I’ve Never Done Anything Like This

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Marc was an ordinary college student of 19 and a small height of 5’3, fresh out of High school he couldn’t wait to start his life. Little did he know it would change so dramatically. She was petite but pretty girl of 21 and a little on the tall side about 5’7 blonde long hair with deep sea green eyes. Sarah was in his college math class and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

As he was leaving to his car he heard his name. Thinking he was just tired he got in his car and was about to leave when he heard, “Wait! Stop!” confused he looked around he saw her running toward what looked like him. This couldn’t possibly be for him so he started to drive when he backed out she yelled his name. he stopped this time, wondering if he had forgotten something. When she arrived at his car she got inside the passenger side.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Couldn’t you hear me calling for you!?”

Blubbering something that she couldn’t hear she asked him if she could have a ride home because her car wasn’t working and no one was available to take her home. Jumping at the chance to help his crush he explained that he would. Calling his mom and telling her that he would be a little late for dinner because he was helping a friend he pulled out of the parking lot. Looking over at her she saw and he quickly looked away blushing a bit. She wondered why he wasn’t saying anything. Clearly he liked her and wanted to say something about it but didn’t. She decided to think about that later and gave him the directions to her apartment.

When they arrived she invited him in. She lived alone which made Marc feel even better about the whole situation. She gave him the tour of her apartment and decided that drinks would be good to thank him for driving her home. As Marc grabbed his drink she decided to ask how he felt about her, blushing to the point were she could see. She said

“Oh? Well then.”

Laughing nervously he nodded not sure what exactly what he had gotten himself into. Being in a strict religious family he knew nothing about what she was trying to do to him or even sex for that matter. he decided that he should probably go before something happend that he was afraid of. Knowing what he was thinking. Sarah got up and locked the door.

“Your not going anywere till I say so.”

Sitting back down confused and uncomfortable he had a overwhelming desire to go home. She went over to him and took his phone that he had been nervously playing with since he had gotten inside her house. Calling his mother she told him that he would be spending the night at a friends house. After getting an acknowledgement from his mother and then hanging up she said

“Well your mom just said that you can hang around here for the night”.That gives us a while to get to know each other hmmm?”

Flustered and extremely embarrassed he asked

“What is it you want from me Sarah?” I took you home why wont you let me go home?”

Jumping at the chance to answer his question Sarah said sexily

“Because I love you too.”

Shocked, Marc admitted that he was working up the guts to tell her too.

“Now that we got that out of the way why don’t we try something.”

Marc with a dozen thoughts running through his head wondered what that could possibly be. She asked

“Have you liked other girls in your classes or just me.”

Marc told her that she was the only one he looked at sexually. Marc still felt uncomfortable but glad that he was able to tell her that. She then asked her second question hoping to get a juicy answer.

“Do you masturbate to thoughts of me?”

Now Marc was confused, being an only child and extremely sheltered he asked what masturbation even was. It was Sarah’s turn to be shocked not only was the answer not what she was looking for but how could a boy of 19 not masturbate. Thinking he was lying so he could get into her pants faster she then asked the question again.

“I’m sorry I doubt that answer the question truthfully or I will have to call you mother and tell her what is really going down at my house.”

Not wanting any trouble he said “No, I don’t even know what it is.”

Seeing truth in his eyes she thought well great here’s a teaching chance. Walking over to him she told him to follow her into the living room. Leaving his drink behind he followed her into the room. while they entered she asked if he ever watched porn before. Once again shocking Sarah he said no, but he knew what it was. Good she thought at least she didn’t have to tell him that. It might have been embarrassing pendik escort for us both. She then asked him if he did anything sexual at all. he told her the only thing

close to sexual that he did or thought of was her in his dreams.

he looked down embarrassed and confused. “Its alright sweetie” she said to him walking over and sitting him down on the couch next to her. Not knowing what he was truly in for he was going to try his luck.

“Will you teach me about all this?”

Jumping at the chance she told him to start undressing himself in front of her. Embarrassed and not really wanting to he complied anyway. Stripping down to his pants she noticed that he was on the smaller side. Not caring she started to lightly touch him on his arms. Whispering to him that everything was going to be fine she started to pull down his pants. Closing his eyes and hoping she wouldn’t freak out.

Suddenly he started to feel really good. he looked down and noticed that she had her hand around his dick in a failed attempt to protest, she said in reply

“Shhhh your the one who said you wanted to learn remember?”

“Well yes, but…” interrupting his protest once again she just said “Shhhh, enjoy it, it will start to feel much better.” Not really doubting her, he decided to just go with it thinking that he didn’t really have to tell his parents what exactly he did at his friends house. Marc had felt aroused before but this was something else entirely. Her tiny hands clasped around his hard cock he couldn’t help but let out a small whimper.

