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JiuJitsu Boy Chapter 9 Check out photos of Jamie, Sebastian and friends on my WordPress site

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Last time we left off…

The boys hopped in the pool again while Mark finished cleaning things up. The boys had stayed naked and enjoyed the freedom Mark gave them.

Mark was at the sink when Jamie came in to talk to him.

“Dad, I want Seb to go home now.”

Back to the story


“Well, he keeps touching me and playing with my dick. I don”t want him to.”

“You were both grabbing each other when Taylor was here. If you let him then, you may be sending the message that it”s OK. Did you ask him to stop? “

“Yes, and he keeps doing it.”

“OK, let”s all sit down and have a chat.”

This was new to Mark, but he figured he could handle it.

“Boys, I know you both like to be naked and like to touch each other. The thing is, you should never touch someone without their permission.”

Sebastian looked down. He knew this was about him since Jamie hadn”t returned his advances.

“Don”t be mad at me Mr. Mark, I”m sorry. Jamie, I”m sorry.”

“Sebastian, look at me.” Sebastian slowly raised his head. He looked like he was about to cry.

“Sebastian, it”s OK to want to experiment with other people. You just need their permission. There is no reason to be embarrassed, we have all done it. I”m not sure if you can talk to your dad about things like that or not, but you can talk to me about anything. I know you have grabbed at Jamie”s penis, and it”s OK that you want to, but you need Jamie to say that it”s OK. How would you like it if I walked over to you and grabbed yours?”

“Um, well, I”d probably let you, but if you didn”t ask, I”m sure I wouldn”t like it.”

“So, don”t be afraid. And here at our house, you don”t need to hide things. Let”s try this. Jamie, show him how you ask permission.”

“OK, Mark, may I touch your penis.” Mark was floored, he expected Jamie to ask Sebastian.

“I”m sorry Jamie, but not at the moment. Why don”t you ask Sebastian?”

“Seb, may I touch your cock?”

“Sure!” Sebastian jumped up, his cock rose to full staff and Jamie just reached out and touched it. I”m sure it wasn”t how Sebastian wanted, but the point was made.

“If someone says no, respect it. When I responded to Jamie, what did I say?”

“You said not at the moment.” Sebastian quickly picked up on that.

“So that means, you could ask later. If someone says a plain no, they probably don”t want you to at all, so you could ask a follow on question of `May I ask you again later?” and see how they respond.”

“I get it. Jamie, may I touch your dick?”

“Not now, not in front of my dad.”

“See, that wasn”t so bad.”

The boys played a video game for a bit before Mark told them to head to bed. The boys scampered off to Jamie”s room after brushing their teeth.

“Jamie, do we have to wear jammies to bed? Can we just stay naked?”

“I always sleep naked.”



“Can we cuddle?”

“Sure, I love cuddling.”

“I”m sorry I upset you by touching you, but you”re so sexy and I want to feel your dick. My brother won”t let me touch him anymore. abidinpaşa escort He has a girlfriend and doesn”t want me to make him gay.”

“You”ve played with your brother?”

“Yes, he taught me how to do a lot. I miss tasting his cum. I guess he grew out of it. Maybe I will someday, but for now, I just want to experiment. Could we? I understand if you say no.”

Jamie was torn. After his feelings of jealousy over Mark and Bruce caused such a ruckus, he didn”t know if he could do this without feeling bad. More importantly, he didn”t want Mark to stop loving him.

“What do you want to do. I mean, I think it”s OK, but I need to be sure.”

“Can I just touch you? Rub your cock?”

“Sure, but if I don”t like it, can we stop?”

“Yes, I”m sure you will like it though.”

Sebastian pulled Jamie close to him in bed. He pushed Jamie so he was on his back. He sat up and straddled Jamie”s legs. In front of him was the beautiful silky skin of his friend. He leaned down and placed his hands on Jamie”s pec”s. With a light touch, he ran his fingers down to his waist and back up. Jamie sighed a bit and shuddered. This was feeling amazing. He instinctively moved his arms away from his body a bit. This time, Sebastian ran his hands down the arms, back up and then down Jamie”s sides to his hips. It tickled a bit and Jamie let out a giggle.

