Jill’s First Toy

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Jill was a very attractive, pretty, lady of thirty years. With straight, glossy shoulder-length dark copper-coloured hair, she looked at least ten years younger, with clear unblemished skin. With white even teeth and full lips, she looked for all the world like a film starlet – a young Audrey Hepburn perhaps. She was of average height, but with a narrow waist, not too full in the hips, having a superbly formed bottom! It showed at its cheeky best when she walked from the hip, with upright bearing, head held high.

Her breasts complemented her bottom in size and shape, self-supporting perfection, with coral-coloured areola, tipped with rose-coloured cone shaped nipples, which would swell to considerable proportions when aroused – which they often were. A ring of goose pimples surrounded the nipple.

When she looked at naked body in the mirror, Jill would run her hands over her shoulders, breasts, belly, resting on her furry friend. She would touch her clitoris lightly with he middle finger, feeling it throb slightly, sending a mild shudder through her belly. Between her thighs, her plump vulva with the inner labia peeping out, her long legs, perfectly shaped with pretty ankles, completed the picture. No wrinkles anywhere. Firm, smooth skin. No sign of her having had two children. She was very proud of her body – with every reason. It was perfect.

Wherever she went, men turned their heads. She was the envy of all her friends, and the centre of attention of their husbands. All wanted to take care of her, to father her. Which really meant that they wanted to make love to her. Jill was aware of this. It made her feel good to be admired for her looks.

It made her first husband jealous to think that she returned their envious looks. He often threatened to beat the beauty from her face should he find her returning their looks. So she was careful which men she smiled at.

To look at Jill, you wouldn’t think butter would melt in her mouth. She was the ultimate in child-like innocence. Her soft smile, her blue shining trusting eyes, all added to her appearance of vulnerability. Which is, of course, what the men found most attractive about her. If she caught them looking at her with desire in their eyes, one of her tricks was to cock her head slightly to one side, smile sweetly at them with a look of sympathy, as if to say ‘Sorry! I know you’re dying to have me – but I’m not available.’

Her innocent face belied her sexual appetite and her experience of men. If only they knew how much she adored the penis – the feel of it penetrating her most secret treasure – they would have been less reticent at chatting her up.

Of all the perfect parts of her body, none were more so than her vulva. Jill knew every wrinkle of it. She studied it in a mirror quite often, whilst grooming it. She admired the soft pubic hair, it’s coppery, silky curls, covering the pronounced mons, which hardened noticeably when aroused, before encasing the entire vulva in its silken web. Some wisps of hair were allowed to stray into the inner thigh on both sides. Other stray wisps were plucked to keep the shape neat and tidy.

The outer labia were plump and full, whilst the inner lips, rather darker in colour, draped from the tip of the vulva, as though hanging from the sensitive clitoris, before their folds reached their fleshy thickness on either side of the entrance to her rose-pink vagina, then joining together again at the base of the vulva. The overall effect was of an appealing entrance to her sensitive passage of delight, held in place by a golden web of beauty. The flesh of the inner labia was of a lightly marbled texture, which swelled up when aroused, to become smoother. The puckered vagina itself was set a little higher than usual for an English lady, making it that bit more accessible to a visiting penis, of which there had been quite a few afforded that privilege.

Being the keeper of such a perfect piece of feminine mystery, it’s not surprising that Jill treasured it. It was the very centre, the core of her physical being, besides the focal point of her emotional being. She was always aware of its existence. It was ever present in her mind. As she grew older, it ruled her life more and more. It was her furry friend. Her constant companion.


It was the music teacher at college who recognised her natural singing abilities and persuaded her to take up private lessons. She became an accomplished soprano and, now she was eighteen, she could audition to join the local, operatic society. The audition went well and she joined the chorus for Pirates of Penzance, enjoying the companionship. Although made welcome by most others in the group, there were a few unfriendly women. It was only jealousy, she was told. She looked years younger than her age, being such a frail-looking, artless young woman. Most members took to her.

She soon found out that the female leading singers tended to get a crush on their male counterparts. It was the fundamental nature of romantic musical comedies. Most leading men pendik sınırsız escort enjoyed the attentions of their leading ladies, some ending in permanent relationships. The chorus members took pot luck, but were just as predatory!

