Husband Wants to Watch Her Pt. 02

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After Dan had found out that Shelly had been cheating on him he was hoping to find out something about the guy or guys his wife was having sex with. He started talking to her more about her nights out with her friends. Dan also questioned as to whether it was helping her feelings towards their marriage or her love for him?

Shelly acknowledged she did enjoy having more freedom and time out with her friends. She also told Dan “so far my feelings are still all mixed up. I just don’t know what I want right now.”

Dan knew the women that his wife had been going out with were mostly friends from where she worked. During one of the conversations Shelly mentioned “sometimes Mike goes out with us also. He’s a great dancer and we really like having him join us.”

Mike was also a co-worker of Shelly’s. When his wife talked about Mike, Dan could see in her eyes that he was more than a friend. After their conversation Dan felt certain it was Mike’s cock that his wife had been enjoying.

The following week after Shelly returned home from her night out Dan again laid in bed and waited for her to fall asleep. Just as he’d done the prior week he snuck into the bathroom to inspect the contents of the hamper.

Inside the jeans Shelly had worn that night was her black thong panty. As he removed it, he immediately noticed it was wet with her juices and coated with cum.

Dan watched himself in the mirror as he masturbated while sniffing and licking his wife’s panty. As he got another good taste of her lover’s cum it didn’t take long before he ejaculated on the vanity.

Dan looked at himself licking up his own cum. As he did he was thinking about how he would also enjoy having Shelly make him masturbate and eat his cum for her.

After licking another man’s cum from Shelly’s panty for the second time, Dan was even more certain he wanted to find a way to watch his wife having sex with her lover. Dan found himself getting incredibly aroused every time he would think about eating his wife’s pussy after watching her getting it filled with cum.

It was a few nights later when Dan again talked to his wife about their marriage. Shelly told him “right now I really can’t see that my feelings are ever going to change from what they are. I’m just very mixed up. You are and always will be my best friend but I don’t have the feelings of love like I used to have.”

Before Dan could say anything his wife said “it may be better if we separate for a while and see how that goes.”

Dan was caught off guard by Shelly’s announcement. He quickly realized that if they separated he would no longer get the pleasure of licking her cum kayseri escort coated panties. His desire to watch his wife have sex with some other man would probably be gone too.

At that moment Dan decided he had nothing to lose by opening up to his wife and expressing his desires.

Dan started out by telling Shelly “I really don’t want to separate. I know we both have other interests at this time but I think we can find a way that makes us both happy and still be together.”

Dan then informed his wife “I know that you’ve been seeing someone else but I can honestly say that it doesn’t bother me. In fact, I have even found pleasure in it.”

Shelly acted surprised and tried to play dumb. She denied having any relationship and said “I really don’t know what you’re talking about? I don’t know where you would even get an idea like that?”

Dan didn’t want to start an argument. He knew that if he was going to confront his wife it required him to confess everything that he had been doing.

When Dan told Shelly about his frequent masturbation and his fetish for panties she was shocked. She said “my god you’re a fucking pervert. And this is what you want me to know so I’ll stay with you?”

Dan said “please just listen and let me say everything.”

When Shelly agreed her husband said “I know you’re in a relationship and I know you’ve had sex. I actually found cum in your panties when I masturbated with them.”

Shelly got very defensive and screamed “oh my god, I can’t believe you’ve been checking in my underpants to see if I’ve had sex. This is too much.”

Dan tried to calm his wife down as he told her “I wasn’t checking your panties, I just happened to find the cum in them when I got them to masturbate with.”

Dan then continued “I know you’re probably going to really think I’m strange but when I saw the cum I got so turned on that I licked them. I had a desire to taste your lover’s cum and as soon as I did it made me cum. Now all I think about is eating his cum from your pussy. I really truly want to do it.”

Shelly was in total disbelief as she listened to Dan telling her everything. As he finished up he said “I know that you aren’t in love with me anymore but you said I was still your best friend.”

Dan took Shelly’s hand and said “please help your best friend enjoy his sexual pleasure through your sexual pleasure. I will take care of you in every way a husband would do except for sexually. You can receive that pleasure from any man that you want. The greatest pleasure I can have is seeing how much you enjoy it.”

