ripped through her tiny body. Still the attack continued and the intruding flesh pierced deeper into her ravaged sex. Kitty’s mouth hung open in shock and disbelief. She thought this was supposed to feel good. A gentle “pop” rang through her head and the sting of her hymen giving way to his erection burned inside her. She bit his shoulder and clawed at his back in hopes he might stop his assault. At last, she felt the head of his organ bump into her cervix and she knew he could go no deeper nor cause her any more pain. She sighed in relief.

His motions were like a rolling sea and the burning sensation in her loins began to ease. Now what? she thought. It still was not the wonderful pleasure she had heard it was. She cried again, but now from disappointment.

Kip shifted his hips slightly and let his thumb wander to her clitoris and each time he pressed his hips forward her clitoris was tugged upward. That feels okay she reasoned. But there’s got to be more. She let go with a sigh, at least she was no longer a virgin. The tugging of his thumb began to feel nice: very nice.

“Kip?” she ventured quietly. “Your thumb feels good there.”

He shoved himself away from her body roughly. Uh oh, what did I say that was wrong? Kitty worried. Kip smiled at her now and she relaxed a bit. He fell face first between her legs again and began to slap his tongue at her clitoris happily. Her body tensed. It felt better now and her fingers tangled into his hair while he busied himself with her sex.

Pleasure built quickly between her thighs and she hissed a couple of times when he hit the button of her lust.

Now he crawled beside her to lay next to her. Kip slid one arm under her shoulders and the other found its way between her legs. Two of his fingers began to strum her mons and she liked this best of all. He stopped briefly causing her to glance into his eyes. A strong hand guided hers to the hard flesh that stood proudly from his hips. Shyly, she gave in and wrapped her hand around his bulk. Her fingers couldn’t touch her palm but the novelty of a man’s raging lust in her grasp made her heart flutter. His roaming hand found its way back to her dark pubic mound and began a rhythmic dance again.

This time she felt what the other girls had talked about. Rapidly her body responded to his jerky motions.

A pressure in her gut mounted and she wasn’t sure where it would take her but she closed her eyes to concentrate on the pleasure she now felt. Breathing deeper every moment, Kitty filled her lungs, the oxygen and building lust making her head swim.

Nothing in her short life prepared her for what happened next. Kip was kissing her with a passion unknown to her before that moment and then he slipped his finger inside her moist body to diddle her G-spot while his thumb continued to stroke her clitoris. Her breaths came in short rales and a tingling sensation filled her chest. All at once a racing of her heart gave way to a curious tingle at the top of her hips. That tingle caused a shudder and now she focused her attention on the new sensation. Kitty found herself twisting and turning in Kip’s strong grasp. Something was going haywire with her body, she believed, and no amount of logic could control it. Her legs locked straight as the muscles in her limbs went totally rigid. Kitty’s mouth was agape but not in pain, instead it was in shock and disbelief. The strumming fingers against her clitoris and the dabbing of Kip’s finger inside her vagina was having an effect on her nervous system and she was not able to suppress it.

The pleasure she had heard about in the girl’s locker room was upon her and she was aware that her body had taken over for her mind.

“Kip, something’s wrong… wait a minute.” Kitty slurred her words while the tension built up between her thighs. “Stop, Kip!” she croaked while her body twisted.

“Wait…” Her back arched and a blue sheet of raging pleasure filled her vision. Teeth grinding, her body bucked savagely against Kip’s strong grasp while her mind short-circuited.

“Kip, please, stop. Kip!” she whined aloud while she continued to thrash about on the leather couch trying to escape his grasp.

“Oh jeez, Kip… please…” she sucked in deep breath while her chin pressed hard against her chest. “Oh jeez, Kip!” Her hips slammed hard onto the couch and she sucked in a deep breath as she twisted her body in her building climax. “Oh, Kip, it’s… jeez-us!” She hissed loudly as she climaxed on his fingers and then she held her breath for several moments as she finished her pleasure.

“Oh, jeez! Oh Kip, oh Kip, oh Kip…” she repeated over and over. Her face was beet red and her fingernails were embedded in Kip’s forearm. Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead and the veins in her neck no longer strained against her skin abidinpaşa escort as her passion slowly cooled.

“Oh my God, Kip,” she sputtered. “That was unbelievable.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, taking all her energy to push the words past her lips.

