Her Naked Truth

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Authors Note: This is my nude day submission for this year. I hope you enjoy it, though it is not in one of my usual categories. Thank you very much to Veekay, whose help I would be lost without. I very much appreciate your proofreading/editing skills.

“My husband’s idea of foreplay is coming out of the bathroom after his shower, shaking his cock at me and saying, “How ’bout it babe,” Roxanne laughed. “I swear that man would be happier if clothes had never been invented, he has his party piece out and proud at any opportunity.” Her friends were all laughing hysterically at this point.

“His party piece!” Elaine exclaimed, “That’s priceless.”

“Well it sure beats Peter Perfect and the gruesome twosome,” Beth gasped for air between fits of laughter.

“I’ll go get us another round of drinks,” Julia said and stood up to head to the bar. It wasn’t that she was a prude exactly but the ribald talk around the table made her uncomfortable. Each woman was around forty and had been friends with the others since college. They got together every three months or so, no matter what else was happening in their lives and had done for almost twenty years. These get togethers generally involved a gossip and bitch session about their lives including careers, homes, life in general and inevitably their sex lives.

She had always been the quieter member of their group, she wasn’t really sure how she actually became included with them in college. She was never part of the popular crowd growing up and had become more of a loner through high school, but these girls had just seemed to adopt her in college and she became part of their circle of friends without even trying.

She was that friend who was fixed up on blind dates because one of her prettier friends refused to go out with a guy unless they double dated by bringing someone for Julia. She was tall and big boned, which intimidated most guys. She was sporty and smart which meant that she did not really belong in any clique until she met the girls who became her lifelong friends. Having lunch at the cafeteria or in the quad, one or more would come and sit with her and talk about a class they had together. Within the first year of college the small initial group became this larger group of ten women.

During college she had been fixed up, made over and beautified in some way by each of the girls she called friends. It was years later though when working as an orthopaedic physiotherapist she began treating an injured football player for a repetitive muscle strain that she came into her own sense of self. Having a belief in homeopathic remedies in conjunction with therapy, the client recovered quickly with a stronger joint than he had enjoyed in months.

He invited her to games, then parties and eventually on more intimate dates. He was taller, broader and larger than she was in every way and he made her feel truly feminine for the first time in her life. She began to dress with more care and wear make up more often and used all those make over tools her friends had tried to teach her. She smiled thinking of him as she carried the pitchers of Margaritas back to the table.

Paula waved her over to the free seat beside her, it was a constant game of musical chairs when the girls got together. Pouring them both a drink Paula asked, “And how are you and that magnificently fine husband of yours?”

“We are wonderful, as always.” Julia blushed.

“And what did you have to promise to get away from home this weekend?” Paula grinned knowing Julia always had to promise her husband something in return for being left to his own devices for a weekend.

“His parents place for a week.” Julia made a face but grinned at Paula’s expression of mock outrage.

“Oh yeah, poor you having to deal with that island life for a whole week.” Paula teased.

“Oh like you can talk! What did you have to promise to get away from your brood of kids?” Julia laughed.

“I sent them to the in-laws for a week!” Paula laughed uproariously drawing looks from the other women who joined in the conversation. “You should try that next time,” Paula murmured to Julia, “We could spend a whole week catching up then.”

Julia looked at Paula with a smile and an imperceptible nod of her head, then listened to Roxanne laughing that her husband gave her extra spending money to make sure she went and left him to his marathon poker game he had planned with his mates. Julia has always felt a special closeness with Paula. She had been the first real friend Julia had made at college, they had remained in close contact after college and had each been the maid of honour at each other’s weddings.

“When are you going to his parents?” Paula asked.

“Oh not ’til the end of the month probably, he still needs to organise the time off from the store,” Julia laughed, “they’re always pretty busy this time of year.” Once he had retired football her husband, Cam, had bought into a sporting good franchise with his best friend and summer was always the busiest time of year for them.

