Indulging Sin

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The name is Scott, and have I got a story for you? First of all, let me tell you that I never was a believer of the supernatural, but after the experience I encountered it made me an instant believer.

I’m a counselor for the Goldstein Hospital in New York City. Let me tell you, handling these clients can be exhausting, but these people have needs as well. I usually handle clients very well, especially with the domestic abuse of women. I personally can’t stand guys that beat their women.

Counseling is extremely hard, because you don’t know whether or not you’re actually helping this person or not. Sometimes you’ll be questioning whether or not you’re asking the right questions, or whether or not you’re reading the right signals. It’s hard sometimes.

Being single, living in New York, and being a counselor is difficult for me physically and emotionally. A friend of mine has tried to hook me up several times at clubs, but in the end all I would get is the stale cigarette smell on my clothes and girls who are too drunk to notice me.

I’ve been in relationships before, but really never found that true love, it’s not just about sex for me.

However, that all changed . . .

One day, I was at the local coffee shop and that’s when I met her, Janet.

Janet was a slender woman with light brown hair done in a ponytail, light white skin, and wearing wire-brimmed glasses. The coffee shop was packed with the morning drones, so Janet was quite busy. I didn’t know what her name was until her co-worker kept calling her name out to make more coffee. I was smitten by her beauty, even though she didn’t look the part of being beautiful with her coffee shirt and her black apron.

I finally approached Janet and she spoke with exhaust and haste.

“May I take your order?” Janet asked.

“Yes, give me a Mocha,”

Janet quickly gathered the cup, the flavoring, and the coffee while her co-worker was handling the rest of the customers.

“Three dollars,” Janet said.

I gave her three dollars and took my cup of coffee. I wanted to stay and ask her out, but I knew that she was busy and it would behoove me not to try to pick up a date when she’s under stress. I’m a counselor for Christ’s sakes. I at least know that much.

I went to work thinking about Janet. Wow. She was so beautiful. Her petite body, her perky breasts, her milky white skin, the light mocha hair pinned up. I know some guys wouldn’t look at a girl like her, because she’s not the usual big breasted, blonde, tanned model like woman. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Janet looked . . . innocent, and maybe she was.

After a grueling day at work I finally left the hospital. I lifted my hand to signal for a cab, and to my surprise one came very quickly, which is rare in New York. I was so exhausted that I must have not been paying attention, because as soon as the cab came Janet walks quickly toward the cab, opens the door, and just as she was getting ready to get in I yelled “Hey! That’s my cab!”

Much to my chagrin, Janet turned with what looked like trepidation in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m late for class, but I can get the next one.” Says Janet.

Realizing who she was, I quickly recanted my words. “Oh, no, that’s okay, you go ahead.”

The cab driver was getting highly impatient, either that or greedy, “Why don’t you both get in, and I’ll drive?”

Janet looked at the cab driver, then turned to me, and as she was fixing her glasses she smiled and said, “Well, okay, but I don’t have that much money.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of the fare,” I said.

Janet smiled and got in the cab while leaving the door open for me to get in. As I entered the cab, I noticed the strong smell of coffee on Janet. So strong it blocked out the usual smell of ass and cheap perfume that is usually in New York cabs.

“Where to, lady?” asked the cab driver.

“New York University, please,” Janet nervously said.

Janet was nervous in the cab as her body was stiffened, her hands clamped, and her eyes were glued to her shoes. I decided to break the ice.

“So, what are you studying?”

“Massage therapy,”

“Really? Do you get a lot of hands-on?” I jokingly asked.

Janet chuckled a little and it was apparent that she felt a little more comfortable around me.

Janet extends her hand to me and says, “I’m Janet.”

I warmly greet her, “Scott.”

“Glad to meet you, Scott.” Janet says with a warm smile.

Janet stayed silent for a little bit. I didn’t mind much; after all, as a counselor the best thing to do is to stay silent while the other person is ready to speak. Besides, I was busy observing Janet’s figure. Even though it was fully clothed with a white and green stripped work shirt and brown pants with black shoes that look like my grandma would wear, I was looking at her lips and what it would feel like to have those pressed against mine.

“So, you like mocha, huh?” Janet asks.

“You remembered?” I asked.

“Yeah, I remembered you,” Janet nervously kocaeli escort chuckled.

