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Sophia, decked out in her most revealing clothes she had, descended down the stairs into Helena’s basement. She looked around appreciatively. The walls had every kind of punishment device imaginable: Whips, crops, belts, ropes, handcuffs, you name it, she had it. Sophia slowly walked around the room, trailing her fingers along some of the torture racks set up. She admired the inverted Cross frame, the various chains and bracelets hanging from the ceiling, and below them ankle cuffs. As she finished her circuit of the room, her eyes fell on the various things on the wall beside the pony.

“Oh Helena, this is going to be perfect for you my little whore.” she purred softly, and reached out softly rubbing her hand along the pony. Admiring its V shape with a softly rounded top.

“Oh yes, that little whore will never escape me again!” she laughed again, looking at Helena, “this will do just fine.”

Helena begin to think. Had her idea of role playing backfired on her? She did not like the look in Mistress Sophia’s eyes. They seemed to glow with cruelty.

Mistress Sophia walked back to her whore, slowly circling her, one finger tracing a line around her at chest level.

“Helena, are going to have so much fun aren’t we? This was a great idea.”

Standing behind her whore, Mistress Sophia reached out and yanked Helena’s tube top down to her waist. Then, raising her whore’s hands over her head, Mistress Sophia attached the overhead cuffs. Giving a good pull she made sure Helena was firmly attached and unable to escape. Mistress Sophia pulled on the chains raising Helena up and totally off her feet. Walking around behind her, she quickly striped the rest of the woman’s clothes off, leaving her hanging completely by her arms, naked and defenseless.

Mistress Sophia bent down and shackled her whore’s ankles to the floor cuffs. Helena was now completely suspended from the ceiling by her wrists, and the floor cuffs made sure she could barely move. Mistress Sophia slapped her whore’s ass in an affectionate manner, then walking around in front of her, leaned over to suck one of her taut nipples into her mouth. Looking down in astonishment at the gentleness Helena was totally confused. She grew more confused as her Mistress began to gently rub her mound, delicately tracing a path up and down her slit. When Mistress Sophia got to her knees and began to make tender love with her mouth, Helena got even more nervous. After a few more moments, Helena was racked by a pleasant yet small orgasm, and when her Mistress looked up from between her legs and smiled innocently, Helena finally understood.

Seeing the dawning comprehension in her whore’s eyes, Sophia smiled, then burst out laughing.

“Oh yes my precious whore, today is the day. Today I am going to do my best all for you. And I will fuck you my precious little one. You will never fantasize about being with another woman as long as you live.”

Smiling deviously, Mistress Sophia turned to the wall, pulling down a belt.

“And I will start slow, and work you over until you are crying and screaming, then I will continue some more. You will be pushed to your physical and physiological limit.” As she felt the first sting of the belt across her ass, Helena realized her Mistress was totally serious, and fully capable of taking over her for her sexual pleasure and needs.

“Sophia,” Helena spoke, “Are sure about this?” Of course there was no need to ask her lover that. She already knew the answer.

“Oh yes, baby. You’re mine. You strayed from me and thought you could cheat. How dare you? You must be punished, and you thought this would be a great way to spice things up. Don’t you remember my innocent little Helena?”

Helena knew how much punishment she could take, but the look in her Mistresses’ eyes scared her more than ever. She let out the usual groans expected from a whore, but her mind kept returning to the look in her Mistresses’ eyes. Slowly she felt the pain before the pleasure. Helena looked on in dismay. Her Mistress was going to treat her as nothing more than a job. Helena shivered. Looking around, she had just realized just how much torment she might be subjected to, and cried. Totally inside, not daring to show any sign weakness.


“From now on my little fuck whore, you will call me mistress.”

“Mistress, I love you.”

“Then show me!” Sophia replied angrily and fingering her.

As her Mistress slowly looked her over, Helena realized a very simple fact. Miss. Sophia would not stop. Dreading the pain coming, but willing herself to stand firm, Helena readied herself for pain, for major torture. But she knew, she KNEW that she could just hold out quivering, Helena readied herself.

