Job Satisfaction (B)

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The best job I ever had was working at a package store in this little shithole town in Southeast Arkansas. We was in the middle of this dry county; the convenience stores could sell beer and wine, but if you wanted anything harder, you had to come to us.

I don’t know why they call it a package store; we sold liquor. We didn’t even package it, we just put it in a paper bag and that was it.

Sheriff Dan Grazier was a supposed good, God-fearing Christian and wanted us shut down and shut down yesterday. The mayor and deputy mayor and the Fire Chief outvoted him, three to one and approved our charter. But that didn’t stop Dan from trying just about every trick in the book to shut us down.

He would send Danielle, his ugly little eighteen year old daughter in to try and buy some booze. President Reagan had the drinking age bumped up to twenty one, so we always asked to see some ID. Danielle had her cousin Maribelle’s ID which said she was twenty one, but come on. We knew she was Danielle Grazier; not Maribelle Franklin.

One Saturday, Tommy Kollings come in and looked around. He was a cute boy, long blond hair and sweet brown eyes and pouting lips. He was a little on the scrawny side and kind of short, maybe five six or five seven. I’m six four so I kind of tower over him.

He picked up a bottle of Amaretto and brings it to the counter. I asked him for ID, and I got to give it to him; he handed it over like it wasn’t no big deal.

I knew Tommy Kollings, knew his momma and older sister. Both Mrs. Junie Kollings and Trudy Kollings were some of the biggest whores in our whole county. And I don’t know why we called her Mrs. Kollings; ain’t one of us ever remember there being no Mr. Kollings.

Tommy’s driver’s license said he was nineteen. I grabbed the bottle of Amaretto and put it behind the counter. Tommy started whining and trying bargain with me.

I told him I was getting off in about thirty minutes and if he wanted, I would get the Amaretto and we’d go to my place and have us a little party. His cute little blush told me Tommy knew what I was meaning when I said we’d have us a little party.

“That’s my Gremlin right out there,” I smiled and he blushed again but smiled.

Tiny Tom came in right on time. We called him ‘Tiny Tom’ because he was at least three hundred pounds, even though he was about the size of a fireplug.

I bought the Amaretto and a few other things and Tiny Tom told me to have fun. I told him the same thing. I knew, even if there wasn’t bahis siteleri nothing happened whole night? Tiny Tom would have some bullshit story about the two or three or a hundred sex-starved women that came parading through, all needing them some of Tiny Tom’s massive cock.

Tommy sat in my Gremlin and didn’t say a peep whole way to my trailer. He just sat, looking anywhere but at me as we drove.

In my trailer, Tommy sat on my couch while I made us a couple of drinks. I came into the living room and Tommy was looking through my fuck magazines.

There were four or five magazines that had beautiful men fucking and sucking cocks. My favorite one to spank my monkey to be the top one, the one Tommy was looking at right now. It had three men doing what three men do with each other. Cock sucking daisy chains, one man fucking another man while his own fuck hole was getting fucked. One man being beautifully spit roasted by his friends. The last set of pictures, I usually skipped over; it showed one man taking two cocks in his ass at the same time. I just didn’t see how that was sexy at all; getting a manhole all stretched out where it wasn’t any good.

Tommy looked real guilty; I caught him looking at gay porn. I just smiled; his pretty little cock was sticking straight out, making his shorts look real tight.

We didn’t say anything as we drank. I sat right next to him, my leg touching his. The next magazine was pretty good; it showed two men fucking and sucking each other. The story was supposedly that one guy was gay and the other guy was curious. Well, by the end of the magazine, he wasn’t curious no more. Nope; by the end of the magazine, he was a true blue homosexual.

After drinking about half my drink, I reached over and cupped Tommy’s cock in my hand. He kind of gave this cute little squeak and I kissed him. In a split second, he went from squeaking to sucking on my tongue. I eased his shorts and underwear down and freed his skinny little cock.

His dick was kind of small; I bet it wasn’t even five inches long. It was pretty skinny too and his balls were about the size of two olives.

After kissing him, I bent and took his cock into my mouth. I didn’t even have half him into my mouth and he just spunked off. I swallowed the first three shots, then caught the last few spurts of dick juice. Then I kissed him again and gave him his own dick juice to swallow.

Tommy did not say anything as I helped him take off all of his clothes. Then I laid him on my couch canlı bahis siteleri and took off my own clothes.

