Hen Party

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(This is linked to the story “The Bridesmaids’ Revenge” but can be read on its own, preferably AFTER Thomas’ Stag Party


Copyright Oggbashan September 2000 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Thomas and Jane are to marry next Saturday. Today, Tuesday, Thomas is holding his Stag Party and Jane her Hen Party – in different pubs in the town of Silverbridge. Tuesday night had been chosen to allow the effects of the parties to wear off before the wedding ceremony. Both parties were small because there had been a joint party at their football club last Saturday. The Stag and Hen parties would be for close friends only. The Stag Party is another story, which you should read first …

Lisa (Jane’s Chief Bridesmaid) had booked the conference suite of “The Duke’s Head” for the Hen Party. The men had been surprised because the Hen Party was supposed to be a small affair and “The Duke’s Head” conference suite could hold at least a hundred. The suite was self contained with a bar large enough for a dinner dance, a kitchen, a reception area, two lecture theatres with audio-visual facilities and toilet suites. There were even four bedroom suites which could be included with the hire.

Lisa and Jane had planned a much more expansive affair than the men knew about. Apart from female friends and relations, both past and present members of the “Silver Vixens” and the “Stock Ladies” had been invited. There would be about eighty women.

The bedroom suites had been hired for those beyond reasonable traveling distance.

Jane, Lisa and the other bridesmaids had spent nearly as much effort planning to manipulate the Stag party as they had on their own event. The girls’ party would continue for most of the night but the guys would finish about midnight because “The Glossies” were playing football on Wednesday evening. The Vixens next fixture was Wednesday week so the girls could really let their hair down and still recover to be match-fit.

As the guests arrived a disco was in progress. Since it was a single-sex party much of the music was for communal dancing – line dancing; the conga; the Birdie dance – all the old favourites. The disc-jockey managed to get all the girls on the floor and participating within about twenty minutes of the start.

After another half hour the female comic did her act. As expected it was very derogatory about male failings and particularly the lack of brains of male footballers. The bride came in for a lot of teasing for her “bravery” and was given much advice on how to handle a new bridegroom. The comic got the audience involved in suggesting ideas for the new bride. The suggestions became lewder and lewder as the women let their inhibitions relax.

The male stripper and his “assistants” arrived. Only he would strip. His four “assistants” would dance and move among the audience but remain at least partly clothed. Many of the women present had seen the act before but “Peter” was good – particularly good with Hen parties. So far he had survived unscathed. When he and his assistants made their spectacular entrance through “fog” and disco lights Peter didn’t show the apprehension he felt. He knew that the Silver Vixens and the Stock Ladies both had reputations as maneaters and he was worried that they might compete with each other tonight.

As he started his bump and grind around Jane he scanned the audience. To his relief most of the Stock Ladies mankillers weren’t present. The present audience would be difficult enough but without the competition between the two ladies soccer teams he thought that he would manage even for his group’s second performance after midnight. … He was wrong!


After the stripper’s first act the girls danced some more, drunk some more, and waited for what some of them knew was coming. The missing “Stock Ladies” would arrive from the Stag Party and report what had happened.

About eleven the eight arrived, still dressed in their costumes. They had difficulty calming themselves down enough to tell what they and Amy and Jo had done to the men. The party broke up into giggling groups as they told their story. Most of the women knew the eight men at the Stag Party either as past or present boyfriends, potential boyfriends and even as brothers or cousins. They were very interested in how each man had reacted and when it hatay escort became clear that later they would see photos and the video they became uncontrollable – just before “Peter” and his group made their second appearance.

“Peter” realised that the mood of the audience was dangerous. he tried to calm them down but the girls were too excited. His assistants were being pawed and hugged every time they went near the audience. Then it happened!

One of his assistants was by a table of four “Stock Ladies”. He was grabbed by one and his head pulled into her breasts which just “happened” to fall out of her unfastened bra. As he struggled for breath his hands and legs were held. His trousers were peeled off to cheers as they were waved in the air.

“Peter” tried appealing from the stage for calm but it was too late. The other tables competed to grab a man and de-bag him – but that wasn’t enough. Each was completely stripped and held down. “Peter” tried to rescue his nearest assistant but he too was submerged in a heap of feminine bodies and stripped naked.

All five men were in real trouble. They were completely naked and some of their assailants were stripping as well. They were smothered in acres of sweet scented soft flesh and their cocks were getting bruised by rough handling. It might have got worse if Lisa hadn’t stepped in. She yelled at the party and told them to stop. Lisa hadn’t used a microphone but her shout more suited to an open football pitch than indoors stopped the actions dead. No one disobeyed Lisa when she shouted like that.

Sheepishly the men collected their clothing and retreated hurriedly. Lisa had saved them from “a fate worse than death” or at least from severe bruising. No man’s tool could take being assaulted by up to twelve women at once.

After “Peter” and the others had left the room, Lisa rounded on the party “You lot ought to be ashamed of yourselves! What we do to our men in private is one thing but those four guys were only trying to do what we paid them for – to entertain us. If it had been girls entertaining the Stag Party and the men behaved as you have done we would disown them – and the Police would have been called. I’ll try to sort it out with the group but they need an apology from you. Will you apologise to them?” Lisa glared.