“Oh my God, oh my God…” she panted. She pulled in a deep breath and her body shook once again. “That’s what they were talking about,” she managed.

“What’s that, Kitty?”

“Um, the girls in gym [puff] talked about a [puff] climax. That was it [puff]. Oh jeez, Kip. [puff] I had no idea. [puff]” She licked her lips and sucked in a quick breath. “Kip that was [puff] as good as I had hoped [puff].”

“Kitty,” he whispered softly in her ear, the heat of it twisted something in her belly again.

“Yes, Kip,” she panted.

“You look like an angel when you come.”

She licked her lips and smiled as her arms found their way around his neck to pull his face close to hers.

“Kiss me, please, Kip.” She managed. His lips met hers and she puffed as she returned his lusty gift.

“Oh God… Kip. That was wonderful,” she whispered into his open mouth. “Wonderful.”

He held her tight in his arms for several minutes while she came back to earth.

“Tell me what that felt like,” Kip whispered when she finally caught her breath.


“I want to know what you felt when you had your orgasm. Please, tell me.”

“Um,” she swallowed as she searched for the words to explain her first climax. Then she giggled aloud. It had been a long time since she had giggled. Years, in fact, and the release of her pent up frustration caused her tears.

“Um,” she whined. “I don’t know how to…” she was began bawling openly again. “I don’t know what to say, Kip.” She wept without reservation. “Oh, Kip,” she pressed her face into his chest still weeping. “Oh, Kip. I’m… Oh, Kip. Hold me, please… hold me…” Kitty wailed in her post-climax emotional state.

The big man pressed her small body against his as she cried.

After several minutes she sniffed and calmed herself.

“Kip,” she sniffled. “What can I do for you?” She finished, still panting slightly.

The big man stared deep into Kitty’s eyes with a longing that defied her explanation. He was as big as an SUV but peering into her eyes she saw him as small as a little boy: a little boy infatuated with her and only her. His expression caused another stream of tears though Kitty worked hard to hold them back but this huge man’s open affect caught her off guard, his devoted loving gaze touched her deepest recesses bringing another crying jag to the small girl. No one had ever looked at her like that before, no one had ever shown themselves to her so completely. She felt like she could end his life with a harsh word. He would be her willing slave from this moment forward and she knew it.

“Kip… Kip, honey,” she tried out this new expression. She thought it felt okay. “Honey, I need to please you, now.”

Kitty watched the big man as he began to cry. Tears rolled down his cheeks when he bent forward onto her bare breasts. One found its way into his mouth and he suckled at her breast like a newborn babe. It was almost more than Kitty could take.

Oh, Kitty,” he whimpered. “Can you ever forgive me?” Digging her fingers into his blond mop Kitty pulled his face from her erect nipple to peer into his pale blue eyes.

“Forgive you for what? You’ve made me the happiest woman on earth.”

He fell face first back into her breasts and wept quietly.

“Kip, let me please you,” she whimpered into his unruly hair.

He pushed himself into a seated position, while guiding her delicate hand to his huge pulsing organ. Feeling his gaze on her face she blushed at the physical rush she felt with his turgid flesh in her tiny grasp. He moved her hand up and down his shaft slowly finishing her lesson with a deep prolonged kiss.

“Kip… I think I can take it inside me, again,” she managed. He pulled her body close to his and slid her body down the leather of the couch until her wide-spread body pressed against his erect penis. She swallowed and took a deep breath to ready her body for his entry.

“Okay,” she squeaked. “I want you inside me.”

Her eyes clamped shut when the pressure of his manhood split the lips of her vagina. The body yielded, the folds of her sex relenting to his steady presence.

“Okay, just go…” she whispered. The pressure eased.

“No. I want you to like it…” he whined.

Kitty’s eyes searched his, darting back and forth. She buried her face in his chest and her heels dug into his buttocks spurring him forward.

“Then give it to me,” she whispered.

“Do you really want me to fuck you?” he asked. His voice, again, reminded her of a little boy’s. More of a begging than a request.

Kitty never cared for swear words but the way this huge man asked her for “congress” was more than she could refuse. For the first time in akyurt escort her life she used the one word she thought she would never utter.

