Just a Girl

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Just a Girl

Funny thing about it is she certainly isn’t ‘just a girl’. She’s so much more than that. She’s funny, caring, charismatic and beautiful all wrapped up in one neat package. The kind of package you can’t wait to open on Christmas morning. The kind of girl that makes your heart pound and your palms sweat. You know the type I’m talking about. They are certainly rare. Some people never get to meet anyone like that, but I certainly did.

She was in my life for many years. My confidant and co-conspirator in just about everything we did. Wanting to spend each and every minute of each and every day was just not enough for me. I always wanted more. More of her time, more of her laughter, more of her just being with me from sun up to sun down. Not to mention of course, she was always in my dreams. As much as I tried not to think and dream about her when we weren’t together, the more the desire would build inside me. I knew she was ‘straight’, even though she never asked me about my sexuality as I think she just knew and understood.

We worked at a large company in the same department together and right from the first moment I saw her I knew she was special. I asked someone who she was and they told me she was ‘just a girl’ that use to work at the company and was a rehire assigned to our department. Boy, were they wrong. She was not ‘just a girl’ to me, anyway. Once we made our acquaintances, she told me she was married at that time but wasn’t happy. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would not want to be with her as she said it was a marriage of convenience and that they had very little love for one another.

After a couple of years our relationship really started to heat up. Many times she would kid around and drop sexual innuendoes but I knew she was straight and not interested in my physically. It wasn’t long after she was officially divorced that we started spending a lot of time together at her apartment.

One Saturday night, after consuming an entire bottle of wine and a romantic movie, I told her I needed to get home as it was getting late. She grabbed by hand and said,

“Why don’t you sleep over tonight? I have that big king size bed in there and its just going to waste with just me in it every night.”

I didn’t know how to take it as I felt the slight tingle of sexual energy surge though me when she grabbed my hand. I knew she was straight and had a few former male lovers before she married the last guy. I didn’t think she was into girls, but her flirting with me for a few weeks now got me to thinking that perhaps she did want to get physical with me. She knew I was attracted to females and we did have a great relationship without the sex piece. I was so confused, but I didn’t want to over think it. I was a little sloshed and felt that I really shouldn’t drive home, even though my apartment was close by.

“Ok. I guess I can crash on your sofa tonight.” I told her.

“On the sofa? No way! Your sleeping with me tonight whether you like it or not!” she said with a demanding voice.

“All right. I’ll stay. Can you give me a T-shirt to sleep in?”

“I could, but I sleep naked. You don’t have to wear anything either. I won’t mind. It’ll be fun, “she said

“I think you’ve had too much wine!” I answered not knowing what to say.

I must have turned every shade of red and just stood there contemplating her words as I watched her disappear into the bathroom. After a few minutes she came out wearing only her bathrobe and grabbing my hand said,

“Come on. Lets get naked together!’ as she lead me into the bedroom.

I watched as she took off her robe and slipped under the comforter. She wasn’t embarrassed at all about showing me her body. Boy, I thought she was beautiful. She had full rounded breasts, a cute ass and beautiful legs.

I sat at the opposite end of the bed and began to take off my clothes, folding and placing them on a nearby chair. She watched with a huge smile on her face as I took my sneakers off as my jeans and panties followed.

Getting under the comforter I placed my arms outside the covers and stood a few feet from her, nervous as hell.

“You can get closer. I won’t bite”, she teased.

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea Katie’, I said reluctantly. As soon as the words left my lips I regretted saying them. I thought it was what I had to say.

“Why not? Don’t you find me attractive? You like women and the last time I checked I am a woman!”

I thought for a few minutes and without answering, I scooted over to her side of the bed as we both turned onto our sides. Facing each other, I whisked her hair back and kissed her gently on the lips just to test the waters and see how she reacted.

As our lips parted, we realized we were lying there starring into each other’s eyes. It seemed as though we were acknowledging the fact that we were both naked together in her bed and we both knew things were never going to be the same between us ever again. Neither of istanbul travesti us seemed to care as we felt the sexual heat building between us after that first little kiss.

