Identical Obsession Next Door Pt. 01

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Okay, so I’d like to start this off by saying I’m usually a REALLY good kid. Straight A’s all throughout high school and college, so far. Never been arrested, never smoked weed, I don’t drink, I don’t get into fights or shouting matches. I’m really content with being content. And that’s the honest truth: I’ve only had sex once before and it was with a girl I’d been seeing for over three months and we had only tried it a few times (missionary exclusive if you must know…).

I mention all this because when I say that today was unlike any other day— I mean it. I’m genuinely still shaking as I write this… but I want this written down as quickly as possible. I don’t want to forget a single piece as the euphoria slowly drips away. And that smell, that wonderful but dangerous smell, under my fingernails that serves a constant reminder of how badly I stuck my hand “in the cookie jar” today (literally and figuratively) will eventually go away too.

To provide a little bit of context: I was born Max. Well, Maxwell Chester Arthur to be exact. I’m 19, almost 20 now. And I grew up in a medium-sized slice of suburbia about half an hour away from Chicago.

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with my neighbor Buzz’s daughters. They were twins. Identical twins. Yeah… and they were only a few years older than me so ever since I started having a mind towards *that* kind of thing my fantasies would usually start with them. They looked like sorority sisters. Not too tall, so they never embarrassingly towered over me, but thin with these flawless long legs. Not giant tits and giant ass either, but there’s a difference between “pornstar hot” and “girl next door hot” and I can appreciate both of them! Especially the latter with my ambitious side for the future… you don’t become Governor without a smart, sophisticated, trophy bonus veren siteler wife by your side, I’d think to myself and fantasize late at night. I don’t know how the public would react if I was able to bag them both though haha but I would if I could.

Holly it was kind of just routine at this point, as sad as that is to say. They had been back for I wanna say just a few days now. I didn’t even have excuses to drop by their place anymore.

Tex we all have moments with our parents.” We both chuckle for a minute.

“Yeah, well… she is right though! I’d be more than happy to help you out.”

“Oh that’d be awesome. My mom told me you were an English major, and I always remembered how smart you were growing up so she was like ‘Ask Max!'”

“It’s funny.. I always use to think you and Holly were the smart ones. Haha, um, well, when would you need me?”

She looked me dead in the eyes (or at least that’s what I imagined). “Right now.”

Gulp. “You *need me* right now?”

“Yes,” she replied sheepishly. “I’m such a procrastinator- it isn’t due tomorrow or anything, but I’d really appreciate it.”

“Fair enough. Let’s go!”

And just like that we were out the house. I could’ve had my arm around her in that moment I felt like the FUCKING MAN!!


When Heather opened up the front door to her house and I walked in and wiped my shoes off I immediately turned to her and said “Where’s Holly?” Jesus Christ… I’m such a horny bastard haha!

Heather explained she just went out for dinner with her boyfriend but should be back soon. Ugh, I thought to myself, this was Jay (and yes, I knew this from the Instagram stalking) he was a real piece of work: typical frat douchebag the type that always seemed to get lucky with Holly. I should really just be happy bedava bahis I have Heather to myself for an evening!

When we got upstairs into her room I realized this had been the first time I was actually in here… as a guest. She grabbed her MacBook from her desk and hopped on her bed, flipped it on, and then padded the mattress to her right letting me know to join her up there.

I happily obliged and when I was up there I made no attempts to keep my distance and instead got close enough that I could feel the warmth emanation from her skin. I swear I almost drooled! I felt my pants tighten, and I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able any real help in this state.

“So the paper’s on Greek Mythology: I’m writing about the Ilyiad and I’m trying to talk about Helen of Troy and I need a sentence here that accurately conveys her beauty… but not just that it also has to be beauty that makes her irreproachable, like too good for you. Does that make sense?” She looked at me in earnest.

“More than you know!” ‘I want to throw this computer off your lap and just hold you down and fuck you!’ “Helen of Troy she was the most beautiful woman in the world right?”

“Exactly. She’s not a goddess like Aphrodite, but she’s like Megan Fox or whoever you think is the most beautiful woman in the world right now!”

“Mhm… well, she’s been living there for a while. And Paris has never had the guts to say anything. She’s like the reason you comb your hair to the side or spend an extra minute eying yourself in the mirror… I guess the word that comes to mind is… soul-bending.”

Heather looked at me very intently now. Maybe it was the look in my eyes but suddenly the last eight years all made sense to her in an instant. “How about ‘relatable?'”

There was another long pause and all of a deneme bonus sudden I could feel my head pressing forward—reading her countenance—but all the while gently going further than I’ve ever gone before. I think I can see/feel her gently move closer too, but her eyes were still wide open…

Suddenly, in our most perfect moment together, they door slammed shut very audibly from downstairs. It was Holly coming home. I could hear bits and pieces coming from downstairs: “Absolutely unbelievable… what’s wrong with him… I can’t believe he’d… and to think…”

Heather laughed. “I better go see what that’s all about.” And before I knew it she was gone. I got up too soon after that, looked around the room, and then started to grab my things. My moment was spoiled and I was so sour about it. What— am I gonna have to wait another eight years before I get a prime moment like that again?

Jesus. I paced for a minute then decided to head out… and as I just about to make my way down the hallway when I could hear Heather and Holly coming up the stairs: they were in deep conversation.

“And then to top it all off I say, ‘okay, I’m ready to go now’ you can scour the internet of porn you won’t find anything either! Two perfect 10s, their asses sticking up in the air: Heather was clasping her hands under her boobs, while Holly was resting her cheek on them.

Holly even took her jorts off and was just in her pink panties now. I clambered up onto the bed in between the two girls. We fit perfectly on Heather’s Queen-sized bed. I rested my hand on both of their lower backs. “You girls ready?” I said with a little sinister smile on my face.

“Mm-hmm,” they replied together.

I started on Holly. At this point I was so hard I had to move my cock up against the elastic of my underwear to keep it from tearing a hole in my pants. Holly immediately let out a little moan when I rested my balls gently between her asscheeks. Now I was ready to get to work. I cracked my knuckles as I breathed in her flawless back & just how insane this day was turning out to be!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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