Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion Ch. 04

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Gal Gadot

I woke up in the morning with a hot, wet mouth wrapped around my manhood. When Sonja realized I was awake she said breakfast is almost ready and she let go of my hardening cock and left the bedroom. When I got to the eating area Heather and Sonja were both nude and sitting side by side on one side on the table. Waking up next to Heather had been great, but Heather and Sonja, nude together was fantastic.

The girls were talking quietly and giggling together over who knows what. I could also tell there was something going on under the table that I couldn’t see. I asked the girls how long they had been awake. Heather said, for awhile, we didn’t want to wake you too early. I asked them what they had been doing.

Heather turned red and sheepishly answered, “We have been on the couch having sex,”

Sonja continued, “It was great, would you like to join us for some more?”

I was starved, so I replied, “After breakfast and when we have the kitchen cleaned up, I would be more than happy to join the two of you.”

The girls had fixed bacon, eggs and toast, with orange juice and coffee for breakfast. I was famished from all of the activities of the night before and started eating immediately. Sonja and Heather were not too interested in the good food they had prepared for breakfast. They were touching and feeling each other under the table. Watching these two lovely ladies was making my cock grow and harden. I hurriedly finished my breakfast.

“Alright you two, in the bedroom now,” I demanded.

“What about cleaning up the kitchen,” Heather asked?

“We will do that later, right now let’s have some fun,” I replied.

Into the bedroom we went, Sonja leading the way, with a very turned on Heather on her heels. I was getting horny watching those two, so I wasn’t far behind. Heather and Sonja got into a hot 69 before I could say or do anything. Sonja’s pale white ass looked great against her tanned legs and back and against Heathers complete full body tan. They are an insatiable pair that can’t get enough of each other. I stood close by and watched as Sonja licked Heather’s wet pussy lips and her hard clit until Heather started to cum. Sonja kept licking and sucking and Heather kept cumming. Sonja got her arms between Heather’s legs so she could continue her licking when Heather got rigid. Heather started to moan really loud and shiver violently. Sonja kept on licking.

Sonja finally pulled away from Heather’s sloppy wet pussy and looked up at me and said, “Fuck me.”

I had Sonja lie down on the bed next to Heather and she eagerly spread her legs. I moved between her legs and very slowly moved my cock up and down Sonja’s pussy lips without entering her. She started to push her hips up ay me to get me into her. I resisted for another moment until she became very frustrated.

Sonja finally pleaded, “Please fuck me now.”

I responded, “Since you said please, I will.”

I positioned my cock head at her opening and waited for her to push up and get me inside her. She broke into that beautiful smile of hers and started bucking hard and fast under me. I allowed her to get away with that for a minute or two then I took over. I slid my knees underneath her and pulled her legs up in front of me so her thighs rested on my chest and her feet were in the air. I pushed a little and got even deeper inside of Sonja. She had that wide eyed look again so I guessed this was also something new to her. I started slowly moving in and out of her wet pussy. I was a little surprised that she was still so tight, but it really felt great, so I am not complaining. I put my thumb on Sonja’s outer lips and got it wet from the fluids there and started rubbing her clit with it.

Heather had been quietly watching us and she started to make some very excited noises. She told Sonja to get ready for a huge orgasm then leaned over her to take Sonja’s right tit into her mouth.

I used my other hand to play with Sonja’s left tit and nipple. She had started shivering when I pulled her legs up against me and all of my attention to her clit and tits sent her over the edge. She was in ecstasy as her orgasm completely over took her. She was shaking hard, crying softly and scratching my hips with her finger nails. I continued fucking her and playing with her tits and clit. I wanted her to tell me to stop because she couldn’t take it anymore. She cried, shook and scratched and neither one of us wanted to give up the fun. Heather knew what Sonja was going through and kept sucking on that firm, sweet breast of Sonja’s. Sonja suddenly stopped moving and making noises and her body went completely limp. She has passed out from the huge orgasm she had experienced.

Heather and I stopped what we had been doing and looked at each other. This was something new to both of us. I climbed off of Sonja and Heather leaned over her to make sure she was still breathing. Just about then Sonja murmured something in Russian that we couldn’t understand and started izmir escort moaning again.

Heather demanded, “Fuck me, now. You can have more of her when we are done.”