I was astonished and flattered that she would remember me. With all those people in the coffee shop, she remembers me and how I like my coffee.

Before I knew it, the car stops and the cab driver demand the fare. I paid the driver Janet’s fare.

“Well, this is my stop. Maybe I’ll see you sometime,” smiles Janet.

“Sure, maybe,” I said.

Janet opened the door and left the cab, but as soon as she closed the door she smiled to me and waved. I waved back with a smile of my own. I watched her walk to the university entrance as it felt like slow motion, but it was interrupted by the cab driver yelling, “where to, buddy?!” I told the driver my address and he drove away.

I was sitting in my apartment ruminating about Janet. Truth be told that I was thinking about her massages. Her steely little fingers caressing my body. I also thought of what it would be like to have her lips do the massaging for her.

I went to bed that night with great intent to fantasize about Janet. I relaxed in my bed as I began to fantasize about Janet. I imagined Janet being a masseuse in her little parlor with low lighting, the heat bellowing in, and Janet’s hands all over my back as I lay naked on her bed. The feel of her hands would sooth my tensed back and neck, but then she would start to take her clothes off and reveal her body. Janet would whisper in my ear to flip over as I would witness her tight little body with perky breasts and erect little pink nipples staring at me. I imagined Janet’s pussy being clean shaven, deducing that she does indeed have a little devil inside her after all.

Janet would take her warm, steely little fingers begin to slowly breeze down my chest. Janet’s fingertips slowly running down my chest was slightly ticklish, but it made my cock hard.

Finally, her fingers would reach my cock as they would gently touch the shaft of my penis and each time my cock would jump with delight. I imagined Janet going down slowly with her hands to steady my cock while she gave the throbbing, pulsating organ gentle kisses. Finally, she would devour my cock. The feeling of her lips suckling my cock would feel like a dream. She would stroke my cock while she was sucking as well as cup and massage my balls. Janet knew how to handle my cock as my body tensed and I could feel my cock shake. Janet would stroke faster and suck harder. My cock exploded in Janet’s mouth as her eyelids trembled and her eyes looked like she was savoring every drop of cum into her mouth.

I woke up and noticed that I literally cummed while thinking about Janet sucking my cock. Amazingly enough, I didn’t even have to touch my cock.

I sighed as I drifted to sleep.

The next day, I went back to the coffee shop. This time the shop was bare and Janet was busy wiping down tables.

I approached her. “Hi, Janet.”

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Good, good. Listen, um, what are you doing tonight?”

“I got class at 5,”

“Oh….well, how about tomorrow?”

Janet smiled and said, “Well, I guess we can get…coffee, or something.”

I chuckled, “Coffee, right. Okay, tomorrow then.”

I had to quickly leave, because I had a new client waiting for me.

Moments later, my secretary informed me that my client was already in my office. I panicked. I’m usually punctual, but this time I was late.

I quickly walked in with apologies flying out of my mouth; however, suddenly it struck me who was in my office. A voluptuous woman with developed breasts and long snow white legs. Her sable hair was long and full of body. This woman wore a black dress that came just above the knee with matching black high heeled shoes that showed off her beautiful painted dark red toenails. Her face was just as amazing as she had piercing eyes like a cat. Her lips were full and looked as if they could show a cock a good time.

Despite that she was perfect looking, there was something strange about her, because I also noticed a tattoo on her right arm was of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross.

“Odd, she doesn’t look like a Christian.” I thought.

Her legs were crossed not leaving anything to the imagination, but damn she was hot as hell. To think, I had to sit in front of those snow white legs. Sometimes I love my job. What else struck me odd was, for someone seeking counseling she doesn’t seem too nervous, or anxious.

“A court-ordered client, maybe?” I thought to myself. Damn, what did she do to be court-ordered to counseling?

I looked over her paperwork and noticed her name was Lucy Valentine.

“How are you doing, today?” I asked.

Lucy gazed at me with her piercing eyes and what appeared to be a smirk on her face, but why the smirk?

“I’m fine, Doctor. How are you?” She asked.

“I’m good, but I’m not a Doctor,” I explained.

“I apologize,”

Lucy’s voice was strong, but soft. She didn’t sound like an airhead, nor did she sound butch. She sounded perfect.