It was during this, her first production, that an older member of the chorus, Jim, who gave her a lift in his car to rehearsals, cheated her into masturbating him. Although no stranger to the penis – she had two brothers! – Jill was innocent of their potential. By this event she was to become completely bewitched by cocks. Jim had promised to get her a principal role in the next musical production if she was good to him. Being good meant slipping her hand into his trousers and jerking him off in his car.

After leaving rehearsal, he would park in a quite lane, switching off the engine. Putting his arm round her shoulder, he told her that she was very beautiful and one day she would be a star. But she required a little more experience of life. Until then she would remain in the chorus line. She must learn how to handle other people and look after her self-interest. As he chatted to her, he would take her hand in his and guide it to the stiff cock that he had released from his trousers. Looking down, Jill examined the stiff shaft in the half-light. It was certainly bigger than her brothers. It was squat and thick, warm and responsive.

As she jerked it up and down, guided by him, watching the magical foreskin slide up and down the head, she eventually allowed Jim to slide his hand up her skirt, his fingers touching her furry friend, now awash with her private honey. He certainly knew how to stimulate the pretty folds and touch up the secret button that opened the tap of her juices, making her gasp and squirm with pleasure.

Jill began to look forward to these sessions. At first, she wasn’t very good at masturbation, but with a little coaching by Jim, she became more expert. It was also her first experience of sperm. She was impressed by the way he grunted as his loins jerked in spasms. She marvelled at the way his penis ejaculated in short spurts, all over his hairy belly and her hand. She dabbled her fingers in the warm pool of white liquid. And, although he had no hand in her getting the singing part, he did leave her with an appetite for cock.

It eventually crossed her mind that married men were the ones more likely to keep their mouths shut. She’d feel safe having brief affairs with them. Fear of their wives discovering their indiscretions would guarantee their silence.


Her first real sexual action was with her leading man. Until then, however, Jill had been felt by other members of the society and managed to get her hands on their cocks.

The first was during the after-show party of that very first musical she appeared in. It was a warm spring evening and the days were beginning to lengthen. The party was held on the outskirts of town in the large rambling house of a member of the society. Jim had brought her in his car, stopping on the way for Jill to jerk him off for the last time, though she had decided she wouldn’t let him feel her on that occasion. Even so, it left her feeling randy.

When they arrived, the party was in full swing. These after-show parties were where you really got to know people. Rehearsals were reasonably social occasions, but you could never really mix with others all the rehearsal work to do. Jill was a centre of attraction by many of the men, being made very welcome in their group. Little did they guess that her loins were boiling over with lust.

To cool off, and to escape the heat of the room, Jill went strolling in the grounds in the evening dusk for some air. She was approached by Don, the stage manager, with a glass of wine in his hand.

Don had always admired Jill’s innocent beauty, speculating about her nakedness, as he stood in the wings of the theatre watching her on stage, longing to fondle her slender virgin body. She was really lovely! Seeing her walk alone down the garden, he decided to join her.

‘Hello Jill. Enjoying your first after-show party?’

‘Yes. It’s good fun. Everyone’s very kind to me. It’s hot in there though.’

‘Agreed. Let’s take a stroll to the bottom of the garden and back.’ He took her by the elbow.

‘You’ll go far, you know. Such a wonderful voice as yours, coupled with such beauty. That’s rare.’

‘Oh! You say that to all the girls, I’ll bet.’ Jill laughed lightly.

‘Oh, no! You’re special, you know. There’s a great future for you if you stick at it. You must audition for the next show.’

‘Oh, I intend doing that.’

They had reached the back fence where it was in the moonlight, the lights from the house not reaching that far. Don steered her behind a beech tree into the shadows. There, he put his arms round her and kissed her gently, still balancing the glass of wine.

Jill was surprised. She didn’t think Don was like that. She would get to learn that most men were! Jill enjoyed the pendik yeni escort feel of his moist lips on hers. She was fond of being kissed, and in her present state of arousal, it made her feel wanted. She knew that men wanted to touch her – she enjoyed their embraces. The fact that it was almost public increased the pleasure.

‘You are extraordinarily beautiful,’ he assured her. ‘Such wonderful eyes. I’m surprised you are out here alone.’

‘Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend, or anything like that.’