There was no need for me to answer her question on weather or not I found her attractive. I wanted to show her how I felt. She started moaning as my fingers began to trail down to her breasts, circling her nipples as they stood firm to my touch.

“Oh, Barb I was so hoping you would want to be with me like this for the longest time’.

“Really?” I said as I continued to kiss her neck and make my way down to her boobs asking myself the entire time if I was dreaming or not. There was definitely heat and passion between us as we embraced. I couldn’t wait to taste her. I had been waiting for this moment forever and the realization that it was finally going to happen made me crazy with lust.

Our naked bodies touching each other in all the right places, giving us pleasure. The reality of the moment that we were making love sunk in. You can imagine something a million times in your mind, but when it really happens, you become frozen. Kind of shocked at what is taking place. But yes, it was really happening I kept telling myself.

Playfully, she rolled over and jumped on top of me, straddling my thighs. I felt her sex against my bare skin and it started to drive me wild. I was looking up at her and trying to imagine what she was up to.

“I’ve wondered what it would be like to make love to you and now I have my chance”, she said with a sly smile.

Leaning in, she began to kiss my torso with little butterfly kisses. Our hands still clasped together. I closed my eyes so that I could remember her image and what was happening as every cell in my body now stood at attention. I wanted to keep it fresh in my mind for the times when I would recall this very moment when she wasn’t with me.

She was exquisite. I loved the way her skin smelled as my body pulsated with waves of pleasure at the mere touch of her hands on my flesh. I kissed my way from her feet to her thighs and planted my lips on her making her scream out loud as we continued to please each other. Our relationship had now become one of friendship and forbidden passion. It became our most private secret as we continued our daily routines and our lovemaking at night.

To say that sex between us was the best I had ever had would be putting it mildly. I do believe that it is because of the way I feel about her and not so much her physical appearance. It’s the anticipation of being intimate that heightens my sexual awareness whenever I’m within three feet of her. My mind retreats to an erotic place where only she and I exist. No one and nothing matters except the two of us and how we feel about each other.

For a newbie, she was very good at pleasing me. I think it was because she knew me inside and out and knew what I liked. Kissing her was always memorable. We would get lost just kissing eachother each and every time we made love. It was almost hard to believe that I was the first woman she was ever with. She seemed so experienced and really got into it whenever we got together, often commenting about how much she loved sharing her body with me.

We kept our relationship under wraps at work, not wanting anyone to know we were a couple. That was fine with me. The secret between us was intoxicating. I watched as different guys came on to her wanting to ask her out on a date, but she always refused, telling them she already had someone in her life. I knew that person was me. I was over the moon knowing I was the one who consumed her world just as much as she consumed mine.

Then the thought occurred to me that she might not accept a male’s advances, but what would she do if a female approached her romantically? I guess a subconscious part of my brain thinks that someday she might leave me for someone else weather it be a male or female.

I suddenly realized that I had unleashed that in her and asked myself if she would ever want to be with another woman. Those thoughts circled my brain of how experienced she was making love to me for the first time. I suddenly remembered my first time with a woman and knew it was nothing short of unfulfilling for my then partner. That afternoon at lunch, I came right out and asked her.

“So, I see Mark from payables asked you out on a date”, I said waiting for her to confirm what I had heard.

“Yeah. That’s never gonna happen.”

“Because he’s a guy?”

“Yes, for starters, but I’m just not attracted to him.”

“So, is there anyone that you are attracted to?”

“Yes. You silly!” she said with a slight laugh as she got up and brought her lunch tray to the counter. I followed and wanted to continue our conversation.

“So, you don’t have any desire to be with another woman?”

“What has gotten into you? Why are you acting all insecure about this?”

“I don’t know. I guess it crossed my mind that you might want to ‘try out’ another istanbul travestileri female.”

“Stop it Barb! I don’t, so just drop it now”.

I was reassured at what she said, but not totally convinced that she wouldn’t want to ‘try out’ another female. Leaving it alone for the time being, we returned to the department and finished our shift.

The next Friday night she asked me, “Hey, you know what might be fun? If you take me to one of those lesbian bars you are always talking about?”

