‘Just’ Jane Ch. 08

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 8

It’s been almost two years since we moved here, and just over a year since I started working for Poole. Claudia is our office manager and is doing a much better job than I think even Poole expected. Still a little rough around the edges when it comes to personal interaction, she is by far the smartest female here. Interestingly enough I am still the one that Poole chooses when he holds business meetings.

Donald has accepted his position at the sports bar with a minimum of protest. He is still not happy with his salary but seems to enjoy having his days free to go out golfing.

With Donald working nights I now spend more time at Poole’s as well. My typical week now takes me home just Sunday and Wednesday nights. So far Donald hasn’t complained, from what I can tell our sex life hasn’t changed for the better or worse.

Tuesday Poole approached me after work asking if I would be up to joining him Friday night on his friend Jack’s boat. Tina’s business has been taking off lately and Poole learned she would be out of town that night as well. Poole had that gleam in his eye as he asked, I willingly accepted the date.

I had met Jack and his wife Sophia at the charity event. Also known as Dozer he is medium in height and a bit stocky. Poole talks highly of him and although we only talked briefly his wife Sophia is a gem.

Tuesday night Poole and I made love as usual, Wednesday I went home to Donald but he didn’t even join me in bed when he got home. Tina joined me in my room at their house late Thursday night but we just slept. When Friday came I don’t remember being this excited to spend time with Poole.

It was a long drive to the lake but still Poole had me drive. I love my new car and out on the highway it was even better. Poole insisted I pack light, bringing only a couple of suits and one change of clothes. We left early afternoon hoping to meet them for dinner at a restaurant on the water.

Poole and I have never had a problem finding something to talk about and this was no different. We talked about things relating to work but never work itself. He was always happy to keep up about Cassie and Cody. I would listen as he updated me on Tina’s business. We talked about our extended family of course, Poole was usually the one who knew all of the latest gossip. The one person we never talked about was Donald.

Listening to the satellite radio Poole seemed happy to just enjoy the scenery passing by and keeping our conversations brief. It was a beautiful evening as we pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot. Poole hopped out and came around to open my door. Taking me in his arms he gave me a firm kiss before setting me back down. Taking my hand we walked inside.

Poole’s friend Jack must have been watching as he all but met us at the door. Leading us to the table Jack introduced me to the other guy, Brandon. A black man of average height and like Jack himself a bit stocky. Brandon seemed nice enough, it was obvious Poole knew him as they exchanged pleasantries.

We started with drinks, then dinner, followed by more drinks before we made our way down to the dock where Jack’s boat was tied up. Poole and Jack took the keys to my car and parked it in the overnight lot and carried our bags down. Just as the sun was setting Jack fired up the boat and slowly pulled away from the dock.

Jack headed the boat out to the open water letting the mighty engines roar. This time of the year it isn’t uncommon to have a night as warm as this. I looked around the lake and noticed we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the calm water and bright moon. With houses dotting the landscape and other boats out as well Jack pulled back on the throttles and let the craft just drift.

I took the opportunity to go below and freshen up. Along with the bathroom were two small bedrooms. I found my belongings on one bed with Poole’s. Maybe it was the booze, maybe I just wanted to show off for Poole. I took off my clothes and slipped into a bikini. I threw on a sheer cover up just to show some sort of modesty.

Back on deck I was met with appreciative smiles. I moved to sit with Poole knowing he would be happy at his side. Jack handed me another glass of wine, I wasn’t wasted but just a bit buzzed. The guys talked and as they did Poole caressed me lovingly but not obscenely.

As I sat and milked my drink the guys got up and milled around izmir escort bayan talking about guy stuff. The next thing I know Brandon and Jack are sitting on either side of me. Poole is now sitting across from me watching my every move.

The first hand I felt was Jack’s on my thigh. Poole took notice but said nothing. I really wasn’t sure what Poole wanted but I took that as a sign he was ok with it. My stomach tightened when Brandon’s hand did the same to my other thigh. Still Poole looked on without a word of protest.

Although Poole never suggested I was here to be the entertainment for the night he sure didn’t seem opposed to it either. Things progressed rather quickly as each further advance grew increasingly bold. I’m not naïve, I am his slut after all, I decided to just let things play out.

