I come home as a gurl and used by my roommate.

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John walked over to the bed from the bathroom and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. As he did, I heard him say thank you for last night, it was great. As he turned and walk out of my room, I started to think to myself. I how did this happen to me? I was so glad it did.

It started a few months earlier. John and his wife were having some problems in the marriage. She asked him to move out and with no place to go, I told him I had a room he could stay in till they could work things out. I had a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo with no one staying with me, so I had the room. I told john he could stay as long as he needs to but, I was not thinking it would be over two months.

When John moved in I had to stop dressing except when he was gone. I did not feel the right dressing when he was around. Before John moved in I would come home from work and strip off my male clothes and dress up as Heidi. On the weekends, I would be dressed the whole time. I would go out with my girls to dance, drink and just have fun.

Then on one late Friday John told me he would not be around this weekend. He told me his wife wanted to talk and to come over for the weekend. He was happy. I told him I was happy for him and he should go. Knowing this Heidi was jumping up and down inside of me. I can dress for the whole week and have fun. John told me he would be gone in the morning and hops not to be back till Sunday to pick up his things.

The next morning, I could hear John walking around and doing his morning things. I got up and told him good luck and will see him Sunday. He got his bags from his room and out the door he went. I waited till he drove out of the driveway. I ran to my bathroom to run a bath so I could be Heidi for the weekend. I soaked in the bath for a long time. I shaved my body real close so I could be nice and smooth. It did not take long to do it because I was hairless all the time. I got out and apply some nice feminine lotion all over and felt so girly. What to wear today was racing through my mind. I found a nice top, black legs with a pair of black thongs and lace bra. I glued my 36C breast kocaeli escort on and slipped into the rest of my clothes and applied my make-up.

The rest of the day, I just cleaned the house and watch some girly TV shows. I needed this, what a great day so far. The phone rang around three or so and it was one of my friends that I go out with at times. She told me that a bunch of the girls are going out for drink and dancing tonight and would love to see Heidi come out and play with them. I told her it has been too long and I would love to go out as Heidi. We finished talking about what we are going to do and off to the I shower went.

Once I stepped out of the shower I wrapped a towel around me and went to the closet. What to wear was racing through my mind? short skirt and top, dress, or jeans and a top. I settled on a sleeveless mid-thigh black tight one-piece dress. Then I picked out a pair of sheer lace top thigh-his with a garter belt, black lace thong, and black lace bra. I finished putting on my lingerie and applied some smokey eye look make-up and fuck me red lipstick. I slipped into my dress and 4-inch heels. looked at my self in a mirror and, wow I looked great.

It was around 5:30 and the girls were going to get around 6 for dinner. So I grabbed my handbag and drove to the restaurant. A few hours later we were done and off to the bars for a night of fun. It was around 1:30 when I drove home. I was chatting with my friends about the night, all the guys we talked to, danced with, and the ones we would have gone home with that I did not notice the house was brighter than when I left.

I unlocked the door and walked in and to my shock I John was sitting on the couch. As he turns to look and say hi he stopped in midstance. I almost dropped my phone and could not say anything. John was the first one that said anything and it was “What the fuck dave? What are you wearing and why?” I can explain. First I need to get a glass of wine. I asked, do you need anything to drink? I got my glass of wine and brought John a clod beer and seat down across from him.

He asked me what was this dressing darıca escort all about and why? I told him all about it. The last thing I ask if he was ok with me and dressing. Then I asked him what happen tonight with him and his wife. He told me that his wife after a somewhat of a good day told him it was over and she wanted a divorce. I could see it was making him said so I got up and seat down next to him and place my hand on his lap and told him it will be ok and he could stay here as long as he needs to. He looked at me and said He know it will and thank you. I have to get to bed. Off he went to bed as I cleaned up the glasses and bottles.

I closed my bedroom door and start to get undress for the night. Then there was a knock at my door. I opened the door and John said to me you look great as a girl, I forgot to tell you. I blushed and said thank you. Also, I can not sleep with all that happened tonight. I reached out and grabbed his hand and walked him to my bed and set him down. I told him everything will be ok. I would like to help you out also. I knelt down in front of him and reach out to rub high on his leg. I could feel his cock getting hard. He looked down and said he is not gay. I know I am a girl tonight. I am Heidi, not Dave. It is ok.

I told him to relax and let me do what I do best. I started to unzip his pants to find he was not wearing any underwear, and all I could see was a half-hard cock. I reached in to pull out a nice cock the was about 5 inches long but still half hard. As I pulled it out I looked up at John and told him I have not seen a cock like this in a long time. Back in my mind I know I was going to have fun with this cock.

I started to lick and kiss the back of his shaft. I had to slide my hot wet lips around this cock. After a few licks and kisses, I slide my mouth over the head and started to slowly go down it. As I was sucking him I could feel him getting much harder and bigger. After some time I know I had to have this nice piece of cock fucking me. I pulled off Johns hard cock and straddled him as he set on the bed. How do you feel now honey? gölcük escort Good. That is good. I bet I can make you feel better. I raised up and slid my thong over and slowly impale my pussy with his cock. I could feel his massive cock stretching my hole. I slowly slid up and down on his hard men meat. I know John was started to like it. He would moan each time I went down on him. He final toke over and pulled me off and throw me down on to my back and forced my legs open and over my head. There was no stopping him because he was so much bigger and stronger than me.

With his 7 inch cock in hand, he just shoved it in hard with no remorse. He was fucking me hard like you would a cheap whore. I know I was just there now to get his frustration out. Each deep thrust he did I know I was doing my job. After what felt like hours I know john was about to cum. I could feel him get harder and his breathing was getting faster and shallower. With one good last hard thurst, John yield out, take that you fucking whore, take my cum! I could feel his cum shoot out like a shotgun and filed my pussy with warm sticky cum.

After he finished pumping my pussy full of his man seed John fell on top of me with his cock still in my getting soft. After a little time, John slid off of me to set me free to move. I laid there for a few before I got up. When I did I was thinking John would go to his room for the night. I went to the bathroom to clean up but before I got a new pair of panties and my silk nightgown. When I come back to my shock I found John still in my bed and held the sheet up of me to clime in. This time it is for you. John then started to kiss my neck and started to feel my small dick that did not get hard anymore. I did feel good. I could feel his cock once again get hard and I know what was about to happen again. But this time he was gentle and loving just like I was his wife. It made me have the best female climax I have ever had. After we were done I fell asleep in his arm.

The next morning, John walked over to the bed from the bathroom and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. As he did, I heard him say thank you for last night, it was great. As he turned and walk out of my room. Also, you don’t have to change out of your Heidi mode because I like it. I will see you later honey.

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