Jogging in the Morning

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Rachna was a normal Goa urban housewife with two young children and a husband of ten years. At thirty-eight-years of age, she was very much looking after her body by regularly attending pilates lessons, whilst also going out three times a week for a five km run. She was a determined woman who prided herself on getting rid of, and keeping off, the excess weight.

Standing five-seven with shoulder length hair and black eyes, weighing a healthy 70 kg with 34C bust, Rachna’s husband was often the envy of many of his friends. Their stolen glances never went unnoticed by her whenever she was in their presence. The same could be said of the strangers she walked past at the local market or in the street, and those she passed and said good morning to on her runs.

One particular runner who smiled the brightest at her each time they passed was a man she found equally attractive to her husband, perhaps a little more so if she was being completely honest with herself. Having never stopped to speak to him she obviously didn’t know his name. She was instinctively attracted to his tall, athletic build, handsome smile and well-kept beard. He was on the young side, maybe late 20’s or early 30’s.

As she noticed the man becoming a regular on her route, so did she notice him becoming a regular in her thoughts. She didn’t understand her feelings or curiosity. She was happily married with a satisfying sex life. She and her husband had never cheated on each other and she had never put herself in vulnerable situations with men whom she knew wanted her sexually.

One particularly warm September Friday morning, after her children went off at school, she drove to the small park on the outskirt to begin her routine run. When she pulled up she noticed ‘his’ car was already parked there. She felt a little heart flutter as she turned off the engine and checked her face over in the mirror, something she hadn’t done before. She then fixed her hair into a ponytail. Apart from an elderly couple taking an early morning stroll along the path, she didn’t notice anyone else as she climbed out of her car in her running attire to begin her gentle warm up.

Rachna always looked and felt the part and today was no exception as she warmed up in her matching light grey leggings and vest top. It hugged her body nicely, showing off her toned arms, legs and buttocks. Her breasts weren’t as firm as they once were, but having breast fed both of her children they had remained fairly well rounded, soft and attractive. Comfortably encased inside the running top, her breasts were in keeping with the size of her body and shape.

Ten minutes later, with her warm up, she walked through the gate separating the urban town and lush countryside and began with a gentle jog. She never ran whilst listening to music, preferring to listen to the sounds of nature as she worked out.

A couple of hundred metres along the flat path, she picked up the pace and veered left along the more challenging route, which went up a steep hill into the forest. With nothing but fresh air and countryside all around her, Rachna filled her lungs with oxygen and further increased the pace, her breasts safely bouncing as one inside the secure confines of her running top.

Running in the opposite direction, and unknown to her, was the mystery handsome man. With his ears filled with music and his thoughts firmly fixed on improving his personal times, he didn’t consider slowing down as he approached the tight, blind bend in the path. For him it was the beginning of the declining path out of the forest and back towards the finish line, but for Rachna it was the end of her uphill slog to where the path plateaued around the bend and into the forest, where she liked to rest her lungs before continuing. As fate would seemingly have it, the pair turned the corner at exactly the same time.

“Arggggghh!” shrieked Rachna, terrified to death before the full force of the man hit her and sent her flying off the path.

“Ohhhh Shit!” the man panicked, realizing there was nothing he could do as his hands instinctively came up to protect himself.

His flat palms pressed into her breasts as the pair accidentally collided. His strength and size, combined with the speed he was running at, was no match for the housewife.

“I’m so sorry! Are you ok? I didn’t hear or see you!” the man rushed to her aid, sincerely apologetic and hoping she was ok.

“I’m alright,” she lied, feigning a brave face before the shock quickly wore off.

“Argggh shit my hands! My knee!” she soon winced and moaned, close to tears.

“I’m so sorry. Let me take a look,” he said, bending to help her.

“I’m fine honestly. I don’t need any help. I’ll be ok,” she insisted, her pride damaged as she rubbed her hands across her thighs in an attempt to halt the stinging.

But Rachna knew she was anything but fine. The force had knocked her sidewards off the path where she landed on her hands and knees, the left knee taking the brunt of the fall. 1xbet yeni giriş Suddenly, glancing into each other’s eyes, they recognized one another. He smiled, forgetting their brutal collision for a second, while Rachna blushed and let out a schoolgirl like giggle.