“What brings kolej escort you to counseling?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve been having an issue with something,” she asked.

“Oh, what is it?”

“Well, see, there’s this person I’ve been seeking, and I don’t know who this person is, but I’m very interested in this person, if you know what I mean,” Lucy says with a gaze.

“So, you mean sexually?”

“I guess you could say that, but I don’t think this person would be very interested in my kind of sexual needs,”

“Okay, why not?”

“Well, because this person lives an ascetic lifestyle, and I don’t really think this person would be interested in me, let alone my kind of fun,”

While she was talking, I couldn’t help but notice her physically. God, what a body. Those pale white legs shining in front of me, along with her breasts ready to pop out of her top was making me wish that somehow gravity would work on my side; alas, it wasn’t.

After a moment or two, the session was over, and I felt that she was too elusive; in order words, despite this session of her sexuality with whomever she was talking about, I felt that she didn’t leave me a lot to work with, but with a body like that I was willing to work with her. Who knows, maybe she’ll stop being a conundrum and let out more. God, let’s only hope she lets out a lot more.

After work, I went home. Before I knew it, I got a knock on my door. I answered it and there was Janet, dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Hi!” I surprisingly said.

“Hi. I heard you were a big name in the club scene,”

“Well, not really, but I do like to go,”

“Well, how about we go tonight?”

“But, I thought we were meeting tomorrow?”

“Well…I can’t stop thinking about you,”

My heart was racing at this point. This woman was thinking about me?

“Okay, just let me grab a shower,”

“Okay,” smiled Janet.

I quickly ran to my bathroom and turned on the shower. At this point I was just hoping that Janet would have the urge to come in and catch me in the shower. I’ve always fantasized about being an exhibitionist, but really never had an audience. I get in the shower and let the tepid water hit my body. I close the curtain and begin to lather up the soap, when suddenly I noticed the door opening.

“Don’t mind me. I just have to pee!” shouts Janet trying to overthrow her voice through the loud showerhead.

I was nervous. My heart was pounding. My brain was thinking of every irrational thought there was. “Does she want to see me? Does she want to see me…naked?” The shower curtain didn’t really reveal a whole lot, but enough to where anyone with a good imagination could speculate what the person looks like.

I could hear the toilet seat drop gently and the sounds of Janet’s jeans being unbuttoned, unzipped and falling past her legs down to her ankles. I couldn’t hear the trickling of urine coming out, but then again I was in the shower with the strident sounds of water blasting through the shower head. However, the next sound was unmistakable. I heard Janet let out a smattering of moans. “Damn, did she have to go or what?” I thought. I remember chuckling softly to myself, but then a louder moan echoed. Curiosity was setting in, but do I dare take a look at what she’s doing? Obviously, she had to really go, otherwise why would she be in here while I was taking a shower?

I carefully walked over to the edge of the curtain and was slowly and methodically pulling back to see what was going on. Alas, whatever was happening, was happening no more. All I saw was Janet buckling her belt around her waist and sighing with relief. She went to flush the toilet when she spotted me. Suddenly, trepidation sets in for her.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she nervously says.

“It’s okay. I was done anyway,”

I turned off the shower as the few remaining drops of water were gulped by the drain. Suddenly, I noticed something, I had a rock hard dick standing at attention. Now, I was timid, because for some odd reason Janet didn’t leave suddenly.

“Um, could you hand me a towel?”

“Uh…oh…um, okay,” Janet nervously said.

Janet grabbed a towel and handed it to me through the shower curtain with her face away from the curtain. Even though my brain was thinking “she just had to really pee,” my other brain was saying “she’s horny as hell as she just pleasured herself inside the hot steamy bathroom with you taking a shower.”

Janet flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and left quickly. I pulled the towel around my waist and positioned my penis upwards so it didn’t look like I was pointing a gun. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see what transpired on my commode, but whatever the case may be I’m sure my toilet enjoyed it tremendously.

That night, we went to a club in Manhattan, it was a dance club that usually played a lot of techno/hip-hop style music. The atmosphere was big, and dark. Hundreds of people huddled around each other dancing close to one another while the boisterous konak escort sounds of music fill the room with black lights giving a purple glow to anyone that wears light colors.