I rolled over onto my back and Heather climbed on top of me. She easily slid my rigid cock into her squishy wet pussy and started to bounce up and down on my rod like a mad women. She was making so much noise that Sonja started stirring on the bed next to us, then sat up to see what was going on. Heather was lost in a world of her own. She has been on a sexual high since we climbed into the limo last night, and can’t get enough sex to satisfy her. I could feel her love juices running down her thighs and soaking the bed. Sonja got behind Heather, grabbed a large, bouncing breast in each hand and started playing with the firm flesh and hard nipples. Heather began to moan, than shiver, than cum, and as usual she got very stiff which pulled her off of my cock. She ended up lying on her back on top of me, with her head between my legs and her feet on my chest.

When Heather started to relax I rolled her off of me and told Sonja it was time for her to give me a good blowjob and to swallow the load. She was kneeling on the bed between my legs and looked a little skeptical but started right in licking my steel hard pole. She was lightly licking and tasting Heather’s juices when I told her to start sucking. She wrapped her little hand around my cock and slid her full, red lips around the swollen, purple end of my raging hard on. Sonja started slurping and wrapping her tongue around the end of my cock. She was able to bob her head up and down while she licked and sucked. She has learned the art of oral sex rapidly. I was enjoying Sonja’s warm, moist mouth and tongue and knew I wouldn’t last very long after fucking both of the girls so I started thrusting my cock up into Sonja’s mouth when she was moving down on my now throbbing member. She gagged a little but kept sucking.

Heather had been watching us and had to join in the fun. She slipped 2 fingers into Sonja from behind, which got our hot Russian friend moaning. Heather also told Sonja to lower her head to make it easier for her to take my cock deep into her throat. Sonja did as Heather instructed and soon had my raging hard on deep in her throat. Sonja kept her lips and tongue licking my shaft while her throat squeezed the head of my cock. I felt my orgasm starting to build so I grabbed the back of Sonja’s head and thrust forward with my hips as far as I could go. Sonja gagged but held on. When I knew I was starting to cum I pulled out of Sonja’s throat and told her to suck the load out of me. Sonja worked her tongue and lips and warm mouth to perfection. My warm, sticky sperm pelted the inside of that marvelous mouth. Spurt after spurt Sonja gobbled up. Heather was still fingering Sonja from behind and Sonja was ready to cum also. When I finally had emptied my balls into Sonja’s mouth, Heather said, “I want to clean him up.”

Sonja moved away from me with her mouth full of my sperm, and Heather quickly licked and sucked my cock clean. Heather then turned to Sonja and said, “Now you can swallow what is in your mouth.

Sonja looked terrified of the thought. She obviously had no idea of what to do with it.

Heather moved up to Sonja and kissed her hard. She then leaned back and said. “Share his cum with me,” and kissed Sonja again, this time moving her tongue between Sonja’s parting lips.

Sonja understood what Heather wanted so she allowed a Heather to suck little of my cum out of her mouth. Heather broke the kiss, leaned back with an open mouth to show Sonja that she really had some sperm, and swallowed her part of the load.

Heather told Sonja, “Now it’s your turn.”

Sonja very reluctantly closed her mouth then looked at me for guidance. I nodded my head and told her to do it for me. With a huge frown on her face Sonja gulped down the still warm, sticky sperm. Sonja didn’t know how to react. Slowly a little smile began at the corners of her lips. The smile took quite awhile to cover her whole face, but it eventually did. The longer we watched the bigger Sonja’s smile became. She then started to giggle a little, like a little girl who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar; she then broke into a full fledged laugh. In moments all three of us were laughing like little kids and hugging each other.

I happened to glance at the clock and saw that it was almost 8:30. We had to get Sonja back to the Red Rock Casino and be at the small airport for our Grand Canyon flight. Sonja’s plane left at 1:00, the airport is about a half hour drive from the Red Rock, and she needed to be at the airport at least an hour early. We needed to get moving. The girls cleaned up the kitchen while I took a quick shower, then they showered together. I had to go into the bathroom twice to make them stop fooling around and really shower. I finally told them they could fuck in the back of the car alsancak escort on the way to the Red Rock if they wanted, but it was time to go. Shortly after 9 AM we piled into the rental car and headed for Sonja’s room at the Red Rock Casino. As we pulled into traffic from our resort I asked Sonja if she had a good time with us.

