It Started Out Innocent

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Autumn Falls

It started out innocent enough. At least that’s how I saw things. But we will get to all that as this story unwinds. First off let me tell you a little about us, set the scene so to speak. My name is Lonnie. I am going to turn 40 very soon this year. Maybe this whole tale is just a mid-life crisis gone bad. I am an average guy in most all respects. An even 6′ tall, 180 pounds, fairly well fit but no statuesque physical specimen by any means. I guess you ladies want the other major stat declared. Afraid I can only claim average there as well. I measure a good 6″, nothing to be sad about. My girth however is a little less than I would have hoped for. I’m not what you might call a pencil dick. A circumference of a little less than 3″ around. Ok 2.827″. Did I mention I am a machinist? Well in truth I own my own machine shop so I have all the precision measuring devices one could dream of. Yes ladies we men all do measure do our own packages. For good or for bad in the knowledge thereof.

Owning my own successful business has helped out my “average Joe” looks and attributes. When younger I could never attract the super model type. Though I did wrangle a couple of dates with solid 9’s while in my late 20’s. However a couple dates were all I could ever muster. One of those was with a cheerleader for a pro football team. That one never really got past the goodnight kiss stage, and after two rather expensive nights on the town, I called it quits. The other “trophy” I could claim might have been a 10, had an unfortunate car accident not left a tiny scare on her face. Not an unsightly disfigurement by any means. Just enough to lower her to a 9. I made it to a second date with her as well and thought I was in for the kill. We were making out hot and heavy after a long day in the sun. I had her top off, her breasts were magnificent. 38C and firm self-standing monuments. Nipples the size of silver dollars. I got her pants undone and was pleasantly enjoying dipping two fingers into her pleasure well when she decided it was time to reciprocate. She undid my jeans and slid her hand down around my fully erect shaft. I could see in her eyes she was more than a little disappointed in what she was holding.

Needless to say things went south fast from there. She gave it a couple soft complimentary strokes and kissed me a couple more times. Then she claimed a massive headache. She excused herself and ran for home. I never saw her again. I was stricken to say the least. Began to question my manhood. Stopped dating for almost a full year. That’s when a friend introduced me to K. Kayleen is here full name but I have, and always will, just call her K. She was beautiful! K was 23 and just a year out of college (at this point I was 37). The 14-year difference in our ages never did bother me. I was more than a little proud when all my friends would call me a cradle robber.

We fell quickly in love and were married 11 months later. I know, I know you guys want to know more about her. She’s not the elusive 10 I had always hoped and dreamed for. She was in my eyes a solid 9.5! She was the classic beauty in my eyes. A 5’2″, 105 pound spinner. K was a late bloomer. Her small frame was well within proportion until her early 20’s. She tells me that in high school she was a 32a. She claimed that always made her shy about dating and so she choose not to date during her high-school years.

She tells me she started to ‘blossom” her first year of college. And blossom she did indeed. She is now a full 34C, and on her petite frame they are awe-inspiring. And her pert little nipples could slice glass. A gorgeous little bubble butt that draws stares from all those who see her pass by. Women of the jealous nature, men of the drooling sort. Both served to stroke my ego. But again that part of the story comes later.

Now K wasn’t a virgin when we met, but she may as well have been. She had “gone all the way” with only two guys before me. The first was her college sweetie. She had hooked up with him early in her freshman year at State. He was the first one to pay attention to her rapidly developing body and her being shy and unaware of the whole dating protocol she clung to him for two years. His name was Gary and though a little overweight he wasn’t a bad guy. Except in the sex department, which of course she had no clue.

Seems Gary’s idea of hot sex was a quick 3-minute hump in the missionary position. K figured this was the norm, though his proclivity for sweating during the act disagreed with her, she did see it as a sign that he really liked her. His 4″ cock wasn’t a detriment either as it was the only frame of reference she had. K was very loyal and even though see was garnering much more attention from her looks she never thought of being with anyone other than Gary.

