Kate Returns Home

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[This story includes bodily functions, severe discipline, and several varieties of incest. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for allowing me to use her Women’s Republic setting and some of her characters.]

It was summer and Kate, who had joined the Corrections Service, then risen at her youthful age, 24, to the rank of Major, and now headed the important unit at headquarters that retrained and reeducated corrections officers who had gotten into trouble and would otherwise be cashiered, was going home for her vacation.

Not a very imaginative choice for the young Major Kate, who had her choice of spots to relax and let her hair down. Kate had rich auburn hair, coiffed stylishly, and enjoyed being out of uniform for a change. But she longed to spend time with her family: her father, Steve; her siblings, Steve Jr., and Deirdre (Dede), and her stepmom, Jan.

Kate had left home abruptly, deciding to join the Corrections Service. She had been made the “responsible woman” in her family and had exercised the authority that came with that position. Jan, who had married Steve after he lost his wife, Gloria, in a plane crash, did take over Gloria’s role as family dominatrix. Yet she did not find the part satisfying, so was happy to yield to the youngest family member, Kate, just 18, who possessed the strongest strain of authority.

She had demonstrated her willingness to exercise that authority when she vetoed her siblings’ routine requests in writing for approval of their return to college. They were forced to conform to what she wanted from them before she would sign off on forms they had to redo completely to her satisfaction.

This meant that the family was not particularly upset when Kate saw her career in the Corrections Service and left to join up and soon be sent to officers’ training class. That class was conducted in the retraining unit, now restyled as the Disciplinary & Retraining Unit, at headquarters in the capital.

Kate was now a long way from her days in the Republic’s second city as a teen. Granted, her family would hardly be fairly described as normal. Gloria was polyamorous and all three of her offspring were initiated into incestuous sex when each turned 18. Kate had been the most recent and her enthusiasm was obvious, as was her dominant tendency. Jan, her stepmom, was the only other family member who was at all dominant and the rest found it arousing to submit to both her and Kate. The virulence of Kate’s dominance surprised them, and Deirdre and Steve Jr. still resented it.

Waking up after an afternoon and evening spent in her well-appointed suite with a woman who had become an intimate friend, WO3 Kathryn, Kate felt refreshed and happy after they had enjoyed hours of mutual affection in Kate’s bed. Kathryn was several years older, and exuded a girl-next-door freshness despite her years in the Service. She wore her auburn hair short with bangs that belied her age.

Kathryn had introduced Kate to the pleasures of anal stimulation and penetration. She loved receiving herself, and she was especially caring and gentle with Kate, employing plenty of lube and finger stimulation before donning her harness and strap-on.

Kate was still feeling some soreness in her rear, but inserted a suppository Kathryn had left with her. She aroused herself all over again when she first softly inserted her finger anally and then slipped in the suppository to soothe the inner tissues. She was pleased that the internal irritation had calmed by the time she got dressed.

Thinking that showing up home in her major’s uniform would be going too far, Kate dressed nicely after her shower, but took care not to appear too casual in separates and strappy sandals. She had had her hair done and reeked of the sophistication of the capital when she landed at the second city’s airport.

Dede decided to meet her there and was excited to see her younger sister looking so good.

“This life agrees with you, sweetie,” she gushed as she picked up Kate’s neat cases and put them in the car.

Kate embraced her and held Deirdre tight. “I’ve missed you guys so much,” she said, feeling wildly happy to be home. “I’ve had good luck, Dede, but it’s a lonely existence. I’ve made friends, but now I’m the boss of a host of people, which leaves you alone in lots of ways.”

Dede was pleased that Kate was willing to confide in her and that she would even acknowledge that there was a downside to her success.

“My sister, a Major at her age,” she exclaimed. “We’ve missed you.”

“I’m glad you are able to say that, Dede,” Kate rejoined. “When I left, I felt that everyone took a deep breath and muttered, ‘There goes the bitch.'”

“I don’t think we were quite used to your style of dominance,” Dede suggested. “We had grown accustomed to Jan’s rule which was relaxed compared to Mom’s,” she explained.

“Mom and Dad kept me far away from any of this until I was 18,” Kate asyalı escort reminded her. “Maybe I just inherited her genes.”

“Even though my personality was such that I accepted it,” Dede said, “I did resent it felt it first when I turned 18 because I was the eldest.”