“Why would you want to go there?” I asked. “It’s like a meat locker. Everyone who isn’t attached is looking for a quick roll in the hay, ” I told her.

“I’m just curious that’s all.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I guess we can go tomorrow night.”

I didn’t want to tell her we shouldn’t go, but at the same time I was skeptical about someone hitting on her. She didn’t belong to me, even though we seemed to be in a committed relationship. I was sincerely hoping I didn’t regret telling her we could give it a try.

That Saturday she came out of her bedroom wearing a skin tight dress, no bra, and high boots.

“What the heck are you wearing?” I asked her standing infront of her and looking her up and down.

“Why, you don’t like it? Am I too over dressed?”

“I love it but you are going to really get hit on in that outfit and I don’t think I want to deal with any drama tonight.”

“Well then, you’ll just have to make sure no one ‘hits’ on me. Stay close and let everyone know I’m with YOU.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna stop them, but ok, we will give it a shot.”

We arrived at the bar and it was quite crowded for a Friday night. I knew a lot of the girls there as they all starred at us when we walked in. How could they not? I know Katie is beautiful and the outfit she had on only added to her sexiness.

“Hey Barb”, a former acquaintance said walking up to us.

“Whose this?” she asked looking Katie over from head to foot and smiling slyly.

“Oh, Hi Sally. This is my girlfriend, Katie.”

“Hello there!” she said to Katie, “How did you manage to land this beauty?” she asked me.

“I’ll never tell,” was all I answered as I grabbed Katie’s hand and we continued to make our way through the crowd to find a table.

“So, I’m your girlfriend now?” Katie asked as she leaned up and spoke into my ear. The music was pretty loud and it was hard to carry on a conversation.

“Yes. You have always been my girlfriend, you just never knew it”.

We ordered drinks and found a spot near the bar. A few of the ‘regulars’ came over to us wanting me to introduce Katie to them. Some of them were genuine about it but most of them were wondering how I managed to score someone like Katie. I have often thought about that to myself.

We danced slow dances and held eachother close. I knew this was a first for her, as she looked uncomfortable when we went out on the dance floor and embraced. She got over it rather quickly as I held her in my arms and nuzzled her neck as we danced. She let her inhibitions go and even started moaning as I kissed her near her ear and squeezed her tight as we swayed to the music.

On about our fourth slow dance someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to look and it was someone I knew from my past.

“Can I have this dance?” she asked.

“I guess so, but just one. She’s mine! ” I told her and gave Katie’s hand to Marty.

As we were making the transfer I noticed Katie’s head shaking “NO!” but it was too late. Marty had already whisked her off, a few feet away.

“So, What are you doing with Barb, if I might ask?” Marty said.

“What do you mean? She and I have been friends for a few years now and we work together.”

“Really? You don’t look like her type,” Marty said.

“And what type is that?”

“I don’t know, usually the tall athletic type. The one’s that aren’t looking for any kind of commitment. Not like you. You have commitment written all over you.”

“Really. Well, that may be true, but we are committed to eachother. I guess you can say we are exclusive”.

“I would have never guessed Barb would commit to anyone. I find it very surprising.”

After the song was over, Marty brought Katie back to our table and thanked me for allowing her to have that one dance.

“So, what did she say to you?” I asked. “Did she want to know if you were available?” I said reluctantly. I really didn’t want to know the answer as I thought most definitely, Marty tried to score a date with Katie.

“Nothing really. Just that she didn’t think you and I were a match.”

“Oh, really, and who is a match? You and her?”

“Of course not! Why would you say such a thing? She didn’t say anything like that. All she said was that you weren’t the type to stay exclusive with one girl but I set her straight and told her neither of us were dating anyone else”.

“Don’t pay any attention to her. She’s a looser. Always was and always will be.

Come travesti istanbul on, let’s get out of here. I’ve had enough of this scene”.