“Yes, fuck me, Kip. I want to… fuck you,” she whispered. His massive flesh split her body open and he steadily pressed deeper into her body. She sucked in a breath and ground her teeth at the pain of his entry but she was determined to accept him to her soul if need be.

Kitty grabbed his neck and pulled his face to hers. Her tongue split his lips, searching his mouth, she wanted her tongue to enter his mouth like his rigid flesh had entered her. With each movement that brought him closer to her depths, her tongue burrowed deeper into his mouth. This time, when his bulk touched the deepest recesses of her sex, it didn’t hurt but instead filled her belly with a completeness she had never felt. His raging organ inside her made her feel like her body was whole: the void inside her sex had a complement and without that she could never be happy. It was a fullness of body and spirit that nothing could ever match.

“Oh God, Kip. Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck me, like I’m the last woman on earth. Fuck me, like you love me…” Oh no! Kitty thought. What did I just say? Oh no!

“I do love you, Kitty. I do… Oh Kitty,” the giant man wept openly now as he pounded his ramrod hard cock into her. Kitty was in heaven at the prospect of Kip’s proclamation, even if he changed his mind tomorrow, Kitty was the only woman in the world at that moment and Kip was the only man. What had started as a kidnapping was becoming a union of two souls… at least, she hoped so.

Two bodies were already fusing into one as Kip’s thrusts brought Kitty’s lust to the surface once again. Her breathing quickened and she bit into his shoulder leaving a purple tattoo of passion on the flesh stretched taut by muscles. As her pleasure neared a climax her nails tore small pieces of his flesh from his back tracing thin crimson rivulets that trickled slowly over the ripples of his back.

“Please, fuck me, Kip,” Kitty whimpered as her completion approached. “Please, Kip!”

Her body began to jerk and buck against his thrusting motions. He wrapped his fingers over her shoulders and pulled her open loins tighter into his hips, slamming home his lust deep into her. Kitty began to squeal aloud when she started her orgasm. A violent trembling came over her entire being and Kip fought to keep his flesh buried inside hers as the muscles inside her sex spasmed without her control. Her head whipped back and forth and sounds without meaning burst from her throat.

Kip watched her intently as her head burrowed into the leather of the couch lifting her shoulders towards his. Only her buttocks and head held her body aloft now: that and Kip’s stiff manhood as it probed her belly.

Her back slammed back onto the couch and she reached up to grab a handful of Kip’s blond mop, pulling it towards her face. When he came near enough her she sucked his lips into her mouth and kissed him like she would never kiss again. Kip could hold back no longer.

“Do I come on you or in you?” he squeaked.

Kitty wanted his seed inside her body. She didn’t care if she did get pregnant. At that moment Kitty didn’t care what happened to her. Her fulfillment was complete and she only wanted to feel the pulsing of his organ deep inside her body.

“In me,” she whined before a second shudder overwhelmed her. This was what the other girls had talked about, she realized. The satisfaction of mind and body with no equal. The wetness that now filled her dark recesses was a warm seed that could bring a new life into the world. No feeling of happiness could equal her joy at that moment. She fought to open her eyes, to stare into Kip’s face during his moment of climax.

She had been a fool, she realized. Kip was everything any woman could ever want physically and the passionate grimace on his face made her truly feel love for him. But with that feeling she remembered what some girls claimed about a sexual climax and desire: after an orgasm women can love a man they were indifferent to and most men just want to be somewhere else. Swallowing Kitty tried to concentrate on her trembling body and forget about the negative gossip she had heard about men and sex.

Kip collapsed on top of Kitty’s body. They lay together enmeshed.

Drawing tiny circles with her fingernails on his back Kitty tried to memorize each and every detail of the moment. If Kip threw her out at that instant she was determined to take only good memories away from this “congress.” The word made her giggle now despite her determined effort to imprint in her mind wonderful emotions of her new life. That’s right she realized: my life will never be the same. For good or bad, the path she had walked up to that night was now altered forever.

Her laughter was mirrored by Kip’s.

“I don’t believe it.” Kip’s voice was soft now almost familiar to her ears. “Kitty,” he whispered. “I’ve only had one girlfriend ankara escort and one other time with a girl… So, I’m no authority on sex, but that felt like… uh…” He sighed heavily.

