Innocence Lost

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Debbie was looking forward to the camping trip with her best friend, Dee. She went camping with Dee and her dad every summer, and now that she was all grown up and HIgh School was just about over, she enjoyed just hanging out with her friends and having a good time. She always secretly hoped to meet some cute guys while they were out having fun. She was excited and optimistic about their future, and couldn’t wait to explore what being an adult was all about.

“Hey Deb!” Dee called over to her excitedly, yanking her out of her thoughts and back into reality. They were in the cafeteria at Piermont High. It was lunchtime at school, and her classmates poured into the large open room filled with long tables and hard plastic chairs, chatting excitedly to each other and smiling. The girls always hung out together at lunch, gushing to each other about their latest boy toy crushes. “Wanna sit over here in the back so we can talk? I have so much to tell you!” Dee said while winking at Debbie, grabbing her hand firmly and quickly pulling her over to the table in the far back corner, almost at a run. Debbie struggled to keep up with her, tripping a bit as she was almost flung to the back corner of the room by Dee’s eagerness.

Dee was a thin, petite golden blonde with curly waves that bounced when she walked. Her hair was long, reaching all the way to her taught round ass cheeks that stuck out with just the right curves, begging to be smacked. She had a perfect ass that looked great no matter what she wore. She loved to tease the boys by wearing short skirts or shorts that just barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks, displaying her long, toned legs with a perfect tan. She enjoyed the glances and ogling that her clothing choices brought, and she made sure to shake her ass with an exaggerated hip swing when she walked. Her small, perky 32B tits bounced with each step, and she enjoyed wearing low cut tops to show just a little peekaboo of cleavage.

Debbie followed Dee to the table and sat down in a hard plastic chair, momentarily thinking to herself that these chairs were likely the same ones she used in elementary school, that the school was just too cheap to get real chairs that were actually comfortable. She shifted in her chair a bit. “I can’t wait to tell you all about Nick!” Dee said to her while catching her gaze and raising her eyebrows up and down in a suggestive tone, plopping down in a chair directly across from her and taking a quick drink of her Orange Fanta, her eyes gleaming.

Debbie had seen that look before. She knew exactly what that meant. Dee had some juicy details to share about another hot guy she was hooking up with, and she would be forced to listen while secretly wishing she had a hot guy of her own. Debbie loved Dee dearly. They had been best friends for as long as she could remember, growing up together in a small, rural town. She had known Dee since they were both five years old. They had always gone to the same school. Hell, most of her classmates had been in school with her since kindergarten, so when a new guy arrived at school, all the girls went wild. They could become quite catty, fighting each other for a chance to be with him.

Nick was one of those new guys, and all the girls had been desperate to be the first to get with him. They fought to be the cutest, most attractive female on the school grounds to attract this new hottie. “Of course Dee would be the one to snag him” Debbie thought wistfully to herself, stabbing her salad with her fork before dropping it down on her plate with a clank. She had lost her appetite.

“So, listen, he’s like so totally hot, right?” Dee began. “So, he texted me the other day and said ‘Hi’, and I was like totally freaking out! Like, he was actually texting me! So I texted him back, playing it totally cool, you know, and was like ‘Hey you’. And he texted back right away! And he was like ‘Sup’. Can you believe it? I was so like freaking out!” Dee squealed with delight, clenching her fists and bouncing a little up and down in her chair, a huge grin on her face. “Shhh” Debbie said to her, patting Dee on the head. “You’re drawing attention to us”. Debbie shook her head a little, cringing while hanging her head low and hoping not to be noticed by their other classmates.

“So, he texted you ‘Hi’ and ‘Sup’. That’s cool, I guess.” Debbie said, picking up her fork again and stabbing at the lettuce in her salad. “Heck yeah, it’s cool!” Dee responded, her face gleaming, a huge grin on her face, flashing a bright white smile. “And guess what else?” Dee said in a slightly hushed tone, looking up at Debbie, a new mischievous grin spreading across her face. “What?” responded Debbie, sighing slightly and trying to hide her boredom. Dee slapped an open hand on the table and said “No, silly. You have to guess!” Debbie shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know” while shaking her head slightly. “Ugghhh, you’re no fun at all!” Dee exclaimed. “He kissed me! Well, not like, lips bahis şirketleri to lips or anything. But he blew me a kiss in the hallway on the way to class the other day! He like, totally is in love with me!”

