Her Obsession

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This is what she really enjoyed, since she was in high school this was what excited her the most. She looked directly in front of her at his huge member and sighed.

Karen grew up on the family farm, a quiet almost timid girl. She was blessed with that blonde curly hair that shone in the sun and moved with the wind. Peaches and cream would best describe her complexion; she inherited it from her mom. She was a petite blonde only 5’2 and 105 lbs, she was really people refer to when they use the expression “the girl next door”.

Karen had bright blue eyes that seemed to smile at anyone she looked at. But she thought her best feature was her lips, puffy ruby red and a startling contrast to her fair skin. Bee stung lips “just like some of those Hollywood actresses but without the botox shots” she would joke.

Because she was shy she didn’t date much in high school, at first boys weren’t of real interest to her. That was about to change for the better and boys would play a big part in the change.

Her girlfriends were having a slumber party at a friends home where the parents were out of town. That usually meant fun and probably a beer followed by boyfriend talk all night. It was always fun when they had slumber parties but she felt a bit left out because she wasn’t dating anyone yet. The girl who lived there surprised everyone by playing one of her parent’s porn movies, they all laughed at the idea.

At first the movie seemed silly and Karen wasn’t paying much attention to it, until something happened that made her react in a way that she never expected.

The beautiful blonde in the movie got on her knees in front of the male star and did what came naturally. As she saw the blonde in the movie doing this it sent an instant heat flash from her head to toes, she never expected that. As the blonde did this for the male star she noticed how excited the guy was, and how much power casino siteleri the girl had. Watching this was literally making her over heat.

The girls were laughing and saying things like “look at his big dick”, “You go girl, swallow that meat”, it was all in fun. While the other girls hooted and hollered catcalls Karen smiled but new that this had struck a nerve, a serge of heated passion rocked her.

Why she didn’t know, after all she had never even tried something like that with her boyfriend.

After that night Karen spent a great deal of time on the Internet learning as much as she could about oral sex. It became an obsession for her and she loved what she learned.

She decided to try this with her boyfriend to see what it was really like. After school one day they went down her basement to “do homework”.

After a little kissing Karen told him what she wanted, “I want you to lay back and let me suck your big cock” she said. He had never seen her like this he was in her spell.

Karen unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She was now face to face with her first cock and loved it. “It looks so good I want to suck it all day,” she said. She could feel the heat flush through her, just like when she saw that movie.

Karen picked up his cock and looked at him and said, “I want you to hold my head while I suck your cock, and than I want you to cum in my mouth”. He was stunned but very ready to comply.

He sounded horse as he whispered, “oh yea, suck my dick baby, swallow me deep”. As he held her head just like she wanted he kept talking is a strained voice. “Your mouth is so hot baby, use your tongue all over my head”. She had not expected such hot talk from him; it really set her on fire.

“I need you to cum in my mouth” she said, “I want to swallow every drop”. “Pull my nipples for me and don’t stop at all, but pull gently”

He güvenilir casino reached down to her nice breasts and found her nipples; they were thicker and longer than most, no wonder she got so excited from having them pulled.

“I love your nipples baby, let me pull them while you swallow my cock, god this is great”, he said. He was now over the edge, and so was Karen.

“Oh Karen, here it comes, swallow me honey, swallow me”. And she did with a smile on her face, she had found her first true love, and it wasn’t him.

She loved it, she got to do all those things that thrilled her so much, and it was even better than expected. The only negative was that her boyfriend was too small and came to quickly.

Karen now knew exactly what she wanted and but where to get it? She wanted something larger, longer lasting, and with someone who craved it as much as she did.

Now that she had experienced her fantasy she was ready to move on to experience much more. She always prepared for dates the same way, no bra and bright red lipstick, with vanilla perfume. She found that it sent her over the edge if her date would nicely pull her nipples while she did what she loved. Her nipples were very sensitive and she loved having them pulled. Karen made sure that all her dates became very good at nipple play. And the lipstick left a nice ring at the bottom of his member, something to remember her by.

Before high school graduation she had a football player, a basketball player, and a guidance counselor, each had his strong points.

She thoroughly enjoyed each man and had numerous dates with each, but the counselor was something special. He had much more experience and loved having his cock sucked, he taught her many things that the younger guys couldn’t. The fact that he was very hung and could last a long time made her swoon. She made a mental note to look for canlı casino older men with a large endowment. Nonetheless it was time to leave for college, but she would make time to see him on weekends home.

High school provided her with a variety of boyfriends and each came in a different size, she decided thick was best and longer than shorter. She became rather good at this, and loved her work. It always gave her the big “O” just by doing it. If high school had been that good she couldn’t wait for college.

She attended an out of state college, new beginnings and much more variety she thought. Karen took a job at the Mall in an upscale jewelry store to earn some spending money for things; she worked after classes on Thursday nights. She met some very nice people at the mall where she worked, and occasionally met them at the local bar for drinks.

Karen had not yet found Mr. Right and although the search was fun she was still looking. The bar scene was not for her she decided and the bar guys were usually way to drunk.

The man that she worked for owned this store and was very successful. He had hired her mainly because of her image, she did a great job modeling the jewelry for prospective customers, and the customers loved her nice way.

He was tough to work for, but they got along fine because she was his most reliable employee. As sales picked up, largely because of her, he paid her well for her efforts. Over time she became attracted to him and thought that he had rugged features.

One day after closing Karen was leaving through the back of the store and heard a noise. She looked over and noticed that her boss’s door was open and he was changing his clothes by his desk, he must have thought that everyone had gone. He didn’t seem to notice her and she decided to watch him as long as she could, she kept quiet as a mouse.

As he changed in his office she got a look at her boss naked from the waist down. Her mouth fell open and she was sure that he must have heard her as she sucked in air. His endowment was very large, just like those men in the movie. She wasn’t sure how but she had to have him.

Only the beginning……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32