“You should bursa escort bayan get your mother to look after the little one for you and spend an extra few days with me after the weekend. I mean if Cam is going to be busy and probably working late anyway,” she poured them both another drink from the rapidly diminishing pitcher. “We used to be so close and we barely see each other anymore, what with the kids and everything.”

Julia got the idea that Paula needed a friend at that moment, looking into her eyes and taking her hand she asked seriously, “Is everything all right? You sound sort of strained.” Paula shook her head slightly and lifted her glass draining it. “I’ll ring mum in the morning and see what she says, okay?” Paula smiled and poured another drink.

As the night wore on the women got drunker and men came and went from their table as they tried their luck with one or more of them. Julia didn’t worry about not being approached by men anymore; she had found the man for her. Instead she laughed with the others as Roxanne, Elaine and Paula fended off the unwanted advances. The three women had become even more beautiful with age and Julia had no doubt that they turned heads everywhere they went in their everyday lives.

The women staggered home together in the small hours of the morning, to the house they had rented for the weekend. It was close to the campus of the college they all had once attended. The house was a large rambling building filled with pokey rooms used during the school year for student accommodation. With six bedrooms though and limited space for fold-out beds many of the women chose to share, having agreed to it earlier and being too drunk at this stage of the night to care.

Julia woke up as the sun streamed into the window from a height that told her it was late. Beside her in the bed lay the naked and beautiful Paula who had slung her arm and leg over Julia during the night, her head resting on her left breast. Trying to move as gently as possible she attempted to roll Paula off her but instead the sleeping Paula had held to her tighter and mumbled something incomprehensible.

“Paula, I have to get up,” she tried again and pried Paula’s arm from her body. Finally freeing herself she stood up from the bed and pulled on a long shirt over her underwear before padding out to the bathroom. While the other women had no problem parading around the house in their underwear Julia had residual body issues that made her self-conscious around them all. She wished it didn’t matter to her so much anymore. Cam had reassured her over and over again that he loved her body, but she always felt awkward even now, almost twenty years after their college days.

Heading back to the room to grab her phone, she looked at the naked form of her friend splayed out on the bed and blushed. She would never get used to seeing people naked. Even in her job with sportsmen and women of all ages she always made them wear a gown, or a sheet to cover them in some way as she gave them therapy. She had endured a highly repressive upbringing in a deeply religious household and that added to her own insecurities about how she looked, she understood why she had been labelled a prude by her friends. Anatomy class had almost killed her at college, she had been lucky to have had friends there with her to pull her through with their jokes and easy banter. Paula especially had helped her through those classes.

Julia picked up her bag and took a last look at her sleeping friend, she was still perfect aside of the slight sag of her breasts that came with age and motherhood and some fine pink healing stretch marks that spider webbed out from her hips across her slightly rounded belly.

“Enjoying the view?” Paula asked drowsily, barely opening her eyes and making Julia blush and look away quickly.

“I was just grabbing my phone, I was going to call Mum and Cam to see if they minded if I stayed a little longer,” she mumbled and exited the room hearing Paula’s soft laugh follow her. Still blushing she walked out onto the sunny back deck wishing she had thought to put her sunglasses on. Each woman she passed was in some form of disarray as they nursed hangovers and large mugs of coffee.

“It’s so quiet here in summer, I don’t think any of the houses around us are occupied,” Elaine said, “You could sunbathe topless and no one would see.”

“You could,” Roxanne said with a sly wink, “in fact I think I would like to see that.” Elaine pulled off her shirt with a laugh and reclined in the chair she was sitting in on the back deck. Roxanne followed suit and looked at Julia, “Come on Julia get your shirt off you know you want to,” she teased knowing full well that she never would. “I bet your tits are still awesome under that baggy shirt.”

“I think I will just find a quiet corner somewhere to make my call,” she gave an embarrassed giggle and walked back inside.

“You can use our room,” Elaine called after her.

“Thanks,” she said over her shoulder and went back upstairs berating herself for still acting like görükle escort a prude. She was married, she had a child, this shouldn’t bother her so much, but it did and she couldn’t help it.


