Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 05

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It was a wonderful day to hang-out together…and spend time chilling out or cocooning. It had been raining all day, so we planned to check out a movie later.

Eric had to run into work for a file so I rode along and we stopped for coffee. He wanted to show me around. With our past exploration of office fantasies, of course, I teased him about ulterior motives…he smiled and continued driving. I knew we’d both enjoy it…it was some hot sex…plus, it was a Sunday and we knew there’d be no one around…it was secretive and sexy. I guess it didn’t matter so much, anyway…if someone did catch wind. Most of his colleagues had met me; and in a moment of after-hours bar conversation, we found out that couple others had explored some office fantasies, too. They wouldn’t admit to using the office, but many were convinced that Jeremy had used his desk numerous times, with his wife. We joked that maybe they should name their first child Post-it or Stapler.

We parked on the street and ran through the rain. The office was in one of the old warehouses, along the lake. It was a beautiful loft suite with the rich patina of old brick and high ceilings. When the elevator door parted, we were at a sleek reception area and rain was blowing against the big towering windows. The wind almost echoed through the building. He described the normally raucous, bustling office, but it was unusually quiet and cozy inside; we looked out over the lake into the blustery sky.

Eric showed me around and pointed out a few projects they had going. It wasn’t long before he pulled me into a conference room. He locked the door and shoved his tongue between my lips…things progressed rapidly. I felt his dick, pressing on my hip. That cock was such a turn on, I ran my hands up over his back and then back down to hold his ass, with my palms. He reciprocated by loosening my belt; and dropping to his knees, to pull my pants to the floor. I felt his hand wrap around and grip it, rock-hard and staring him in the face. “Mmmmm, that’s a prize…right there!”

Grasping at the tip, he began jacking…he’s always ready for cock. He loved everything about cock, especially a cock with some beef…some thickness. I sat on the edge of the big table and he licked over the purple head (it reminded me of a tongue being treated to a raspberry Popsicle). He ran his tongue over the entire length, from base to tip; I moaned and grabbed hold of his head to push him up and down over me. Taking as much as he could, he kept it probing deep…he loved that pressure on his throat. Spit was running from his mouth and I felt the tip being squeezed by his throat…fuck he loved cock. I pumped and pumped it into him, “Suck me, dude…fuck! Take it…take it, deep…suck meeeee…yesssssss!”

I knew he wanted more…we both did. His big erection, just yearning to be released, I fumbled to pull his pants open and wrapped my hand around it. Rubbing up and down, over its length, I looked up to him, “Fuck, I need some, too…I want you so fucking bad!”

Wasting no time, we dropped to the floor and I flipped around take him into my mouth. Eric was almost panting to resume where he had left off…he wanted my cock, back in his mouth. He knew how to drive me wild with a blow job; stroking my face down over that meat, I tried to match him. As he sucked and moved up and down over the shaft, his tongue flicked over the tip. The muffled moans and sloppy sounds of two men face-fucking, filled the room. While I worked his cock, I found myself distant and thinking there was something amazing about having a nice, long cock in my mouth. The intimacy was empowering and uplifting. The length, the girth, texture…even the taste was incredible. The mild saltiness, of cum oozing from his dick, only made me want more.

We rolled around on the floor for a long time, before he abruptly said he wanted to go get some lube. “I got some in the desk.”

“Okay…Eric,” and he ran out of the room.

We’d been together long enough for me to know that lube meant, Rob was getting some ass…some hot little ass. But Eric had a surprise…he came back with a big grin and waving a big casino siteleri dildo (a big veiny dildo), “Look what I got, dude!”

“That looks fun…where the fuck’d you get it?”

“Oh…I keep it for the late nights, when I’m here alone…I lock it in my bottom drawer.”

He stroked some lube over the whole length and grimaced with a long, extended groan as he pushed it deep into his ass…in a broad stance, he worked his ass and stroked his big cock…all for my viewing pleasure.

I loved the show and reciprocated, of course; it was fucking hot, but he had bigger and better intentions. I had settled into one of the big plush chairs around the table…my legs spread wide…he just smiled and dropped to the floor in front of me, my rigid cock was twitching and pulsing for his attention. I watched him brush his hair back and start stroking over the length, licking and loving on it. Before taking the swollen, purple head into his mouth, again, he planted hungry kisses along the shaft and over my belly. He pulled my dick from his mouth with a pop and spit, and spread a glossy sheen over the shaft. “Mmmmm…love it…fuckin’ love it.”

“Now, I wanna watch you take it deep,” I asked, as he sensuously stroked and serviced it.

“Mmmmm, fuck yea!” he replied, his eyes almost twinkling, with crazed lust.

Then, preparing himself with a few deep breaths, he gripped my thighs and pulled me back into his warm, hungering mouth. I nudged his chin up so I could look into his eyes, as he went deeper down on my dick. The whole time, he worked his ass by bobbing up and down over the dildo…it was imbedded deep in the heat of that ass.