“I’m really sorry. Please let me help you, that cut in your trousers looks pretty bad,” he said, dropping his gaze to her left knee. The fabric was torn, revealing a swollen blood-stained knee cap.

Without permission, he put an arm up and under, and around her body to her shoulders. It happened so quickly and naturally she didn’t resist him when he put his other arm under her affected knee and helped her to her feet.

“There’s no need to fuss me honestly,” she felt embarrassed and shy. Despite the sweat on his body and forehead she could smell his fruity aftershave and it stirred her senses.

“Don’t be silly,” he told her with another smile, “the least I can do after causing your injuries is to help you. I carry a small first aid kit in my camel pack. I should be able to fix you.”

“Arggggggh!” shrieked Rachna again through gritted teeth as soon as she attempted to stand on her own two feet.

“Come sit on the bench, you can relax while I fix you up with some bandage.”

Rachna allowed the man to help her hobble a few metres away from the path towards the bench, where she managed to sit and pick out a few small stones still imbedded in the palms of her hands.

“My names Latif by the way. What’s your name?” he asked, quickly freeing his arms from his camel pack and unzipping it.

“Rachna,” she replied, concerned more now with the stones in her hand.

“Ok Rachna, just try and relax and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time,” he tried to reassure her with another smile.

Rachna watched the handsome Latif as he unzipped the first aid kit and took out some pads, a bandage, and a pair of scissors, his arms looked strong and lean coming out of his t-shirt. Of all the ways she imagined speaking to him for the first time, this was never one of them. She smiled at his arms and her thoughts, cursing her typical bad luck.

Rachna felt a tingling sensation run the length of her spine when he placed one hand at her calf and the other at her hamstring. A soft sigh escaped her lips when she realised it was the most intimate a man, other than her husband, had touched her since she gave birth.

Latif sensed a tingle of his own upon hearing her soft sigh. He hadn’t thought about anything other than helping her until that moment. But now he had her firm, toned leg in his grasp and resting across his thigh, his gaze instinctively drifted to the opening between her legs and the prominent outline of her vulva.

Women in running and yoga sportswear always drove him crazy, and Rachna was one of those women. He had only caught glimpses of her when they passed on the route or at the car park, but it was enough to trigger his hormones and have wicked thoughts about her. He suddenly felt consumed looking between her legs. His cock twitched.

“Are you ok?” she inquired, he looked deep in thought now.

“Oh, um… yeah… sorry,” he stuttered, shaking his head. Rachna blushed; she knew where his mind had temporarily wandered to, if the direction of his gaze was anything to go by.

“Is that a tattoo on your right arm?” she asked, feeling she needed to break the tension when she noticed the circular design of black ink.

“Yeah, it’s a crescent moon and star, typical Muslim tattoo,” he replied.

“It looks nice, it suits you,” she closed her eyes in disbelief as soon as the words left her mouth, she realized she was flirting.

“Thanks,” he smiled at her sudden realization.

Latif then refocused and began carefully cutting a large section of the material away from her knee. The cut looked a lot worse than it actually was, but with only basic first aid knowledge he wasn’t taking any chances. Once her swollen bleeding knee was exposed, he told her to prepare for a little more pain as he soaked a gauze pad in saline solution and gently dabbed the skin with it. Rachna hissed a sharp inhale of breath at the initial stinging sensation, which caused her to sit up and thrust her chest forwards.

“Sorry,” winced Latif, but his eyes were looking at her breasts and the hint of her protruding nipples when he apologised. He was definitely aroused.

“No you’re not,” Rachna blushed once more as she joked, feeling her own arousal beginning to stir as his wandering eye affected her.

Latif chuckled. “Don’t make me feel any more guilty than I already do.”

Rachna giggled and then glanced all around them, it was only her and Latif as far as she could see, before she settled back down again and watched him gently pat her knee with a pad of tissues.

The next few minutes passed silently, except for the odd gasp of excitement and whimper of pain from Rachna, as Latif finished cleaning and treating the wound. Finally he applied a non-adhesive 1xbet giriş pad with a bandage and the chemistry between the pair was evident. Rachna was aroused by him, and she wanted him to flirt with her so she could relieve herself of any guilt if she flirted back. Latif sensed she was waiting on something, but he respected she was married, as she had applied Sindoor on her forehead, even though that only increased his desire for her.