“How’s Dad doing?” Kate inquired.

“He’s ok,” Dede replied, “and Jan was unbelievably cool in welcoming Marie to our household. She felt better having him fuck her where she could keep an eye on them and control them, than having him sneak around. She was really upset, as you may recall, when she found he had been cheating on her.”

“Oh, I certainly do remember that,” Kate chimed in. “You also probably recall how I gave her a hell of a caning. Now I look back and think it was as severe as anything I’ve witnessed or delivered myself in the Service.”

“Do you get to cane people often there?” Dede asked, wondering what Kate’s dominance meant in the Service context.

“Not so much these days, Dede,” Kate explained. “Since I’m in charge, I have all sorts of subordinates to do that. I don’t have to get my hands dirty,” she grinned.

“Just thinking about your Service scares me,” Dede confessed. “And all I’ve ever seen is the local retraining center, where Jan took me once to see if I wanted to learn some disciplinary methodology.”

“How did you feel about that?” Kate inquired.

“It wasn’t for me,” Dede answered, “as you might have expected. But I found myself salivating at those attractive disciplinarians there. Katie, if you were wearing your uniform, I’d lift my skirt and lower my undies just to keep you in a good mood.”

“Wow, Dede,” Kate exclaimed, “you really get off on women with power, don’t you? I like to be in control, as you know, but I don’t want to hurt people, I actually do want to correct them.”

“You’re the head of the disciplinary unit,” Dede said carefully, “so you must be involved in some heavy-duty punishments if I’m not mistaken.”

Kate could see that Dede wanted to hear about the impositions that were visited upon those sent to her unit for retraining.

“We do take it seriously,” Kate admitted. She described to Dede how the retrainees had to wear the black vinyl panties with the dorks attached inside. Dede’s eyes widened. Then Kate mentioned the severe canings that were administered and finally, she even related to Dede the use of the toilet box.

“Omigod,” Dede now almost screamed, “Katie, that is so scary. I’m afraid I’ll have bad dreams about those women pissing and shitting on my face in the dark.”

“It isn’t used all that often,” Kate said plainly. “But knowing it’s there keeps difficult people from acting up or acting out. And it’s just a version of when Mom initiated you and Steve when you were 18 by having you lie underneath her when she squatted in the bathtub. I didn’t even know about that and I’m the better for that.”

“I was 18 the first time she did that,” Dede remembered, “and yes, Kate, it was the pits. I’d never experienced someone using urination and defecation so aggressively. Having Jan as our stepmom was one really refreshing change.”

“So now you sign off on those kinds of punishments, Katie?” Dede asked.

“Yes, I discuss what’s needed and then approve the recommendations given to me or modify them if I’m so inclined,” Kate answered her.

“When you rejected my return-to-college form, I was furious inside at you,” Dede told her, “but I was also aroused and very wet in my panties. You were so authoritative and in control.”

They had reached the house and Kate insisted on carrying in her own valises.

Her father, Marie, and Jan had already returned from work, and Steve Jr. was home on vacation. They all seemed happy to see Kate, since they were proud of her but also were a bit frightened of her return and what that might mean for them.

Steve took his daughter in his arms, hugged her, and kissed her softly

“It’s so good to see you darling,” he said happily. Steve Jr. also hugged and kissed her, and Kate gave Marie a soft kiss. Finally, she went to Jan and hugged her tightly: “I owe so much to you,” she said coolly.

“I’m very proud of you,” Jan responded warmly. She took her aside for a private chat.

“I’m delighted that you’ve come,” Jan told her stepdaughter. She reached into her handbag and took out her small marital cane that had been bent to fit inside.

“You can hold on to this for as long as you like, although you can decide whether you need it back in the capital,” Jan advised. “But perhaps you will find someone you want to wed, and then this might be something you’d like to have, even though you could have your own, in all likelihood.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Kate said smiling. “I’m so pleased that you would entrust this to me. I’ll accept it while I consider whether to keep it. But you will need it here after I leave. How has everyone been behaving?”

Now Jan grinned. “I’ve had to have their panties and underpants down, ayaş escort my dear. I am so in awe of the fear and respect you inspire in them all, although yes, they all do love you very much.”

