Journey to Lucien

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Author’s Notes: This story involves, fantasy, magic, incest and gradual romance, so it will build up. All characters are of legal age, 18 and up. There will also be side stories for other characters and their spicy tales.



~○~ Year 1372, nine years ago, Winter ~○~

“Let me go! No! Please! Ah, Leon!” Ten year old Ari, cried as she struggled in the guards grip. Her small hand reached out for her older brother, Leon, as they dragged her towards a energy power air ship. Her blonde hair hair tied in to a delicate braid fell loose as her violet eyes were filled with tears.

Leon, who was twelve years old, was also being dragged away from her. But he was staying behind with their father, while their father Sir Leopold Royal, Captain of the knights of Caelum, decided to send Ari away to a region far away. To Nox, a land of cold harsh winters where starvation is common. There, she was being sent to live with an unknown family that had agreed to take her in.

“Leon! Don’t let them take me!” She cried out, reaching for him. Leon struggled against the guards holding him. He was furious with their father, who he considered to be a monster for what he is putting poor Ari through.

“Ari, they will hurt you if you don’t stop struggling. Remember what I said!” He cried back at her, his eyes red with tears.

“Go along and show no fear!” She sobbed out, her lips quivering as she recalled his words. “Leon! I don’t want to leave! Big brother, please! Ah!” Ari wailed when one of the guards grabbed her by the back of her head, yanking her back. This caused Leon to scream in irate rage as he was forced to watch his sister be abused.

“Don’t hurt her! Damn, you! Let her go!” Leon roared.

“Silence the boy!” The guard holding him punched him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“Ari!” Leon wheezed as he stared at his sister with blurry vision.

“LEON!” Ari wailed in panic when she saw her brother kneeling on the cobblestone. She couldn’t understand it at the time but something within her snapped awake and her eyes glowed a bright blue as blue markings appeared on her skin. A sapphire like gem appeared on her forehead and with a wail from her lips, a pulsing wave of magic bursted from her tint body and shattered the windows and cracked the floor at everyone’s feet. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” She bellowed.

At her outburst, the guards stood frozen in shock. A small crowd had gathered around them to stare at the scene. A guard raised his rifle as a trembling hand touched the trigger. A shell whistled through the air and pierced Ari in the chest. She flew back, landing hard on the floor. Leon watched in horror, his eyes wide.

He screamed and cried out in despair as the blood oozing out of her wounds turned his sister’s pure white dress a vivid crimson. He screamed in anguish as he squirmed to get by her side but the guard that shot Ari grabbed him by the back of shirt.

“Ari!” Leon cried out in sorrow and anger, his hair falling into his eyes. “Ari! Look at me, please! ARI!? ARI!”

“Hurry and get her in the air ship!” One of the guards shouted as they scrambled to pick up her unconscious bleeding body.

“No! NO! Ari! NO! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me alone!” The guard holding him dragged him along as he screamed. “I want to go with you! I want to go with you!”

Leon’s cries of sadness and anger were cut off as the sound of the ship roaring to life drowned him out. His blue eyes filled with tears as he stared at the ship fly away with his sister, his chest heaving as he sobbed.

Chapter 1: Return to Caelum

~○~ Present 1381, nine years later, Spring ~○~

“Hah!” With a swipe of a sword, the guard fell to the ground in a daze. “And that, is how you do it.” Leon, twenty-one years old, grinned at the trainees as they watched his demonstration. He expertly twirled his sword in his hand before sheathing it. Over the years, Leon has grown and under his father’s strict fist became a master swordsman and capable knight. His hair was mid length and shaggy with a warm brown tone with bright blue eyes. He had a scar on his right eyebrow where nine years ago, Ari, his sister had a power surge and a shard of glass struck him.

“If you wish to serve the king, you must know how to handle your weapon and enemy. We have no room for error in Caelum.”

No room for failures like me, he thought to himself as he remembered the last time he saw his sister. Nine years ago, a power surge caused by her anger resulted in a guard shooting her. He never received word if she had survived or not. He was helpless and watched her limp body be taken from him. He was unable to protect her.

