Just Another Day at the Office

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Danial got up from his plush padded office chair and walked down the hall toward the meal room to make a coffee. He could have had one of the secretary’s do it for him but he needed to stretch his legs.

In the hall were some of his many staff coming and going as they performed the tasks of running his business.

One such was Stacy from accounts and he stopped to talk with her, he said “Good morning Stacy, you look amazing in that dress.” he lifted his hand and ran it over her right breast and gave it a slight squeeze.

Stacy responding but not to the touch said, “Thank you sir, my husband bought it for me for my 22nd birthday last Wednesday.”

Danial lifted and felt the fabric of the hem of the dress and then slipped his hand between her legs and fondled her pussy lips, she wore no panties as was company policy for the female staff.

Danial said “Well it certainly looks good on you and accentuates your figure beautifully.” He removed his fingers, now slick with her moisture and put them to her lips.

She opened her mouth and sucked the offered fingers, as Danial said “I need to talk to you about the Walker file.”

He withdrew his fingers from her mouth and resumed fondling her breasts as she said, “What do you need to know sir, I’ve been working with that file over the last two days.”

Danial started to explain to her what he needed but stopped when another of the secretary’s, Angie was walking by. He reached out grabbing Angie’s arm saying “Excuse me Stacy.”

To Angie he said “Angie if you have a moment!”

Angie stopped and turned to her boss saying “Yes sir what can I do for you?”

Danial didn’t respond but turned back to Stacy, resuming their discussion as he put his right hand on Angie’s left shoulder and exerted pressure until the girl was on her knees before him.

Stacy continued to recant details of the Walker file as Angie unzipped Danial’s pants and removed and started licking his penis.

As Stacy relayed the information Danial required he continued touching her body, interrupting her occasionally to kiss her or lick her neck & earlobe.

Other members of his staff continued about their work not batting an eye at the lewd display in the office hall.

Danial asked Stacy as few questions as he held Angie’s head and slowly fucked the girls’ mouth, now drooling with saliva.

Starting to answer the questions, Danial held up his left hand and Stacy fell silent. Danial put his hands on Angie’s shoulders and pushed her down onto the floor. The girl landed on her bottom and sat there with her dress pooled around her waste, her pussy clearly on display.

Others in the hall just stepped around her, none offering to help her up, Danial took hold of his erect cock, gave it a few quick strokes and started ejaculating huge ropes of cum over the dazed secretary.

He took pride as he glazed the silly bitch from head to toe, thoroughly enjoying unloading on her.

Angie lay there taking the humiliation and said nothing.

When Danial was finished, he put his cock back in his pants, turned back to Stacy and said “Come down to the meal room and we’ll discuss the file over a coffee.” they turned and walked down the hall.

After a couple of steps Danial turned back and to Angie, laying exposed and soiled on the floor said “Go and clean yourself up, you fucking dirty slut! This is a workplace not a stage for your filthy exploits!” he leaned down and spat in her face, his saliva mixing with the sperm already there.

He turned and said “Lets go Stacy, some of us have work to do!”

Stacy made a coffee for herself and Danial and took a seat at the corner of a table adjacent to her boss. As she started to get into detail about the Walker file Danial put his hand up her dress and started playing with her vagina.

Stacy never missed a beat nor wavered from her subject, as Danial parted her legs and started fully fingering the young lady in the middle of the meal room. The squelching of her pussy juices was unmistakable amidst the quiet murmur of conversation of the other workers having morning tea, yet nobody remarked at the scene.

Suddenly Stacy stopped talking, gasped audibly and squirted in orgasm, then she straightened up and said “I’m sorry sir, I don’t know what came over me.”

Danial said “That’s good work Stacy, thank you for your report, keep on top of it like a good girl.” He stood up and turned to go. As he got to the last row of tables he smeared his pussy soaked hand over the face of young girl.

The girl started licking his hand and then one by one sucked on all his fingers and thumb, giving his hand a thorough tongue bath. As she did so Danial had his other hand down her neckline groping her breasts. When his hand was clean he walked away without a word.

Danial took the elevator down a couple of floors and spoke with some of his male staff on the way. He got out two floors down and walked into a meeting room, where a team meeting was underway.

