I Remember

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You come up to me and kiss me. It’s soft and sweet and electric. The kiss starts to deepen. A small moan escapes my lips.

A hand finds my breast through my clothes and your thumb finding my nipple makes me take a deep breath against your tongue.

Encouraged You run the edge of your thumb back and forth across my nipple as my teeth find your lower lip. I gently bite down and suck.

Moving across your lower lip. Every now and again darting with my tongue to lick your lip.

You walk Me backwards to the bed and splay Me down onto the mattress below.

I stare into your eyes as you lean down and pull my breasts out of my bra. I arch up to try to kiss you but you push me back down gently.

You grab my arms in your hands and pull them up above my head. Your lips move across my shoulders, traveling across my neck and my chest until they find one hard perky nipple.

You gently start to suck.

I gasp.

Just that alone is making Me wet. I try to free my hands so I can touch you and your grip tightens. You look up and wink. Shake your head no. You move on to my other nipple, but this time all You do is hover over it and breath.

I arch my back toward you again. Wanting, needing You to suck it but you don’t. Instead You come up and kiss kilis escort the whimpers from my mouth. As you do so You tie each of my wrists up with satin ties attached to the bed.

I strain against them as I feel the need building up throughout my body. You smile at me. Kiss me again. Work your way down my navel.

My breathing gets harder.

“Please let me touch you?”

You pretend not to hear me. Your hands run up and down my legs. When unexpectedly, You grab my thighs and pull Me half off the bed as You bury your head against my mound.

Your tongue finds my clit.

I cry out.

You take your time.

Alternating between licking and sucking . I can’t help it. I squirm under the skillful use of your tongue.

With one hand You reach up and pinch a nipple. I buck hard.

My juices flowing out and down around your mouth.

“Please! I need. .Let me touch you. Put You in my mouth.. Please!”

You slide a finger inside Me, than two. Finger fucking Me while I buck and strain against You. Against my binds. Against the wave that is building up inside Me.

“I’m gonna cum.. Please…

I’m gonna cum..Let Me suck You.. Please? I’m gonna cum!”

You undo your jeans. Pull them down and thrust your hardness kıbrıs escort inside me. You have to work your way in slowly as I’m tight against your sheath.

Your all the way inside me now. My pussy tight and wet around your cock.

I scream, as I cum in waves as you thrust.

You’re deep inside my tight wetness. Filling me to the core. You quickly untie Me and flip Me over onto my stomach. I feel my wrists being rebound.

You pull Me to the edge of the bed. My ass is in the air. My pussy dripping wet. I feel your finger enter Me, and as I gasp I feel the sting of your hand across my ass check.

You slide your finger in and out slowly, as my other ass cheek feels the sting. I feel another enter Me as the slaps keep coming. I’m crying out, but my face is buried against the sheets!

It hurts!

It feels so good!

I can’t take anymore!

You are still finger fucking my tight pussy as I feel your tongue near my anus.

“Oh no!” I say, as I buck a bit.

You push me down hard into the bed as You bury your face in my ass. I know what’s coming.

I rebel against it best I can, but thoughts are leaving

Me to make way only for sensation.

Your cock enters my tight ass and I almost pass out. The slap on kırıkkale escort my ass cheek keeps me grounded, as you continue to fuck my ass.

My pussy dripping… dripping… I can’t stop the orgasm that floods my body. I know what that means. I’m going to keep orgasming over and over until I collapse.

My body falls flat to the bed as my legs collapse from under Me. You pull away.

Hearing rustling, I try to wonder, but the orgasm has filled my very soul. I feel a tug against my tied wrists and You lift me up and turn Me around.

For the first time you speak.

“You’ve been very bad. Which is why You had to be punished. But You took your punishment so well, You get to have a what you want.”

My eyes go to your hard cock in front of Me and I dive for it. Wrapping my lips around your smooth head, I’m in heaven as I enjoy my treat. My eyes rolling back into my head as I suck.

I’m still cuming. My legs are soaked with my juices. I taste yours.I can’t get enough.

I must have more.

Licking ..sucking.. taking You as deep as I can into my mouth. Your an intoxicating drug that I can’t stop needing.

Suddenly, You explode as I suck. Moaning, I swallow every last drop of your cum. Even after I can’t find anymore, I lick around and up and down your shaft . I’m finally sated.

My eyes start to close of their own volition. My body no longer my own.

I barely remember being picked up and put into bed.

The covers tucked around me.

The light kiss upon my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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