Sophia just walked around the whore. The belt lashing out, striking her ass and tits, and a few times an especially hard lash between her legs. Helena would see a small smile play at the corners of on her Mistress lips each time she jumped. Sophia would Mersin Escort stop for a minute to grab her head to the side so she could give her intoxicating kisses. She would start by kissing her lips, leaving love bites on her neck and fondling with her breasts. Then she would suck, pinch and twist each of her nipples until they became erect. Sophia’s love making was enough to make anyone go wild with excitement and anticipation. It never mattered who you were, whether you were the lucky victim or a spectator.

After ten minutes, not one spot on her victim’s body had been left alone. Sophia noticed Helena was hanging a bit limp, and listened to Helena’s slow gasps. Finally, she recovered for one more round. “You have been a very good girl. Keep it up, love.” Sophia untied her young lover and laid with her on the floor. Helena was grateful that her torture had ended. Or at least it seemed that way. As the two kissed, her Mistress got an idea. She dreaded that she did more than ever. As captor had promised, it was to get worse and much more intense. Then just saying the one word needed, “toilet”

“Sophia,” Helena said shaking. “I know that you’re angry. I know that I hurt you, and I’m sorry, but does it really warrant this.”

“Don’t be disobedient with me.” Sophia said, a surge of anger went through her captor’s mind. “When I saw you kissing that woman last night. You have no idea how angry I got.”

“You made your anger quite clear.”

“Do not interrupt me! You saw no where near how clear my anger was! I could have killed you both right then and there one the spot! If you act like a lowlife whore, I’m going to treat you like one.”

With that, Sophia stripped completely, squatted over her whores mouth and began pissing. When her bladder was once empty, she waited for Helena to finish cleaning her waxed pussy of any leftover piss and come and stood up.

“Get Up!” Sophia ordered. She went over to the table, turned around looking at the various hanging bracelets and frames scattered around the room. Choosing a simple table with appropriate shackles, she ordered Helena onto it face down and secured her firmly in place.

Taking up a nice light effective whip, Sophia began to strike Helena’s ass. She set up a nice regular rhythm and made each stoke a bit harder then the last one. Soon Helena was squirming, so Sophia just beat her ass even harder with the whip. While whipping Helena’s ass, Sophia could feel herself getting wet watching how she turned Helena’s ass from white to red in moments. Sophia stopped for a moment to catch her breath, then changed whips to a heavier more painful one.

Raising her arm, Sophia let her hardest blow go, the whip cracking into Helena’s bruised ass making a sound like a pistol shot. Helena screamed which excited Sophia so much she began beating Helena all the more, moving from her ass, down her legs, and across her back. With each strike Helena would scream, and the screaming seemed to never stop, Sophia was whipping her so fast and hard. Sophia slowed the strokes when she noticed Helena was bleeding from her back and ass. Nothing too severe of course, Sophia knew what she was doing. She walked to the front of the table, grabbed Helena’s hair and yanked her up for another deep kiss, then licked her face clean of the tears.

“Mmmm… Don’t cry, love,” Sophia said with compassion, while still holding her up by the hair, Sophia didn’t spit in her face, but she did slam her face down onto the table.

Helena’s eyes grew as large as they possibly could, and then

some. She realized that this woman, her lover of more than seven years, really could be so cruel. There really was no word for it, well, except sadist. Helena knew that she was angry at her for cheating on her. She knew and she was sorry. Then comprehension hit her again. She realized this was nothing compared to whatever Sophia had planned next. Helena started to cry as she realized that she would break eventually. She was just thankful it was her Mistress Sophia that was doing the breaking, and break her, she would.

Sophia untied Helena and led her to the small table where she had been enjoying her coffee. Sophia calmly poured Helena a coffee. As she held the cup out to her whore, Sophia was very pleased indeed. Helena’s arm barely shook as she accepted the gift from her Mistress. Both of them sitting there, calmly appraising each other, and totally reveling in the shared experience. Each giving the other what was so desperately wanted, desired and needed.

Helena waited, not daring to meet her Mistress’s eyes, lest it cause another immediate punishment.

“You have done quite well… so far Helena,” Sophia exclaimed.

“Thank you Mistress,” Helena mumbled, trying to remember her place and her rights as a slave, which weren’t many at all.

Both girls just sat there enjoying the moment. So seldom does it ever occur that a Mistress may find a whore worthy of her, or a whore find a Mistress worthy of her either. Escort Mersin Both just sat there enjoying the moment. Sophia then raised her feet onto the chair looking at Helena.

“Suck me, taste me, tongue fuck me.” Sophia said.