The speaker stopped talking and Danial said, “Don’t kütahya escort let me interrupt I’ll just listen in.” As the speaker resumed Danial took out his cock and made his way around the room rubbing his genitalia over the faces of the females in the room, while groping tits and pinching nipples.

The speaker droned on about company targets and a women who now, thanks to Danial, sat with her breasts exposed was taking meeting minutes. Not one person objected to this display or remarked about improper behaviour.

As Danial tucked himself away and made to leave the room he interrupted the speaker saying “That all sounds promising, save that sector G haven’t reached the quota; Becka, as you are the department head you will penalised in the usual manner.”

Becka nodded and said “Yes sir, I’ll prepare accordingly.”

Danial left, thinking ‘If I was being demoted to Company Arse Whore for a week I’d prepare too’ he returned to the elevators, chatting along the way. Just opposite the elevators he stopped at a reception desk for that floor where two very pretty young women sat chatting and answering phone calls.

He pleasantly said “Hello Sara, Kimberly, how is your day going?”

Both ladies responded in turn, then Danial said “Show me your cunt Kimberly.”

The pretty blonde pushed her chair back from the desk, spread her legs and lifted her skirt showing a nice tidy snatch, devoid of hair, she lightly pinched her outer lips in the fingers of each hand and lewdly spread them apart displaying her inner pink petals.

Danial remarked “Very good Kimberly, see that you keep it that way. I don’t like stubble when I’m eating!” and he walked off to the elevator.

Danial stepped out of the lift with a number of his employees who headed for their various offices. Danial sat down at his large mahogany desk and set to work.

At 11:am Danial paged one of his senior managers to attend his office. A few moments later a very attractive young brunette girl appeared in his doorway and said “You wanted to see me sir!”

Danial looked up and said “Ah, yes, Alice, come in!”

Alice approached as Danial pushed his chair away from the desk, he said “Get your clothes off Alice and get under here.” he indicated under his desk.

Alice immediately took off her blouse and short pencil skirt remaining in just thigh high stockings and garter belt. she got down on the floor and crawled into the leg space beneath her bosses desk.

Danial undid his pants zipper and sat down again pulling his chair into the desk to resume working. As he started typing on his office computer he felt his penis taken from his pants and engulfed in a warm mouth.

Angie popped her head in his doorway and said “Excuse me sir but we have an applicant for the vacancy you advertised.”

Danial waved Angie in with the fresh faced but quite lovely teenage girl behind her. He said “Thank you Angie, take a seat and join me for the interview.”

Angie and the younger girl took a seat and Danial commenced to ask the new girl a number of questions, not once trying to conceal his obvious ogling of her long legs and impressive bust.

With the business parts of the interview completed and the young teen quite uncomfortable, Danial said to her “Well that all looks very good Debbie, academic achievement and good references, do you shave your pussy bare?”

Debbie gave a double blink and paused in surprise stuttering “Thank you but…ah, sorry, what did you ask me?”

Danial repeated “I was just saying your application looks good and your credentials are very notable, do you like anal?”

Debbie started to answer automatically “Thank you sir, ah hang on a moment, what sort of question is that?”

Danial said “Excuse me miss but this is my company and there’ll be time for your questions at the end, do you understand?” Debbie nodded not sure she had heard correctly.

Danial seemed to tense and suddenly said excuse me ladies, then he tensed again and grunted as if in pain then slumped in his chair as if drained.

Debbie watched him concerned for his health, she glanced at Angie but the other woman just sat there as if nothing was happening. She watched as Danial roused himself and blew out a breath of air.

Debbie was surprised into silence when he pushed himself away from his desk and stood up and tucked away what looked to be the biggest penis she had ever seen.

Debbie gasped in shock as a naked woman with what looked like cum glazing her face came out from underneath the desk. Danial said “Thank you Alice, that’s your morning tea, best you return to your duties, you can clean up when you finish at five.” and he sat down again at his desk.

Debbie was stunned, yet she noticed Angie still looked unconcerned and the other woman, Alice apparently, only said, “Yes sir, thank you sir!” grabbed her clothes and walked out without dressing.

Danial now said “Okay Debbie, sorry for the interruptions, where were we?”

Debbie stuttered “Wh…wha…what’s going o…on here?”

Danial lara escort simply said “Well, as I was saying your resume and application etc. all look good and do you swallow when you suck cock?”

Debbie didn’t know what to think right now. She turned to Angie and whispered “Did he just ask me what I thought I heard?”