The young man walked away from the group and sat on a rock bench against the castle wall. He stared at a patch of flowers until darkness took him. He had a soft spot for flowers. He recalled the days when he was younger, Ari would braid the flowers in the fields together and make a crown. She would try to place them on his head and he would, escort izmir of course, complain about how flowers are for girls but he secretly liked her attention then. The white flowers were her favorites, she would say while braiding more crowns and bracelets even.

Then he’d make her promise that she’d pick more flowers and braid them only for him because he didn’t want competition. He used to make her laugh with his antics, he missed those days. Their childhood was filled with joy and laughter together, besides their father’s wrath.

He remembered hiding places, where they could sneak away from their father, to play games they would play for hours. He always tried his best to keep Ari hidden for she was their father’s main target during those years. He remembered all the times she had black eyes, busted lips, bruises littered across her back and legs when he’d beat her with his staff. Yet, she still smiled.

Leon had oftened wondered why was she always smiling when she was so miserable while he was so angry. He knew why. She had a weak and passive mind while his was strong and independent. Instead of relying on herself, she relied on him. He was her strong shoulder to cry on and her voice of reason. She would rely on him to save her from their father’s wrath. He always did. He always sheltered her, held her when she cried and wiped away her tears. He recounted all the nights she would crawl in to his bed and curl up next to him because she was afraid of the rain or there was a shadow in her room from her toys. He’d wake up to see her smiling up at him with adoration.

He could still remember the first time he laid eyes on her. She was only two days old, their mother died giving birth to her, and she was crying as their father just shoved her in to his arms. She was so small and frail compared to him. He couldn’t believe that she was his little sister. He was speechless. He was two years old at the time and ever since then, he took care of her. And nine years later, she was taken from him and he hasn’t seen her since.

Leon stared at the flowers, lost in thought as they swayed with the breeze. He was pulled from his thoughrs when he noticed one of the guards running up to him. He raised an eyebrow in question and his eyes widened when he heard what he had to say.

~○~ Airship Rosegate to Kingdom of Caelum~○~

Her hand glowed a soft blue as the white flower before that sat in a vace wilted by her silent command. Violet eyes, dull and tired, stared out the large rounded windows watching the clouds drift by. How many years has it been? She thought as she unconsciously placed her hand over her chest where a small scar was placed close to her heart. Many years ago, she was shot in the chest due to her losing control over her powers after watching her brother get hurt. All because of her. After spending so long in Nox, Ari wasn’t sure if her and Leon can ever be close again like they used to be. What if he resented her? What if he forgot about her? Did he turn out like their father? She grimaced and shook her head. No, he would never.

Ari, now nineteen, has grown to become a beautiful woman. Her long pale blonde hair flowed down her back. She wore a white dress with black straps that falls to her shoulders, with a tied ribbon in front. She wore matching bell sleeves that were separated from the dress and ankle boots.

She has grown but along the way she felt that she has lost her innocence in a way and she’s not sure if she can ever get back.

Caelum is a kingdom of heaven, the sky and wind and beauty, ruled under a king by a council. A place of enchantment and wonder. Her father, Sir Leopold, was the royal captain of the knights of Caelum. He wore a mask before other people. He charmed them and made people look at him fondly. Behind closed doors, he was a monster. Ari remembered all the years of abuse she endured by his hands. The constant beatings, the humiliation, the hate he had towards her. Leon was her only salvation. He was the only thing in that castle she felt safest with. Their father never dared to strike Leon, so he became her shield.

Her eyes widened when she noticed a few drops of tears fall on to her clenched hands in her lap. Leon…She wiped away the tears that were slowly flowing down her cheeks.

~○~ Caelum Airship Docking Station~○~

Leon stood hidden behind a pillar, his eyes fixed on the airship that flew in the horizon. His ears were filled with the blaring of horns, the chatter of guards, and the clang of swords on shields. His father, Sir Leopold, stood before the docking station with no expression whatsoever. The fact that his father didn’t tell him placed Leon in a blind rage.

Leon watched with baited breath as the long awaited airship finally landed, hissing out steam as the magical crystal powering the ship dulled.

His eyes widened as he watched the door of the ship open and he watched a beautiful woman being careful escorted out of the ship. Her skin was pale like porcelain, her figure small and fragile. She was wearing a dress of fine escort izmir white silk that stopped to her knees and her hair was flowing freely down her back. The back of her dress was low cut, showing a glimpse of her smooth skin. His heart skipped a beat as he watched her descend the ramp, her steps deliberate and slow. It felt as if time had stopped all around him as he stared at her. Ari.

