It’s Only Natural

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Cassie does NOT like the woods.

But she does like Dale, and HE likes the woods, which is why she is in this mess in the first place. It had been an hour or two since the argument they had about the subject at their makeshift campsite in Wildbrush State Park, and she had stormed off on her own. She is now lost, because the closest thing she had ever seen to a forest was as a kid going to the Christmas Tree farm.

Honestly, 19-year-old Cassie never thought she could get lost in a state park with trail markers and people around. She had just been so pissed off about what had transpired that once she finally stopped calmed down, everything looked the same in all directions. It irks her that Dale didn’t come after her.

Cassie is now in a clearing (‘at least I know what the term is for an open space’, she eye-rolls to herself) and there were a few medium-sized trees she could attempt to climb to see better. She begins to back up to get a better view while shielding her eyes with her hand on her forehead. One final step back and something sharp pokes her ass, waist, and legs.

“Ouch, damn!” Cassie hops forward and rubs herself down in the spots where the thorny bush made contact. While running her hands over her bottom, she feels a tear in the fabric of her thin shorts. She curses herself hotly. Not realizing just HOW into camping Dale was, she didn’t exactly dress for the occasion. She had thought of the trek as a cute picnic where she would be fucking Dale’s brains out on a checkered blanket. Long story short…she neglected to wear anything under her flannel button-down shirt and black athletic shorts. One tanned butt cheek peeks out, showing her the offending scratch from the branch and she frowns at it from her twisted position.

As if on cue, a stiff breeze blows the foliage around her and her nipples rise. A shiver wracks her body from her neck to her feet. Getting mildly worried that she could be out here until evening, Cassie sets off determinedly toward the tree. It’s a decent-sized birch, and she sees a few footholds that could hoist her up. She gets up a few feet and is proud of herself, but has run out of black knots sticking out of the tree that can hold her weight. Instead of accepting defeat, because she’s ALMOST there, she wraps her legs around the tree and attempts to shimmy up. Her arms pull and her athletic calves come shortly after. She almost laughs at how much her breasts are jiggling inside her shirt, but she’s still too frustrated.

The shimmy movement has made Cassie’s thighs quiver, and her face feels hot. As she slides up again, her shirt lifts slightly and her bare belly brushes against the tree. She grips tighter with her upper thighs and feels a burst of heat between her legs. This time she does laugh, in an incredulous burst. “Oh my GOD, I’m aroused at a time like this??” At least she’s now getting what Dale failed to provide.

Finally within arms reach of some decent branches, Cassie decides to indulge. Forgetting about her mission and being lost, she looks around to make SURE she’s alone. She grips a branch in each hand, braces her face and breasts against the trunk, squeezes her thighs, and starts to grind her hips against the smooth bark of the tree. Cassie doesn’t realize that her movements have widened bahis şirketleri the gap in her shorts, but that’s the last thing on her mind. She fantasizes about what her outing with Dale ‘could’ have been, even though she’s mad at him.

Her fully exposed bottom bounces and shakes with each thrust as she rubs herself greedily. It and the rest of her toned body are sheened with perspiration. Slight moans and whimpers start to erupt from her throat as she nears climax, and her legs are quivering with effort and anticipation. Finally she finishes, her clit pulsing and thighs straining hard against the tree. Her asshole and gleaming pussy clench with her orgasm and her shorts dampen with her juices. As her twitches slow to a stop, Cassie lazily opens her eyes and feels a strange calmness tinged with embarrassment of quite literally ‘loving nature’. It felt wrong but so, so good.

Then, her eyes shoot open wider as another of Mother Nature’s well-timed breezes flits by. “My ass is completely out there, I’ve just got done humping a tree, and I still have no clue where I am…” she says to herself flatly.

Cassie braces her back against the tree and squints into the distance, catching a glimpse of what she thinks is a trail marker that was near where she left Dale now 3.5 hours earlier. She climbs down from her tree and begins to head that way, but suddenly she hears a rustling in the nearby bushes. Cassie makes a sound that closely identifies as a squeak and grabs a pointy-looking stick. From the bushes emerges a gruff but vaguely attractive..forest ranger?

He moves slowly forward while looking Cassie square in the face, occasionally eyeing the stick. Relief and humor flash across her face and she throws the stick near the bush that goosed her earlier. “Boy am I glad to see you!” she says brightly.

“I don’t know if you ought to be, Miss Cassie” Mr. Tall, Grisly and Handsome says. Cassie gives him a skeptical look. “Why not?” she says, “I’ve been stuck in these damned woods and you’re my savior Mister….”

“Peter. Peter Clawson.”

The girl suddenly remembers her bared bottom and throws her hands behind her.

“Turn around, lemme look at ya,” Peter says, his mouth a hard line.

Cassie slowly turns, keeping her hands in front of the seat of her tattered shorts.

“Move your hands…”

Cassie reluctantly moves her hands away and stands backwards with her hands on her hips. “There, you perv, you happy?!”

Peter looks casually over at the tree Cassie has just unexpectedly pleasured herself on. “You know your boyfriend sent me to come look for you.” “He’s NOT my boyfriend!” Cassie snaps. “And now he certainly won’t be, seeing that he won’t even look for me himself.”

Peter chuckles softly, and for the first time in the 2 minutes she’s known him Cassie sees some humanity in him. “Unlucky man now,” he says. “Could have had a firecracker on his arm and now that’s over with.”

“But still,” he ducks his head slightly and looks at her under his brows. “I found you out here and where I come from, girls get punished for getting themselves lost and worrying folks.”

“Punished?” Cassie gulps.


“It looks like you’re about ready for me to anyway” Peter pointedly gazes at her bottomless shorts.