Kate had determined to visit by herself, although it would not have been considered out of line for one of her aides to vacation with her. She might have brought SSG Linda or SSG Denise, who had worked at the local retraining center when Kate was first brought there by Jan to learn about disciplining. But she had decided that this should be a family affair entirely, including Marie, who had been included in and now lived with the family, even after her severe thrashing, principally delivered by Kate.

Kate had enjoyed fun times in the Bachelor Officers’ Quarters with other commissioned and warrant officers. She found it easy to meet and enjoy the company of women in important positions in the capital. When Eleanor had taken her to her club, these women were interested in meeting her.

But she had had a more challenging time in trying to meet eligible men. There were very few in the Service and most she might encounter in the capital were married or involved. Kate was reconciled to finding the right woman to spend her life with–she might even turn out to be a woman older than she was.

“Has anyone been naughty recently whom you were intending to discipline?” Kate asked her stepmom.

“Actually, they all have,” Jan conceded. “I confess that I’ve let standards down a bit. Everyone is in good spirits, and I suspect they are worried about what you may do during your stay. I do want you to reassume your role as ‘responsible woman,'” Jan added, “because you execute that position so effortlessly and I feel it is good for them.”

“Why did you let standards down a bit? Why did you let them down at all?” Kate asked a bit sharply.

“I’m embarrassed, Kate, when I think of what you’ve accomplished,” Jan said in reply. “Perhaps I need to go over your lap.”

“Let’s go up to my old room,” Kate suggested, taking her stepmom by the hand, and leading her to the staircase.

They went into Kate’s room, and she shut the door.

“Jan, you know the drill,” Kate said coolly. “Skirt up, panties down, over my lap.”

Jan slowly complied.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” she said, in tears before her spanking. “I’m sorry because I’ve let you down.”

“Jan, over my lap now,” Kate said softly. “We’ll spank the naughtiness out of you, and you’ll be a good girl again.”

“Oh, that’s so nice to hear, Kate,” Jan said, feeling better as she placed herself across her stepdaughter’s skirted lap.

Kate rested her hand on Jan’s broad bottom and began to spank her. She felt what she was doing was more than appropriate. Jan had asked to be disciplined and Kate was making things right. This was the purpose of correction. She steadily increased the power of her spanks.

As she did that, she realized that she hadn’t spanked very often over recent months. Now that she commanded the unit, she oversaw others doing the disciplining. Each spank she visited on Jan’s bared bottom made her feel better.

Soon Jan’s bottom was rosy and then red. Kate stopped the spanking, rubbed Jan’s cheeks, and felt between her legs.

“I guess you wanted this a lot,” Kate commented as her finger felt the wetness in Jan’s sex. “Have you been getting what you need in bed?” Kate felt it was all right for her to ask her stepmom such a personal question because she was in the process of spanking her for not maintaining firm discipline in the house.

“Your father has been attentive to me,” Jan responded, as nicely as she could. She only felt comfortable answering the kind of question Kate asked because Jan had accepted the family’s ethos of free and open sex among all of them.

Jan’s sincere answer made Kate feel she was missing something important in her life. She did enjoy playing with her friends in the Service and with new friends like Eleanor who weren’t in the Service but might as well have been. But she longed for real love, too. She didn’t even care a whole lot whether it came from a man or a woman, since she enjoyed being intimate with either sex.

So, when Jan turned Kate’s question back on her, asking Kate how her intimate life was, Kate began to cry. She might have accomplished much in achieving her rank and position in the Service at her still youthful age, but there was something missing.

“I need somebody for me,” she said softly and pantingly to Jan. “I hope my spanking you made you feel better but what I need now is someone to love me for who I am.”

Jan knew that she could not satisfy Kate’s desires, if only because she was Kate’s stepmother, not her lover. But she asked Kate if she’d like to lie down with her on the bed so that Jan could thank her for taking charge and spanking her.

Kate smiled and they both lay down next to each other. Kate hugged her stepmom as they both shed their clothing. Jan moved between Kate’s legs aydınlıkevler escort and lavished her tongue on Kate’s insistent pussy. Kate responded to Jan’s oral pleasuring. She let herself go and began lifting her bottom and torso in rhythm with Jan’s licks. Jan came up for air and whispered to her how sweet she tasted.