Helena immediately dropped to her knees in front of Sophia, quickly fastening her mouth over Sophia’s pussy waiting for the golden champagne she so loved to drink from her Mistress. Sophia then reached down caressing her whore’s hair. God, Sophia thought, I am so lucky with this bitch. Easy to train, eager to please, a definite keeper she thought just as her bladder finally let loose. Sophia thrust her hips slightly forward to allow her Helena easier access, then just relaxed letting it all flow, listening to the gentle gurgle coming from between her legs. Once she was done with her toilet, and her toilet had finished cleaning her completely, Sophia stood.

“Look over there, I need you to go and fasten yourself to the new equipment.” Sophia said to Helena, looking to where her Mistress pointed, but could not understand what was so new about it.

It was just a sort of familiar box frame with shackles attached for her wrists and ankles. She was used to the cross frame, and sure this was a little different, but she was still confused. But, her Mistress had told her to, so she went over and began fastening herself down. Helena went and fastened herself down as best as she could. Now obviously she could never do all of her straps. However do you think that our devious Sophia cared? Helena was on a box frame. Very old fashioned, a simple square frame. But Sophia liked its simplicity for this reason. She had made very minor changes to it. After fastening the final strap locking Helena in place, Sophia was glad to show off.

“This is, so simple. I do NOT say it will bring out the best in you whore, I am saying though that it is the best for all around spanking and whipping. When you first look it does look like a square. But when you looked closer you see the hinges. Small hinges that would allow me to position you in nearly any way I want to.” For one beautiful, but rare moment, their eyes met.

Walking over, Sophia fastened the last cuff, making sure Helena was firmly tightened in the straps. Sophia just walked around, slowly circling her whore, enjoying her attentions. Going back to her table, Sophia picked up a riding crop, and strode back to Helena. As tears roll down the whore’s face, Sophia began to whip her breasts with the riding crop. Smashing her nipples with the crop brings a delightful scream from her whore’s throat exciting Sophia even more and causing her to redouble her nipple whipping. After a few minutes, Helena’s breasts are bright red, bruises forming, and a little bit of blood trickles from one breasts. They are completely marked by her Mistresses lashings.

Putting the crop down for a moment, Sophia leans into Helena and licks the tears off her face. Digging her fingers into Helena’s breasts, Sophia steps back pulling the whore’s breasts out as far as they will go. Helena just whimpers. Sophia leans forward again and bites down hard on one nipple, her right hand going between her whore’s legs to rub her mound. Sophia slides two fingers into her whore’s moist pussy and begins finger fucking her. Kneeling down, she begins to suck on Helena’s clit, her fingers pumping in and out of the whore’s pussy. Helena begins moaning louder and louder, her juices wetting her Mistresses face and hand, then she lets out a scream as she comes. Then she lets out a shriek as she feels her Mistress bite down hard on her outer labia. Sophia stands and rubs her wet face against the whore’s lips.

“You are doing splendidly, I am very proud of you.” Kissing her softly on the lips Sophia whispers to Helena.

Helena’s eyes brim with tears of happiness as she gazes back into her loving Mistresses eyes. Sophia picks up the crop and begins rubbing it between Helena’s legs. Soon Helena is orgasming again, her juices soaking the riding crop in her Mistresses hand. Sophia raises the crop to her face and licks some of the whore juice, then presses it to Helena’s face and watches her lick it totally clean of her juices.

Sophia steps back and goes behind Helena. Raising her arm she begins raining hard blows on Helena’s back. Striking her across her shoulder blades, and down to her ass and back up. Sophia keeps up her beating until Helena starts to go a bit limp, but Sophia does not stop. Her whore was still screaming so beautifully. Sophia feels herself getting wet as nice large bruises form on Helena’s back. Some of her blows were harder than she realized as some of the welts are bleeding slightly. Her arm finally grows tired, so Sophia stops and moves to Helena’s front, pulling one of her nipples out as far as it will go, she kissed Helena, then heads back towards her table to sit for awhile. Sitting down, catching her breath she admires her handiwork. Helena is standing again, her face has one bright red welt across Mersin Bayan Escort it, and below her neck it is a mass of welts and bruises. Sophia just loves the way Helena looks at her waiting, she knows there will be more punishment shortly.