Debbie looked up again from her salad, giving Dee a slow, incredulous look. “Did Dee actually believe what she was saying?” she thought to herself. Surely she must realize this was absolute crazy talk. Everybody knew that young guys only wanted one thing, and that one thing wasn’t love. Even if he was 18, he was still a high school dude. Debbie was glad she wasn’t that dumb and naive.

Debbie often found herself daydreaming of a hot guy, kissing her passionately on the lips, holding her tenderly close to him, pressing his hand into the small of her back as he gently smoothed her hair from her face and lightly stroked her cheek with his thumb. She dreamed at night about being ravished by a man, about having her body fully explored and used by him. She desperately wanted that, but felt she could never measure up to Dee.

Debbie had felt like she had lived in Dee’s shadow all her life. She was always the second choice, always the less talented one, the less attractive one, always the one with lower grades or less scholastic achievement, and always the last to get the guys. Dee had a killer smile that lit up the room and a bubbly personality that charmed everyone she was around. She wore tons of makeup, always seemed to have a slight sparkle to her skin and smelled amazing all the time. She was outgoing and athletic, and loved to be the center of attention.

Debbie was pretty much the exact opposite of Dee. She was shorter than most girls, and awkward around strangers. She was an introvert, and didn’t really enjoy small talk. She preferred the intense intellectual conversations mostly honed by those with big minds. She was turned on by intellectual types. Most people thought she was stuck up or weird, or at the very least aloof. She was nerdy and enjoyed playing video games with her guy friends, liked playing in the dirt and riding bikes, hunting for lizards and jumping her bike on ramps. You know, all the cool stuff. And all those guys that were her friends? They were cool, but they only saw her as a friend. In fact, most of them treated her like a little sister.

Debbie didn’t think she was as attractive as Dee. She had mousy brown hair that only grew about halfway down her back at the longest point. Her mom insisted on cutting it to save money, and always gave her a style with bangs that made her feel like she looked like she was about 8 years old. She also wore very little makeup. Most people just ignored her, further cementing her nagging feeling that there must be something wrong with her, that she just couldn’t measure up. She was very soft spoken, and often got ridiculed in school growing up because if she was called on in class, no one could ever hear her – she was constantly reminded that she needed to ‘speak up’, making the whole class laugh, and making her go inward even further to protect her fragile soul.

“What most people don’t realize,” Debbie thought to herself with a little smile “is that most nerds are also total freaks.” Debbie was horny all the time, and dreamed about having a hot man ravish her body and fill her up to relieve her longing desires. She would lie in bed at night and daydream about a man finally giving her what she wanted most. She loved to hump her bed at night while daydreaming about a hot guy grinding up against her, touching her with his manhood.

Her dad had a back massager that he sometimes used for his back aches. She found it one evening and decided to take it back to her room to play with it. She was feeling particularly horny tonight and turned it on while lying in bed, feeling its strong buzzing vibrations as she ran her fingers lightly over the end. She laid it on the sheets and climbed over the top of it with her shorts and panties pulled down around her ankles. She felt an intense heat between her legs, and couldn’t wait to lay her little pussy down on something hard, instead of just thrusting into the mattress over and over again in desperation.

As she lowered her body down slowly over the massager, positioning her little pussy mound right over the top of the massager head, she felt the most intense pleasurable sensations well up between her legs, wetness building. She could only keep her pussy touching the massager for a few moments before having to lift back up again – it was so intense, she could hardly stand it. It was driving her wild with desire. Her toes were curling, her breathing heavy and fast. She softly moaned, and slowly lowering her little pussy back down onto the massager, cried out a little. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes closed, imagining a man putting it inside of her. She started rotating her hips in little circles, pushing her pussy mound firmly against the massager. It felt so good, but she still wanted the real thing – she needed it bahis firmaları so badly.