“All done,” he beamed proudly, looking into her eyes and still holding her leg.

“Thanks,” she smiled, meeting his gaze and not attempting to move her leg.

They remained in that position staring at one another like two curiously shy teenagers, waiting for the other to say what was truly on their mind. Then Latif broke their trance. Still staring into her eyes, he gently moved her leg, bending it at the knee before softly placing her foot back on the ground. Rachna stopped smiling and gulped. She found him attractive, tentative and so god damn sexy that she felt she had to drop her gaze. The sight of his muscular thighs made her smile again. He looked so hot with his shorts and t-shirt revealing his athletic physique that she wished her other knee required the same medical attention.

“Do you think you’ll be able to walk?” he asked, standing with his arm out and offering his hand to help her up.

Uncontrollably, Rachna watched the muscles in his legs tense as he stood, before her gaze lingered at his groin and the bulge inside his running shorts.

“I think I’ll be ok,” she murmured awkwardly as she carefully lifted herself up from the bench.

Latif smirked and moved in to support her anyway. As he swooped in and wrapped a strong arm around her body to support her again, she felt a tingling sensation, only this time it began between her legs before it travelled the length of her spine. Pulling her tight against his body, as her feet took the full weight of her body, they both felt her left breast squash into his side. Latif noticed her scent for the first time, detecting a subtle blend of expensive perfume and shampoo, which caused his cock to twitch again.

He didn’t want to, and neither did she want him to, but he let go of her and allowed her to stand without any assistance. The bandage felt a little restrictive around her knee, but she was able to walk unaided, much to their disappointment.

“Thank you, Latif,” she smiled warmly, feeling giddy at sounding his name for the first time.

“It’s the least I could do,” he returned her smile. “Would you like me to walk you back to your car? I’m assuming you’re not continuing with your run.” They both laughed before Rachna nodded and thanked him for offering to walk her back.

She knew the tension was becoming dangerously risky. Sensing her reluctance to leave, Latif found himself unable to hold back his feelings any longer. He turned her towards him and pulled her in close. Rachna gasped then lost all sense of reality when his soft lips touched hers. Naturally, they closed their eyes, parted their lips, and allowed their tongues inside to entwine and kiss. Rachna couldn’t remember the last time she had been kissed so passionately when he brought his left hand up to the right side of her face and smoothed her cheek. She felt herself submitting further when his hand smoothed up to the side of her head and his fingers reached between the strands of her hair.

The experience quickly turned into the hottest she could ever remember, and she forgot she was married. She allowed this hunky stranger to kiss her like he was her lover while his hands moved to roam the sides of her body, until they came to rest on her ass. Moaning into each other’s mouths, Rachna hadn’t noticed him gently guiding them towards an opening in the trees. By the time she realised they were partially out of view, his hands were sliding down her lower back and past the elastic waistband of her tight-fitting running trousers.

“Oh, Latif,” she gasped, aroused and excited, “I can’t… we mustn’t…”

Ignoring her token pleas, which he knew were being driven by her guilty conscience, he moved his mouth down to her neck. Her eyes drifted closed as she tilted her head and allowed him full access to the supple, sensitive flesh. His soft, erotic kisses drove her wild. Pouring fuel onto the fire, he gently dug his fingers into her toned buttocks and massaged them.

“Latif,” she gasped, “Latif,”

His response to her soft sighs was to gently suck on her neck, not enough to leave any marks, but enough to push her conscience to the side. Rachna wrapped her arms tight around the back of his shoulders, holding on as he teased her neck and worked the waistband down a couple of inches further.

“Oh, Latif, oh… oh… god…”

With her mind awash with the excitement he was inflicting upon her, she didn’t protest when his one hand moved out of her trousers and back to cup her face, while the other moved around the waistband to the front. She welcomed his 1xbet güvenilirmi tongue back inside her mouth and once again closed her eyes. Kissing feverishly, Rachna shuffled her legs a few inches apart and groaned deeply into his mouth.