“Oh god no!” bahis firmaları Cassie half whines, half shouts.

“Miss please don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” He takes her arm and starts to guide her through the trees, and she sees a grassy trail made by tire treads. ‘Fuck! I was this close to a road?!’ Cassie thinks to herself.

They finally approach a truck, and as she climbs to get in Cassie can feel Peter’s eyes on her ass. Her face feels hot again and without warning he lands an open-palmed slap right between her buttocks.

“OWW!!” Cassie screams and sits down with a huff. Peter shuts the passenger side door and gets in the driver’s seat. The embarrassingly short distance to the ranger station is covered in complete silence, and he guides her into the cabin.

The station isn’t much to sneeze at. Two rooms, and something that could be called a bathroom with a toilet and a bucket sink. One room has a scrappy looking desk, some chairs, and a few plaques on the wall. The only thing notable is the cozy fireplace with a bearskin rug (‘UGH how cliché’, Cassie thought). The other room though, piques Cassie’s interest even through her annoyance.

There are a few cabinets on the wall, some pictures of nature, and a small kitchen on the right side. The left side has nothing but a huge carved stump with what looks like a railing made of metal pipes in front of it. One on each side, and one connecting them in the middle ‘What the hell?’ Cassie wonders silently.

Peter sits at the desk and begins filling out paperwork. Cassie stands there awkwardly until he says “Go in there and sit on the stump, with your arms resting on the pole.”

Cassie shoots him a look, but suddenly Peter seems like the kind of guy you don’t want to mess with. She does as he says, and what seems like hours later Peter appears in the doorway. “Good, I see you’re a little more agreeable than earlier.”

Silently, he gets behind Cassie and pulls her thighs back so that her exposed ass is hanging over the stump. Her legs are spread wide, and the position gives her lower back a slight arch. She gasps as he runs his right hand back and forth over both butt cheeks several times. He stops and rests it where his middle finger is settled into the space between them and his other fingers and thumb are splayed.

“I’m sorry I have to do this to you, Miss, but I think it’ll help you learn your lesson”, Peter says.

“Yeah,” Cassie shoots back, “Never to come to the woods aga–“

She doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Peter begins to methodically spank her right cheek in the same place over and over. She cries out and he switches to the left, his other hand on the small of her back where it dimples.

After a minute or two of constant spanks, Peter says “These are in the way” and pulls Cassie’s shorts down. They get stuck on her thighs and the stump, so he has her stand and she kicks them away. She refuses to look at Peter as tears are welling up in her eyes. Her shirt hem hangs just over her pink bottom, and there are marks on her thighs from the wood.

He settles her back onto the stump. Determined not to look weak, Cassie surprises him by unbuttoning her shirt, exposing her rounded breasts and tight nipples. “What? I know you’re a perv so I might as kaçak bahis siteleri well give you a whole show.” She tries her best to sound angry and barely conceals a smirk as she turns back around. Her breasts dangle over the cool pipe and she steals a glance back to see Peter wide-eyed with his mouth slightly open.

Cassie has realized that she’s getting her sexy date after all, just not in a way she ever expected. She had never been spanked before, especially like this, and her wet pussy has told her she’s enjoying it even though she isn’t supposed to.

She’s casually wondering if Peter saw her naughtily getting off in the tree when the spanks start up again. Peter has started on the backs of her thighs and she can picture them getting red.

Peter, in spite of himself, is barely able to conceal a growing boner. He’s punished several women in his history as a ranger with little to no excitement, but they were never close to as beautiful and witty as this one. He finally stops spanking Cassie’s bottom, feeling the heat coming off of it. Seeing the redness that has formed in her sit spot and and on her thighs, Peter’s arousal heightens.

“Now this last part”, Peter says slyly, “Is a hundred percent because I’m a perv, so it is completely optional. You probably think we’re barbarians up here, but I have a little dignity and would like your permission…”

Cassie finally looks at him, and she hadn’t realized he sensed her arousal. He was actually wanting to continue the fun outside of his antiquated professional duty to corporally punish her. She breathily responds, “Sure, why not.”

Peter lead her to the fireplace. “On your hands and knees, head to the floor, bottom in the air please…” Cassie does as she’s told, ready for more spanks or possibly a good fucking. Peter surprises her by ordering “Spread yourself so I can see.”

Cassie takes one buttock in each hand and spreads so that her asshole and pussy are fully exposed. Peter grabs what looks like a cattail out of a nearby vase. Cassie goes cold and freezes as she realizes what will happen.

“Too much?” Worry slightly crack’s Peter’s stoic facial features. Cassie relaxes. “Somehow,” she says, “I trust you.”

She closes her eyes and Peter strikes her tightened asshole with the reed. She jumps a little bit and settles back, bracing for the next one. Peter surprises her and instead rubs in a circle with his thumb on her reddening hole, then thrusts 2 fingers inside her pussy.

Once the shock has gone away, she rides his fingers and squeezes her hips so that his palm caresses her outer lips. As she’s pushing backward, Peter’s thumb goes all the way into into her asshole with friction and causes her to climax hard and all too quickly.

Cassie has no time to be disappointed. Peter unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants until his penis releases from them, and he immediately buries it inside of her from behind. He grabs most of her hair in his fist and steadies himself on the floor with the other.

Cassie leans back into Peter and she bounces on his cock, allowing him to free both hands and grip her full breasts. She feels him begin to throb so she grinds harder on his lap, both of them panting and moaning. Peter releases first and Cassie a second later, collapsing onto the cliché bearskin rug, stunned.

To break the silence, Cassie says “I guess that won’t be going on the paperwork…” and gives Peter and impish grin.

“I wouldn’t think so,” Peter grins back.

To be continued…?

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