I groaned as my dick slid through his lips and pressed up against his throat. My hips rolled forward to better satisfy my needs and he coughed a bit to suppress his gagging. My moans gradually reached more intensity and knew I was close. I pulled him off a little, to where I was pumping just the tip between his lips, stroking in and out. “Fuck Eric, fuck…yer gonna make me cum!” He pulled off entirely and a long strand of spit trailed from his lips.

He smiled up at me, “God, I want it all…sucking you makes me so fucking hard…I just…want more,” and pushed forward again. He wildly bobbed over me, sucking at the underside of the tip. After pumping a finger up my ass, that was all I could handle…he was rewarded with pulsing shots of steamy cum. I screamed, “Fuck…here it comes…cumming…fuckin cummmmming!” It sprayed over his tongue to the back of his throat and he swallowed till it stopped. I stood him back up and pushed my tongue into his mouth; I could taste the sex in his mouth.

I felt his hardness rubbing over me and backed him up to the table. He pushed the phone aside; I laid him out over the surface and spread his legs…my eyes wandered down over his body.

The rain was still coming down outside; it was drizzling and the wind gusted to blow it back over the windows. Splayed wide, one leg bent at the knee and propped up on the conference table…Eric was waiting for his shot…at least that’s how it looked…he was a picture, waiting for the photographer! The overcast day soaked up color and cast gray over the room. Neither one of us was lacking in lust for one another, that long, lean body was so firm…so hot! The fact that he was all mine, only added to the handsome, rock-hard urgency between his legs…to flirt, he grinned and bounced it around.

I kissed all over his dick, before leaning in and going to work; I had the dildo pumping into his ass while I sucked at his cock. I took it in my hands and licked it all over, starting with the very tip and working my way down to his balls. I took each of them into my mouth and held it in the warmth. Running my tongue over them and carefully sucking, I teased him to the point that he was moaning again. Wanting even more, he laid back with his legs spread a little further and I pushed deeper with the dildo. I loved to watch that tiny sphincter stretch for a dildo or, better yet, my dick. It was always amazing to watch something slide into that tight, little ass…I loved watching it pleasure me, slot oyna especially when he was riding…he’d slide way down on it…Fuck, that’s a wet dream!

As I pumped up and down over his dick, he ran his fingers through my hair and gripped my head, each time, pushing to drive it deeper. My mouth felt tight around his girth…I love that feeling. He needed a release and I knew exactly how to work him up to the very edge…that crazy, frenzied state we all love. He moaned and watched as I buried the tip in my throat, again and again. With his intense moans, I’d wrap my lips around it and plunge as deep as it would go, down to the very root. I wildly rubbed the leaky tip over my face, “Love your dick and that seed.”

“Mmmmm…Fuck…that’s incredible…yes, yes, yes, that fuckin’ works. Lick the tip!”

Finally he erupted with long moaning screams and a thick load. I took the first of it, but pulled off to watch him cum…it was such a beautiful sight. His breathing was labored to where he was panting; his whole body twitched with loud grunts and seed flowed from the tip. His body shook as I pumped seed out over that gorgeous, pulsing flesh…he spurted a couple times and the heat washed down over my hand and through my fingers. Again, I locked my mouth over the swollen head to take the last of it…I swallowed and ran my tongue all over the tip and across the slit. I looked up at him and sucked up the final beads, “Mmmmm…Eric seed!”

Catching his breath, “Fuck that felt good! I like this office fantasy thing…Robbie, we can do this as often as you want.” He laughed, “And the drafting table at home is always good!”

We laid on the floor together in the light, now streaming overhead…the rain had finished and sun was out. Often, we’d just press our skin together and gaze over each other. Neither, of us, could resist a semi-erect cock, though, we’d often caress and stroke each other. Lying there intertwined, we could spend an hour or more like this…talking…caressing…snuggling…fondling…just enjoying our time together. I discovered, we weren’t even close to being done when Eric blurted out his intentions, “Now, it’s your turn… I gotta have more of that thing,” reaching out to run his hand down over my dick.

“It’s yours, buddy…let’s do more fantasy,” and I dragged him out to the desk of his work-station. I pushed the keyboard aside and sat on the very edge…my legs splayed open and he started painting it with his tongue, cleaning remnant cum from our sex. He licked down the shaft and over the sac; he took a nut into his mouth, carefully sucking one then the other. He moved closer to press it into his face, feeling its heat. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a hard, pulsing cock, warm and throbbing against his face. He slowly rubbed it back and forth over his skin, like a dog or cat rubbing for affection. He sensuously lapped me with his tongue, working the sensitive ridge, before sinking the head into his mouth. The head was swollen and I felt his mouth tightly holding it, tasting it…treasuring it. Sucking me now, he was taking a little more each time he pumped his face down over the shaft. I watched him, as he looked up with those sexy eyes.

