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In the Pizza Shop


Where I grew up, there was this pizza shop with a big Italian guy, the kind with a thick body, a bit of a belly, and dark hair all over. His name was Leo. He was the kind of guy with arms covered in hair and with chest and armpit hair sticking out of the collar and sleeves of his white t-shirt. Every time I would go and sit at the counter, watching him get all sweaty at the pizza oven while I ate my slice, I”d get a boner so bad I would squirm on my stool. 


In senior year of high school, I started going to get pizza in the late morning, right after the shop opened, when there was usually no one else in there but me and Leo.  Leo was always especially busy at that time getting everything ready for lunch, and always got super sweaty from working so hard. I would watch his t shirt get all dark from sweat in his armpits and on his chest. I would watch his face and neck drip with sweat, and watch it trickle down to the neckline of his t-shirt. Sometimes Leo would stick his hand up under his t-shirt from the bottom to scratch his chest. When he did that, he would expose his hairy belly. His dark hair was shiny from sweat. Those were the moments I would wait for.


It got so I would wake up almost every morning with a boner just thinking about going to the pizza shop and watching Leo. I would jerk off morning, noon, and night thinking about him. I used to imagine what he looked like naked and fantasize about being escort izmit naked with him and playing with each other.


So one day I decided to be brave, and I made a plan. It seemed crazy, but I thought it might just work. I went to the shop early. I ordered my usual Coke and slice, and then I asked Leo if I could use the bathroom in the rear of the shop. The door to the bathroom was out of view of the rest of the shop, behind the pizza oven. I got in there, flushed the toilet to pretend I had taken a pee, and unzipped my shorts. I then stuck a tiny, rolled up piece of paper down in the zipper. I tugged the zipper up, and, just like I had hoped, it got stuck!


With my stuck zipper, I walked out of the bathroom, making like I was just zipping up after taking a pee, and started tugging away. I stood there, pretending to try and zip, hoping the zipper would stay stuck. After a few moments, I said “Oh, shit.” Leo asked what was the matter and I said “I can”t believe this but my zipper is stuck.” At first, he didn”t do or say anything, and I just stood there. I starting thinking my plan wouldn”t work. But then he came back! I started tugging away again, and he looked at me kind of weird, and then he laughed. I said “It”s really stuck and I can”t go out like this because I didn”t wear any underwear this morning.” 


He kept looking at me. He didn”t say anything for what seemed like a long time, and I worried he was mad. But I noticed izmit escort he kept looking down at my crotch. And then he grabbed his own crotch, and I could see he was hard and was kind of moving stuff around to make it more comfortable. And then he said, “I didn”t wear any underwear today either, Joshie. I usually don”t.”


Just talking about going commando with Leo made me hornier. But I wanted more. So I gulped and took my chance. “Can you try and fix it?,” I said, trying to sound really helpless. To my relief, Leo didn”t laugh or say no. Instead, he came over and said “Let me try.” He grabbed my zipper and started tugging. I started wobbling around, from being horny and from being tugged on, and so he said “Hold on to my shoulders and stay still.”


With me hanging onto his big shoulders, Leo kept tugging and we both started breathing really heavily. My face was at neck level of him, and I could smell his sweat. A couple of times, he looked me right in the eyes, and then looked away. And then, all of a sudden, he stopped tugging. He looked into my eyes again, but this time he didn”t look away. My heart started beating faster, And then Leo slipped his hand into my open fly, pressing his sweaty palm against my dick. It felt incredible. It was exactly what I was hoping for!


Leo rubbed and pressed against my dick with his palm a bit. And then he said “Now you, too.” I opened his fly, but I went one step further, izmit kendi evi olan escort taking his hard dick out and jerking it. 


He grabbed my dick in his hand and pulled me close with his other arm. I put my free arm around him. We stood there, me and my sexy Leo, leaning into each other, holding each other close and pumping each other”s dicks. He was a little taller than me, so my dick was pressed up against his thick bush, and his was pressed against my belly. 


I was in heaven. Leo kept sweating more and more. I wanted to lick sweat off him, but I didn”t dare. I thought about asking him to take his shirt off, but I didn”t want him to let go of my dick. We jerked each other, not too fast but not too slow, and his breathing got heavier and heavier. I got weak in the legs. I think I would have fallen down if not for leaning into Leo. Finally, he said, “Here it comes,” and I felt his dick pulsate in my hand and shots of jizz make my belly hot and wet. And that made me shoot, a whole bunch of times, right into his bush.


We stood there hanging on to each other for a tiny bit, and then he let go of my dick. I let go of his. I looked at his jizz on my hand. I wanted to taste it, but didn”t dare. Then Leo said we needed to wash up, and, in the bathroom together, he said we could play together again sometime. I said, “And I won”t have to make believe my zipper is broken?” He looked at me confused for a second, then laughed.




This is my first story for Nifty. I hope to write more. This story, like the others I think about writing, are all the fantasies of a horny college kid. It would be very cool to hear from readers: ail


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32