There were shamefaced nods and assents. “OK then” said Lisa “IF they come back in again will you please say you are sorry and thank them for their performance.” Lisa went out.

She returned about five minutes later leading “Peter” by the hand. The assistants followed reluctantly. All five looked shaken.

“Peter” Lisa said “This Hen party has something to say”

Jane stood up “We would like to say that we are sorry for our behaviour and want to apologise.” She turned to face the others “That is agreed?” From around the room there was a loud chorus of “Yes!”

Jane continued “and we would like to thank you all for two fantastic performances tonight!” This was followed by a storm of clapping and cheering to which the five men bowed formally and withdrew.

The disc-jockey started the music again but the party was very subdued.

Jane spoke aside to Lisa “How did they take it?” Lisa replied “They were very shaken up but “Peter” was blaming himself for letting things get out of hand. He thought that he could manage the audience but admits that this time he was wrong. He and the others liked the idea of an apology but were scared stiff that we’d attack them again. We and the Stock Ladies have a reputation for being mantamers…”

“No…!” said Jane sarcastically

“Yes…!” riposted Lisa. They both had a fit of giggles before Lisa could continue “but he couldn’t see the ‘worst’ of the Stock Ladies the first time so thought he was safe. But he didn’t know that they came late otherwise he would have kept the other guys on stage. They’re reasonably happy now but I gave them each a “bonus” for performance above and beyond the call of duty.”

“When will the other four arrive?” asked Jane.

Lisa looked at her watch. “They should be here now. They are probably setting things up in the lecture theatre. I’ll go and check.”


Lisa came back about five minutes later. She went over to Jane. “They’re ready for us. Shall I make the announcement or do you want to do it?”

“I’ll do it.” replied Jane “The girls might think that you are going to shout at them again.”

Jane went to the disc-jockey who faded the music and passed her a microphone. “Friends – thank you for helping this party go so well this far,” said Jane with a slight tinge of sarcasm “Now thanks to the Stag Party we have an audio-visual hurma escort presentation for you in Lecture Room 1. Will you please follow Lisa in an orderly manner and take your seats for the next part of the evening which I am sure that you will find entertaining!”

There was a shuffle of chairs and the ladies gradually moved into the lecture theatre. “Amy” and “Jo” and Helen and Pamela from “The Red Lion” were sitting at the podium. When everyone was settled expectantly Helen began ..

“As some of you may know, we – that is Jane, Lisa, the bridesmaids, “Amy”, “Jo”, Pamela and myself, Helen …” As each was mentioned they stood up and bowed to the audience. “… planned to ambush the men at their Stag Party. We will know show and tell you to what extent we succeeded.”

A screen was lowered and the lights dimmed. The video began near the end of “Barry the Comic’s” act…

The audience reacted with booing and hissing at “Barry’s” references to the lady footballers and there were shouts of “No!” to the comments on Thomas’ performance as the Silver Vixens coach. Lisa turned dangerously white at the comments about her but the audience chanted “Lisa! Lisa! We want Lisa!” so she stood up and did a mock bow to cheers.

The entrance of Amy and Jo was greeted calmly enough but it was Jane’s turn to wince as Thomas was pushed into Amy’s breasts.

Jo’s act was received with increasing excitement and each man was identified by the audience. When she was seen to kiss Harold there was a call for “Encore” and the videotape had to be rewound several times so that Harold’s embarrassment could be repeated. As Jo pushed Harold’s head on to her leg there were loud cheers which got louder as each man’s wrists were tied and his head fastened to Jo’s legs. The tape had to be stopped again for Jo to accept cheers when all four men were trapped. Jo explained that she really enjoyed having four men sniffing her panties at once to cries of “We’d like that too!” There were several replays of this part.

When Amy joined in and all eight men were trapped under two girls’ skirts the tape was stopped again for a standing ovation. Amy and Jo blushed bright red at some of the congratulations.

The videoed entrance of the Stock Ladies was the signal for stamping feet and cries of “Up the Stocks!”.

However the women grew quiet as the drama unfolded. After all it was “their” men who were been straddled and humiliated! They relaxed as the “loving” poses were photographed then erupted in wild cheers as the men’s erect cocks were revealed. That section of the video had to be re-run at least ten times.

There was little interest in the end of the tape as Helen and Pamela gradually released the men. The tape finished as the men returned to the bar for more drinks. The audience didn’t notice just how angry the men were. They were more interested in celebrating a great victory.

Jane called “Amy” and “Jo” forward.

“I’d like to thank these two whose contribution was invaluable and let you into a secret. “Amy” and “Jo” are not professional kissogram girls. They have recently moved to Silverbridge and have been given transfers to our team next season. They have come with good reports from their previous soccer club and I’m sure that tonight they have proved themselves as worthy members of our club! Ladies, can I introduce you to Martine (indicating “Amy”) and Susanne (indicating “Jo”) Jones from Swansea. They are now “Silver Vixens”! And yes they are sisters.”