Alas, Gary had other plans. After two years together, and what K had thought was a prelude to marriage and a life together, Gary graduated. With graduation came the stark reality that Gary was going back home to be near konya escort his parents and his high school sweetheart whom he had never stopped loving.

K was distraught to say the least. She sulked and cried for a solid 6 months before finally giving in to Eddie and granting him a date. She had made a few girlfriends to talk to by this time. Though most of the girls shunned her because of her extreme good looks, as they wanted to be seen as the “pretty one”. She learned of the “3 date rule” and decided it was time to let Eddie in. Well Eddie swept her off her feet when he knew it was his time. He went all out candlelight dinner, roses, scented candles, the works. After dinner they started to make out right there at the dinner table. Things got amorous; K’s head was swelling. She had never garnished this type of attention in her previous 22 years. Was this what “love” really was all about?

Eddie almost broke every dish as he swept off the contents from the hard wooden table they were eating at. He nearly tore the clothing off of K as he readied her for his taking. She was enamored, she felt more wanted and needed then she ever had before. K was in heat. Eddie threw her onto the walnut dining table, climbed atop of her, and shoved his dick into her hard and fast. He preceded to bestowal on her the 2-minute jackrabbit treatment. Each thrust driving her small delicate spine into the hard wood. She left 20 minutes later with a bruised back and no desire for sex again in her future.

That’s where I finally come in. Well a year later anyway, K had sworn off men. She had dedicated herself to finishing off her senior year and getting her career started as a botanist. She was now 23 1/2 and hadn’t dated over the last year and a half. I guess we were both ready to get back into the saddle. We hit it off well and began dating regularly. I guess neither of us was over anxious to hop into bed given our last encounters.

Our third date came and went without that delicate subject ever being broached. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company and we began to see more and more of each other over the next two months. Don’t get me wrong; we would spend extended periods making out. I could have her top off and toy with those magnificent tits of hers for hours at a time. But below the waist seemed to be off topic and off limits for both of us from the beginning. Finally that inevitable time presented itself as we made plans to spend a weekend together at a little seaside resort. Like Eddie, I too wined and dined her on that first night of our weekend. The difference I think was that when it came time to get intimate, I let her take the time she needed to be ready. We cuddled after dinner, we made out well into the evening, and then it was time for bed.

I could tell she was nervous as she made her way off to the bath to freshen herself up and change. What appeared from that bathroom was a pure angel, in a cute little baby doll nightie. Those proud 34C’s were poking through the thin satin material. Threatening to pierce holes in her nightgown and begging to be released. I knew then and there I was going to marry this woman. I laid her gently onto the bed; I worshiped every inch of her body. I slowly removed her panties as she sighed. I kissed my way from her toes to her… She gasped and stopped me when I got close to the babydoll’s hemline.

She confessed to me that she had NEVER been kissed “there” before! I reassured her I would be gentle, and that I would stop if and when she wanted me to. She relented and let me proceed. I kissed her inner thighs softly, slowly moving upwards. I inhaled and took in her sweet nectarous fragrance. I softly kissed the hood of her vulva. She again gasped! Her clitoris peered out at me as it hardened and poked out from its hood. I kissed her there and preceded to lick, nibble and suck her clit and pussy as it dripped its succulent juices into my loving mouth. In less than five minutes she was withering, crying and cumming in my face.

It was her first orgasm ever. She told me later, that was the moment she knew she was going to marry me. I crawled up and kissed her deeply. She flinched only for an instant, as she tasted herself on my lips. She told me she had never tasted of herself before, never experienced what had just happened. I smiled, kissed her again, and slid back down to her treasure and proceeded to give her three more orgasms with my tongue and fingers. I made my way back up to her and we kissed and cuddled and fell into a deep sleep.

K had cum for the first four times in her life, and she had never even removed her nightie. I on the other hand fell happily asleep with my hard cock untouched and throbbing. I had never even removed my clothing. It didn’t seem to bother me, as just her smile, the look of love in her eyes and the contentment on K’s face left me feeling happy and fulfilled.