Sarah smiled up at him with green eyes and said “See? I told you it would feel better once you got used to it.” Since I am getting naughty on 100% innocent guy why don’t you tell me why you haven’t masturbated or even looked at porn before?” Marc started looking uncomfortable again even through the intense stimulation he was being given. She stopped holding his cock.

Sarah whispered “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but it will make the rest of this easier on both of us.”

Marc stated that he was never subjected to anything sexual that his parents even signed the note that gave him alternative classes to avoid sex ed. Sarah started to rub herself using her other hand finding that sweet spot she always touched when she thought of Marc. Marc noticed what she was doing and looked down feeling guilty for taking a peek at her hot pink panties. Sarah noticed but didn’t say anything instead gained pleasure that he peeked.

“Well you know what that means don’t you?”

Marc responded, “No not really.”

“It means I get to teach you EVERYTHING…. my way of course” she let out a moan as she started rubbing herself more intensely. Marc sat there with a confused look on his face.

“This is how a girl gets off Marc.” They rub themselves down there, I know you peeked so don’t try to hide it. I’m glad you looked, when I caught you it made me even more sexually excited. He looked away.

“Look Marc, its OK, I want you to look, I want you to enjoy yourself. Your preventing yourself from enjoing something that is natural. You love me, its fine.”

“Here” she said as she moved her hand and grabbed his hand and moved it to underneath her shirt which was covering her small tits. Marc was starting to freak out more now. he started to get up and try to put his pants back on, but was stopped and pushed back down onto the couch.

“Now that isn’t how a boy should treat someone he loves you know.”

Marc just nodded. Sarah sighed thinking that he didn’t get it the first time so in a effort to reinforce the reason why everything was fine.

“Marc if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be touching you or showing you what I do when I think of you Ok?” Try to relax a bit and enjoy it.”

Marc just uttered a mumbled agreement hoping that his parents don’t find out.

“OH!” I forgot that you have never seen porn!”

“I will be right back.”

Marc froze at the sound of that, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to but ended up wanting to see what she would show him. She came back topless now with no bra along with a pink laptop. “Here we go,” she said, now I can show you what I like to watch while thinking of you. Marc looked like he had brightened up a little, but was still a bit shy and quiet. Sarah went though her history and picked out a lesbian porn site she went to daily.

“While I’m straight as a pole Marc, some girls get turned on by other girls playing with each other.”

Marc started to get a lot happier pendik escort bayanlar and comfortable with her, noticing that she didn’t care about his size. As the video was playing Marc was starting to get highly aroused seeing the two lesbians go at it slurping up each others pussies and doing things Marc never imagined that girls could do. Sarah noticed his sudden arroussement and had a big smile on her face.

“See I told you, you would enjoy yourself.”

Marc didn’t dare start touching himself for fear she would disapprove. Sarah noticed his hesitance as she started to put her hand back down her pants.

“You can touch yourself too Marc, its normal and Ok to do in front of me, however if you don’t feel comfortable I can leave while you pleasure yourself, however if this happens I’m taking the porn with me.”

Noticing the threat seemed real enough he started to touch himself while watching the porn. Sarah smiled and looked at him and said good boy. She returned to herself pulling off her already wet panties from the previous touching, they were even more soaked when she found out that he was new to everything that she has shown him. Marc started to feel really good continuing to go faster he jerked backwards which scared him into thinking he had hurt himself, but it had felt so damn good. Sarah heard the commotion and looked up.

“You just had your first orgasm Marc, I’m so proud of you.”

Marc looked incredibly embarrassed at the mess he just made all over her couch. Seeing his embarrassment she smiled

“Its fine your Ok, don’t worry about anything.” Marc was suddenly very tired.

“Yeah that happens to boys who masturbate.” she started to giggle.

“Fortunately for us girls we can have multiple orgasms. And fortunately for you I can go on for a while and we have the rest of the day and the night to teach you about everything.”

Marc didn’t know what to do, he had just ejaculated all over his friends couch and on top of that she was masturbating in front of him.

“Here you can help me out.”


“Come on Marc you knew that this was coming.”

“I….I..” his voice suddenly got quiet. “I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s what I’m here for silly boy. Sarah got up. “You know what you can do?”

“What?” his voice returning to normal.

“You can help me with a few things that need more than two hands, I will be right back.” Sarah returned from her room, “I have a naughty drawer next to my bed, she held up a battery powered pink vibrator, this helps intensify the feelings I feel while masturbating.”

Marc started to understand what was going to happen to him. he had learned one thing, that was if a girl asked you to help, you help and enjoy it. Marc brightened up fast. Sarah grinned dirtily at him,

“Now he gets it!” Marc started to smile bigger.

The porn had finished its play through and while Sarah was sitting down she closed the laptop.

“You know I’m starting to wonder why you didn’t catch on in class? I mean I’ve been passivly flirting at you and when you notice you just looked away?”

Marc just looked down at his feet. Sarah started to walk towards Marc. she started to sit them both down on the couch when she remembered

“OH!” forgot to clean up your mess you dirty boy…Well?”

