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The Nifty Archive states clearly under ‘Submission’: “This site archives alternative sexuality erotica.” It is understood that ‘erotica’ is ‘any literary or artistic work that deals substantively with subject matter that is erotically stimulating or sexually arousing but is not pornographic.’(Wikipedia) In particular, we archive written works. That the document you have included is ‘very amusing’ is not an issue; readers must experience arousal from reading it . This has been the policy since inception. Accordingly, the document was submitted to five Nifty readers for review. All five readers were erotically stimulated, including a reader who is into bestiality (I have no idea why).

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On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 10:52 AM GEORGE TANNER ide wrote:

Dear Nifty Archivist,

I received the appended document in my email yesterday. The name of the sender, Edwin Browne, is well known in certain international circles. Many years ago, it was rumored that Edwin and another boy were involved in a secret society, The Eros Union, which is currently being chronicled in your fabulous archive. Edwin”s uncle was a visiting scholar who I had some contact with while teaching at a certain Pennsylvanian university.

Upon reading this rather remarkable, and very amusing document, I thought it would make an excellent addition to your archive. Upon seeing it published, I will donate 0.1 bitcoin to help bring more readers to the archive.


George Tanner


A Beginner’s Manual


E. Pluribus Coopernicus, Esq.


Gentle Readers,

I have noticed a paucity of instructional material for important functionalities between boys and men. While pondering how to take a step toward filling a portion of that vacuum, I recalled the opening of a recitation piece I myself learned as a boy.

It began: “I’m here before you to stand behind you to tell you something you do not know.” Or something of the sort. I know a lot. Experience counts.

Dawn broke in my mind, shedding its light in every direction. Of course, involved are one before and one behind. And the behind of the one before.

Ignorance is not bliss. No, it hurts. Gone about the wrong way, the matter of a boy’s behind can lead to serious trouble, not to mention a visit to the emergency room and questions you would rather not face. Not from medicos, policemen, nor parents. Some things are difficult to explain when irrationality is rife.

If fault is to be found, surely it lies in ignorant undertakings. Hence, the value of good guidance from an expert.

While the full range of my methods is beyond the scope of these pages, trust that the simple steps promulgated sakarya escort here will lead both boys and men into anatomically and emotionally harmonious undertakings that are safe, sound, and satisfying.

Shall we begin?


From the get go, the boy needs to ask his man for a gift of enough money to make a most important purchase: a well-stuffed backrest with neck bolster, the sort many people enjoy while reading in bed or watching television. Under no circumstance should the boy borrow one from a parent or a relative, for it can never be retuned without questions of the sort mentioned in our Preface. Nor should a boy accept the idea of using his man’s backrest.

No. The backrest must be 1.) new and 2.) the boy’s personal property. Importantly, the boy will provide two vital components to the adventures coming: his backrest as means-to-an-end and his own anatomy, for it is what will get laid ahead or, perhaps I should say, to what lies ahead.

Forgive occasional lapses into the vernacular.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! – Boys, if you do not know this term, then your man will explain it while he helps you, if you need help, in making the selection most appropriate to you. Designs, as you will see on-line, are similar. While stuffings may differ, it is the well-stitched cover which matters long-term.

Avoid suede. Looks great, feels good initially, and costs a lot but cannot – I emphasize cannot – be cleaned. Cloth coverings (such as corduroy) wear well and can be laundered provided that they are removable. Zippered covers outperform those which snap on. Best for ease of use and maintenance are those securely stitched for permanence and made from naugahyde or another leather-like material. The sensible color, dark brown.

Whatever your selection, be certain the arms each have a pocket in which necessities can be kept at hand.

Overnight delivery is advised.

Waiting is sweet, as your minds begin to think of possibilities.

Be patient.


For Boys only

-Section One-

To familiarize yourself with your new acquisition, follow these guidelines.

Dispose of your backrest’s packaging, especially those pesky peanuts with their static charges.

Carefully place the backrest upright against your bed’s headboard. Boys should try positioning themselves as shown in the photographs on the set-up sheet.

Note that the backrest’s arms spread outward. Try your own arms on them and, with your elbows, test the support they provide.

Use your heels on the bed to press your back and neck into the memory-foam fill and feel how it returns you to your original upright position.

When comfortable, try this: Shift slightly to one side and raise your leg on the opposite side to its nearest arm rest. Nice way to slouch, isn’t it?

Now, the other way, with the other leg.

Okay, see what happens when you attempt to put both your legs out on the arms. Yes, unless you’ve really long legs already, your bottom will slide away from the backrest and your lower spine will soon protest. Plus, your head, unless you’re already quite tall, will be bent forward by the neck bolster, no longer a support.

So, pluses and minuses! However, familiarity with this marvel of design samsun escort and manufacture has only begun.

Reach behind and turn the backrest over, toward the middle of the bed. Observe how the space between the arms provides room for your knobby knees. Put them there and let yourself go forward. Your backside will be elevated, your torso supported, and there will be room for your elbows and forearms to stay alongside or to spread where you want.

