King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody Act 1

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King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody

by the Perv Otaku

Based on “King Kong”, Screen Play by James Creelman and Ruth Rose, from an idea conceived by Edgar Wallace and Marian C. Cooper

And the ancestor said: “And lo, beauty looked upon the strength of the beast. And she stayed her feet from running. And from that day, she was as one enslaved.” – Old Japanese Proverb


The ship sat quietly at the dock as Easton approached. A single guard stood post at the gangway. “Hey, is this the film crew ship?” he asked.

“The Incursion? Yeah, this is the one,” the guard answered. “Why, are you in the crew? You going on this crazy voyage?”

“What’s so crazy about it?” Easton asked.

“I dunno, but there are a lot of rumors floating around that something ain’t quite right about this ship and the guy in charge of it.”

“You mean Karl Dickem, right?”

“That’s the one,” the guard said. “I hear he likes to shoot adult films in exotic locations, as close as he can to the wildlife, has girls strut around naked right next to tigers and stuff.”

“Yeah, he’s a bit extreme, alright,” Easton acknowledged.

“Hey, you, what do you want?” shouted someone from on board the ship.

“Is Dickem on board? I need to see him. I’m Easton, his talent agent,” Easton said.

“Shit, get up here, then. You better have good news for him, he’s been going out of his mind.”

– – –

The captain was in his cabin with Karl discussing their problems. “Word’s gotten out that we’re carrying an arsenal in the hold. We’ll probably have an inspector on board tomorrow, and he’s not going to be happy to see all your guns and gas bombs that we don’t have proper paperwork for.”

“Goddammit. If we get into a legal tangle, we’ll miss our window for good weather before monsoon season sets in,” Karl growled.

“I’ll still get you there,” the captain said.

Karl replied, “Oh, of course you will, but shooting outdoors when it’s raining for two thirds of the day only fucks up the schedule and budget.”

“Even so, you always come back with a film, and everybody says there’s no porn director like Karl Dickem,” said the captain.

Easton and the other man came in at that moment. “Easton! Where the fuck have you been? I was about to go call you,” Karl declared.

“Damn, I wouldn’t have bothered coming out here if I’d know that,” said Easton.

Karl made introductions. “This is Easton, my most reliable talent agent. Easton, Captain Anglerod, and the guy who led you in is Jack Enoff, my male actor for this shoot. Now where’s the girl you promised to find me?”

“Can’t be done, Dickem,” Easton answered.

“Bullshit. You’ve got to. You’re the only agent left in this stinkin’ town that will deal with me. I’m relying on you,” Karl said.

“Look, I’ve personally got nothing against you, Karl, but your reputation is too much now. None of the girls want to go near you with your recklessness and your secrets,” protested Easton.

“Hell, he hasn’t even told me where exactly where we’re going yet,” Anglerod said.

“See? It’s bullshit like that keeping me from finding a girl to send off with you to God knows what,” said Easton.

“Shit, you make it sound like I’ve never brought anybody back alive!” Karl said. “And I suppose Los Angeles isn’t dangerous at all! There are dozens of girls out there in more danger on the city streets than they’d ever be in with me!”

“At least in L.A. they know what they’re in for,” Easton mumbled.

“I need a girl tonight, Easton. We’re setting out at dawn tomorrow,” Karl demanded.

“What’s the goddamn rush, Karl?”

“I have my reasons.”

“Look, fuck you, man. If this is how you’re operating now, I’m glad I couldn’t find you a girl,” Easton said.

“Fuck you right back. I’m not giving up just because you’re too incompetent to find me a girl with a backbone. I’m going to make the greatest porn flick the world has ever seen, something nobody’s even dreamed of,” Karl said, making he way to the door.

“Where are you off to?” Anglehorn asked.

“I’m going to get a girl for this film, even if I have to hire a whore off a street corner!” Karl declared.

– – –

“Well, I izmit rus escort don’t usually see you around here this late, Karl,” the barkeeper said.

“Shut up and give me a whiskey,” Karl snapped back. “I’m in a real spot and I need a drink. Better make it a double.”

“Sure, Karl, calm down. Take your drink, go have a seat, relax and enjoy the girls. We’ve got some fresh faces tonight I think you’ll enjoy. I know I have,” the barkeeper replied, handing over the glass. Karl did as he suggested and found a place up against the stage. The girl there was just finishing her dance. She gathered the tips that had collected on stage along with her discarded lingerie, and left.

A new song started up as the next girl came out, this one a blonde with shoulder-length wavy hair. Her moves were amateurish and clumsy but showed potential. The handful of drunken patrons didn’t seem to mind though, especially when she stripped out of her bra, unleashing her DD breasts. When she got around to removing her panties with a flourish, she suddenly seemed more in her element. She stopped bothering with dance steps and started practically making love to herself on stage, her hands roaming up and down the curves of her body, making a show of squeezing her ass and her tits. She spread her slender legs wide and ran her fingers up and down through the thick hair surrounding her pussy, all but masturbating for the enjoyment of her audience.