“You…you told me to just leave it there.” stammered Marc.

“So I did, well come on then, might has well come in my room.”

She led him across the apartment to a rather large room with a king size bed. next to the bed was a full length mirror and across from that was the master bathroom. “We will use the bathroom later tonight, I’m not done with you and your not done with yourself yet either.”

Marc wondered how he could possibly do it again since he was so tired. He pushed that thought out of his mind as he watched Sarah move from the door way and flopped right side up on her bed. She motioned to Marc “Come sit across from me” Marc moved to the bed and crazy thoughts went through his head. he looked down and noticed he was getting rather hard again. he quickly covered it. Sarah saw that his hands were covering him and asked

“What exactly are you trying to hide from me Marc?” as he sat down across from her she reached out and moved his hands away “Oh see? I told you, you might be ready soon and here you are getting hard off of my naked body.”

Marc smiled and hesitantly moved his hands toward her hair. bushing it back causing Sarah to shudder. giggling with how sensual pendik eve gelen escort he did it she whispered

“Do it again please.”

As he reached across to move her hair again her free hand grabbed his arm and moved it to her clit. Marc was astonished at how good it made him feel touching his crushes happy button.

She giggled at him “I don’t think that’s my hair Marc.”

Marc just continued to touch her moving around in circles causing Sarah to moan in delight

“But don’t stop.”

Marc didn’t have any intention to stop. She said he could touch her and so that’s what he was going to do. With her other hand Sarah inserted her vibrator and used her other hand to move Marcs free hand to squeeze and touch her tits. Sarah was now moaning louder and louder,


Marc just kept focusing on his circular movements. Something wet touched his hand and he realized that Sarah was now grinding the dildo and his finger at the same time.

Marc stopped touching her tits and moved his hand hoping she wouldn’t shrug him off, after all how could she he thought. He moved his hand down and stopped her and moved the vibrator out and he inserted his index and middle finger into her juicy wet pussy. She let out a surprised squeal of delight. She had, had her eyes closed and didn’t recognize that Marc was moving her hand off the dildo.

“Marc what are you doing?” Marc lost at what he was doing had started to use his other hand to lightly rub her thighs. He just answered,

“I’m doing what you want me to do, what I learned from the porn you showed me.”

“Well well well, looks like he finally got out of being shy about sex.”

Marc looked into her eyes, which were sparkling with the intense stimulation she was getting from him. she started to match his fingering with thrusts of her own. She started grinding super fast and her breathing became very erratic…

“Maaaarc, I’m gonna….I’m gonna cum!!!! all over you and my bed” Oh my GOD!” This feels so dammmmn good!” DO NOT STOP! PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO DONT STOP!”

Her orgasm shattered through her body and she started to slow down still grinding against his fingering. She noticed that his other hand which had been preoccupied against her inner thighs had moved back to her clit. she also noticed that her reactions had caused the bed to shake so bad that her dildo was knocked to the floor.

“Marc that was so FUCKING amazing! I had no idea that when I started teaching you that it would feel this good! Not to mention corrupting a goody good boy such as yourself.”

Marc just smiled very pleased with himself.

“Now because you gave me something I’ve wanted so much from you, your gonna get a reward from me.”

Marc could only guess what it was, but what happened next blew his imagination to bits. Sarah had stopped grinding and had moved across the bed and pushed him down. Marc was still incredibly hard from watching Sarah orgasm that way. Sarah had moved her hair out of the way and started to move her tongue across his erect dick. Marc grunted as Sarah made motions on his cock that he never knew existed. Sarah becoming even more aroused by his reaction to the new sensation started to fully suck. Not using any teeth, for which Marc was grateful for, started to go up and down on him.

Using her hands she used one to prop herself up and the other started stroking him slowly. The stimulation was causing Marc to buck to get more stimulation from her seemingly expert mouth. As he was bucking he thought she must have corrupted others like him. That made him feel even more stimulation from what she was doing.

Sarah had started using both hands to pump him up and down while sucking the base. Marc wanted to jump out of his skin this new sensation was far better than his first forced masturbatory session with Sarah only a few hours before. He started using his free hands to stimulate her tits which were getting hard as she was being stimulated by his soft touch.

Marc suddenly felt the same way he did when he was masturbating and whispered,

“I’m gonna cum stop! Please I don’t want to……”

Sarah ignored him knowing full well what was going to happen to her mouth…she was right about his protests. Wave after wave of pleasure went through Marc as he pumped his sweet cum into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah was trying to keep it all in her mouth. How could a small man have so much? she wondered to herself. Shrugging that thought away she continued to swallow his sweet sweet cum, tasting like sugar mixed with salt.

When Marc became flaccid once more he stood up and looked into Sarahs eyes..she was beaming at him. He reached across to her face and moved closer hoping she would let him kiss her sweet face and that it wasn’t just a lie, after all what can he expect from someone who is clearly experienced with this type of thing.

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