I Got a Recruit To Cum!

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Note: Names have been altered to protect involved parties.

The big day was coming. Our school was hosting an awesome player that was sure to help our team become the unstoppable machine that would dominate our entire conference for years to come! We had a hall of fame coach in place and we had several SuperStars on our team already. This would just be the icing on the cake – a transfer player from a major university was coming to visit our campus because he was unhappy playing behind another SuperStar freshman at a Big 10 school. He did not feel like he got a fair chance to play as a freshman so he was looking to get out and play for a school that appreciated his massive talents. We already added Junior College studs for an already impressive Junior Class for 2003, but a dominating player like this would surely make us unstoppable the conference for years to come! And he was visiting our campus to see if he wanted to play for us! As the

fan, I was going to do whatever it took to get him to play for our team!

It was a cold Saturday the second week in December when he arrived for his official visit. I could not wait to meet him. I knew all the places the players hung out because I was such a big fan. So I knew it would just be a matter of time before I bumped into him. I was going to do my best to make sure that our city made a big impression on him!

While hanging out at the library, I got my first glimpse of him. He was being escorted by a cast of people from the university who were showing him the campus. At 6 feet 2 inches, 205 pounds, he was already built like a SuperStar running back. And he was very handsome. I knew my time to convince him would come.

I followed from afar as the tour of the campus continued. As they started towards the student union, he glanced back at me. I don’t know if it was just a normal glance or if he noticed I was following him. I didn’t want to look like a stalker so I hung back even further.

When they finally made it to the student union, they stopped and talked for about a minute outside the game room. Not wanting to be too conspicuous, I kept walking and paced right by the small group. I overheard istanbul travesti the campus party tell the recruit to meet them back at that spot at exactly 5 pm. It was only 2 pm right now! Yes!

I followed JJ into the game room and watched as he approached a football video game. The arcade was nearly empty because it was the weekend after finals. I stood about 5 feet behind him as he kicked butt on the game. He was really getting into it and I already knew I loved his passion. After the game ended, he looked back at me and said “Why are you following me?”

I stammered because I didn’t expect it. Here I was standing right next to a future SuperStar! And I couldn’t get a word out of my mouth. After a few seconds I got my composure and told JJ that I was a big fan of his and I hoped he would play for our team. He smiled and said he didn’t make up his mind yet but that this place was cool. Then I asked him for his autograph! I smiled and he smiled as he signed the football I always carry around with me. Then he asked if I wanted to play against him in the video game. Cool! I ran to the change machine and got $10 in quarters so we could play for awhile.

While we played we talked. He was kicking my butt royally. I kept telling him how great our city was and how great our head coach and players were even though we did only have a 5-7 record last year. He laughed a little bit and said I was not a good salesman. That got me really mad and I was going to tell him to screw off, but I calmed down and told him even more good things about our stadium, our fans and everything else I could think of. As our first game ended, he scored a touchdown and he looked at me and said “game over”. I took it figuratively as if he wasn’t going to come here and I panicked. He said other places have more to offer than here. That got me mad and I was on the edge of telling him to go fuck himself for being such a stubborn asshole. But again I was doing this for my team and our fans, so I said “JJ, what do you need to come here?” He chuckled and said “do you really want to know?” I said “Yes. I only make $7 per hour as an assistant manager trainee, but I will give you istanbul travestileri as much as I can.” He said, “I’m not looking for that. I ain’t about that”. Then he said “Do you really, really want me to come here? How bad?” I told him that I would do anything. He said “Cool, meet me in the men’s bathroom around the corner in 10 minutes” and then he left.

I wandered to get a drink and wondered what he meant by that. I guess I would soon find out.

I walked into the bathroom and it was completely empty. I didn’t see anybody at first so I just waited by the sink. Then I heard JJ say “in here” from one of the stalls. I walked over to the stall and the door was ajar. I walked in there and my jaw dropped as JJ was standing there completely naked! He had the body of a black Adonis! And his cock was soft but it still hung down a quarter of the way down to his knee. It must have been 6 inches while soft and very thick!

“Suck me” JJ demanded.

I reached over and gently taking his cock in my hands, I started massaging his cock and balls. In the meantime I positioned my self over his huge tool. Then when I thought he really wanted it, I started my descent. I kissed the crown of his cock, then again. JJ moaned. I kissed again, this time sucking the head into my mouth. JJ moaned again. Each time I kissed his cock, I took more of his tool into my mouth, and each time it was getting harder to take it in. I knew it would take time to get it all into my mouth, but I was determined to do it. Kissing, sucking, kissing, sucking, and finally I felt his cock in my throat. I didn’t gag but now his cock extended to at least 10 shiny black inches in length and 2 ½ inches around!

“Now really suck it” JJ begged.

I started slowly moving up and down his shaft, and being careful to time the strokes in a timely way. Each pass very slowly speeding up the action on his cock. It was hard not gagging with that huge cock in my mouth, but after so long, it didn’t matter. It felt great feeling that cock rubbing the back of my throat, just like his cock was massaging my throat. I never enjoyed giving head so much.

I kept speeding up, and each travesti istanbul time feeling my throat get warmer from the friction. JJ was moving his hips to my timely strokes. Finally, I really started the fast pace. Sucking faster and harder, stroking his balls as I sucked. JJ’s breathing became irregular, as I felt it body get more rigid. JJ pushed my head away, and just as I got away from his cock, it erupted, his juices spurting up onto his chest. I grabbed his cock in my hand and pumped him, and more sperm shot out of his rod. After several more bursts, I again wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking again. The remaining juices tasted great. JJ still tense and moaning loudly, let me continue. It only took another few minutes of sucking and licking before he was ready to cum again. This time he allowed me to drink it all. As his cock exploded again, and his cock deep down in my throat, I sucked even harder. Feeling his cock expand as it erupted in my throat, gave my throat a fabulous sensation. And JJ loved it.

JJ looked at me and said “You really do want me to come here, but that might not be enough”. I was determined now and I was willing to take all that cockmeat up my ass because I loved to get buttfucked.

Then JJ laughed and said “I’ve made up my mind. I will come here but only under one condition. You will be my bitch and give me a blowjob whenever I want. And my friends too. You will be the team bitch.”

Was he kidding me? That was my ultimate fantasy! To be the bitch of the dominating football team that I idolized! Oh my God I could not believe it.

He was waiting for my answer. With that I turned around and presented my asshole to JJ. “Take me JJ, make me your bitch. I will be a bitch to whoever you want, just fill my ass with your manliness!”

After we finished I couldn’t be sure if he would still come to my school. Maybe he was just playing me to get his rocks off?

But then came one of the best days ever! One week after our encounter I picked up the newspaper and turned to the sports page. On the front page there was a story that said JJ Briley had committed to my school! Yes I did it! We were going to get this gorgeous SuperStar and it was all because of me!

I can’t wait until next football season begins! Not only are we going to dominate the gridiron, but am going to be a busy boy!

Stay tuned for more real life adventures of RebelRobert as they happen!

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