Angie turned to the young girl and said “Just answer honestly honey, Mr Shaftbury thinks you may be suitable for the position.”

Debbie looked back at Danial her eyes wide. He wrote something down and handed her a piece of paper, saying “This is the first year award rate for a company LSD!”

The bewildered young lady took the slip of paper and nearly feinted when she saw the impressive six figured number. Her mind spun and she excitedly said “Yes sir I would love to work for you, LSD? what would my position entail?”

Danial said “If you’re hired you will be in any number of positions. There is of course an indemnity clause and a secrecy form that you must agree to and sign, to protect our current personnel and customers but I’m sure you’ll agree that the remuneration more than makes up for any risk you may perceive.”

Debbie having forgotten the inappropriate questions, though still perplexed by the naked woman said “Yes, of course, I’m familiar with those requirements in big business; this is a very generous offer.”

Danial smiled and pulled some forms from his desk drawer and said “Good, good, so if you’ll just read and sign these forms we’ll get on with the last of the interview. If you have any questions Angie will answer them for you. I’ll give you a moment to go through them, if you’ll excuse me.”

Danial walked out of his office and into one a couple of doors down. A young man looked up as Danial walked in and closed the door saying “Excuse me Sean, I’m just interviewing a potential new employee and the sexy little bitch is driving me insane, I just want to get my cock in her, I need something to ground me to finish the interview and you’re it.”

Sean pushed his chair back from his desk as Danial knelt down before him and fished out the younger mans cock. Sean relaxed as his boss started giving him an amazing blow job. This wasn’t the first time 19 year old Sean had been orally serviced by his boss, he had even fucked Danial a time or two, though as usual he wasn’t going to last long against the onslaught.

After only a few minutes Sean tensed up and erupted in Danial’s mouth, he heard a groan and then the sound of swallowing. Danial stood up when he had drained the young man and said “Thank you Sean, I fuckin’ needed that. Hold your other nut for me buddy, I may need fucking this afternoon.”

Sean smiled saying “Sure thing boss, any time, any place! and by the way, Corey can’t wait for you to come to dinner at our place again.”

Danial leaned down and tenderly kissed the young man, then said “You’re a good man, sharing your partner with me, I enjoy the way you both tag team me. I’ll let you know but for now I best get back.” he left returning to his office.

Back in his office he said, “Good girl, you’ve signed the papers, now here’s a standard company questionnaire.” he handed her the form and then leaned on the edge of his desk in front of her.”

Debbie started reading, then audibly gasped, turned beet red and then looking up said “What sort of questions are these, is this some sick joke!”

Danial reached out for the form saying “Here, let me see. I may have given you the wrong one.” he took the form and scanned it.

1. Are you married or in a de facto relationship? ……Y/N

2. Do you believe in a God? ………..Y/N

3. Do you expect to be a parent within the next 10-15 years? …Y/N

4. Have you had or do you regularly have enemas? …..Y/N

5. Do you wax your body hair, i.e. armpits, vagina? …..Y/N

6. If you are married, do you ever cheat on your partner? …Y/N

7. Are you open minded to same sex relationships? …..Y/N

8. Do you practice oral sex and swallow if you do? …..Y/N

9. Do you engage in anal sex?……….Y/N

10. Are you aroused by being degraded and humiliated?…Y/N

11. Would you consider yourself a slut or an easy lay?…..Y/N

12. Do you enjoy when a man cums on your body, face, tits?…Y/N

13. Do you consider yourself to be a cum pig?……Y/N

14. Do you enjoy revealing lingerie / clothing?……Y/N

15. Are you an exhibitionist?………..Y/N

16. Have you ever had sex in public or in front of others?….Y/N

17. Are you a natural submissive who can follow orders?….Y/N

18. Do you enjoy being restrained and used by multiple partners?..Y/N

19. Do you ever think of yourself as just a cunt, a mobile fuck?…Y/N

20. is your skin entirely free of body art? (Tramp stamp excepted)…Y/N

21. Do you regularly use sex toys?………Y/N

22. Can you deep throat large cocks? (Face fucking)…..Y/N

Danial shrugged handing the paper back to the young lara eve gelen escort girl saying “You scared me there; no that’s the right questionnaire, why is there a problem?”