She whimpered a little in desperation, humping the massager and clenching the bedsheets in her fists, as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled through her body. She could feel something welling up inside of her, like something big was coming. She felt a little like she needed to pee, and her breathing was rapid and short now, as she rubbed her sweet little mound on the vibrating massage head. “Ooo-ooh!” she cried out, as she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. She felt continuously on the edge, like it was going to happen very soon, but it was like it never quite reached the peak, no matter how hard she would hump and grind around on the massager. She spent the rest of the night with a tingling wet pussy that was desperate for a good hard fuck by a thick cock.

It was finally Friday, and she was so ready for the camping trip this weekend with Dee and her dad. Debbie was used to hanging around Dee’s house and knew Dee’s dad well. Dee had no siblings, and her dad liked her hanging out with Debbie so she had someone to spend time with that was her age. Not that Dee needed that – she was super popular, unlike Debbie. But Debbie really did enjoy the camping trips they had done every year together. Camping with Dee let her get away from it all and just relax. She felt like she could just be herself and was accepted for who she was.

Debbie rode with Dee and Dee’s dad to the campground after school. Debbie found herself just gazing out the window as she rode, watching the passing scenery and daydreaming about her night with the massager. What was that feeling she felt in her pussy last night? It was so different, like something was about to happen and felt so incredibly good. She wanted to try it again, to see what happened, to feel those incredible sensations welling up between her legs while she fantasized about a hot guy putting his hard manhood inside of her, squirting his cum deep inside. She was getting so hot and bothered again, her face red and feeling a bit flustered. She had to squeeze her thighs together and change her position a bit in her seat, in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pressure she felt between her legs. Dee didn’t notice, as she was passed out, snoring in the seat next to her. Debbie glanced up and noticed Dee’s dad, Larry, watching her in the rearview mirror. As soon as she made eye contact with him, he quickly looked back at the road ahead.

They arrived at the campsite just before dusk, and everyone quickly got to work setting up tents, laughing and just having a great time. Debbie soon felt relaxed and more at ease, enjoying being with those who understood her, and away from the stress of school. Dinner was served around the campfire, and everyone sat around laughing, chatting and telling jokes and embarrassing moments that had happened to them. She had been laughing so hard all evening that her sides hurt.

Larry had been watching Debbie all evening. Those tight shorts with that sexy little ass that just peeked out beneath the bottom of her shorts, the way she bent over to pick something up, her tight shirt with just a hint of cleavage on display. Just the way she walked turned him on so much. He constantly was battling with a hard on that he was having a hard time controlling. His thoughts turned dirty every time he saw her, and he would have to adjust himself in his pants to give his growing wood more space to expand, tucking it in his waistband and covering it with his shirt the best he could.

He dreamed of sucking her tits, fingering her tight little pussy before flipping her over on all fours and banging her from behind. He knew by the way she looked at him that she wanted him too. He could sense her desire. The smell of her hair whenever she walked past him drove him wild. He knew he shouldn’t have those thoughts and desires about a girl 25 years younger than him, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He wanted that tight, fresh little ass so badly, and frequently found himself having to step away to masturbate in the woods. He had to let some of the pressure out or he would surely explode. He would stroke it so hard and fast thinking about her bending over in front of him that he would gasp as he came hard, saying “Oh fuck, oh fuck!”, the cum dripping all over his fingers as he stroked it fast and furious.

As Debbie gazed softly at the campfire, staring into the flames, she became mesmerized as they danced and flickered around the stone fire pit. She again found herself fantasizing about a man putting himself inside of her. She fidgeted a bit in her seat, looking down and pretending that she was adjusting in her seat for other reasons so it wouldn’t appear so obvious that she was turned on. She was wearing a tight pair of denim shorts and a tight fitting plaid top that showed a little cleavage and was tied at her waist, her brown hair in cute pigtails. She felt that she had to dress kaçak bahis siteleri to impress when she was around Dee, even if there were no dudes around. You never knew when you might run into one, after all.

