HSL: A Christmas to Remember

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‘Love is a candle. It must be kept burning. If ignored and forgotten, the hot wax will melt away, the fruits burn away, and the passion extinguished.’

‘Angst is what keeps love burning. Being perfect is doomed to failure.’


Joseph and Ali had been dating for a few months, and the flame of their relationship flared with each passing day. They moved in together, into Ali’s larger apartment. The first day of November was the beginning of their Christmas vacation.

Joey’d been sleeping on the couch, sleeping off the late night he’d had at work. He woke up, and Ali was on the phone.

“Sure daddy, it’s no problem. If I can, I’ll convince him to meet you.” said Ali.

Joey sat up. “Damn,” he said quietly.

Ali hung up, and turned to see Joey.

“Mornin’. That was-” she started.

“Your dad, I heard,” said Joey, standing up and stretching.

“He wants us to go to his and mom’s house for Christmas,” explained Ali.

“Please, tell me they live in town,” begged Joey.

“Sorry, but they live in St. Louis. Please, can we go? Please?” she begged, giving him those puppy dog eyes. The battle was over and done.

“Yes. When do we leave?” Joseph asked.

“Let’s go now,” she suggested. “It’ll be good to suprise him.

“Do you want me to dress fancy or casually?” sighed Joey.

“Might as well dress normally,” she said.

They dressed, ate, and left for St. Louis. They had a three hour trip, and on about 6 hours of sleep, Joseph was tired of the trip. He’d been in St. Louis before, and he hated it. Too many people, too much noise. That’s why he liked Silent Springs, it was nice and quiet.

After three hours stuck in the Camarro, they finally arrived in the outskirts of St. Louis, a place where Joey thought a ‘Turn Back’ sign should be, and another hour of searching, they found Ali’s parents.

While he unloaded stuff from the car, Ali ran up the concrete steps, and she fell. Joey dropped stuff from the car, and ran over to her.

“You okay?” he asked, helping her up.

“Yeah, think I slipped on some ice,” she answered, wiping her dress off.

“You sure?” he asked again.

“Yes, doctor. Come on, go get the stuff, I’ll talk daddy down for you,” she promised.

“If you say anything…” he threatened jokingly.

He finished getting the stuff up off the road and out of the car and went up to the porch, knocking. Ali opened the door.

“Hello sir, may I help you?” she asked, a small smile on her face.

“Come on, Ali,” he begged, trying not to sound like they were flirting.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before,” she said, her smile growing.

Ali opened the door, letting him in. A man, about sixty, sat in a leather armchair. He had thin, brown hair with grey flecks in it.

“Good afternoon, son. I pendik anal escort hope you had a good trip here,” said the man.

“Yes, I did, sir. You must be Mr. Wilson. She’s told me a lot about you,” said Joseph, in an attempt to be as respectful as possible.

“Good things, I hope? She’s told us quite a bit while she’s been in here, too, and on the phone this morning,” he replied.

“She said that you owned a restaurant, and that you made the best pasta in the city,” said Joey, still holding the luggage.

“Yes, it was a fine business. I’ll show you pictures of it, later,” he said.

Joey knew that Mr. Wilson was challenging him, to see if he’d break, and ask to see their room.

“Daddy, perhaps you should show Joey to our room,” suggested Ali.

“Ah, yes, I forgot all about that. Come along, Joseph,” said Mr. Wilson, turning and leading him away at a suprisingly quick stride.

Joey shot Ali a look, and went on upstairs after Mr. Wilson, luggage still in tow. Mr. Wilson showed him to a room, that had blue walls, probably wallpaper. He noticed a couch, and obviously made the connection, that there was to be where he slept, while Ali got the bed, even if it was a bed for two.

“Just leave the stuff on the bed, and let’s go downstairs and have some coffee, have a nice man-to-man chat,” said Mr. Wilson.

‘Damn, saw this coming,’ thought Joseph, although that isn’t what left his lips. “Yes, sir.”

They sat down alone at the wooden patio table on the back porch. Ali sat in the living room, talking with Mrs. Wilson.

“Mom, what do you think they’re talking about?” she asked curiously.

“You know your father. He’s probably trying to put the fear of God in the man. He is handsome, though, I’ll give him that,” said Mrs. Wilson.

“Yes, he is. He really is trying. I almost had to talk him out of wearing a dress shirt and tie,” Ali said.

Mrs. Wilson laughed. Meanwhile, there wasn’t as much joy to the conversation.

“Now that we’re away from my daughter, I think we need to talk,” said Mr. Wilson.

“Whatever you think, sir,” said Joseph nervously.

“I would like to ask you, first of all, how you started dating my daughter,” started Mr. Wilson.

“Yes, sir. Well, I’d ask her out earlier in the day, to watch the basketball game, and then I’d buy dinner afterwards. I got hit really bad at the end of the game, completely knocked out. She got the keys to the Camaro, drove me to the hospital, and then drove me to my house,

“She came to check on me, and I woke up once when she was there,” he explained. He’d figured that honesty, with a small tweak in the story, would be the best bet.