There wasn’t much room inside the tight confines of her trousers, but Latif managed to position his hand at her mound and curl his index and middle fingers upwards

“Uh… uh fuck! Latif, oh god, Latif!” she moaned, breaking the kiss before he forced his tongue back inside her mouth and began stroking her wet lips and clit with the tips of his two fingers.

Whilst kissing like a pair of horny teenagers, Latif dropped his hand from her face and yanked on the waistband until she was exposed to nature. The cool air rushed in to meet the warmth radiating from her. She jolted, moaned and then moved her hips backwards and forwards slowly. She had quickly become so wet that Latif was able to slip a finger inside. He groaned at her slickness, welcoming his long digit inside her body before he slipped the second one in.

“I’ll come,” she panted, dropping her head into his tensed chest. “Oh fuck I’m going to come.”

“Do it Rachna,” Latif finally spoke. “Take out my cock and come.”

Without hesitation, she urgently put her hand inside his shorts and took out his erect cock. She gasped at his size, thickness and circumcision before her climax arrived.

“Uh… uh fuck… fuck… uh… uhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Pulling harder and harder on his shaft with each shudder from her climax, Rachna gasped and panted as she leaned against his powerful physique. As soon as her orgasm subsided she felt those strong, experienced hands once more. Upon her shoulders she felt a gentle downward force being applied. With her tingling pussy still exposed, she dropped to her knees and took the circumcised head into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yes!” Latif groaned like an animal in the wild.

He put a hand on top of her blonde head and began to move his hips. Rachna cupped his balls and massaged them, whilst massaging the head of his cock with her warm, wet swirling tongue. His cock wasn’t huge, but it was bigger than average with nice girth, and she was shocked at how much she was enjoying having him inside her mouth.

Being reminded of the pain in her knee as it throbbed, Rachna shifted up into a squat, her heightened arousal giving her the strength to continue. Then taking his cock out of her mouth, she pushed it against his stomach and licked the sensitive underside of his shaft from the base to the tip. Repeating the pleasurable act a few more times, she then engulfed the head between her lips and started stroking his shaft.

“Oh fuck that’s an awesome blowjob!” Latif complimented her efforts with another deep, throaty groan in the wild.

He glanced down and smiled at her left hand stroking his cock into her mouth. The wedding and engagement rings glistened as she gripped and worked him. If she kept this up for much longer he knew he would be shooting his load down her throat. As much as that thought pleased him, it was her pussy he wanted to flood.

“Lets go lay down,” he pointed at a small area of soft ground beneath the canopy.

Rachna stopped and followed his finger with her eyes. She instantly agreed, having completely forgotten who and where she was. All she wanted now was this sexy man to fuck her.

“I don’t suppose you have any condoms in that pack of yours do you?” she giggled, not holding out for much hope.

Latif chuckled as he led her flat back down on the ground. “No, sorry, I don’t usually do this sort of thing.”

Rachna flung her head back and laughed up at the canopy of trees, before suddenly she was moaning again as Latif got down on his stomach and started lapping at her folds. She covered her face with her hands and giggled in between moans. Eventually she stopped giggling. Latif was hungrily eating her pussy when he raised his hands to her chest and pushed her running top upwards. Her mummy breasts wobbled as he set them free, and her nipples hardened in the fresh air. Her hands remained on her face while he groped her tits and used his tongue to get her off.

“Oh my god that was insane… this is insane,” she giggled after satisfyingly receiving her second climax from his oral skills.

“Hindu married women are the best” he smirked, before wiping her juice from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You seriously don’t have any protection?” she displayed concern for the first time as Latif shuffled between her spread legs with his rock-hard cock in his hand.

“I’m clean and I can pull out if you need me to,” he told her, positioning his cock and its leaking pre-cum at her entrance.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, feeling the engorged head rubbing the length of her soaking wet lips. “You have to pull out, I’m not on the pill.”

“Don’t worry, Rachna, I won’t get you pregnant. That’s your husbands job,” he said, pushing just his circumcised head inside her.

“Ohhhhh fuck… no… he… he had the snip… so… you can’t cum inside me.”

Latif pulled out and took pleasure in her acceptance that she was cheating. “I won’t cum inside you. But I want you to guide my cock into your body.”

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