Debbie gasped even louder and said “Is there a problem, IS THERE A PROBLEM” she yelled, “questions of such an intimate nature are hardly appropriate for an employer to ask, let alone some of the filth suggested on that form!”

Danial sighed and said “Angie, It’s getting a little tense here, would you mind assisting?”

Debbie turned to Angie and was visibly shocked to see the young woman naked, then stunned to silence as she watched her get on her knees in front of this vile man, fish out his cock ‘Such a big cock’ she thought, and start sucking it.

Danial said “Miss Debbie, would you agree that the remuneration offered for the position is generous beyond all proportions?”

Debbie, flustered now and embarrassed said “Well yes, indeed, but this is not a brothel you’re running here, I mean my God, I don’t understand!”

Danial said “It’s really quite simple, if you work for me you will earn in fifteen years what most professionals don’t earn in forty to fifty years. You’ll be set to retire at the age of thirty. I have five hundred something employees all enjoying those benefits.

Danial continued “If you’re willing to perform secretarial, clerical and managerial duties you’ll be a real asset, and if you submit to me sexually in any manner I desire, that I may use and abuse, degrade and humiliate you, pimp you out to others as sexual favours, fuck you in any hole, anywhere I want and in front of others, then your star is certainly on the rise.

“Now” he said “this is a once only lifetime opportunity, remembering you are sworn to secrecy and none of my employees will validate any claim you make, that has been proven time and again. Just fill in that questionnaire as you think would please me and then bend over my desk.”

Debbie said in a disgusted manner, “What, are you going to spank me?”

Danial said “That could certainly be on the cards but no, my intention was to fuck you, because believe me my balls have been churning with desire for your tight little body since you walked in here and I can’t wait to be up to my nuts in your hot tight cunt! So what’s it going to be?”

Debbie took a pen and fuming she started scribbling circles on the questionnaire, the sound of the pen on the paper was audible in the office, then through gritted teeth she started to sound out her answers.

Testily she said “Yes, I’m very happily married for two years;

Yes, I was raised a good Christian girl;

Yes, we plan to have children after we get our careers on track;

No, i don’t have enema’s;

No, my body is as God designed;

No, I would never cheat;

Same sex coupling is the work of the Devil;

No and no, what filth is this;

No, my family and husband have always treated me with the utmost respect;

No, I am chaste as a woman should be.”

Danial said “This is dragging out, get on the desk Angie so I can plug you while we wait for this holier than thou cunt to finish her rant.”

Angie quickly hopped on the large desk on her side and crudely held her legs open for Danial to enter her. He pushed his rampant cock easily full hilt into his experienced slut.

Debbie glared at the two in disgust and pleaded “Oh Angie, I don’t know you but how can you let yourself be treated this way?”

Angie grunting with Danial’s thrusts replied, “I was, ungh, born female, ughh, it’s my place to, ohh fuck sir…to take cock. I’m just a, ugh, ugh, slut!”

Debbie in bewilderment continued with the list of questions;

“No and no, a man’s life giving seed has only one place and only when needed,

No, I wore lingerie only on my honeymoon, it made me feel cheap,

No and no, the love in a relationship is a private thing,

No and no, as I said lovemaking is a private thing,

Yes I have sworn before God to love, honour and obey my husband,

No, I would never allow such a thing,

No, I am a woman of worth,

No, I would never stain my body with Satan’s mark,

No, I don’t abuse myself,

Finally, you disgusting man, no, a mans appendage is destined for one place with one woman.” She stood up and said “your place in hell is assured!”

Danial stopped fucking Angie and withdrew his cock from her clutching folds and stood there with his organ erect and pulsing, glistening with the panting young woman’s secretions, he said, “You could be set for life in ten years, then raise a family and never have any financial concerns. This offer is a dream come true, just talk to any of my staff.”

Debbie quietly said “Yes, it is that but at what price? My heart and soul, my faith?”

Danial answered, “No I don’t want any of those things, what I want is your work ethic, your obedience, your pussy, mouth and arse! Surely that is not too much to ask; for you’re freedom.”

Debbie asked “To do what exactly, please spell it out for me!”

Danial said “Debbie, when you work for me you can expect to be fucked in all your holes at any time, eat and wear a mans ejaculate, have and witness same sex coupling and dress as, and be your inner slut. Your body won’t look so desirable all your life!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32