International Relations Ch. 02

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Part of a short series of stories inspired by a love from 23 years ago refound.

Tuesday morning around 10am the knock on my front door drags me away from revising my Biology homework as I wander from the dining room through to open the door. Normally I would be in school but there was an inset day for the upper sixth so with everyone else either still at school or at work I was on my home at home.

Opening the heavy wooden front door, you stand there smiling at me clutching a small HMV bag in one hand and moving your sunglasses up off your face and into your hair with the other.

“I’ve just got the new Beautiful South CD and thought you might like to listen to it with me – anyone else in?” You casually ask, eyes intensely focused and watching for a reaction. “Actually no, everyone is out until about six tonight” I reply smiling, as you shyly look down but step into the house.

We quickly cover the basics and get a couple of cold lemonades before we head into the lounge, you taking up a position on the large sofa while I go and put your new CD on.

You have kicked your flat shoes off and you are tentatively sitting on the edge of the sofa, once again in your normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt – this one red with a black motif on the front but I can’t work out if it is a design or a band emblem, not that it really matters. You look a little nervous, but that is nothing compared to me, I have butterflies racing around my stomach and I am convinced I’m either stuttering or repeating myself or generally just being a complete dork.

The first thing I can think to say is “you look gorgeous” which in the cold light of day is not only being 100% true but also seems to have the effect of putting you more at ease. This is the first time we have been alone together since the pub on Friday night, and the memories of that encounter are very much at the front of my mind.

I immediately wish I had known you were coming over as looking at you and thinking about what we did under the cool night air has already started a reaction inside my shorts. Because I wasn’t expecting anyone I am just wearing a plain t-shirt and a knee length pair of shorts. The thin material doing very little to hid my growing embarrassment as I quickly sit down next to you.

I’m convinced you spotted my erection but you don’t say anything or let your face indicate it either way.

The first move is a gentle cuddle together, my arm around your shoulders your hand onto my leg as we turn towards each other and begin a kiss, tentative at first, lingering and soft. A little tongue, followed by small butterfly kisses across each other’s faces and necks. Every so often a kiss becomes a bit more heated and our lips mash together hungrily as our tongues probe inside the others mouths or playfully fight between our locked lips.

Our kissing is just that at the moment combined with some hair stroking and general cuddling but I notice you are sliding your hand between my thighs, upwards and you rest you hand firmly over the tent pole in my shorts. You don’t do anything other than leave your hand there but you are the first girl to ever touch me and my heart is beating like a drum.

You break the kiss, applying a little pressure onto your hand smoothing my cock sideways in my shorts the outline now clearly visible under the thin material and your touch. “Is that for me?” you ask taking one finger and tracing the shape. Causing me to shudder from pleasure as you run your finger past the sensitive head and back along the length towards its base.

“If you would like it, then yes” is my feeble response. “What can I do with it?” you smile and purr, still continuing to run a finger up and down along the length while admiring the obvious effect you are having on me. “It’s yours, do whatever you want” my grin stretching from ear to ear.

We kiss again passionately, your hand not moving from my lap. I get a little braver and caress your breasts through your t-shirt, causing you to squirm slightly under my touch – unsure if it was through pleasure or if was unwelcomed I stop and move my hand.

Pulling out of our kiss pendik genç escort you look at me inquisitively before pulling your t-shirt up over your head and leaning back in to kiss me. I take that as enough encouragement to replace my hand on your breast and gently start to feel you as our tongues dance again.

After a little more kissing you break away again glancing quickly at the bulge still in my shorts before reaching behind your back and removing your bra, once again I am in awe as I stare at your beautiful body in front of me mesmerised by your smile and your delicious rounded breasts.

I in turn strip away my t-shirt, both of us naked from the waist up. Your eyes again glancing at my shorts and I quickly whip my shorts and underwear down and off, desperately hoping you don’t react negatively to my move.

Time seems to go into slow motion as you drink in the sight of me naked before you, I feel vulnerable and nervous, but at the same time bursting with life and aware of everything around me. Little things like the way your breathing changed very slightly as my shorts came down or the fact your eyes widened a little. I saw all of these but the brain doesn’t process these until it receives the right signals, your finger gently running from the tip all the way down to my balls I took as the signal and I instantly relaxed under your fingers.

Your eyes are fixated looking at my cock, you have seen them in pictures before but never in the flesh as it were. Your tentative touch still using just a fingertip as you carefully explore the twitching object.