The woman reached the ground floor, stopping in front of Sir Leopold. She waited with her head down, almost as if she were afraid to look their father in the face. The guards raised their swords, ready to strike her down if she dared to look up. Leon watched from behind his pillar as their father’s face twisted into a mask of hatred. With a quick flick of his hand, he turned and walked away. Ari was left alone in the docking station as the guards followed their father. Leon made sure to keep out of sight until he was sure their father and his men were gone before stepping out from behind the pillar.


She looked up as he approached, her eyes falling on him. She jumped with surprise, her hand fluttering to her chest as she took a step back. He could see the confusion and fear in her eyes. He quickly tried to hide it when she spoke.


“Yes, it’s me,” he replied, smiling.

“Leon?” Tears filled ger eyes as her voice cracked. She stumbled a few steps closer to him, her eyes wide in disbelief. With a cry, she ran towards him, throwing herself into his arms and wrapping her arms tightly around his waist. “Big brother!” The moment her body collided with his, Leon felt the wind get knocked out of him. His eyes widened as a rush of intense emotions consumed him all at once. Shock, happiness, familial love, rage towards their father, relief and…something else.

He didn’t have time to process it when his sister pulled away from him and framed his face with her hands, staring into his eyes with her own tear filled ones.

“Ari…?” Her fingers traced his facial structure before noticing his scar on his forehead. She made a soft sound before exploring the rest of his face.

“You…you look so different. I….I never thought I’d see you again.” Her lips trembled as her voice cracked, her fingers tracing his jawline.

He could feel his cheeks getting warm as her touch ignited a fire in his chest. He couldn’t understand this odd sensation bubbling inside of him. Her fingers tracing his face, her touch was innocent but it made him feel so delirious and he was starting to find himself wanting more of her delicate touch. Not just his face, but everywhere else as well. This surprised him because out of all of the women he had known throughout his life, his own sister is the only one to stir these mixed emotions within in within seconds of their reunion. Was it anxiety? Lust? Desire? He didn’t know what it was, but he wanted it to stay.

“I missed you so much, you have no idea,” he said quietly. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face, staring deeply into her eyes.

“I thought you’d forgotten about me.” She whispered, her bottom lip trembling as she tried to keep herself from crying.

“Never.” He replied, his own voice trembling.

She smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. “I missed you too.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders as she stepped away from him, his eyes narrowing as he looked at her more closely. She was so thin, frail looking. Her face looked pale and her eyes were dark rings underneath her eyes. She was shivering, almost as if she were cold.

“You look like you haven’t been well, Ari. Let’s take you back home and get you something to eat.” Ari smiled and nodded softly, linking her arm with Leon’s and allowed him to guide her home.

~○~ City of Zephyr, Outskirts of Caelum~○~

Ari looked around with wide curious eyes as they walked down the cobblestone streets.

So much has changed, she thought to herself as she followed Leon to their childhood home where Leon and their father still lived. Where she used to live. They stood before the house, Ari staring up at the old brick building with dread. So many horrible memories laid within those walls. All of the beatings and misery bestowed to her from their father’s hands. The wreckage and pints of alcohol littering the floor. It was a wonder she had survived infancy in that house. Ari looked at her older brother, unsure if it was okay for her to enter.

“Are you sure you want to go in?” Leon asked her softly.

“Yeah.” She replied, her voice cracking.

Laughing, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and guided her inside. She let him. She deserved his protection for once. He made a beeline for the kitchen, she followed.

“Where is he, Leon?” She asked, her lip quivering. She had to find him.

He sighed.

“Ever since he sent you to Laria, father focused on training and traveling to other lands. He made me stay behind and train to become a knight for the kingdom. He’s most likely at the castle guarding the king or at the pub drinking his pay away. I cooked up a cream stew last night. Would you want to eat that?”

“Yes, please.”

She watched as he headed to the kitchen and left her in the main room. It was small, with two living couches, a center table, a book shelf with a fire place. She walked over to the windows, staring outside at the ocean that surrounded the kingdom. She always believed that they had the second best view of the kindgdom. Opening the window, hearing the pane creak, she took a deep breath. She missed the salty sea air.