With that we left to go to her apartment. I was getting ready to move in with Katie as I hardly ever spent any time at my place. It occurred to me that Marty was right. I wasn’t the type to make a commitment, but I think in my defense, I really hadn’t met the right person. I knew I had to seriously let Katie know she was the one for me. I didn’t want to look for anyone else as Katie had everything I wanted in a partner and I knew I truly loved her. And yes, I was a little insecure thinking someone would come along and steal Katie from me.

“So, that girl Sally that came up to us when we first got there, she was an ex of yours?” Katie asked.

“Yes, she was ‘Just a Girl’ I dated quite some time ago. We didn’t have anything in common and even the sex with her was mediocre at best.”

“Wow. That must be really weird running into other girls that you were intimate with and not think anything of it.”

“Not really. I didn’t have any emotional feelings for Sally. We both knew it wouldn’t work between us so we stopped sleeping together that’s all.”

I didn’t want Katie to think that my involvement with her was anything like the one-night stands I had with other women. I made a mental note of trying to show Katie that I was a different person now and that she and I were in a serious relationship.

“Well, thank you for taking me out tonight and I see now why you didn’t want to go there. I should have listened. I did enjoy dancing with you though. It was worth it just for that.”

“I agree. No harm done. I just don’t have any desire to hang out there anymore now that I have you.”

“That’s sweet Barb. Take me home and I’ll let you ‘have me’ till the cows come home!”

Just her saying those words made my insides tingle. I couldn’t get home fast enough just to ‘have her’.

The following weekend I began to plan my proposal. Yes! I was going to ask Katie to marry me. Since it’s been legal in our state for a few years now, I am hoping upon hope that she would say ‘YES’.

I printed the paperwork off the computer to file with the city and dug up my birth certificate. A friend of ours was a non-sectarian official, and agreed to marry us.

I made reservations at the Hilton on the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ. We had gone there a few times and loved that place. My plan was to propose to Katie that upcoming Saturday night on the beach under the moonlight.

“I’m so glad you planned this little get-a-way Barb!” Katie said making herself comfortable in the front seat of my car.

“Me too. We both have been working too hard and need a little time away.”

We checked in and made our way to our room that was overlooking the ocean of course.

Standing on the veranda and looking out at the ocean, the sun was beaming down on us as we both grabbed hands and smiled at each other.

“Let’s go for a swim”, Katie suggested.

“OK, but I want to help you get into your swimsuit,” I said with a sly look on my face.

“I don’t need….Oh! You’re ‘in the mood’!!…” she said as she caught on to my amorous antics.

“Always”, I said as I put my arms around her waist and walked her back into the room, both of us falling onto the huge bed.

I began to unbutton her blouse as she just let me, watching intently as I unleashed her breasts and began kissing them. She cupped her hands around my cheeks and pulled me to her, planting a tender kiss on my lips.

We were so in love. Our special times together meant everything in the world to me. I was so addicted to her. I knew there was no way she wouldn’t accept my proposal to marry me. My plan was to wait till after dinner and then take a walk on the beach where I would go ‘the whole nine yards’ and get down on my knee and ask for her hand. I waited with baited breath till that evening rolled around.

“That was such a great dinner.” she said as we left the restaurant.

“Yes. It was and it’s a beautiful night. Let’s walk out on the beach for a little while,” I suggested.

We slipped off our sandals and I rolled up my jeans as we made our way out onto the sand. It was cool on our bare feet and there was a slight breeze coming off the water. It was such a perfect night and such a romantic setting for me to propose. I couldn’t have planned it any better.

Walking a few yards down toward the surf, I let her walk a little way ahead and then called to her, “Hey Katie”.

She looked over her shoulder and saw me slightly behind her.

“What are you doing? Why are you lagging behind?”

I reached into my pocket and pulling out the ring box dropped down on my knee.

“What? Oh, no! Are you serious?”, was all she could say bringing both her hands to her face.

“Yes, VERY SERIOUS. Katie Mitchell, Will you marry me?”

Extending her arms out to me and standing me upright she said, “YES, YES, a thousand times YES.”

I slipped the ring on her finger and she began to cry.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!”

“You will make me the happiest person on the planet as my wife!” I told her beginning to get all choked up about it.

“I feel the same way. When? When can we get married?”

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