Sonja floored us when she answered, “I can’t wait to tell my husband about all of the things I learned last night.” She went on, “We have never done oral sex with each other, some of the positions we did last night we never knew about, and that ting with the thumb in my ass is awesome, but also new.”

She had never mentioned being married and wasn’t wearing a ring, so Heather and I were shocked to find out she was married.

Sonja continued with, “He’ll be wondering where I spent last night, I hope he isn’t too angry. Maybe I should give him a blowjob as soon as I get into the room.”

Heather asked, “You mean he is at the Red Rock waiting for you?”

Sonja replied, “He wanted to spend his half of the last of our money, our last night in the US, at a strip show, so I told him to go, I was going to the casino and pick up a cute guy and fuck all night.” Sonja went on to say she took the other $500.00 and went straight to the casino and saw me.

Heather suggested that she and I go to Sonja’s room with her in case of trouble. This seemed to satisfy Sonja and the girls started playing around with each other in the back seat. They sure couldn’t get enough of each other as Heather soon had Sonja’s shorts off and had her face buried between Sonja’s legs. The sounds and smells coming from the back seat assured me that Sonja was having another big orgasm.

When we arrived at the Red Rock I found the valet parking and the three of us headed to Sonja’s room. Sonja opened the door, the three of us walked in to find her husband, Sergei, standing nude in the bathroom, blow drying his hair.

Heather shrieked, Sonja laughed, I didn’t know what to do and Sergei said, “Pleased to meet you.”

Sonja started talking real fast in Russian as she pushed Heather and I further into their room to give Sergei some privacy.

Sonja said. “Sergei’s English is not the best, but he will be able to talk to you if we talk and listen carefully.”

Sergei showed up a minute later, with his hair still wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. I guessed Sergei to be about 5’10”, 175 lbs, muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes. Sonja pulled that wad of $100 bills from her little purse and told Sergei, in English, that she got lucky at Let It Ride and lucky with us, at the casino last night. Sergei asked if she had spent the night with us. Sonja replied yes, she spent the night with both of us. Sergei said something in Russian that made Sonja chuckle, then reply in English that there was $3,900 in her wad. Sergei started jumping up and down and yelling. I guess the money took the edge off of him learning that his wife had spent the evening with Heather and I.

Heather was busy checking Sergei out. I could tell from the expression on her face that she was enjoying his muscled torso and ruggedly handsome face. I moved over next to her and whispered in her ear.

“Do you want him,” I asked?

Heather nodded yes. She just can’t get enough sex this weekend.

Sergei saw us whispering and said something in Russian to Sonja.

Sonja said in English, “Sergei thinks Heather is hot.”

Heather beamed and said, “Thank you, Sergei.”

Sergei rattled of a long string of Russian.

Sonja looked at Heather and said, “Sergei wants to have sex with you.”

Heather looked at me and I nodded my head.

Heather walked over to Sergei, yanked his towel from his waist, dropped on her knees and sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth. Sergei eyes opened wide. He couldn’t believe a beautiful stranger was giving him a blowjob. Sonja decided to join the party and stripped off her clothes in a hurry. When she was nude she started undressing me.

Sergei asked Sonja in halting English if she learned to do what Heather was doing. Sonja didn’t respond, but when she got me undressed she dropped to her knees and took my raging hard on into her warm, wet mouth. There was no way she was going to get me off with her mouth after all I had been thru the last 12 hours, but I was enjoying her attempt. Heather got up from the floor, pulled her short sundress over her head, and slipped off her thong. Sergei’s was almost drooling over her luscious, mature body. Heather grabbed him by the cock and led him to the bed. Heather flopped onto her back and spread her legs.

“Come on Sergei,” she prompted.

Sergei jumped at the chance to fuck this gorgeous lady. His cock didn’t look very big. I hoped he knew how to use it so Heather could enjoy him. Sonja decided it was time for me to fuck her so she lay down next to Heather. I couldn’t believe that I was going to fuck this buca escort hot Russian right next to her husband fucking Heather. I knelt between her legs and started to work on her clit and lips with my tongue. She was ready to explode! Sonja immediately started moaning and shaking as soon as my tongue brushed against her clit. Her orgasm was immediate and hard. Her fluids were leaking all over the bed.