I am very reluctant to wake you from your hazy state but I too want to play and touch your body. For what seems like hours you toy with my erection, gently moving the skin, circling the head with a fingertip. Each move you make you look at my face for approval, checking to see if hurts or if I don’t like it. The occasional gasp from me causes you to stop, but the gasps are all of pleasure and you soon realise that the noises are directly related to your ministrations and the glorious effects.

Your hand still gently massaging my cock, you kiss me softly and I can tell you want something else.

“Can we go upstairs?” you ask almost shyly as though you think you may be offending me. I smile and give you a big kiss, then taking your hand we stand up from the sofa. “Are you sure” I ask, nervous that you might respond with anything other than a yes. “Yes, I want to – if you do that is?” somehow we have become almost shy around each other, while only wearing two pieces of clothing both of which are on you.

A glance down at my hard cock and then looking back into your eyes I nod and slowly lead you upstairs to my room.

My room isn’t very big, normal wardrobe and drawers for clothes, a small desk for homework with a backless chair and a single bed and that’s about it.

Already naked as we enter the room I sit straight onto the bed as you close the door and move into the middle of the room no more than two feet in front of me. We catch each other checking out one another’s bodies, my brain desperately trying to record every detail of your pretty face and naked torso in case I never see anything as beautiful again.

Standing in front of me eyes fixed now on my face you reach to the top of your jeans and undo the top button, then the next, then the next. Pulling the material apart and popping the last button undone, the v-shape formed in your open jeans revealing a hint of white underwear.

Last button undone you slowly slide your jeans down your legs and step out of them, your breathing noticeably heavier, making your breasts rise and fall which each breath. I have almost stopped breathing watching you so intently. You step forwards to the edge of the bed and take my hands bringing them up to your hips and the band of your panties, then leaving them there slowly remove your hands so the final step of undressing you is literally in my hands.

I hook my fingers into your waist band and inch the white panties off your hips, a tuft of dark public hair appears, soft and wild, curly but not pendik evi olan escort unkempt. As more becomes visible as I lower your panties the hair abruptly stops and gives way to your beautiful virgin flesh. An area of skin so soft and delicate as yet undiscovered, the soft folds meeting and hiding a glorious treasure within. A sweet fragrance invading my senses, a telltale sign of moisture just visible as the panties descend past your thighs and pool at your feet on the floor.

I scoot back on the bed still holding your hand and gently guide you to lie down next to me, our naked bodies coming into contact properly for the first time. Our arms around each other pulling one another close, fearing the other might escape if we let go.

I can feel your breasts pressed against my chest, our hips, legs and faces all touching and my senses tingle trying to take all of the different contacts into account, as we kiss and hold each other slowly getting comfortable with each other’s touch.

My arm around you hold you close playing up and down your smooth soft back, a finger tracing from your neck down your spine to the cleft of your butt and back up again. Your arm around me, hand in my hair also slowly sliding down my back, grabbing a handful of butt cheek and pulling me closer to you before sliding it onto my thigh. From my thigh you slip your hand between us and locate my cock nestled between our bellies and gently stroke me again.

My hand comes across your shoulders pushing you gently away and rolling you onto your back allowing me easy access to your breasts which I begin touching and stroking, but currently not near your nipples.

I lift and squeeze each breast in turn, your warm flesh soft and inviting, my palm now covering your breast and nipple, my thumb carefully flicking over your stiff nub.

We tease each other for a few minutes, my cock getting a slow massage, while your breasts come under increasing attention from my fingers, slowly concentrating more and more on toying with your nipples while we continue to kiss each other passionately.

We break our kiss and you ask if we can try something. You tell me a friend told you about a position that you would like to try out. There is no hesitation from me I have already succumb to wanting to do everything I can with you, so I listen while you briefly explain what you want.

Rolling on to my back, I shuffle down a little as you adjust position on the bed too.

Your calves now under my shoulders and knees beside my ribcage you lean forward and lower your body onto me. I feel your breath against my erect cock and your hand slowly grasps me, again gently moving my skin up and down, I feel a warmth on my tip and the sensation causes a huge twitch and a small groan of appreciation to escape my lips.

You lick me again and I twitch again, amusing you that you can cause such a reaction from my body. As your confidence grows and your want of me rises I feel your lips close around me and the combination of warmth and wetness from your mouth makes me moan again.