Was this the plan all along, or was Poole just letting this happen? I glanced at Poole every chance I got and yet he seemed indifferent to what was taking place. My top was off and my tits getting mauled. My lips passed from one man to the other and still no emotion from Poole.

My hand was on one cock and the other cock guided in my mouth. Brandon picked me up and pulled my bottoms off stabbing a thick black finger in my dry pussy. My head was spinning, I heard the water lapping at the side of the hull. Jack and Brandon were only getting started.

“My turn Jack.” Brandon called out to his friend as a black cock was offered to my lips.

Jack pulled me on my knees and started licking my pussy no doubt to stuff his cock in it. Brandon’s cock was good sized, not Poole sized of course but bigger than average. He tried fucking my mouth before I took control and started sucking and stroking.

I felt Jack move behind me and just as I expected his cock pressed against my opening. I had never been in a threesome with two guys, or had sex with a black man. With a certain amount of anticipation let them use me.

“Watch this Brandon.” Jack bragged. “Turn this bitch on a spit.”

Jack eased himself in my pussy as Brandon pressed deeper in my mouth. I tried to get a rhythm going but they only wanted to pleasure themselves. I took control of Brandon first returning to stroking and licking his knob.

Jack started fucking me faster and faster no doubt overstimulated by the situation. Brandon continued to try and shove his cock down my throat but I was able to hold him off for now. Luckily Jack erupted in my pussy with a loud groan.

“Damn it.” Jack cursed.

“What’s wrong buddy? I little quick on the draw?” Brandon laughed. “Bring that shriveled dick over here and let the bitch bring it back to life.”

“Really?” Jack perked up.

“Sure, I don’t mind sloppy seconds.” Brandon chuckled pulling out of my mouth.

They quickly changed positions and in doing so I looked over to see how Poole was taking this. I was disappointed to find he was nowhere to be seen. Somehow knowing he left bothered me in a way I can’t explain, it just did. What was the point if he didn’t derive pleasure watching me?

Jack brought me back to reality by slapping my cheek with his cum covered cock. Just as I took it in my mouth Brandon slammed in my well used pussy. Since his cock wasn’t much bigger than Jack’s it really didn’t feel much different.

Brandon fucked me hard as Jack’s cock slowly started to respond to my efforts. I can’t say Jack was more caring but he was at least less forceful. I tried my best to please them both but again they were on their own agenda.

My knees were starting to get sore even on the cushions. I was about to suggest a new position when Brandon filled my cunt for the second time.

Brandon gloated and as he pulled out I rolled on my back hoping to rest. Jack walked over and took a swig of his drink as Brandon degraded my gaping pussy. My respite was short lived as Brandon moved over my head offering me his cock.

“Time to wash the dishes bitch.” Brandon growled.

His sweaty balls pressed over my nose as he pulled my chin back so I could take his cock. The taste of their cum mixed with my juices was less than appealing but not exactly gross. Fortunately from this angle Brandon couldn’t get as much cock in my mouth, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Jack moved to join us again. Pulling one leg off the cushion he mounted me at an angle on top. His cock slipped easily back in my cunt as he held his drink in one hand. Brandon was now starting to get hard as I cleaned off his cock.

He pulled out and turned my head to the side for better access. I gripped his cock just in case he tried to face fuck me again but he seemed content to let me just suck him off. In this position they took turns grabbing my tits and pulling on my nipples.

Since they had both cum I knew it could be awhile before they came again so I decided to just try enjoy this new experience. There were moments when being used by two lovers might have aroused me, but in the end they really weren’t lover’s just two guys getting off using izmir escort me.

I did experience some level of pleasure, mostly when I thought Poole was watching. The rest of the time was just sex, and for me not really good sex. An orgasm never really crossed my mind as the two of them seemed more focused on themselves than on me.

“Maybe we should DP her?” Jack snarled hoisting his drink.

“Nah.” Brandon replied less enthused. “That’s some nasty shit. You can leave me out if that.”

“Why don’t you fuck her pussy, I think the bitch needs a belly full.” Jack then suggested.