I had awakened some time during the night and undressed down to my boxers before crawling back into bed. I awoke konyaaltı escort with my cock still hard, still throbbing and pressing into that sweet little bubble bottom I mentioned before. I reached up and freed her left breast form its thin covering. I smiled to myself as I realized that these objects of my affection over the last two months had been neglected just as much as my now desperate cock had been the previous night.

I tickled and teased her nipple into the same hardened state as my cock. My member, which now was forming an extended tent in my boxers, pressed and leaked its drippings onto K’s bare bottom. She slowly awakened, moaning as her nipple tingled between my working fingers. She felt my steel rod poking into her soft hindquarters. She reached behind her and slipping her little hand into the fly of my boxers, she wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft.

She gasped and sat straight up not letting go. It’s BIG! She proclaimed. She slid her fingers along its length. Her eyes grew wide with excitement. She asked to see it; I just smiled as she pulled it out form its confines. She squeezed it and giggled as a dollop of precum dribbled out of its tip. She wiped it around the head and now it was my turn to gasp. I realized I had inherited quite the case of blue balls from the excitement of the previous night. She toyed and examined my cock like the scientist that she was. Only all her previous exams had been on plants. I found out later that this was actually the first hand job she had ever given. She rubbed and examined my cock right up until it exploded in her tiny hand.

Then she proceeded to examined my cum as she told me she had only ever wiped it from between her legs in the past and had no desire to ever look at it. She told me about her two other “lovers”. How sex had not been a pleasant experience in her past. Why she had been so hesitant up to now and how she was so nervous about this weekend. As she told me all about Gary and Eddie my cock again began to grow. She smiled as she watched rise up again surpassing both of her previous beaus in size.

The time was finally upon us. I removed her nightie, and then my boxers. I laid her back on the bed, kissing her softly. I lined the bulbous head my cock to her pussy lips and slowly slid into her as her eyes proclaimed their love for me. She was tight, tighter than any lady I had ever lain with. I slowly began to pump in and out of her in long deliberate strokes. Kissing her breasts and her lips as I fucked her.

She was in heaven as I slowly and delicately made love to her. Five minutes later I was climaxing deep inside of her. K didn’t cum that time, but I could tell she was more then satisfied.

The rest of the weekend was spent either in bed or at the little restaurant nearby for nourishment. A chaffed penis replaced my case of blue balls. K could hardly walk by Sunday afternoon when it was time to head home. She must have cum a dozen more times that weekend. Sad to say though, not while I was inside of her. But she didn’t seem to notice or take mind to that fact. It was the perfect weekend.

We were married nine months later. NO! There was no baby involved. In fact, we found out later she couldn’t have them.

The next couple of years went good. K was learning more and more in the bedroom. She never initiated sex between us, but she never turned it down either. She learned how to give me a blowjob. It wasn’t her favorite activity. Mostly she reciprocated after I had gone down on her. Once she had an orgasm she would became a lot less inhibited. To tell the truth she wasn’t the best at giving oral so I didn’t push her too often in that area.

Though I hadn’t had any female companionship during the year before we met, I was much more experienced in that area then K was. I had slept with a dozen ladies, prior to K, and was now in the process of teaching her new positions and trying out new things with her all the time. She liked a finger, and every once in a while two, in that cute little booty of hers but drew a line there as to me inserting myself. I introduced her to vibrators and even a butt plug that she grew to like. There again she wasn’t keen to it until after she had cum. One she climaxed she would ask me to find and retrieve it from her nightstand. After her first orgasm of any session she would get wild. That’s when she would want to suck me off. I would cum in her mouth and she would swallow.

In public I would never tire of the looks and even a few catcalls she got as we walked down the street, or strolled around the mall. I knew she was out of my league in the looks department and I ate it up. I bought her all kinds of sexy outfits. Short shorts, skirts 2 inches too short, blouses that showed off the scanty undergarments that I also purchased for her.