When Dan finished pleading his case Shelly got very keçiören escort quiet for a moment. She said “I really don’t know? That all sounds so perverted and strange. I’m not sure I could have you watch me having sex and I’m not sure any guy would allow it either. I will really need some time to think about it.”

Dan replied “that’s all that I’m asking. But please know that I am serious. I do love you very much and whatever makes you happy will make me happy.”

For the next few nights neither Shelly nor Dan said very much. Dan was curious as to what was going through his wife’s mind but he knew that he needed to be patient. He realized that trying to push her towards a decision would probably be the worst thing he could do.

After nearly a week Shelly brought up their discussion and she told Dan she had some questions. He wasn’t certain if that was good or bad but he was happy that his wife seemed willing to talk about his ideas.

Shelly told her husband “before we start talking I want you to strip completely naked then sit on the couch with your legs spread and your hands at your side.”

Dan wasn’t certain what his wife had in mind but he liked the instructions she gave him. After her husband did as he was told Shelly said “now tell me in detail, what are your actual desires for our future relationship?”

Within seconds after Dan began talking about many of the same things he had told Shelly a few nights prior his cock started getting aroused. He continued talking about the pleasure he would get from watching her having sex with other men and how badly he wanted to eat their cum from her pussy. When Dan had finished he was sitting in front of Shelly with his cock fully erect.

Shelly was smirking as she looked at Dan’s cock and commented “you know I’ve never seen it get so hard so quickly, and without any physical stimulation. It seems that you must really be serious about your desires. The thought of It obviously turns you on.”

Shelly told Dan “when I came in here tonight I had planned to decline what you were wanting to do. After sitting here and watching you get aroused I’m starting to think this might be a lot more fun than I had thought.”

She continued by telling him “the only way I will consider going along with what you want is for me to be in total control at all times. You will be required to do everything I tell you without hesitating or asking any questions.”

Shelly added “if you ever fail to follow my instructions exactly, that will be the end for everything.”

Dan did not hesitate for a moment and quickly agreed to go by her rules. Shelly was ankara kendi evi olan escort thinking about how much fun it could be to completely control her husband and she was anxious to see if Dan would actually obey her orders.

As Dan sat there with his cock hard and fully erect Shelly already knew what her first orders were going to be. She reminded her husband of how he told her that he liked to masturbate while fantasizing about her having sex with other men.

Shelly then told Dan “I want you to jerk off your hard cock right now while I watch. As you’re jerking off I want you to be thinking about me with another man and telling me what you are fantasizing. Now start jerking and talking, and don’t stop until you cum all over yourself.”

Dan gripped his excited cock and began stroking it while doing exactly as his wife had instructed. Shelly loved making her husband play with his cock while she watched. She was enjoying the power and control she immediately felt.

In all their years of marriage Shelly had never seen her husband masturbate and she was amused at making Dan do it for her. She even found herself getting turned on at hearing her husband describe his fantasy of watching her with another man.

As Dan was nearing his climax, Shelly could hardly keep from laughing at the expressions he was making. Suddenly her husband groaned as he exclaimed “oh god yes Shelly, ride his cock. Ride his cock and make him fill your pussy with cum!”

At that moment Shelly watched as a stream of thick cum shot on Dan’s belly. It was just the beginning. Dan continued stroking his cock and ejaculating with extreme intensity, shooting cum all over his stomach and chest.

As the last bit of thick white semen ran down his cock and onto his fingers Dan moaned with contented bliss.

Shelly smiled as she said “oh my goodness, look at all that cum. I loved seeing you get excited and squirt all over yourself. You told me you like the taste of cum now show me just how much you like it.”

Shelly instructed her husband to start by licking his fingers then proceed to clean up every bit of the creamy mess he made on himself.

When Dan had finished licking up all of his cum Shelly said “I have to say that you did well for your first test. I guess we’ll see if you do as well the next time.”

As a sign of his subservience to her, Shelly instructed Dan “I want you to shave off all the hair in your genital region before the next time I test you. Since you masturbate all the time like an adolescent, that is what I want you looking like.”

Shelly also told her husband “I forgot to mention it before but from now on you will only masturbate when I give you permission to do so. I want to make certain that you have big loads of cum for me when I watch you play with yourself.”

Without hesitation Dan acknowledged everything Shelly had told him and agreed that he would do whatever she instructed.

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