Brandon quickly agreed and just like that Jack’s cock was back in my mouth. He must have been closer than I knew because it wasn’t but maybe two minutes when he filled my mouth with cum.

I let most of it spill out but he came so fast I wasn’t prepared for the first surge. Falling back on his ass the drink still in his hand Jack watched as Brandon pounded my pussy.

It was Brandon’s turn to be uncomfortable, so he pulled me back on my knees. He moved behind me and slammed his cock deep in my pussy thinking he was filling me up. Not by a long shot I consoled myself.

“Bet you love that big black cock, don’t you bitch?” Brandon gloated.

I murmured in reply not wanting to agree or disagree. Satisfied he got some response Brandon took it as a yes. I whimpered and cooed as that seemed to feed his ego and then just before he came Brandon pulled out, turned me around and sprayed my chest and stomach with his cum.

“That was some serious fucking bro.” Jack praised his buddy.

“Damn right!” Brandon replied as they bumped fists.

Jack threw me a beach towel and my cover up. Brandon grabbed his drink and the two of them climbed the stairs to the upper deck.

Exhausted I cleaned myself off the best I could and curled up on the cushion. I was too tired and scared to go find Poole. I drifted off to the smell of cigar smoke in the air.

“Jane.” I heard him whisper in my ear.

I lashed out being startled. I felt his strong arms encase me as I quickly woke.


“Shhhhh, it’s ok.” Poole held me tighter lifting me up. Let’s get you cleaned up and in bed.” He whispered.

Remembering where I was and what had happened earlier I wanted to cry. Just then Poole kissed me on the forehead and carried me inside. The shower was tight but the water warm as I cleaned myself alone.

Poole met me outside the bathroom with clean clothes.

“Go lie down and lock the door.” He whispered.

“What about you?” I pleaded.

“Do as I say Jane.” Poole snapped back.

I was almost more upset he called me Jane than leaving me alone. When I woke the engines were just idling. I could hear taking up on the deck as I ducked into the bathroom. I went back to the bedroom not sure what to do.

It wasn’t long before Poole knocked on the door. I opened it and looked immediately in his eyes. The happiness I hoped to find was missing, his eyes filled only with concern.

“We should be leaving.” Poole spoke softly.

“Is everything ok?” I dared to ask.

“Just fine.” He replied unconvincingly. “Please come with me now.”

Poole grabbed the bags as I finished packing, and without a word, or a goodbye we left the boat. Back at the car Poole took the keys and opened the passenger door for me to get in. The whole drive home we hardly spoke. I was all but devastated.

We reached Poole’s house, I headed up to my room and fell on the bed crying. Somehow I fucked up but Poole wouldn’t tell me why. When I came out of my room the house was eerily quiet.

There was a note on the counter. ‘We’ll talk tonight’ P.

I spent the whole day at Poole’s house alone. I even called Cassie and Cody but they were not around. Thinking I could somehow make it up to Poole I made preparations for tonight.

When Poole arrived home Tina was with him. They didn’t seem to be talking either. After the quietest but mostly civil dinner I went back up to my room.

Tina knocked on the door, I let her in and she held me tight.

“Tell me about last night.” Tina insisted.

“I can’t.” I started to sob.

Not one to take no for an answer Tina insisted but I refused to tell her. This was between Poole and me.

I waited for Poole to come talk to me but it seemed that wasn’t going to happen. That of course only made matters worse. Just as I was getting ready for bed I heard screaming. I opened my door and heard very clearly what was being said.

“That’s bullshit!” Poole bellowed.

“Bullshit yourself. She’s your slut, yours Poole. You need to fix this now before we lose her.” Tina screamed.

“I’m just telling you what he told me.” Poole said his voice raised.

“Fine, add it up anyway you want but I still say he’s leaving something out.” Tina raised her voice another level.

“So is that my fault?” Poole countered.

“Fault, fuck fault. You take that ego and shove it in that tiny escort izmir little cock you’re going to have if you don’t fix this and apologize to Jane.” Tina screamed.

I wasn’t sure what the argument was about except it had something to do about me. I went back in my room and closed the door. This was only getting worse and it was clearly my fault. I paced my room before deciding to go home to Donald. I just finished dressing to leave when a knock came on the door.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Jane its Poole.” He replied softly.