Julia and Paula stood on the front porch waving as the last of their friends left for home. It had been a great weekend but unused to so much drinking and partying anymore, Julia was tired. Her mother had been happy to spend the extra time with her grandson and Cam had said he was fine because he could get some extra stuff done at work and make it easier for them to get away at the end of the month. Paula had been beyond happy when Julia had told her she could stay a few extra days, and had said that she had hoped she would and had gone ahead and booked the house for the week.

“Let’s go grab some supplies,” Paula said enthusiastically, “I’ll even cook you dinner tonight if you like.”

“Yeah okay, just let me grab my purse and we can go,” Julia smiled.

“I drove down so we have wheels,” Paula called out, “I’ll meet you out the front.”

They had been walking through the shopping aisles talking about what they liked and buying treats they normally wouldn’t at home. They went past the laundry products and Julia gasped, “I just realised I haven’t brought enough clothes for the extra days maybe I should pick up a small box of laundry powder and do some hand washing tonight.”

“Or just wear nothing, I won’t mind,” Paula grinned.

“I can’t do that!” She exclaimed, “I’m not Roxanne with the perfect fake boobs and ass.” She stopped talking as Paula burst out laughing. “Well I never have been… you know…”

“Julia you are one of the most gorgeous women I know, why do you put yourself down so much?” Paula shook her head. “Fine, get your detergent and we’ll string up a line for you,” she tossed a couple of packages of soft thin nylon laundry line into the small trolley.

“I don’t think we’ll need that much,” Julia laughed and went to reach for the packages but Paula stopped her.

“I need some for home anyway and its two for one, see,” she pointed to the tag on the shelf. “Pegs I guess too,” she tossed a bag into the trolley, “now back to the food and drink situation.”

They picked up more food than they needed for a few days and stopped at the bottle shop to grab some wine and cocktail mixes. “If we get everything now we won’t have to go out again for the few days we are here, we can just hang out and relax.”

“Sure,” Julia agreed wondering yet again what was going on with her friend. “It will be good to catch up properly.”

They drove back to the house singing rock ballads with the windows wound down making the drivers of the passing cars look and snigger under their breath.

Returning to the house they put on more music from the decade of their wild years and headed into the kitchen to make a pitcher from the fruit tingle cocktail mix they had purchased and make a salad to go with some barbequed chicken they had brought for dinner later. Then they went out onto the back deck to watch the setting sun.

“So spill,” Julia said into the quiet of the twilight. “What’s going on with you?”

“I’ve been going through some changes in the last couple of years and I guess want different things to what I wanted back in college,” she paused to think about it for a minute and Julia watched her without commenting, just letting her say what she needed to. “That’s probably not strictly true,” she said thoughtfully. “It’s more like I have always known but never thought I could do or have the things I want, you know?”

“Yeah, I get that, in some ways” Julia agreed, “But I always thought you were so happy with Jett and the kids. I mean from the outside looking in you seem to have the life we all dreamed of having, rich, successful, two kids and a white picket fence. It was like you got everything you wanted in your life.”

“Yeah, I guess I did but I kept working wondering why it wasn’t making me happy, thinking if I just worked a bit harder, or did a bit more, it would all come together. It never did but I carried on and did the things I needed to do for those I loved,” she smiled, “I do love them in my own way, Jett and the kids. It was just never enough to make me feel complete.”

“Are you leaving Jett?” Julia asked, concern touching her voice.

“No, well I don’t think so, not right now anyway. He’s been every understanding. Actually he felt there was something missing from his life as well. We have become closer as a result of my soul searching and being honest with him. We will always love and care about each other,” she looked off into the distance, “he’s a good man. I’ve been lucky to have married one of my best friends.”

“You always seem just the same as always when we have our girl’s weekends,” Julia laughed, “I never would have guessed that there was anything wrong or different until you asked me to stay last night. Have you tried talking to any of the other girls?” Julia knew she was as worldly as the others and was not the one that people bursa escort bayan came to for advice about this sort of stuff.