This sent Kate over the top. Jan might not be the answer to her long-term need, but she was providing delightful pleasure in the interim. Kate took her in her arms and hugged her, started playing with her nipples until they firmed up, and then had Jan move so she was perched over Kate’s face. Then Kate applied her tongue to Jan’s hairy split and insinuated it deeply into Jan’s vaginal opening.

This was what she wanted–reciprocal loving. She realized that she felt Jan’s spirit in her own core and that what Jan gave her was wonderful. Jan began moving in rhythm with Kate’s tongue motions on her lips and clit. Kate then thrusted her tongue into Jan’s sopping vagina. Jan exploded and squirted onto Kate’s smiling face.

They now lay together in each other’s arms, warm and toasty and very, very thrilled. Kate felt she had been welcomed royally.

“Sweetie, that was terrific for both of us, I think,” Jan offered.

“It was, Jan, it was,” Kate managed to agree.

“You probably want to rest from your trip and your…exertions,” Jan smiled. She rose, dressed, and left Kate to relax and soon, fall asleep in her old bed.

Jan returned to the family group in the den. They asked her how Kate was doing.

“She’s exhausted,” Jan reported, “so I don’t think we’re going to see much of her until tomorrow.”

“Do you think she’ll want to play with all of us then?” Steve Jr. asked his stepmom.

“I think she will,” Jan responded, grinning. “I’m not going to tell tales out of school, because she knows I will be discreet. However, you all know that she is bi in her interests and where she is, she has female company but not so much male. So, guys, don’t go crazy, but I think you will be pleased, ” she concluded while looking at her husband and stepson.

“Also, let me remind you that Kate will be the ‘responsible woman’ so long as she is here,” Jan added by way of cautioning them. “I’m the deputy so I defer to her when she is present.”

The group dined informally as Jan and Dede had prepared a platter of crudités and cold cuts, cheese, and bread for sandwiches. They all helped themselves and after a short quiet period after Jan’s action, conversation resumed and everyone seemed in good humor, including Steve Jr., who was looking forward to playtime later that evening.

Dede thought she should relieve the playtime pressure on Jan, so she suggested that they wait until tomorrow when Kate would be able to participate. Her dad and Marie looked disconsolate at this postponement of polyamory in the household but realized they didn’t want to offend Kate in any way.

Kate made sure she was dressed very casually the next day. Shorts and a brightly-colored tee with sandals allowed her to get away from all of them focusing on her position in the Service. Breakfast was fun–Jan took the lead in the kitchen, assisted by Dede and Steve Jr.

It was the weekend, so everyone lingered as Jan made sure there was always fresh coffee on hand. Kate was used to breakfasting with other commissioned officers in the BOQ and appreciated the much more relaxed atmosphere of her family home. Soon she realized she needed to relieve herself and rose to excuse herself to go to the bathroom.

She was surprised when Marie got up and walked out with her.

“I know this is a surprise for you, Kate,” Marie, an attractive blonde only a few years older than Kate, told her. “I’ve felt we got off on the wrong foot, mainly because I had behaved so badly, so I’d like to serve you now.”

Kate instantly recognized that this was something likely to happen, mostly because she was the “responsible woman” even if only for her short stay at home. She smiled at Marie and put her arm around her. Marie was relieved that her offer had been received with pleasure.

They reached the bathroom and Kate locked the door after they had entered the room. She looked pleasantly at Marie and asked her if she wanted to prepare herself. Marie proceeded to take off her shorts and panties and then her shirt and bra, followed by her sandals. Then she climbed into the tub and lay down on her back.

Kate took off her shorts and lowered her thong to her knees. She pulled her tee up above her waist and stepped into the tub and squatted over Marie’s torso facing her. Marie now could look up into Kate’s eyes and ahead at her shaved pussy. Kate asked her if she would like Kate to put herself over Marie’s face.

Marie smiled and said, “I’m ready for that, Miss Kate.”

Kate then grinned and told her she didn’t have to be so formal. “I’m off duty here, you know,” she smiled. She moved up to position herself over Marie’s face.

Marie looked up and saw Kate’s spread lips, cute little button, her pink vagina, and her small puckered anal rosette. Kate gave a slight twitch as she released her urinary sphincter and her hot pee streamed out and down onto the blonde Marie’s face. Marie opened her mouth to capture as much of it as she could.

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