Whispering, Sebastian asked, “Is it OK if I touch your dick?”

“Yes,” Jamie almost moaned. His cock was already hard and pointing right up at Sebastian”s face.

The next finger traces went up to and circled Jamie”s nipples, then back to his crotch, circling his dick and grazing his balls. Sebastian”s cock was sticking out too and their balls were touching as were their shafts.

Sebastian traced around again and then went up Jamie”s shaft. He gripped it lightly, and slid his hand up and down with a feather like touch.

Sebastian kept this up and every once and a while there was a slight twitch from Jamie. He didn”t produce much, if any pre-cum at this point, but he was sure enjoying the pleasure.

“Jamie?” Sebastian whispered in a heady voice, “May I use my tongue?”

Jamie was in a different universe. He had forgotten all worries and all guilt. “Sure, Seb, do whatever you want. This feels amazing.”


“Yes, Seb, please, this feels so good.”

Sebastian slid back to Jamie”s feet so he could lean in and suck on Jamie”s cock. At first, he just ran his tongue up and down, swirled around the head, until he finally took it all in his mouth. He was drooling like crazy and using his hand to capture his drool and work it into his own hole. Jamie did tell him to do anything, and the anything Sebastian wanted was to have his friend deep inside of him.

“Close your eyes and enjoy.”

Jamie put his arms up behind his head. The grin on his face said it all. Sebastian was edging the boy while opening his own hole. When he realized Jamie was close, he quickly slid up, pushed up on his knees and came back down on Jamie”s cock. He rocked up and down, riding Jamie cowboy style. After about three rocks, Jamie busted his nut in Sebastian”s ass. Sebastian grabbed his own cock and with a couple of strokes shot his load right into Jamie”s face. It was a very small, watery load. Jamie opened his eyes and realized he had just fucked Sebastian and the wetness on his face was Sebastian”s load. It all felt so good. He wiped up the jizz on his face and licked it off of his fingers.

“You taste good.”

“You feel good inside me.” Sebastian responded.

Jamie was quickly deflating, so Sebastian pulled off. The boys ran across the hall to the bathroom and quickly showered.

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“I didn”t expect you to sit on my dick.”

“You said I could do anything. I hope that”s OK.”

“Yeah, it was wonderful, but let”s keep this between us.”

They went back to bed and quickly fell asleep. Jamie tossed and turned a bit and finally gave up on sleeping. He didn”t know how he felt about what just happened. He had enjoyed the sex, but he didn”t have feelings for Sebastian. He had a bit of a guilty feeling even though Mark told him it was OK. Finally, after he was sure Sebastian was asleep, he went to slip into bed with Mark.

Mark didn”t wake up, but instinctively pulled his boy into him. When morning came, he realized Jamie was in bed with him. He was spooning the boy and his morning wood was seeking attention. He woke the boy.

“Hey, what”s going on? You and Seb OK?”

“Yeah, I just missed you.”

“You better go back and be with Seb or he will wonder where you are.”

“OK. Dad?”


“I love you!” Jamie kissed Mark and hugged him before running in to slip in bed with Sebastian.

Mark had wondered what was going on. Did Jamie just miss not being in bed with him, or was it something else. He was sure they would be talking about it later.

Jamie ran to his bedroom and carefully slipped in bed. He must have nudged Sebastian since he woke up. He rolled over and stared into Jamie”s eyes. “Will you be my boyfriend Jamie?”

“Um, I”m not ready for a boyfriend, but we can be friends.” Jamie really wanted to say that Mark was his boyfriend, but was he? Was Mark right, that he might find a boy, like Sebastian, that would be his boyfriend? He didn”t want to think about that right now.

“Oh.” Sebastian was disappointed. He put himself out there and got shot down.

Jamie realized he had hurt his friend with his response. “I enjoyed what we did and I want to get to know you better, that”s all.” Jamie tried to save Sebastian from being embarrassed. He realized that it was a major step asking to be boyfriends. “Maybe after we get to know each other more.”

“I understand.” Sebastian wasn”t so down now, there was hope. “I hope we can hang out and have more sleepovers. I want you as a friend, Jamie, even if we can”t be boyfriends.”