‘That’s a shame. No-one to share your beauty.’

‘I prefer being a lone agent,’ she told him, smiling sweetly into his eyes.

Encouraged by this, he swigged off the wine before kissing her again, a little firmer, his free hand caressing the swelling of her blouse. Finding no objection to his boldness, he slipped the hand up her blouse from the bottom, forcing the halter bra over the breast to fondle its naked softness. To his surprise and delight, Jill gasped heavily, wrapped her arms round him and returned his kiss.

Jill’s nipple was responding to the touch of his fingers, sending trickling sensations deep into her loins. She loved such undivided attention, and she was so hot between her thighs. Don was a good-looking fellow, she thought. Probably double her own age, with a wife probably looking for him in the house. But what the hell? Jill liked him a lot. He was very helpful to every one as stage manager, giving an atmosphere of optimism and calm. And he was on the auditioning committee! She broke away from the embrace, taking his wine glass, dropping it on the grass.

She turned back to him. ‘Kiss me again, please. I like it!’ she murmured seductively.

Needing no further words, Don wound his arm round her, reengaging with her soft breast. She smiled sweetly at him, held him close, and kissed him again, with eagerness. That did it! With his free hand, he lifted the side hem of her skirt, uncovering the lace-trimmed panties. Slipping his hand down the elasticated waist, over her smooth thigh, his fingers snaked between her thighs to the silky thatch of hair to discover the hot labia, wet and swollen! Jill murmured with pleasure and relief, as the touch on her fully erect clitoris triggered a flutter of excitement through her. That’s just what she needed.

Don could not believe his luck! At forty years old, he never for one moment imagined she would fancy him, let alone kiss him. Yet here he was, actually feeling the warm, soft vulva of the gorgeous girl he lusted after. It was tender, warm and silky. Extraordinary! Her secret passage was set a little higher than is usual for English girls, allowing exploring fingers easy access to its slick folds of soft flesh. She was very wet! She was very aroused. His mind was ablaze with hunger for this slender, frail young woman. His body was in a confusion of desire. His penis was at full stretch. He was desperate to mount her and penetrate that stunning vagina.

It was Jill’s turn to explore. She grappled with the front of Don’s trousers, releasing the throbbing penis. She was impatient to handle his cock, to satisfy her curiosity. Still engaged in a passionate kiss, their mouths grinding together, Jill jerked avidly. It gave her a strange feeling of wickedness to be grappling with the cock of a man whose unsuspecting wife was not far away. Someone else’s property always thrilled her. It was a challenge for her. Gave her a sense of power over them. She knew he was mad for her!

Giving rein to their passion, they masturbated each other feverishly, breathing hard into the other’s mouth. Jill’s furry friend was impatient, desperate for attention, on the verge of orgasm all evening, so that it was Jill who first reached her orgasm, with flexing loins with groans and whispers of ‘I’m coming. I’m coming!’ The anguish swept over her.

After sighing with relief, Jill sensed Don’s climax approaching. Breaking away, turning to one side, she continued to jerk the solid cock. A glance towards the house made sure nobody was coming to interrupt, as she increased her jerking. Don’s loins jerked and rolled, head thrown back, eyes screwed up. During his spasmodic breathing, she studied the long hard cock. Not very thick, but long and curved. Then it exploded, spurt after spurt splashing on to the grass.

‘Yes! Yes!’ Jill muttered to herself, watching each jet emerge. ‘Wonderful. Such power!’

Quickly rearranging their clothes, they strolled back to the house as though nothing had happened. Jill looked serene and composed, but Don was still panting with the unexpected excitement, his head still spinning. Jill refused his suggestion that they should meet up sometime.

‘No thanks Don. A one-off. I happened to be ready for it, that’s all. Let’s just leave it at that. A lovely episode for us both – nothing more. Not yet anyway.’ She left him with a glimmer of hope for the future.

They were met at the French windows by Derek, the musical director. It was noisy in the room with everyone chattering away.

‘Ah! sancaktepe escort There you are Jill. I’ve been looking for you. Time for your party piece.’ He called out. ‘Quiet folks. Jill has chosen to sing “Summertime” for us.’