When you succeed in mastering this step, remove your clothes and practice. Depending on what the future may hold, try pushing down your so-called private parts so that the top of your little penis is against what used to be the bottom of the backrest but now is the apex of its right angle. Now pull your so-called privates up from under your scrotum to mash the whole package into the angle. Totally different feeling for you, isn’t it?

Repeat these exercises after removing and placing aside the neck bolster. Doing so raises the angle for your backside and thus can offer additional opportunities of which you cannot yet be aware (unless you are a very clever boy).

Here comes what you want to do next.

-Section Two-

Arrive at your man’s place with your backrest, its neck bolster re-secured. Be friendly but insistent that he welcome you both. Flash your doe-like eyes, kiss him like Cupid, and do not be afraid to barge directly to his bedroom with your new trophy.

If you like, thank him for it along the way. Tell him he is really going to like it because you do already and that, together, you two will give it a “test-drive.” Unless he is not bright, he will recognize your initiative and, perhaps, laugh devilishly.

Taunt him by erecting the backrest against his headboard and threatening to put yourself there to watch something on his TV set. This stunt should last no longer than it takes for the expectancy on his face to collapse. Then, with a magician’s flourish, topple the backrest forward, spring from the bed and say, “Well?”

“Well, what?” he may say.

You, very smartly should say, “My clothes are still on and yours are, too. So…?”

If there’s hesitation on his part, take the lead (boys often must in these situations) and say, “The gentleman should go first. You know, age before…” – and let your voice trail away.

Presumably, you already know your man’s body. If not, whether it be a Joe Varsity type with muscles and a head full of thick hair, a bald Big Daddy type with heft, or something between, what counts is what you manage to coax him into doing with it for you.


For Men Only

Yours is the good fortune to have ahead of you experiences the quality of which you have only heard whispered. Follow the lead of your boy but speak always as if you know exactly what you are going to do. You will generate confidence in both yourselves.

After removing his garments and lavishing his front with your fingertips – outline the curve of his ears, the delicacy of his chin, the shape of his arms and sides – and with your lips – nipples, tummy, navel, little spike and pouchy part – draw back and admire him with such as, “I’ll bet your pretty body is going to look outstanding against that dark brown. Want to show me? I’ll really like that.”

Chances are that ankara sarışın escort his all will be displayed. Well-reared boys are properly proud to show off.

The aptly-inverted backrest, as you see, is anatomically ergonomic. Face down over its apex, your boy’s pelvis is raised, poised for penetration. Depending upon how, well in advance, you have seen to his receptivity, proceed to prepare the target area via any of the means dealt with in my separately-available brochure, “Whoosh! – Lubricants from A to Z.”

Jockey from the rear to effect your mount – not, of course, with the speed of cowboys in old movies. Sidle through to part his waiting ring with due care. Once secure and listening for audible approvals, move inward until pubic hairs meet flawless flesh. Then wait. You both will have private thoughts about what real estate brokers call location-location-location.

If he moves first, he wants you to commence. If he is content with feeling full and makes no effort, he may be falling into a lull. Do not let this happen. Start on your own. Gentle insistence upon your right of eminent domain will summon his attention. A low growl may be in order.

Ins and outs, backings and forthings are standard but hardly noteworthy. Not with your boy thus angled. Here is demonstrated the wisdom of his purchase, for the angle invites everything you have to give. His coccyx and lower vertebrae together with his cushiony hemispheres will bear the brunt of full-on assault. Employ maximum penetration. With the sensitive head of your penis, locate the boy’s prostate and go for it.

A few words about the prostate. It’s there. If you’ve done your duty ahead of time, you know 1.) where his gland is located and 2.) what its stage of development is. Pre-teens have it – nascent, certainly, but responsive to stimulus by a manicured finger. The prostate acquires awareness of its role in pleasure by provocative prods early on. If this process is delayed or has not taken place by the time the gland had grown from acorn to walnut size, then the dire consequence of suddenly being brought into play is that it will have a seizure and expel its products so vociferously that further action cannot be taken at that time.

Do not let this happen. The point cannot be overemphasized, hence the repetition. You have only begun. Slow your pace. Distract by kissing available areas – back of head, nape of neck, an ear. Perhaps stop (fully inserted). Talk him down from the edge as you would someone suicidal.

Shift your own angle, perhaps more upward, and resume moving as if to deliver a calming massage to his recently agitated interior walls. Can you detect a change in your boy’s breathing? When it settles, you may wish to rotate the area to reawaken its response and to ward off the threat of lulling consciousness.

Commence again. This time, consider yourself an oil rig drilling deep. Slam your way from ring rim to total depth with the greatest force of which you are capable. Muscles perform this for slightly built, younger men; sheer bulk for older men, especially those of unusual weight, for they can take advantage of inertia and gravity.

These moments reveal the genius inherent in the design of the memory-foam backrest. Compacting and expanding to meet every demand placed upon it by the equation of man, boy, and its inversion, this device abets the cause of climax so effectively that men in their dotage reminisce about it with adjectives such as “meteorologic,” “tidal,” and “seismic.”

May mastery of the principles espoused here lead you to bolster your boy’s love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32