Tommy’s first blow job was the worst. I kept reminding him to watch his teeth. He’d watch them for a few minutes, then I’d have to remind him again. Finally, I told him to just open his pretty mouth and stick out his tongue. I whacked off them blasted my dick sauce into his open mouth.

It was hard to believe, with his momma and his sister being such sluts that this pretty boy had never sucked a cock before. He admitted he wasn’t a virgin; he’d fucked a girl, on his eighteenth birthday. He blushed but didn’t say anything when I asked him if it had been his momma or his sister that had plucked his cherry.

His little dicky was hard again so I sucked him off again. While I sucked his wee-wee, I fingered his fuck hole. I greased up three fingers and started off with one, then another and finally had three fingers plowing his pooper. Again, I swallowed the first three shots, then fed him a mouthful of his own dick sauce.

Pushing the head of my dick into his manhole had Tommy screaming and crying and begging me to stop, pull it out, it fucking hurt. I held him in place and shushed him. God, he was some tight.

“It hurts, oh God it hurts,” he whimpered. “You, you’re killing me.”

Wasn’t no way I could stop? I’d fucked my share of virgins before. Most of them was pretty tight. But, Tommy’s sweet little ass was actually squeezing my fuck pole, even as he was whining and crying how much it hurt.

Even though I’d blasted off, coating his tonsils with my man juice a couple minutes ago, I just couldn’t last long in his pretty little shitter. I bet it wasn’t even five minutes before I pumped a load of jizz deep in his guts.

Afterward, we lay on my couch and made out. His naked little body felt so good against my naked body. After another drink, he wanted to try sucking my cock again. Me? I wanted to fuck his pretty little ass again. So we did both. He gave me a pretty bad blow job, then I put him on his back, put his feet on my shoulders and fucked him like he was just a slut.

We were closed on Sunday so I asked Tommy if he could spend the night. I would make us some chicken salad sandwiches and then we could fuck and drink and fuck until the sun came up the next morning. But he didn’t want to do that.

My trailer park’s not the nicest trailer park in our little town. Mrs. Kollings and her whore daughter and Tommy lived in a really shitty trailer canlı bahis park. And in a shitty little trailer park with some really shitty trailers? The Kollings live in this really shitty little camping trailer. I’m talking about the kind you hook up to your car and pull it around.

I drove back home after dropping Tommy off. I spent the rest of the weekend jacking off, remembering those few hours fucking that pretty little blond boy.

Sure enough, on Monday, Tiny Tom had some outlandish story about a twenty two year old college girl coming in and not having enough money for her booze. Naturally, Tiny Tom fucked her until she couldn’t hardly walk.

“And get this! Get this! That bottle of vodka she just had have?” Tiny Tom laughed. “Bitch up and left it! Believe that?”

“Don’t believe anything you telling me,” I smiled and paid close attention to the two punks that had walked in.

“Help ya’ll find something?” I asked politely.

Neither one of them was twenty one so we told them to leave. The one with the rose tattoo on his bicep, I would have fucked for the fifth of tequila he wanted. But his friend? The one with the snake tattoo on his wrist? I bet Junie and Trudy Kollings would have turned him down, even with a hundred dollar bill stapled to the end of his dick.

I never did get to fuck Tommy Kollings again. He found a boyfriend, some fat old guy sold used cars off Highway 42. I see him as I drive past the car lot; his boyfriend has him outside, washing cars, that tight little ass on full display in some tiny bathing suit.

I did get to fuck Rose Tattoo; his name was Jimmy Farrell. He came in without his snake tattoo buddy and again picked up the fifth of tequila. I told him I wouldn’t sell it to him, but I would get it and we could go back to my place and have us a little party.

His hand was on my dick minute he got into my AMC Gremlin. In my trailer, he was out of his clothes before I even finished making us some drinks. Even though he was just eighteen years old, Jimmy had obviously been fucked a few times. He certainly knew how to suck a cock.

Sheriff Grazier kept trying shut us down and kept failing. When they opened a hoochie-koochie bar right down the street, had some girls that would dance and take off their clothes, he about lost his mind. But by that time, I had already started working at the new Home Depot they’d opened up. I got Jimmy a job there too when I got promoted to manager.

Today, I’m retired. Jimmy and I just drive around in our motor home, cruising the lower forty eight, looking for sweet innocent teenage boys to turn out. You’d be surprised what some eighteen year old boys are willing to do for a couple of bucks and some tequila or beer or whiskey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32