I leaned my head against the door conflicted if I wanted to see him right now.

“Jane?” Poole called out again.

I opened the door to find him in just shorts. Poole seemed surprised by my attire, then he looked around the room as if he expected to find someone.

“I don’t understand, you’re dressed?” Poole asked clearly rattled.

This was so unlike the Poole I knew. Obviously Tina had more of an impact than I realized.

“I’m going home.” I replied defiantly.

“But Jane…” Poole took a step closer.

I wanted to throw myself it him but instead I took a step back myself. I could see that hurt Poole as he stopped in his tracks. Just then I saw Tina move into view at the far end of the hall. Poole must have guessed as much when my eyes left his.

“I was hoping we could spend the night together.” Poole said softly.

“Talking?” I snapped back remembering the note.

“Talking if you want?” Poole suggested. “Maybe more if you want that too?”

I expected Poole to try and sway me but not like this. My pussy started to dampen but I tried to hide my weakness for him.

“What about Tina?” I raised my voice so she could hear me clearly.

“Why don’t you ask her? You’re not the only one upset with me.” Poole responded.

“You’ve got that right buster.” Tina yelled from the other end of the hall.

Poole nodded he was right and crooked his head. He hadn’t said he was sorry but that was irrelevant to me at this point. All I could think of was not losing him.

“Come in but leave the door open.” I said. Tina smiled and nodded she approved.

Poole took me in his arms and met my willing lips with his. I led him to the bed where I pulled him on top of me. Just having Poole come to me gave me some of my confidence back. Holding him and having him hold me filled my heart with hope.

“Will you make love to me?” I whispered.

“Gladly.” Poole nuzzled my ear.

Poole took his time undressing me. By the time I pulled his shorts off we were both already quite worked up. Poole gently guided me down to his cock.

“Please not tonight.” I requested.

“Ok.” Poole replied but I could tell he was disappointed.

Lying me on my back he started to move between my legs.

“Poole, I was hoping.” I pushed up on his chest making him stop.

“What?” He asked impatiently.

“There’s only one place they didn’t use.” I said choking up. “I was hoping to make it up to you tonight.”

I turned over in the bed and stretched out opening the nightstand drawer. I pulled out the bottle of lube and handed it to Poole.

“If you’re not still mad at me maybe you could use this.” I offered.

“Jane you don’t have to do this.” Poole argued.

“As your slut I insist.” I stretched up and kissed him.

Turning I moved to my knees and presented my ass. There was a moment of indecision on Poole part before I felt the cool gel being applied to my back door. Just then I looked up and saw Tina watching from the doorway.

I closed my eyes trying to relax in anticipation of Poole’s cock. I didn’t have to wait long before the blunt end pressed against my willing asshole.

“It’s yours Poole.” I whimpered as I pushed back firmly.

I felt his cock bend under the pressure but then he reached down and held the head forcing my straining muscle to give way.

“It’s too big Jane.” Poole indicated.

“No Poole, it’s just right.” I grunted wiggling my ass as I pushed back harder.

I could feel the agonizingly slow progress the mushroom head made until that moment of ecstasy when it pushed its way in and my sphincter locked it in place. For just the second time Poole’s cock was in my ass and I couldn’t be happier.

“I want it all.” I moaned through clenched teeth.

Taking a deep breath I pressed back as Poole slowly pushed in deeper. I could feel the lube scraping off his cock as my sphincter was not yet ready to give up the fight. Poole’s hand now left his cock as he gripped my hips to steady his advance.

My whole body was on alert based on the slight discomfort of his cock in my ass. I knew soon enough the pleasure Poole was experiencing right now would soon be shared with me. Deeper and deeper Poole progressed until I felt the hairs on his thighs brush against the back of mine.

“Yes.” I cried out in victory.

I expected Poole to stop for a moment to allow me to adjust to his cock, but instead he pulled out quickly. My sphincter locked in behind the flared head and just as quickly Poole drove his cock back in my ass with his powerful legs until his balls smacked my cunt.

“Ugghhhh.” I cried out through a stabbing pain.

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