“I know,” Kitty whispered into his ear as her fingers combed through his damp hair. “I know, Kip. I never expected it to be this good.” He pushed himself up taking his weight off her body but she clung to him stubbornly.

“Don’t go,” she pleaded quietly. Kitty was determined to keep him inside her body as long as she could. She would not take this man inside her and then let him slip away easily.

“I don’t wanna squish ya,” he whispered.

“You could never hurt me.” Kitty found herself crying again as she spoke.

“Oh, Kitten, I…” Kip joined her in tears now. No one had called her Kitten since her father had when she was four years old. Against her best efforts and better judgment she found herself back on that emotional roller coaster wrapped in Kip’s arms and under his weight.

After a while logic slowly returned to her sex-addled psyche and she cynically began to wonder if Kip was playing the part of the “love-struck soft-hearted boy in a man’s body” to keep her from reporting the crime he had committed.

As much as she wanted to stay there, her arms and legs entwined around his body, she needed to discover if the women’s locker room talk was true about man’s detachment of sex and love.

“Kip,” she whispered. “I need to use the phone and the bathroom.” She felt a tension in his entire body when she said that. Slowly, she felt him relax. At last, he sighed heavily.

“Okay… if you call the police and I spend the rest of my life in jail… it’ll be worth it: this hour, with you.” She felt her eyes go wide. An hour? she thought.

“I have to call, now,” she murmured. “My father will be worried.” He nodded and lifted himself from atop of her.

The first thing Kitty felt was an void where Kip’s flesh had been buried between her legs. A vacuum seemed to exist where he had been only moments before. With the pressure of Kip’s body suddenly lifted from hers Kitty almost burst into tears. Now she knew what one girl meant when she proclaimed loudly, “I could live with that man [her boyfriend] inside me.” She wanted Kip back between her legs, filling her up… and now she hoped more than ever Kip really did have the feelings for her that he professed.

Her muscles ached, unused to the positions of lovemaking, but it was her heart that was most sore. She sighed and then filled her lungs anew.

“Kip, I will have to go home. My dad needs me…” Her voice trailed off.

“Can I come see you?” he blurted out. “I have to give two guitar lessons tomorrow but I could be at your place by four…” An eagerness was in his eyes Kitty couldn’t deny. Maybe he does really want me.

“Let me make a call first.”

He nodded, almost deflated by her evasive answer.

Kitty looked around for her clothes but Kip shot up and grabbed his robe, throwing it over her shoulders quickly. The robe was big enough for her tiny frame three times over but Kitty couldn’t help but smile at his act of kindness. Kip beamed back at her as he pointed to the bathroom in the corner of the basement where the phone hung on the wall next to the doorway. Kitty got within a couple of steps of the phone and turned towards Kip.

“What if I call the cops?” she ventured.

Kip’s bottom lip quivered slightly as he stared back at her. Kitty thought to herself, if he isn’t in love with me he sure is a great actor.

“I hope you don’t… and I hope you’ll let me see you more.” Then he added quickly, “A lot more.” There was a genuine look on his face Kitty thought. This plucked at her heart strings. This man had kidnapped her… but then he was going to let her go. She decided she had to find out where night would lead.

“Daddy,” she said after her father answered on the third ring—a sign that he was up and feeling okay. “I’m at a friend’s house and… No, I just didn’t want you to worry… No, I could… Okay… I will, daddy… Okay, see you then.” Kitty placed the phone back in the cradle and shuffled into the bathroom.

Kitty bunched the oversized robe up under her armpits and sat on the toilet. Her father had told her it was about time she made some friends and that he would be fine for a while if she wanted to stay. Kitty had never asked him how he would feel if she spent time with friends, she always assumed that her duty was to him first and foremost. He told her to have a good time and not to worry so much about him. Then he said she needed to spend time with people her own age, maybe even “boys” her own age. Kitty couldn’t believe it. She had spent so much time doting on him she never thought what he might think.

She dabbed gently at her aching sex. Then a moment was spent staring into the mirror at the pretty oval-faced brunette that looked back at her. Kitty knew she was cute, she could hear the comments from men and boys as she walked past, but until tonight they—both the comments and the men/boys—were distractions from her task of caring for her father. A great weight was lifted from her narrow shoulders with his acceptance of her own desires and needs. She closed her eyes and sighed. It would take some time to get used to her new-found freedom.

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