I would take her shopping and purposely have her try on outfits a size or two smaller then she needed. Having her come out into the store to model them for konyaaltı eve gelen escort me. Attracting those jealous and drooling stares I mentioned earlier. Then we would run home and fuck like animals. Try as I did I still could not get her to cum while I was inside of her. She excited me so much that I would cum much too soon and then, that was that. I always made sure to get her off in other ways before I fucked her. As I have said she was much more sex craved in the bedroom after she came.

We got more and more adventuresome outside of the bedroom as well. I would dress her more and more provocatively. She enjoyed being ogled. Hearing the whispered comments about her. From the women calling her “slut” or “whore”. To the men saying, “Hey babe” or “I sure would like to get some of that”. I just beamed knowing that I had what everyone else only wished for.

We would go out to dinner and I would send her into the bar to grab a spot while I checked us in for a table. Invariably by the time I got to the bar some guy would be there offering to buy her a drink, only to be shot down when her husband joined her. It was a game to us. We both enjoyed it. We decided it might be fun to take it a step further.

K was a dancer growing up. Nothing spectacular, just tap, jazz and ballet. Performed in a group of girls, with those one or two boys that were either made to go by their mothers, or who knows why they were there. It certainly wasn’t for the female companionship. Still she loved to dance. I on the other hand hated it. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. I did try with her on a couple occasions, usually leaving her feet bruised and sore.

One night, after playing our little bar charade, at a dinner-club we were trying we proceeded to order a second bottle of fine wine to enjoy with our dinner. Laughing and talking about the bar game before, and all the other times we had teased some pour guy only to shoot him down cold. It was getting later into the evening and the dinner crowd was being replaced by the club crowd.

K asked if we could go into the nightclub portion of the venue and watch some of the couples dancing. As we still had half a bottle of very expensive wine left, I told her we could finish it off while watching and headed off to the club side of the restaurant. It was early enough that we found a little booth right off the dance floor. We sat and sipped our wine as the couples came in and began to fill up the floor. K even attempted to get me out there for a twirl.

I declined, she pouted. We finished off the wine and she asked if we could stay just a bit longer. I felt guilty for turning her down and told her I would get us a couple of after dinner drinks and we could stay another half hour. Of course while I was away at the bar two gentlemen had found their way to our table. I sent them off unhappy and handed K her drink. I almost fell out of my seat when she told me that if I refused to dance with her she might take one of those guys up on their offer “cut a rug”. I reluctantly agreed and we ambled out to the now crowded dance floor. Well I should have opted to give it a go before it had gotten so crowded. I stumbled and bumbled and stepped on her toes a couple times. When I almost caused her to turn her ankle she agreed that I didn’t belong on the dance floor.

We made our way back to the table to finish our drinks. Another guy found his way over and cited how he had seen us dancing and offered to dance with K, no strings attached. She smiled and declined and he left. When he was gone she asked if I had seen the bulge in his tight pants. I told her I didn’t make it a habit to look in that area of a mans anatomy. She insisted that he must have had something stuffed down there, as it was not “natural” looking at all. I, having had too much to drink by this time informed her that some guys were capable of being extremely well endowed in that area.

That seemed to be the topic of conversation on the ride home that evening. We had to leave our car; due to the amount we had to drink, and rode home in a cab. I must say the cabbie got an earful as I explained that I indeed wasn’t “large” but only average in genital size (something I never would have admitted to her sober). Her frame of reference being very limited she explained how she had only seen 3 dicks in her entire life and having grown up with a strict religious background had never even been subjected to pictures of the like.

We had an unrestrained night of drunken nasty sex. K must have came four times, all the while asking about penis size and how a girl could tell what she was in for before getting a guys pants off? I promised that I would show her on the Internet the next day and she proceeded to give me the best blowjob she had ever performed in her life. I know this for a fact because I was her only subject to date.

Shortly after we both passed out. Her happy at her new discovery. Me happy that the chances of her remembering any of this in the morning would be remote. To my astonishment, she did indeed remember. She had her laptop in bed with us and was waking me up with soft kisses on my neck. “Show me, show me!” was her theme and chant. I offered to show her mine and reminded her that it had always pleased her and kept her happy.

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