The smell of bacon lured the boys out to breakfast. Mark had made pancakes and bacon. They sat and ate it, naked of course. Sebastian acted as if that”s how things were done at his house, although Mark sensed that it wasn”t. He was glad that the boy felt comfortable at his house.

As it got closer to pickup time, Mark asked them to both go get dressed, although he would never tire of naked boys in his house. Of course the one he called his, was the cutest of them all.

Marlin arrived as schedule.

“Hey Marlin, the boys had a great time.” Mark greeted and invited Marlin in. I think the boys are going to want to do it again sometime soon. The invite is always open for Sebastian to come over. Also, you and your wife and Nemo are welcome to come over and swim anytime. I keep the pool heated and the hot tub is ready in minutes. Just let us know.”

“That would be great. I know Sebastian loves it here and I”m sure the family would love to come. I”m just not sure about my wife not having anyone to talk to.”

“What, you calling me boring? I”d talk to her.”

“No, but the boys, well, you know, don”t like suits and I”m not sure how well she”d take to that. She is a bit of a prude.”

“Well, maybe we can have a boys night.”

Starting off the day with a run in with Patton

Monday morning the guys were back to work. Jamie was excited because he got to work on some game consoles that needed adıyaman escort repair and then he would have a kick boxing class later in the day. As they pulled into the shop, officer Patton was walking out of the bagel shop. He looked over at Mark and scowled. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of Mark and Jamie and hopped in his car and drove off.

“Fuck” Mark whispered under his breath. “What now.”

“Dad, why did he take a picture of us?”

Mark looked at Jamie and realized his nightmare was about to begin. Jamie”s black eye was really standing out in the morning sun. Patton was sure to make a big deal about this. “Nothing son, we will be fine.”

Mark quickly opened up and had Jamie go to his workstation to wait for Sam. He pulled up his contacts and dialed Bruce.

“Hi Mark, what”s up?”

“So, Patton just took a photo of Jamie. His black eye is showing big time today. I”m sure he”s going to cause trouble. Can you come down so we can get a game plan together? I don”t need Jamie to be ripped away by CPS and that asshole would do it.”

“On my way, Mark.”

Bruce arrived very quickly. “Hey Mark, I called my buddy Jacob and he”s on his way over. He”s a family law attorney.”

“Thanks, should we call Sebastian and his dad?”

“Probably, let me go call him and explain what happened and see if he can come down.”

Bruce stepped outside and made the call. Marlin and Sebastian were on their way too. The attorney, Marlin and Sebastian all arrived at the same time. Mark grabbed Jamie and they went over to Bruce”s back studio. Jacob introduced himself. “Hi, I”m Jacob, if you want me to be your attorney, I need you to give me a retainer.” Mark quickly handed him a $20, since he didn”t have anything smaller.

“So why are we here?”

“Jamie has a black eye, and we have a cop that has it in for us. You see, I just met Jamie a few weeks ago. His mother abandoned him and to make a long story short, apparently I”m listed as his father on his birth certificate. This cop knows I”m gay and thinks that all I would do is want to have sex with Jamie. He even warned us that he”s going to be watching us. This morning, he took a picture of Jamie with his black eye.”

“He”s probably gone directly to CPS, so we need to be ready. Let me record our conversation.” He got his phone out and started recording video. He interviewed each person and asked them to state their name, relation and then what they witnessed.

When he got them all interviewed, he shut down the phone and then got serious. “Anyone have anything to say off the record? Are we going to find out anything?”

Sebastian started to look worried and cry. “Son, what”s going on?” Jacob asked. “This is a safe space.”

“Well, I was the one that kicked Jamie, am I going to get in trouble?”

“No, of course not, it was an accident.”

“Anything else? I do have a question for Jamie. Has Mark ever done anything sexually inappropriate with you?”

“Of course not, he”s my dad, why would he do anything like that?”

“Just checking. You have your own room, right?”

“Yes, it”s nice.”

“Well, let”s be ready for CPS. They could come anytime. Here”s my card. Put my cell number in your phone and when they come looking for Jamie, call me immediately. Marlin, can I ask you a huge favor, I know we interrupted your work day, but could you take Jamie with Sebastian and hide him until we know what”s going on?”

“Sure, anything we can do to help.”

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