Debbie glanced up at the campfire again, watching the flames. She thought she noticed eyes staring at her through the dancing flames, but it was hard to tell as it was very dark now. She strained to look again, but saw nothing. “I must have imagined it” she thought to herself, thinking she was probably just tired from the long week. She glanced up again, and there it was – eyes looking right at her, staring at her with an intense ferocity through the flames of the fire. A look of hunger, of desperation. It was Larry.

She felt a little rush of excitement, a wetness developing in her panties. She shifted a bit in her seat, biting her lower lip and glancing up to meet his gaze for a brief moment before blushing and looking away. Why did she feel this way just because he was looking at her? He was far older than her, and she was sure he didn’t feel that way about her. She was feeling a little embarrassed by her reaction, but still felt incredibly turned on and a little curious about the look he was giving her. What could it mean? Did he want her in a sexual way?

Dee had gone to bed in her own tent, laughing and happily chatting about school activities and what colleges she was going to apply to. She was completely oblivious to the events that had unfolded this evening around the campfire. “Good night!” Dee shouted as she skipped along towards her tent, happy and gleeful from the evening around the campfire. She had been having so much fun talking about herself, she didn’t notice anyone else. This was not unusual for Dee, often wrapped up in her own world. After all, she had so much to offer the world, to anyone who was blessed to be in her presence. And her favorite topic was herself and all of her accomplishments. She delighted when anyone would listen to her, describing how great she was and why everyone should like her.

Debbie felt almost a little like she was drunk as she headed to bed that night, stumbling a bit as she walked to her tent, unzipping it slowly, her hands a little shaky, her breathing ragged. She managed to unzip it just enough to squeeze her body into the opening, climbing inside and then quickly turning around to zip it up. Her heart was pounding fast in her chest, her mind racing. She was still so turned on, so wet. Her little pussy was just begging to be touched, and she felt a strong urge to thrust her pelvis forward, to hump anything, just to get a little relief.

Debbie stripped off her clothes and put on an old comfy t-shirt, pulling her panties off and throwing them to the side, as they were now too damp to wear. She hadn’t brought a new pair with her since they were only camping one night. She would just have to go without them tomorrow.

Debbie unzipped her sleeping bag and crawled inside, immediately putting her hand over her hot little mound. She was surprised to find how wet she was between her legs. She had never felt it quite like that before. She pressed her open palm onto the top of her mound and thrust her pelvis forward, applying some pressure and slowly, deeply breathing in and out, feeling her tight little pussy twitch with each breath. She was so turned on. She closed her eyes and began daydreaming about a man putting himself inside of her, pushing it in and out, doing it harder and faster. Her breathing was becoming quicker now, and she found herself pushing her hand harder on her pussy and starting to rub it in little circles. A little moan escaped her lips, and she was now humping her hand desperately, wishing and praying for a man to come relieve her suffering, to fill her up.

She was so involved in her rubbing and humping, moaning a little louder with each throb of her pussy, that she never heard the zipper on the tent, never noticed a strange figure entering. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, then sliding down to touch her back, and finally turning her over so she was lying flat on her back. She tried to adjust her eyes in the dark, frozen with the sudden shock that someone was in the tent with her. She blinked her eyes several times, straining to try to see who this mysterious figure was. Suddenly, a face appeared close to hers and his lips pressed onto hers. “Oh, Debbie,” the strange person whispered. Her eyes had adjusted just enough as he had gotten closer – Larry. He was kissing her softly on the lips, his hand slowly exploring her body, touching her breast urgently.

She was suddenly feeling incredibly turned on, her pussy lips tingling with desire. She let a little moan escape her lips, her mind racing with excitement, passion, and more than a little nervousness. She was a virgin, after all. She didn’t know if it would hurt, if it would feel good, or what she was supposed to do. She was shaking a little, but Larry’s firm grip on her shoulder as he confidently explored her body with his mouth and his hands made her feel safe, to feel wanted. She had always thought he was kinda sexy, and had always been turned on each time she stole little glances at the bulge in his pants.

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