Jessica , Her Socks

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“Anybody home?” Jon called out as he opened the door to his in-laws’ house, even though he already knew the answer. His wife and her family were out of town, and he had offered to come over and house-sit for them.

That was fine by him – he liked helping out, and it also meant he benefited from their high-speed connection and their great cable TV service.

But it also meant he got to fool around in someone else’s house, which felt kind of kinky and exciting. Jon had already spent some previous house-sitting trips looking up porn on the Internet, which was fun enough. Lately, he had upped the ante a bit, though.

Jon and his wife’s sex life had started to fade quite a bit since they had gotten married a couple of years before, and he found himself turning to porn as an outlet. He had been a bit flirty with women from time to time, but it was all in good fun, and Jon didn’t let it go anywhere.

But there was a problem: Jessica. His wife’s stepsister. His wife’s younger stepsister. His wife’s younger, more attractive, kind of sexually playful stepsister. Ahh, Jessica.

It started a few years before, when Jon and Danielle hadn’t been dating too long, when they had just started college and Jessica was a young high-schooler. Jon noticed the younger girl’s glances, her intent listening, her hair flipping, and had interpreted it quite correctly as a bit of a crush.

Now Jon and Danielle were married, had just graduated from college, and Jessica was growing up and about to head to college herself. Not only that, she was turning into quite a little hottie. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair, and a slender, athletic body that she showed off in low-rider jeans and snug-fitting shirts.

As Jessica got older, rather than growing out of her crush, she seemed to give more attention to Jon. She invited him to go Christmas shopping with her, or to a ball game, and acted innocently enough. konyaaltı sınırsız escort When Jon was visiting the family at her parents’ house, she dressed more and more casually around him – pajamas, or a sleep shirt, or tiny athletic shorts and an undershirt. And always, to Jon’s delight, wearing socks.

Jon had a thing for girls’ socks, and he couldn’t tell if Jessica had the same fetish or if she had just figured him out and was indulging him. Either way, he enjoyed the results. She padded around the house in white ankle socks, or floppy tube socks, or snug dark dress socks, or funky colored or striped socks, even those cute toe socks.

Sometimes she even got a little playful with her feet. More than once, she had bumped Jon’s foot with her own under the table at dinner, sometimes making a joking reference to playing footsie. It was the times she didn’t say anything, just left her socked foot there, touching Jon’s, that he liked the best.

Jessica could tell that she was turning on her brother-in-law, and even seemed to like it, if not provoke it. One night, while shooting some hoops in the driveway, she got a little overzealous with her “man” coverage on defense, and practically draped herself over Jon while covering him. Jon remembered fondly how her hands had roamed over him as she leaned into him, her small breasts pressed into his back. A few moments later, the roles reversed, she dribbled the ball towards the goal, backing into Jon in his defensive crouch. She had pressed her body against his again, he remembered, though this time her tight little ass had lined up with his crotch. Jessica had to have felt his hard cock pressing against his jeans, Jon thought – she had to have known, right?

“Mmmm, Jessica,” Jon said quietly to himself as he recalled his sister-in-law’s advances over the years. He stroked himself absent-mindedly konyaaltı türbanlı escort through his jeans as he thought about the sexy little kitten with the bedroom right down the hall. He thought about her veiled sexual overtures towards him, her saucy looks, her physical teasing, the taboo of fantasizing about a family member (even if it was by marriage) – it all spiraled into an intense desire.

Jon stood up in his in-laws’ living room, and padded down the hall in his socked feet to Jessica’s bedroom, which was empty with her and the rest of the family out of town. It was a typical teenage girl’s bedroom, with a well-made bed, a couple of buff-guy posters on the wall, some stuffed animals on a shelf, and a dresser with a vanity. He glanced around furtively, knowing he was alone but feeling like he had to look over his shoulder. He moved toward the dresser, and began sliding the drawers open one by one: t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, underwear…and socks. He peeked in, gazing at her collection of cute footwear as his cock stirred in his jeans.

Jon took out a pair of dark trouser socks, thin and sheer, stroking them gently, imagining them on Jessica’s feet. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his underwear, freeing his hardening dick, which he started rubbing with the soft sock. He held the stocking by either end, running it like a scarf over the top of his shaft. He wrapped it around himself like a blanket and stroked his dick, his shaft warming from the friction of cloth on skin. Finally, he opened the sock up and slid it over his dick like a condom, and continued stroking it.

“Mmmmm,” Jon moaned, as he imagined Jessica rubbing his cock with her foot. He pictured her sliding off her sock, slipping it over him, jerking him gently. “Oh, God, Jessica, that feels so good…”

He stood in front of her dresser stroking himself for a moment, konyaaltı ucuz escort and then sat down on the edge of the bed. He looked over then and saw into her closet through the half-open door, and noticed the laundry hamper inside. He stood up and walked into the closet. He peered into the hamper and saw a tangled pile of clothes, a few days’ worth. He picked through the pile, and pulled out a tiny blue thong bikini.

“Oooh,” Jon said with delight, as he held up Jessica’s cute little panties. He looked more closely, and noticed a whitish stain on the inside of the fabric. Heh, he thought, she’s been having some fun. Either she got a little action and some cum dribbled out onto her thong, or she had fingered herself. Jon took a moment to picture Jessica at the locker room of her school after hours, stripped nearly naked except for a pair of white athletic socks and a baseball cap, kneeling on a bench as some hot jock took her from behind.

Jon’s dick throbbed with excitement, and he had to hold himself back from orgasming – he grabbed the base of his shaft and gripped it tightly, waiting for the moment to pass. When it did, he looked in the hamper once more. This time, he found a pair of low-cut white ankle socks that Jessica had worn the other night when Jon was over for dinner. They looked worn, but not quite dirty.

His dick twitched in anticipation as he grabbed the socks and felt the soft material in his hand. He brought one to his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in their scent, a combination of the fruity smell of Jessica’s body spray and a hint of the heavy smell of her sweat.

Jon slipped one of the ankle socks over his hard dick, replacing her clean sock. He brought the other sock back to his nose and sniffed while stroking himself.

This time he pictured Jessica laying in front of him wearing nothing but these ankle socks, rubbing his cock with one foot and pressing the other foot to his nose.

“Oh, yes, Jessica, don’t stop,” Jon cried out as he jacked off into the soft cotton. “I love your cute little socked feet!”

Jon moaned as he shot his load into the sock, soaking the material with his hot cum. He laid down on Jessica’s bed and thought about how much fun he was going to have on his weekend of house-sitting.

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