Jane Moves On Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Jane had gone to the bathroom in particular to remove the tampon. She carefully pulled it clear noting that it was indeed soaked, as she had expected, wrapped it in tissue and dropped it in the waste bin. She was going to rinse herself too, then decided against it: those pheromones would be washed away too, and they were far too precious right now.

Jane’s mind whirled back to the days not that long ago when she was simply Dick’s girlfriend with usually vanilla sex. Dick’s dad had awakened something inside her that time when he cunningly worked her into a passionate sexual encounter, and now he was supporting her move into another dimension where her sexuality would be central. Exciting, but this was just the beginning. Jane snapped her mind shut and walked back out of the bathroom. She glanced at her bag and noted with satisfaction that there was no longer any sign of her panties. Paul had taken the bait!

Paul was still seated in his high-back chair, wondering what would happen now, as the ball seemed to be in Miss Ex’s court. Indeed it was, and Jane was determined to play out the part to the full, and so, instead of returning to her chair, she walked straight round the desk, and as she did so, Paul swung around to face her.

Jane kneeled on the edge of Paul’s chair and wriggled between Paul’s legs, forcing him to open his legs wide. Jane placed her left hand on his shoulder and casually stroked his rising package in his trousers with her right. “Paul, dear, it’s now playtime, and I am overdressed,” Jane said. “I need this stupid skirt off. There’s a hook at the back and a long zip. Would you be so kind?”

Paul was only waiting for direction, and as Jane placed her chin on his left shoulder, snuggling onto his cheek, he deftly unlocked the pendik otele gelen escort catch at her back and then slowly ran the long zip down to base. Jane stood up, and the pencil skirt peeled away and dropped to the floor. Paul’s eyes widened as he was treated to the sight of Jane’s prolific dark bush adorned by a sexy black suspender-belt and attached sheer stockings, with a beautiful clean white pair of thighs in-between.

Jane stepped out of her skirt, turned and bent slowly to pick it up from the floor, keeping as close as she could to Paul’s chair. As she did so, she felt a warm and gentle pair of hands on her wide ass cheeks, opening them, and then felt a tongue working its way up and down her vagina. Jane stayed in position and half-turned towards Paul. “Excellent, my dear. I can see it is now time for elevenses,” Jane said, smiling at Paul. With no more ado, Jane stood up and turned towards Paul’s large mahogany desk, and laid down on it on her back with her legs up in a perfect capital M.

Paul never moved from his chair, simply propelling it up to and under the desk. He gripped the raise/lower handle under his seat and dropped the seat to the bottom which brought his face dead in line with the exquisite crotch of Jane, replete with the massive black bush and luscious dark wings. A meal fit for a king!. Casting off his jacket he tenderly slipped his arms around Jane’s milky-white thighs drawing his face into direct contact with her vagina. There was so much to do, and Paul was at a loss where to start: there were wings to suck on, a clit to roll and suck, and a warm, wet deep hole to tongue-fuck. He started with the thighs, licking along from the stocking-tops to the groin, followed by a rasping pendik rus escort tongue up and down each groin, gradually moving into the more succulent areas until at last he was at the focal point, licking up the full length of the vagina and flicking the clit before plunging his tongue into the wet darkness.

Jane was getting very wet and clearly very excited. At last she could stand it no longer and said,” Paul, dear, can we move on to the main course now please?” Paul sat back and Jane, spinning around, stood up. “I think we are better off on the sofa, dear, the desk is a little high for you. I’m heading over there now,” she continued.

“I’ll be right with you,” replied Paul, searching in the right-hand drawer. “I’m just grabbing a condom. Have you any preferences?” he continued.

Jane stopped and looked straight at Paul. “Yes indeed, Paul, I DO have a preference, in fact I have a very STRONG preference. NO CONDOMS. I am squeaky-clean and I expect the same from you. Moreover, I like my sex organic: I LOVE the feeling of your skin direct on my skin. I ADORE your urgent seed spraying over my welcoming cervix, and I WELCOME the cream-pies we make, which are there for the taking if desired,” she replied. “Just discard those pants now and bring over here that meat you have hiding there. I need it,” she continued.

Paul closed the drawer and stood up, rapidly discarding his trousers and underpants. Jane meanwhile was now kneeling on the sofa with her head down and wide ass high, legs wide apart.

Seconds later, Paul was behind Jane. He lost no time locating the sweet spot and then inserting his glans into the yielding warm softness. With little circular and forwards and backward movements he worked his way pendik sarışın escort in until his pubic hair was interleaved with her bush. Reaching forward, he gripped the bra strap from both sides and deftly unlocked the hooks allowing Jane’s pendulous boobs to tumble down touching the sofa. Paul now paused and took in the sight of himself up to the cock hilt in a piece of ass he could never have expected to encounter. “What hellish luck.” he thought to himself, “And now she is all MINE whenever I want her,” his thoughts ran on. The whole scenario overwhelmed him and he suddenly realised his urgent need to FUCK, and to be sure the ass below was patiently waiting to be fucked too.

Jane’s passage was snug around his cock, so Paul eased back, holding her thighs and sliding back in again deep. Paul was about seven inches and quite thick so the long slow penetration and withdrawal was exciting for them both, especially as Paul penetrated the PC muscle at each back and forth stroke. There was no rush, no clock to watch, and so they continued their long, slow fucking with Jane gradually producing more and more juice, which was now trickling down her thighs and off her knees making dark little puddles on the cream coloured leather. Jane’s PC muscle was starting to take more control and Paul realised he needed to move to shorter strokes and so he transferred his hands to cupping Jane’s glorious boobs while keeping his cock head beyond the muscle. A wise move, as Jane started to orgasm, gripping him tightly, then relaxing before hitting a new orgasmic wave. Paul managed to contain three such orgasms before he himself had no choice but to pull back and drive in hard shooting his load of pure white honey at Jane’s cervix.

Paul rolled off to the side, and Jane too rolled over to take a seat alongside him. “Do you fancy dessert, Paul dear, or shall I head for the bathroom?” said Jane.

“To be honest, X, I have as yet not acquired the cream-pie taste, and so for now, head off to the bathroom, please,” replied Paul.

Jane rose and headed off towards the bathroom.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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