Karl fished a five dollar bill from his wallet and waved it so she could see. She smiled, got down on all fours, and crawled seductively across the stage to him. He teased her by pulling it back to draw her closer, close enough to look into her shining blue eyes, and then held it out to her so she could snatch it from his fingers with her teeth. She stood up and paraded around the edge of the stage, letting the cheering men all get a close look. As the music reached its end, she collected her tips and lingerie, then departed the stage with one last look directly at Karl. He winked at her.

He left his seat, moved to a table away from the stage, and waited for her to come to him. He smiled wide as she approached, panties back on but her tits swinging free. She came around behind him and leaned down, pressing them into his back. “Hey there mister, can I interest you in a private dance?”

She wasn’t afraid to get straight to the point. Karl liked that. “Lead the way,” he replied. Of course he knew the way to the back rooms perfectly well, but this way he got to watch her ass some more as he followed her there. Once the door closed behind him, he placed a generous amount of money on the table and sat back. The girl settled into his lap immediately, rubbing her body up against his. “So what’s your story, sweet cheeks? How’d you end up in this shit hole strip club?”

“Oh, same as a lot of the other girls,” the sexy blonde replied. “Too slutty in high school, finally got knocked up my senior year. Parents disowned me. I had to send the kid into foster care, then I came here to try to eke out a living doing the only stuff I’m good at.”

Karl smiled. He sensed that street smarts were the only thing that kept her from being every bit the bimbo she looked like. He moaned softly in delight as she waved her tits in his face. “You ever do any movies?”

“I was a fluffer girl for a couple. They were going to give me a camera part for the next one, but the studio closed down suddenly.”

“Ah, lousy fly-by-night operations. Listen. You know who I am?” Karl asked.

“Should I?” the girl said.

“Karl Dickem, at your service.”

“The porno director that films in jungles and stuff?”

“That’s me. What about you, you one of these city girls that loses her shit if she sees a rat or some bugs?”

“No sir, born and raised in the country.”

“What’s your name, sweet cheeks?”

“Anne. Anne Deeper,” she answered.

“Anne, I think you may be perfect for my next picture. It’s adventure, fame, money, and we leave tomorrow morning on an ocean voyage to take us there. Think of it: a relaxing and sexy sea cruise, what better way to open a porno film? Are you interested?”

She regarded her unexpected benefactor. He was middle-aged, rather izmit escort overweight, starting to go bald, and had the air of a huckster used car salesman about him. In other words, a genuine Hollywood director, porn or otherwise. He was clearly as untrustworthy as any of them, and that didn’t matter in the slightest. “Oh, absolutely I am!” Anne said, nodding her head. “What do I have to do?”

“Well now, I need to make sure you can cut it. Hold a little audition for you, if you know what I mean,” Karl said with a sly smile.

“We aren’t supposed to fuck customers in the back rooms though,” she protested.

Karl put a reassuring hand on her cheek. “Hey now, I won’t tell. Besides, if you show me you’ve got what it takes, you’ll never have to come back here again.” Anne nodded, got to her knees, and got busy undoing Karl’s pants. She had his hard cock in her mouth practically the moment it sprung free. Karl moaned, “Ohhhhhhhh yes, that’s right. Let me see your real talents.”

Determined to impress him, she took it all the way inside, stuffing her mouth with his meat. Fortunately he was only of average size. She bobbed her head up and down, fucking him with her face. Then she paused at the top of a stroke and swirled her tongue around his cock head, teasing it, massaging it. Her experience was obvious, and the increased volume of his moans encouraged her onward. She licked downward along his shaft, and then back up.

“Come up here, girl, and let me at those tits of yours,” Karl demanded. At this point her pussy was burning to feel his rod inside her, so she straddled him and slid her dripping slit easily over its length. He moaned again and quickly attacked her breasts, squeezing them with his hands and licking and sucking them with his mouth. It was Anne’s turn to moan now as she moved her hips up, down, and around, grinding his cock against her insides.

“Let me see that nice ass of yours,” Karl requested next, pushing her off his lap. She obediently stood up, turned around, and bent down over the table. She felt him give her ass a couple of good spanks, and then he reentered her pussy hard from behind. She gasped at the quick entry and moaned deeply as he pounded his cock into her rapidly. “Fuuuuck yeeess! You’ve got a real slut’s instinct for this, Anne. You’ve got the job. Pack a bag and meet us at the docks. I’ll give you the address. Now turn around and finish me off.”

She got back to her knees and resumed sucking and licking his cock, this time with the taste of her own juices on it too. Finally, she heard him reaching his climax, and eagerly drank down the warm jism that filled her mouth.