In the kitchen, Leon put the stew on the stove and turned it on. Ari had wandered upstairs to look at her old bedroom. It was empty except for her bed and writing desk. Her closet was empty as well. Her father must have assumed she had died when he sent her away. All of her childhood toys were gone. She didn’t dare to look into their fathers room as she entered Leon’s room. It was different. The toys were gone but thar was due to him maturing over the years. Along the walls shelved swords and various tools and armor. His bed was unmade and clothes were on the floor. What caught her eye was a lone stuffed bunny resting against the wall in the bed. Her bunny.

“Sir Cottonsby.” She whispered as she picked up the stuffed rabbit in her arms. Tears filled her eyes as she smiled to realize that her brother had taken care of her most precious belonging. Leon called from downstairs that the stew was ready.

“Come on down and eat. I’ll be waiting for you.” Her voice cracked as she replied.

“O-on my way!” She said as she placed the toy rabbit back on the bed and walked down stairs to the dining area in the kitchen. She smiled and wiped her tears when she saw Leon sitting and waiting for her, his food untouched.

He glanced over when she entered. She stood by the table awkwardly, figdeting with the bell sleeves of her dress.

“Don’t be shy, dig in.” He chuckled.

She nodded, sitting at the table and taking a deep breath. She smelled the stew and smiled. It was the same stew that she used to eat when she was a child. Her mouth watered as she smelled it. She grabbed a bowl and spoon and began to eat. It was rich, thick, and delicious. Ari gave a soft moan, her eyes closing.

“You like it?” Leon asked softly. His eyes were on her lips, waiting to see her react.

She smiled. “It’s the best food I ever tasted in my life.” It was true. It was hard to keep food fresh in Nox due to the constant famine and harsh conditions. Majority of the food she would would be stale and hard. Fresh food was a rare delicacy.

He smirked. “I’m glad.”

She laughed and took another bite. Leon dug into his own bowl and spoon, his eyes fixated on her mouth. She moaned again. Her eyes were closed as she savored each spoonful she took, her tongue darting out to lick her pink lips. He licked his own lips, imagining what it would be like to kiss her. He mentally froze when he realized what he was imagining just then. Him kissing Ari? His own sister? What the hell? He looked over at her, watching her enjoying her meal. Why on earth would he want to be kissing his own sister? Maybe due to the years they spent apart, his body is having a hard time differentiating her currently from how he remembered her when they were children.

Then again, kissing her would probably end up being a disaster. She is timid and would probably bolt, never want to see him again. It would be humiliating as well. But he couldn’t help but wonder how her lips would feel, if they fit against his and how her tongue would taste against his. The image of her on his bed, her dress hiked up to her waist as she shyly spread her thighs for him, filled his mind.

Fuck! He’s already imagining her naked, and it’s barely been a day! As if she could sense his distress, she looked at him and smiled.

“If you are done, I can help wash the dishes.” She said as she rose from the table.

He watched her as she walked over to the sink and began to wash the dishes. She kept her back to him, while he stared at her rear. He felt a familiar tingle in his pants. He could already picture her naked body. He had to stop this! He mentally slapped himself. He had to get a hold of himself and stop lusting after his own sister! If he started imagining things like this, he wouldn’t be able to control his desires.

“I’m done!” Already? Leon looked back up to see Ari smiling before him.

“Thank you for making dinner, Leon. I appreciate it.” She said, her voice soft. She surprised him when she leant down and wrapped her arms around him, her head on his shoulder as she hugged him. “I’m so glad we’re together again, big brother.” She whispered into his ear.

He froze, hugging her back, a shiver rushing down his spine as her warm breath ghosted over his neck. He couldn’t breathe, as a strange feeling of calmness washed over him.

“I missed you, Ari.” He admitted as she giggled.

“I missed you, too, Leon.” She said, opening her eyes and smiling.

They quickly pulled away when they heard the front door of the house open and close. Their father, Sir Leopold, stumbled into the dining area grumbling about the room being dizzy. He looked up at Leon and Ari before his glare hardened when his eyes met Ari’s.

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