The noise abated. Derek sat at the piano, with Jill standing by his side, and began the introduction. Jill’s voice soared. Such control! She really had a beautiful voice, still in training. The whole company was mesmerised by her performance, bursting into spontaneous applause when she finished. Even the leading soprano joined in the ovation.

The director for the company was James. He came across to her to congratulate her on her lovely voice. They stood close together, side by side as the other party pieces were played out. Then the hostess called out, ‘Grub up!’

James and Jill went to the buffet table and chatted together. He made her laugh. They got on well. Others looked sideways at them, wondering what they were up to. When it was time for Jill to go, she made her excuses to the hostess, but James insisted on driving her home, saying it was time he left as well. Jill was glad of the offer, since she wanted to ditch Jim as her escort and move up the management ladder!

James’ car was a large saloon with bench seat and column gear change. It was parked with others down the lane at the side of the house. There was no street lighting, but the moon was still shining. They continued their chat as James unlocked the doors of the car, holding the passenger door open for Jill to climb in, before walking round to his side of the car.

‘Well! It’s been very pleasant talking to you Jill. It’s something we don’t get a lot of time for during rehearsals.’

‘Thanks! You’ve been very kind.’

He closed his driver’s door. ‘Not at all. You will be auditioning for the next show I expect?

She turned to him. ‘Oh, certainly! That’s if you think I should.’

James laughed softly. And without warning, he leaned across to her and kissed her lips lightly. Jill remained passive as the kiss lingered.

‘Hmm!’ James murmured. ‘Delicious. Of course you should audition.’ Then he put his arm round her neck and kissed her again. Jill leaned back into the seat, allowing his mouth to explore her lips, chin and neck. James was pleased that she was not offended by his attention. He didn’t usually go for young women. After all, she was younger than his own daughter. But he was still a very handsome figure, six feet tall, well built, clear blue eyes, with hair greying at the temples perhaps, but otherwise a full head of fair-haired curls.

‘You don’t mind my kissing you?’ he asked softly.

‘Why should I?’ Jill whispered hoarsely. ‘I like being kissed. Besides, you’re a good kisser.’ She flattered him to bring him on, by holding James’ head between her hands, pulling him over her as their lips pressed together for the third time.

‘I thought I might he too old for you.’ He murmured.

‘Rubbish. But you are married to a very beautiful and very elegant lady. I’m very ordinary compared with her.’

‘Don’t you believe it!’

‘Where is she tonight, by the way? I thought she’d be here with you.’

‘Ah! She has an after-show party of her own. Just finished playing Cleopatra, so there’s no hurry to get home as far as I’m concerned.’

‘Perhaps she’s in the arms of her Anthony right, being felt up.’ Jill laughed lightly. ‘Joke!’

‘Oh, that’s possible! Could be. She’s a very sexy woman. Besides, it’s quite common for romantic leads to become temporary lovers in real life.’

‘Perhaps it’s a swell she can’t see you now!’

Their eyes shone in the pale moonlight. They met. He kissed her again, pushing her lips apart with his tongue, sparring with her own pointed tongue. Their lips investigated each other, gently chewing, mouth gradually opening to allow tongues to explore each mouth. Both had a hand behind the other’s head, crushing their faces together.

James was overjoyed that Jill was responding to his kisses. He didn’t often get involved with girls from the chorus, but this one was special. She was going somewhere. Her extraordinary innocent beauty – her slender figure with its perfect curves, were all very attractive to him. All the men found her appealing. He had wanted to take her in his arms and embrace her. So it was natural that he should slip his hand inside her blouse to stroke her perfect breasts – so soft and white.

Jill continued to kiss him ardently to encourage him to remove her breast from the confines of its bra halter, to stimulate the swollen nipples with his fingertips. The usual sensation of mild quivering reached Jill’s groin, filling her furry friend with a supreme feeling of anticipation and desire. She murmured with happiness. This was the cock she wanted. This was the man to help shape her career. But she decided not to rush things. He would feel for her vulva soon, she knew.

And he did. No man is content with the breast alone. Breaking off from the kiss, James transferred his mouth to the succulent nipple now exposed to his desire. He was alive with lust and craving for this delicious young lady. He would try his luck further. His right hand slid up her inner thigh, fingertips tracing a delicate pattern. Finding that Jill did not oppose him, they continued until they reached the gusset of her silk pants.

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