Janet and I sat at a booth that sets outside the dance area. Our waitress came over and asked what we wanted to drink. I asked for a dry martini, and Janet ordered a strawberry daiquiri. Janet and I sat in front of each other as we had to pretty much speak loudly through the music just to get a conversation in.

“So, how do you like it?!” I asked.

“It’s pretty cool!”

“Yeah! A lot of people love to dance here!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever been in a dance club!”

“Really?! Me and my friends come here all the time!”

As the conversation continued, I noticed someone in the dance area. It was Lucy! Lucy was dressed in a short black skirt and a black vinyl vest that barley buttoned around her bosom leaving her breasts just aching to come out. I could hear Janet talking, but I was too awe-struck with Lucy. Lucy’s skin was so white that it left a glow to her body from the black lights above the ceiling.

Lucy approached the dance floor and began to dance by herself. God, she was sexy. The way her hips would gradually glide back and forth to the beat of the music, the way she would give that look, the way the muscles of her legs would tense and ease with every move she made. I was smitten, and to be honest, lusting over her.

Every now and then I would turn to Janet to give her a notice that I was paying attention, despite I wasn’t. However, though, I would always turn back to watch Lucy put a spell on me with her erotic dancing.

Suddenly, a tall, toned, and tanned man wearing a three-piece suit approached her from behind and began to dance with her. Lucy accepted his company as she moved back with him as her ass met with his crotch. I was getting extremely turned on by Lucy, especially since she had a companion with her, but what they did next got me hard as a rock.

With hundreds of people bundled all over the dance floor, it was hard to notice the details of what was going on, but as I was looking through the people to watch Lucy dance with this guy I noticed that Lucy was gradually unzipping this guy’s pants without unbuttoning them. The guy was turned on as he began to devour Lucy’s neck. She enjoyed the kisses, but as I was still looking I noticed that her skirt was hiked a little on this guy’s stomach. Suddenly, both Lucy and this guy’s face were in awe with pleasure. Their mouths were wide open. Their eyes were rolling back. Both of their bodies were grinding each other, but to anyone not paying full attention to them it looked as if they were just dancing, but I knew better. It’s obvious that there was a reason she wore a skirt, and it’s apparent that this guy was wearing boxers. In other words, Lucy was getting fucked from behind with hundreds of people around them dancing to the music.

Apparently, I was staring for too long, because I forgot all about Janet.

“Excuse me!” screams Janet.

I turned to her with great fear. “Oh! I’m sorry!”

Janet turns to see what I was staring at and even she was in awe.

“Wow! He’s really giving it to her, huh?!” Says Janet.

“You know what they are doing?!”

“Yeah! That’s how people dance nowadays! Kinda kinky isn’t it?! It almost looks like they are having sex!” says Janet.

I turned back to see Lucy still getting fucked from behind by this hunk. I was so turned on by this. The taboo of secretly having sex with someone and giving the illusion that they are just being normal and dancing was making my heart beat faster and faster. Suddenly, Lucy looked over and seen me. With lust in her eyes Lucy looked at me and began to say “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Despite I couldn’t hear her, I was reading her lips. Of course, it looked like she was yearning that I fuck her, but of course she could be giving this message to her boy toy that was busy grinding his cock inside her pussy.

Finally, in unison, they both quivered with delight. It was obvious, he was cumming inside her and she was enjoying his seed.

The stud gradually pulled out his flaccid member as he packed it back in and zipped his pants without anyone, with the exception of Janet and I, noticing. Lucy straightens her skirt as she gazed at me with those cat like eyes. She showed a smirk and walked away without the stud.

I turned to Janet and she looked back and without saying it I read her lips saying “wow.”

I chuckled. We decided to leave the dance club.

I walked Janet outside the club and began to talk with her.

“Wow, that…different,” I said.

“Yeah. I can’t believe that they got away with it,” says Janet.

I couldn’t help but think about Lucy. God, she was so hot getting it from behind by some stranger.

I walked Janet outside her small apartment complex, which looked like a dump to be honest.

“Well, this is my place…um…so, I guess I’ll see you at the shop tomorrow?” asks Janet.

“Uh, sure,”

Janet looked nervous as she was fiddling with her keys, not to mention she was biting her bottom lip, which was a turn on for me. Janet pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose as she looks up at me as if she was looking for me to answer a question.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32