“Good. You have to realize, she is my baby girl. She’s all I got left. If you hurt her, I promise that this’ll be the last pendik bayan escort face you ever see,” he threatened, got up, and went back inside.

Joseph got back up and followed him.


Everything went well, and they stayed there for a good while, and Christmas was approaching fast. Joseph and Ali went out on several dates, making sure that any feelings were repressed while Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were around, and would be expressed on the dates. One, a couple days before Christmas, took them to a movie theater.

They sat there, in the back row, watching the ‘Dark Knight’. Joseph held the bucket of popcorn between them. He watched the movie, thinking random thoughts, when he went to stick his hand in the popcorn bucket. Their hands met. At first, he was shocked, because their was a hand in the popcorn, but he figured it out after a second.

The agreed almost instantly, and they began to kiss, one that only lasted a minute but felt like a blissful lifetime. The spent the rest of the movie holding hands, not kissing because of the children.


The movie over, Joey went out and warmed up the Camaro. She finally came outside, and climbed in the passenger seat, and they kissed a long, loving kiss.

“Joey, I think we need to talk,” said Ali.

‘Oh, hell. Either she’s breaking up with me, or something important is here.’ Those weren’t the words that came out, though. “What about?” asked Joey, pulling out of the parking lot.

“I think…Joey, I love you,” she said with a grateful sigh. He almost wrecked the car.

“Wow. I-I never really thought about it. But, Ali, I…I think I love you, too,” he said.

“This is great!” she squealed with excitement. “I can’t wait to tell Mom.

“Oh, please don’t,” said Joey.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because your mother will tell your father and we’ll have to have a ‘talk’,” said Joey.

“Okay, we won’t tell them. But, there is a step I think that we need to take,” she suggested.

“What would that be?” asked Joey, absentmindedly. He was thinking of Mr. Wilson going into their room, standing over his couch with a baseball bat.

“We both love each other, so I think we should, you know, make love,” she said shyly.

Joey pulled over, so there wouldn’t be a possibility of crashing.

“How are we going to explain to your father noises coming from your bedroom? You know he’ll assume the worst, that you’d be pregnant and I’d be the father, and he’d chase me out of the house with a gun!” said Joey. He tried not to sound against the idea.

“I have an idea. We get a hotel room, tell daddy that we are going to spend the night at a friend’s on Chirstmas eve. Instead of staying at a friend’s, we go to a hotel,” she suggested.


In the level end, he pendik bayan escortlar agreed with the idea, and dropped Ali off at the house, leaving on the pretense that he had to get some gas. He did get some gas, but stopped at bought a piece of protection.

The eve finally arrived, and Joseph had made the reservations. Mr. Wilson agreed, and the duo packed a change of clothes and went an Italian restaurant.

Ali had bought some sexy lingerie, and the room had twenty dollars worth of candles lit, burning softly, the flames flickering. A bucket of iced champagne sat on the end table. Finally, after the date, they arrived at the hotel.

Joey took off his dress shirt, hanging it on the chair at the table. They kissed a passionate, deep kiss, with love behind it, and lay on the bed. He pulled down the straps of her dress, to reveal that she was naked underneath, and reached over, taking a piece of ice from the bucket.

He ran it down between her breasts, then rubbed it on her nipples, the cold hardening them, as if they were standing at attention. He kissed her again, then took the ice, moving it slowly down her stomach. The mere look on her face showed pleasure, as she moaned, quiet to where it could have been mistaken for purring.

Finally, it got to her legs. He discarded the ice, looked at her meaningly, then spread her legs, his tongue caressing her pussy, playing with what room there was. She moaned, as he ran his warm tongue around her wet, soft vagina, hitting the spot to make her moan the loudest, the G-spot. His tongue tickled it, moving around, and hit it again.

He looked up, and nodded at her. He’d told her earlier that it would hurt at first. He undid his belt, and stripped himself. Joseph put his dick in place, and nodded again, as he gave one good, strong thrust. She yelled out in pain, as he stopped, and continued, moving slowly through.

The pain quickly turned to pleasure, the look on her face and the moans emitting from her were evident. They were together, united, as he came into the condom he’d put on when they started.


They readied to leave, and Ali said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and Joseph recieved a firm handshake. They climbed into the Camaro, and started to drive away.

About two hours into the trip, they were driving down 210 Road, when the tire slipped on ice. They moved over a bit, and a big white truck hit them. They flew into the ditch, rolling twice, and stopped after hitting a tree.

Joey was still conscious. He tried to wake Ali, but she wouldn’t stir. She was unconscious. She was breathing, not much, though. He climbed out of the car, and got her out. He carried her in his arms, her head hanging over. Joey moved his hand over, caressing it underneath her head, and laid her on the ground, and called 911.


Note to the Reader:

Dear Reader,

This is the second entry in the High School Love series, and Ali finally lost her virginity. The next episode, full of heated passion, will be HSL: Trials and Tribulation. Will Ali survive? What about Joey?

Sincerely yours,


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