“I haven’t really stayed as connected with anyone as much as I have with you,” she turned her head to look at Julia and reached out her hand grinning as the other woman took it. “You were always the best of us. The nicest and sweetest and most giving, I think you kept us all together through college. Whenever we had arguments there you were building bridges for us.” She laughed at the surprise on Julia’s face.

“Oh don’t give me that look, you were like Mary Poppins with that spoonful of sugar crap and always being so sweet, so prim and proper and genuinely caring,” she laughed and saw the fleeting look of embarrassment cross Julia’s face. “We loved you for that, all of us. You looked after us all and made sure we stayed… safe.” She squeezed Julia’s hand.

“You make it sound like I mattered, but I just tagged along with you guys. I was never in your league, you and Roxy and Elaine were… are so beautiful everyone wanted to be your friends, they still do. I was that girl that became cool by proximity. I was trying to remember last night how I got to tag along with you guys,” she laughed lightly.

“First year, first class, I sat behind you and then when you got up to leave I was like wow, she is gorgeous and smart, so I followed you out into the quad and when you sat down at a table I sat with you and introduced myself. Then I think Angie joined us and over that first term we sort of gathered the rest of the girls.” She considered for a moment, “I guess we started this group of ours but either way we’re all still together despite our differences.”

They had gotten to the bottom of the pitcher and as she drained her glass Paula asked, “More of this or will we have a glass of wine with some food?”

“Food sounds good,” she said, “I’m still so tired after last night.”

“Yeah it was great seeing everyone, the time just seems to fly by and I for one am tired of wasting it,” Paula walked into the kitchen and took the salad out of the refrigerator along with the barbecued chicken they had set aside for a light dinner. She opened a bottle of wine while Julia set the table for two.

They reminisced over their college days as they ate. They recounted the horrible blind dates that Julia had gone on with Paula and the crushing heart breaks and failures that had occurred in both their lives. Paula kept topping up Julia’s glass as they ate the light meal and by the time they had finished and cleaned up a little in the kitchen Julia was more than a little drunk and she let Paula help her into bed.

Laughing together Paula helped her undress, as she stumbled and fell onto the soft mattress. “I didn’t think I drank that much,” Julia slurred as Paula yanked off the jeans she had been wearing, taking her underwear with them.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Paula whispered, her fingers trailing up the naked legs of the object of her desire. “Just relax and let me look after you, beautiful,” she purred seductively. She slid up Julia’s body and murmured soft purring noises in her ear as she removed her bra.

Julia’s breathing had slowed and deepened as sleep over took her and Paula allowed her desire to come to the surface tracing the contours of the beautiful Amazon she had been in love with for forever. She smiled, the next few days were going to be wonderful she just had to slow down her own sense of urgency and bring Julia to the full understanding of what their relationship was about to become.

Reminding herself that there would be more than enough time to play, she stroked her hands over the amazing body of the woman she wanted to make her lover one last time and got up from the bed to do what needed to be done. She started by packing all the clothes they had each brought into the small luggage bags and took them to the room where she could lock the door from the outside.

Then she went from room to room removing all the linen and quilts from the beds. Finally she removed all but a few small hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Finally she took Julia’s phone from her bag and hid it where she could get to it for the daily phone calls home without unlocking the room containing their belongings.

This was never going to be an easy seduction for either of them but Paula was determined to show her prudish friend just how good sex could be, with the right partner of course. Julia had still been a virgin when she got married. Always so shy and insecure about her height and firm muscular build she had never believed boys truly wanted her, so when it came to the wedding night it was Paula as her maid of honour, that she had confided in. Over the years they had talked about sex often and Paula knew that Julia’s husband was a selfish lover who obviously had little to no idea about pleasing women.

She on the other hand knew a lot. She had spent the last few years indulging her secret desires discreetly. It was a far different world these days to when they were in college and far more accepting of sexual preference, but twenty years ago to be a lesbian was to be a dyke, a masculine woman with sort hair and hairy legs. Lipstick lesbians, which she identified with, were not seen let alone heard about in mainstream culture.

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