Martine and Susanne were welcomed with shouts of approval even from the Stock Ladies some of whom shouted “If you don’t want them, we’ll have them!”.

Jane continued “I’d also like to thank the proprietors and staff of Silverbridge’s Kissogram company who first of all told the men that none of their staff were available to work tonight – it took a man to believe that lie for a TUESDAY night! – and then referred the men to a “new” kiss-o-gram team, our own Martine and Susanne. They went much further. They trained Martine and Susanne, devised their routine, rehearsed them and finally issued them with National Vocational Qualification Certificates as “Strippers Level 3”.

Copies of Martine and Susanne’s “certificates” were shown on the screen. The “certificates” included pass marks in such subjects as “Bum-waggling”, “Breast-Smothering” and ended “Shows exemplary ability in contact sport.”

Martine and Susanne made mock courtesies to the cheers from the audience.

“Now” Jane added “I’d like to thank Helen and Pamela for their sterling work in setting the men up for tonight. They are not members of our club but they have shown that they are true ığdır escort friends to all of us. All our planning would have been useless without their help.”

Helen and Pamela bowed to the cheering audience.

“Lastly I’d like to thank my Chief Bridesmaid, Lisa, who planned the whole of both parties and made the costumes for the Stag Party” said Jane

“Lisa! Lisa!” cried the audience until she too took a bow.

“Now” Jane added “Martine and Susanne also took digital still photographs which will be added on to the end of the video. Oh – I nearly forgot – the video will be on sale in the Ladies changing room of the club next week! Just be careful who you show it to. Now we will see the stills.”

The photos were shown to cheers especially the close-ups that Martine and Susanne had taken of each erect cock. The cocks were identified by shouts from the darkened room.


After the still photographs a series of male stripper videos were shown to the still boisterous women. Jane, Lisa, Martine, Susanne, Helen and Pamela went back to the bar having completed their “presentation”.

Jane said “Well girls, we really did it! They won’t live tonight down for years. Thank you all for making this evening so memorable. I didn’t think we could do all we had planned and get away with it.”

Helen was not sure “After the others left the men were really angry. If they hadn’t set themselves a midnight end I think some of them would have got really drunk.”

“They were really humiliated and the knowledge that there was a video and photographs made them feel even worse” said Pamela. “We had difficulty in trying to get them to see the funny side. I don’t think they’ll take it out on us but they resented being made fools of – especially Thomas. You may have a problem about this, Jane.”

Helen added “The surprise was Harold’s reaction. We all know how straight-laced he is, but he really enjoyed himself. He was really the only one who had no regrets about tonight. He even said to the others that they should be grateful that the girls had taken so much trouble and effort. It fell on deaf ears, though.”

Just then Lisa’s mobile phone rang in her handbag. “Who could be ringing me at this time in the morning?” she said taking it out, flipping it open and putting to her ear. “Hello?”

“Oh, hello Harold. What was that? OK. Thank you. I’ll tell the others. Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out. I’ll see you later today. Bye.”

“What’s up?” asked Jane

Lisa replied “Harold’s just told me that Thomas and the others are on the way here determined to break up our party in revenge for what we did to them. They think there’s only a few of us, of course. Harold knows better but he hasn’t told them. What are we going to do?”

“Welcome them with open arms, of course!” said Jane to nods of agreement. “There’s only seven of them and eighty plus of us. They haven’t got a hope!”

“How long before they get here?” asked Susanne

“About ten minutes” replied Lisa

“We’d better get ready then” said Helen “How shall we do it?”

Lisa suggested “I think you and Pamela ought to stay out of sight. You may have to see them again at “The Red Lion”. If a few stand around in the reception area and get chased into the darkened bar the rest of us can ambush them. I’ll get the others prepared.”


When the men arrived they saw three Silver Vixens standing in the reception area near the bar doors. The girls fled through the doors into the darkened room hotly pursued by the men who found themselves quickly surrounded and harmlessly overpowered by what seemed like hundreds of feminine arms. The lights came on to reveal the men trussed like chickens in feminine garments – pantyhose, scarves, stockings and even bras.

Jane sternly confronted Thomas as he lay before her “Can’t you take a joke, Thomas? We planned this evening to be fun. You weren’t hurt in any way and “Amy” and “Jo” gave you value for money. Why come chasing after us?”

Thomas looked shamefaced and didn’t reply.

“No answer?” Jane turned to the other helpless men “No explanations from any of you?” She still had no replies.

“Take them away and leave them to sober up.” she told the women.

The seven pinioned men were lifted and taken to the four adjacent bedrooms.

Jane turned to Lisa “I suppose we’ll have to charm them out of their bad mood. I’ll look after Thomas. Can you arrange for the others to get some “tender loving care?”.”

Lisa nodded. She knew which girls were attached or attracted to each of the other six men. It shouldn’t be difficult to calm the men down with some good loving.

The men eventually had a wonderful night.

They and the women would always remember Jane’s Hen Party. And even if they wanted to forget there was always the video and photographic evidence. How many copies were sold …? The girls never answered that question.

The End.

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