Pulling back, he kept his lips wrapped over the head and sucked as hard as he could…like he wanted to suck every drop from my balls. Bobbing back and forth, in his mouth, at a frenzied, pace, he sucked at the swollen tip while jerking me off. Eric, succumbing to his needs and never timid, started diving forward to jab at his throat…gagging with both pleasure and satisfaction. Saliva flowed from his lips, as I thrust into him. I face fucked him with quick jerky thrusts that pretty much filled his mouth and longer thrusts that buried it deeper into his throat. I grabbed at his head and moaned, “You can do it buddy, take it …take Robbie’s big dick! Take it dude!” I pushed him down and thrust my hips forward. I held his head tightly in place and fucked…hard. I know he loved being submissive and giving me control…I used his face, thrusting faster now, stronger and with more need.

He pulled off, “I gotta have it all…you know canlı casino siteleri what I want…give it to me, Robbie.”

I helped him get turned around and bent over the desk and said something like, “You look fucking hot like that.” He turned and smiled as I cupped the rounded cheeks with my hands. “That gorgeous ass…is fuckin hot!” Spit soaked, I grasped the base of my dick and smeared it over his taught ass. I audibly slapped it over his flesh. “You want it don’t you? You want it in your ass…yer a hot little cock slut.”

“Fuck yea!” He was almost breathless as I smacked the rigid shaft harder. Each swat seemed to escalate his desires…he needed a good fucking and I just kept teasing. “Ohhh, fuck, I want it…want it in me, Rob. Fuck me…fuck me…I’m yer cock slut…wanna be your cock slut!”

Finally I stopped, spread his cheeks and, with a muffled grunt, popped the head past his tight muscle. He replied with long, sustained masculine groans, as I progressively advanced, inch by inch into him. “Fuuuccckkkkk, that’s it…fuuucccckkkkkkkk tha’s goooooooood…keep it coming…want all that big thing. Oooohhhh goddddd…fuuuuuccckkk…next time I use my dildo, gonna think about yer big dick fucking me…fillin’ me…up!” I pumped slow and deep, just to let him feel every inch, slide through that muscle. “Ohhhhhh, fuck me…fuck me, Robbie!”

The pounding felt so good, he moaned and yelled, “Rob…Robbieeee…fuck me…fuck me…fuck that ass…feels good…so fuckin’ good!” We were lost in the moment, feeling only pleasure, as the sounds of hard sex filled the room. My hips smacking against his ass, I reached under his body to stroke on his dick…it was hard as a rock. “Yeaaaah, tha’s it, that’s what I need…stroke me dude…fuck me with your fucking hard man…cock!”

We fucked hard like that for a long while…it felt so good; all that could be heard was steady series of grunts, groans and moans

“Robbie…I wanna watch you fuck…like to watch you fuckin’ me…it’s so fuckin’ hot,” and I pulled out to flip him onto his back. He raised his legs up to my shoulders and I pushed back in, with a hungry lunge, through that gapping muscle…I was buried deep and pumping. We took turns stroking over his beautiful cock. It was clear that he was ready, he was starting to jerk wildly and I thrusted with more muscle. I pounded him till he cut loose with another load…it spilled over his belly. I watched his orgasm play out in successive waves and just kept pumping till he came down from the intensity. He laid there exhausted and drained, watching me fuck…watching me use his ass. I pulled out and started jerking over his body.

A caress of my thigh extended up to where he was cupping my balls. The heft in his hands yielded an intense, palpable excitement; he could sense a big load, stored and awaiting release. The thought of it spraying over his body, warming his skin, was electric…erotic and pleasurable. It was only a short time before he reached through my legs to tease my ass…rubbing and working a finger up into the heat. He grinned when I exploded with big strands over his dick. He watched, as I grunted out the last of it…and it slid down over my hand. I slowly, sensuously rubbed it over his chest and he grabbed for my hand. He smiled up at me, before running his tongue through the glaze and cleaning each finger between his lips.

As the orgasm subsided, he stood and I wrapped my arms around him; we pressed our bodies together, rubbing the manly seed over ourselves. It seems like he kissed me forever, over and over…as if he just couldn’t get enough. We opted to pass on going out, deciding to watch a movie at home. We gathered our clothes and put his dildo back. He eagerly asked if I could spend the night…he always wanted to spend the night together.

“Sure I’ll call Tina…she’ll be okay with it…no problem.”

He loved to have a man, poking or pushing into him. Young and insatiable, Eric was always a total cock-slut …he loved dick…he craved dick (we both did). We were both infatuated with the sex, we shared… our relationship was always incredible, exciting, satisfying…and the never-ending lust was fucking amazing! We woke to watch the sun rise together and he was more than ready for the wood that always came with morning! He smiled, before taking me between his lips!

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