I have a glorious view, six inches above me your pussy waits my eager touch, your lips swollen from anticipation and slightly parted from your spread legs currently accommodating my head. I run a finger along your parted slit and more feel than hear your moan around the cock in your mouth. Bending my head forward I poke my tongue out and gently follow the path of my finger, using my tongue flat and wide I run the length of your pussy licking both lips at once. I repeat this a couple of times slowly before my tongue narrows and licks again penetrating slightly inside you. I hear a moan this time as my tongue probes a little deeper.

You taste amazing, sweet and musky as I push my tongue deeper into your pussy. I lap at the plentiful juices coming from your pussy, I have no idea if your wetness is normal or if it because of your heightened sexual state of arousal.

My finger returns to your pussy, my tongue unable to penetrate as deep as I want, the finger slowly invades your hole disappearing as I image your fingers have pendik olgun escort done many times before deep inside you. My mouth continues licking and lapping away moving more towards your public region but still my tongue narrow and probing.

A sudden jolt from your hips and a deep moan makes me think I have done something wrong, but the moan is followed by an encouraging pant and “oooh yes there please” so I repeat my licking. I guess I must be flicking your clit as your hips lower and you increase the contact of your pussy onto my mouth.

Your tongue and mouth are still working wonders on me, I can feel your mouth engulfing me and a slow bobbing sensation as your head works up and down my shaft.

Your fingers circled around the base of my cock steadily moving up and down, almost in opposition to your mouth. You’re other hands on my inner thigh for support as you are bent forward over me still.

My finger inside you slowly pushing in and retracting as my tongue flicks away at your clit now being ground into my mouth by the weight of your hips.

Your voice becomes more coherent and I can now clearly hear you moaning with my licking, your hand still on my cock but your head now to the side as between my finger and my tongue working your pussy your focus is purely given over to the orgasm about to flood your loins.

It starts small at first, just a ripple but as the orgasm spreads and my tongue hits its spot the feelings intensify and you push your pussy hard onto my face. My tongue and fingers now working frantically licking hard, probing deep as your hand clenches tightly around my cock and your screams leave me in no doubt whatsoever you have just cum hard for me.

I relent my licking but leave my finger inside you slowly twisting it and gently moving it about, still marvelling at the tightness against my finger.

It is a few minutes before you move, but you raise to your knees as I remove my finger and mouth from your now very wet pussy.

We reposition on the bed and cuddle up, you kissing my face and lips tasting yourself, almost kissing me clean then resting back into my arms as we lie still for a few more minutes.

We continue to gently stroke and caress each other, me concentrating on your back and bum, while you run your finger over my chest and stroke my still hard cock while you try to get your breath and composure under control.

With another kiss, you tell me another of your friends told you about a different position too. Smiling I say I like your friends and we really should listen to advice.

Laughing you roll off the bed and get me to stand up. Then you get me to sit on the chair.

You stand looking at me, hesitant. I know this is both our first time and I can sense the nerves even after everything we have already done. My heart sinks as I hear myself saying “we don’t have to, if you want to wait”

You don’t pause to answer but move towards me and position yourself just above my throbbing cock, one leg either side of the chair, inner thighs against my outer thighs as you lower yourself onto me using one hand to guide me towards your hot wet pussy.

Contact is made and you lean forward to kiss me lightly then descend, my cock being guided into you by your hand as you sink lower and I disappear inside you, the feeling is amazing. You are so tight, I can feel every inch of you as you take me completely and your pussy presses against my pubic bone.

You control the rhythm and pace, getting used to the feeling inside you, slowly building the tempo, grinding your pussy and clit against me to increase the feeling. My hands almost limply on your upper thighs and ass more for contact than any kind of guidance or control. I was in your hands and you were in control.

We kiss, both of us breathing heavily, your breasts jiggling as you increase the pace a little and I feel the grip you have on my shoulders for support tighten.

I can feel myself getting close and desperately want to cum with you, your pounding on my cock moving me rapidly to an inevitable climax, you lean forward and whisper in my ear “I love you Kev, cum with me please”

That was too much to take and I feel my control vanish, almost shouting “I love you too Jolie” with one hand on the chair I start thrusting hard upwards into you as our joint climax’s crash together and we both cum jointly losing our virginity and forging a memory neither of us would forget for a very long time.

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