– – –

As the ship headed out, Anne stood on deck, marveling at the activity of the sailors. One of them, shouting orders to the others, backed into her without looking, nearly knocking her over. “What the— what are you doing out on deck?” he demanded.

“I’m sorry, I was just so curious about everything. I don’t mean to be in the way,” Anne said.

“You’re the girl that Dickem dredged up, are you?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m Anne. This is all so exciting! My first real role and my first time on a ship,” she said.

“I’m Jack. I’m actually your co-star, but I used to be in the navy so I’m helping out on board too, since we’re short-handed. I don’t know what Karl is thinking with this trip. If we didn’t need you for the shoot, well, a ship is no place for a woman,” Jack declared.

“Oh, afraid I’ll be a distraction?” Anne challenged.

Jack smiled with a lustful glint in his eye, “I know for certain you will be.”

Anne smiled back. He certainly looked like a navy man, broad-shouldered with the demeanor of real strength but also discipline. “Well then, Jack, I look forward to working under you, and on top of you too. Until then I’ll do my best to stay out of the way.”

“See that you do,” Jack said, and headed off back to work.

– – –

As night fell, most of the sailors started settling down into their bunks below decks. This came to an abrupt end when the door opened and Anne stepped in. “Oh, hello there. So this is where you all have gotten off to,” she said.

“You lost, ma’am?” one of the sailors asked. “I thought you’d been assigned one of the kocaeli escort cabins.”

“Well yes, I was, but I got lonely and thought I’d explore the ship a little,” she said, deliberately rubbing up against each man as she stepped into their midst. “I don’t suppose you boys know how to keep a girl company?”

The sailors gave each other uncertain looks. “Well sure, but…” one began, then trailed off.

“We thought you were only on board for shooting that movie,” another finished.

“Boys, boys!” Anne said cheerfully. “Haven’t you ever heard of rehearsal?” The sailors looked at each other again, until one of them finally took the initiative. He was standing behind Anne, so he reached around her with both hands and took hold of her breasts, giving them a good squeeze. “Mmmm, that’s right,” Anne encouraged, leaning back into him.

At that, the men jumped into action. One pulled her towards him and gave her a deep kiss with a solid groping of her tits, then he passed her along to the next man, who did the same. As each sailor took his turn, she felt her skirt get pulled off, then her blouse, then her panties and bra. By the time she was naked, half the men were too, and the other half were hastily getting there. She felt a hard cock rubbing against her ass cheek, and with a big smile she leaned down to take another cock into her mouth.

She moaned as the sailor behind her pushed into her pussy, which was plenty wet and ready with anticipation. She eagerly sucked on the one in her mouth as she got pounded from behind with vigor. She guessed the guy inside her probably hadn’t gotten laid in a while. Hell, most of them probably hadn’t. He didn’t last long, either. She felt him go tense and fire off his jism inside her with a loud moan. He pulled away and was instantly replaced by another cock. She reached for a free cock to her right and guided it towards her mouth, displacing the guy she had been sucking.

Though it was cramped quarters, each of the sailors shuffled around her and took their turns in Anne’s mouth and depositing their loads inside her pussy. She’d had two orgasms herself by this time. Yet when the last one finished, she didn’t feel satisfied yet. She looked around and found a sailor whose cock was about ready to go again, and guided him to sit down on a bunk. She dipped two fingers into her pussy and scooped out a mixture of her juices and the collective cum of the assembled sailors, then pushed the fingers into her asshole to get it ready. She straddled the sailor, easing her pussy down onto his stiff rod, then looked back over her shoulder and said, “Well come on boys, my ass ain’t gonna stuff itself!”

Three of the sailors suddenly discovered renewed spirit in their cocks and stepped forward. The closest one sank his meat into Anne’s back door while the other two hung back to wait their turns. Anne moaned loudly, and said, “That’s it, fill me up, give it to me hard!” The sailor behind her complied with the request and pounded her rapidly, while she did her best to impart some of that motion to moving up and down on the cock beneath her.

With a short grunt, the sailor finished off inside her for a second time and stepped back. Once again, the other men eagerly took turns stuffing her with their cocks and filling her with their cum. Anne was too busy moaning to continue giving them further verbal encouragement, but they needed none anyway as they kept both her pussy and ass filled. She was close to her orgasm, but could see that she was running out of sailors again, and needed to take matters into her own hands. Or rather, she took her breasts into her own hands, and gave both her nipples a hard pinch. This put her body over the edge, and back arched as she screamed out in climax. She had a final, smaller orgasm as the last of the men dumped his second load of the night into her.

She gathered up her clothes, not bothering to put them on, and with a big smile said, “Thanks a lot boys, we’ll have to do it again sometime. Good night, now.” She slipped back out of the crew quarters, and could hear them hoot and holler in appreciation. She walked back to her cabin in the quiet moonlight, totally nude and with a terrific amount of cum dripping down her thighs.

Continued in Act II

– – –

© the Perv Otaku, 2019

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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