Finally, getting her breath back, Sophia takes another sip of coffee and looks at her beautiful whore Helena. Still tightly bound to the box frame, she seems to have recovered nicely and her eyes are glowing with pain pleasure and lust. Sophia is very pleased with her whore’s reactions and can’t wait to get started on her again. Standing Sophia heads over to the table and grabs a different whip. This one has long slender horse hair attached to the handle. Just perfect for breaking skin lightly, and of course pain. Sophia startles Helena as she grabs the side of the frame and tilts it backwards. Helena obviously did not notice the changes her Mistress had made to it. Tilting it back until Helena upside down, Sophia stepped back and enjoyed the moment. Her whore totally helpless before anything her mind could devise to do to her.

Not able to wait any longer, Sophia went around to face Helena’s ass, and immediately began whipping her ass with the new whip. Sophia could see Helena’s ass cheeks clench tightly with the pain. She was obviously surprised this whip could hurt so much. Sophia kept up a repetitive whipping against her ass, delighting in the sounds of the whip making it swooshing noise as it headed towards Helena, then the final whack as it cracked firmly into her flesh. Soon Helena’s ass was even more red than before. Partly because of all the small cuts that now appeared across her ass, the blood slowly dripping down her back and onto the floor where Helena could see it. Going back to the table, Sophia dipped the horse hairs of the whip into her bowl of vinegar, spreading them around to get fully covered, then headed back and began an even stronger, harsher whipping of the whores ass. At the first strong slash of the whip against her ass, Helena let out a very satisfying scream. The whip bruising and lightly cutting her flesh, and the vinegar going into the cuts already there.

Enjoying the new screams and groans, Sophia kept up the whipping, only pausing now and then to put fresh vinegar on the whip ends. Soon Helena’s screams got a little fainter. She was once again becoming used to the pain, or ready to pass out. Sophia didn’t really care which, she just wanted to hear some more screaming from her wonderful pussy whore. She headed back to the table, and after placing the whip back picked up a candle and lighter and headed back to Helena’s ass. By now Helena was crying and sobbing making a puddle on the floor with her tears. She was trying to twist in her bonds to see behind her as to what her Mistress was doing, but all she could see were Sophia’s feet. Using the small amounts of fresh blood still leaking from Helena’s butt cheeks, Sophia lubricated the long thick candle, then inserted the bottom slowly into Helena’s ass. As she felt it begin to enter her asshole, Helena let out another piercing shriek and began bucking wildly. Sophia had carefully chosen a candle that was just a bit wider than the entrance to Helena’s anus.

Letting the candle pop out, Sophia slapped Helena’s ass a few times with her right hand as hard as she could. Then, rubbing the candle with the bit of blood on her palms from the spanks, Sophia gently placed it at the entrance of Helena’s asshole and just waited. slowly Helena’s sobs decreased and then finally stopped. Sophia squeezed Helena’s cheeks gently and began licking her buttocks and anus, gently nipping her way around each sex cheek. As she felt Helena slowly relax, Sophia suddenly grabbed the candle in both hands and slammed it into Helena’s ass driving it into her ass halfway up the candles length. Helena’s newest screams of pain were a total delight to Sophia’s ears. The candle was definitely too wide for Helena, and she felt like she was being ripped wide open. But her Mistress had guessed the width quite correctly and it stretched her ass too its absolute limit with a bit of bleeding but no real damage. Waiting for her whore to slowly get accustomed to the candle sticking proudly out of her butt, Sophia absent mindedly played with Helena’s obviously very aroused pussy. When Helena’s cries had finally changed to a mild sobbing, Sophia lit the candle, smiling when Helena shuddered at the sound of the lighter sparking to life. Making sure the candle was well lit and went back to her chair and coffee and waited for the next round of pain and pleasure to start. Sophia sipped her coffee enjoying the fact that Helena knew she was nowhere near her, and therefore was totally unprepared for anymore pain.

Waiting until she could see a wax dripping halfway down the candle, Sophia started tapping her fingers on the table. She knew this would make Helena relax just that tiny bit more knowing her Mistress was still across the room. Watching that nice fat bead of wax slowly drip down the candle was also getting Sophia extremely aroused, anticipating the screams from her whore when the hot wax settled onto her sensitive fuck hole. Sophia actually shuddered in delight at the thought wetting herself even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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