Sergei could hear his wife cumming and looked over to see what I was doing. I would guess that Sonja was so excited because Sergei was close by while she was naked with me, and that got Sonja off so quickly. I moved up Sonja’s lush body with my mouth, trailing kisses across her lower abdomen, her chest, and those perky, milk white tits, until I kissed her hard on the mouth. Sonja reached between us and slid my cock into her sloppy wet cunt. I slowly started to penetrate the depths of Sonja’s tight pussy.

Sergei was ramming in and out of Heather’s pussy as fast as he could go. I could tell that Heather was not having much fun. I leaned over and kissed Heather to help her along. Sergei was startled when I did that. That kiss was absolutely the greatest turn on for me and I think for Heather, too. Her face lit up and she started rolling her hips into Sergei’s thrusts. Sergei paused for a minute to catch his breath and Heather said I want on top. They switched positions and resumed fucking. Heather pulled Sergei’s hands up to her tits and slammed up and down on Sergei’s hard cock.

I pumped in and out of Sonja a couple of times then pulled her legs up in the air in front of me. I remembered how much she liked that position the last time we did it. She started cumming again. I played with her tits and fingered her clit as I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her pussy. Her orgasm continued and was building in intensity as we went. Meanwhile Sergei couldn’t hold back any longer and blew his load deep inside of Heather. Heather hadn’t cum yet so she was disappointed. I told her to clean Sergei up good, like she does me and then give Sonja a big kiss and a share of Sergei’s sperm. As usual, Heather did as I instructed and soon was leaning over Sonja with a mouthful of Sergei’s sticky spunk. Sonja eagerly kissed Heather and they played with each others tits. I needed a chance to rest so I backed away from Sonja and let the girls play. Soon Sonja was eating out Heather’s hot box while Heather was sucking my cock. Sergei lay on the edge of the bed, wide eyed and silent. It was obvious that this was all new to him.

With the many times I had cum in the last 3 days, and especially the last 12 hours I knew I would have a hard time getting off. Sergei’s presence was not a problem for me and apparently not for Heather and Sonja either. I just was fucked out. Heather could tell I wasn’t ready and asked what she could do to help.

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, “I don’t know, maybe some anal?”

Sergei was struggling with the translation but Sonja was not. “Would you fuck my ass, please?” Sonja begged.

Heather stated immediately that I should take that virgin ass of Sonja’s as a prize for the great sex we had had.

“Do you have any lube,” I asked.

Heather interrupted and said, “I will lube her up for you.”

Sonja moved to the edge of the bed and knelt on it with her ass in the air. Heather moved behind her and licked and tongued her little rose bud until it was slippery wet.

Sonja pleaded, “Do it now.”

“This may hurt some,” I told the lovely little Russian girl.

Sonja mumbled, “I don’t give a fuck, do it now.”

Heather moved out of the way, went to the side of the bed so she could watch Sonja’s face, and put an arm around Sergei. I don’t think Sergei had comprehended what was going to happen. His small penis was all shriveled up and of no value to Heather until he saw me push the purple, engorged head of my cock up against Sonja’s tight little ass hole. Sonja pushed back eagerly, wanting me in her ass now. I pushed ahead just a little and popped right inside Sonja’s back door. She whimpered a little and then Sergei knew for sure what was happening. Sonja pushed back against me hard, and I set up a rhythm of short, hard strokes into her anus. It only took 4 or 5 strokes to have me buried deep in Sonja’s ass. Sergei’s cock started growing and getting hard again. Heather noticed it too and pushed him down on the bed and started to suck him again.

Heather giving Sergei a blow job and me fucking Sonja’s virgin ass started getting me excited too. Sonja’s ass was tighter than her warm, snug pussy, but not so tight that it was uncomfortable for me. She was pushing back at me so hard that it must not have hurt her having my cock buried to the hilt in her. I picked up the pace so I could have another orgasm this morning. Sonja must have known that I was getting close because she started squeezing my cock with her ass muscles so hard that it was started me cumming. I let go a couple of good shots of cum deep into Sonja’s bowels. Sonja was purring contentedly. She hadn’t had an orgasm but she had gotten me off and was no longer an anal virgin, and she seemed content with that. I asked her if she was going to clean me up. She turned around and licked, sucked and mouthed my shrinking cock until it was crystal clean.

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