He Changed Me

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Patrick changed me in many ways. I had no idea what he was doing I just knew I couldn’t get enough.

I was addicted to Patrick’s cock. It was perfect. Patrick was 6’7, with a girth of at least 8 inches. Myself being 5’2 and having such a tight little Pussy it made for Patrick having to really work at squeezing his gorgeous cock deep in my wet Pussy.

I loved taking every inch and could tolerate and even liked when his cock caused me some pain. The pain gave some intense feelings when I’d cum, I loved when Patrick’s cock was inside me and I came often all over his beautiful cock.

Last fall I suffered a fall that resulted in a broken ankle. Patrick was an angel. Taking care of my every need and assisting me in getting everywhere.

Patrick loved to lick a woman’s pussy. He was so good at it. Light wet soft licks with his tongue caressed my clit. There’s not a woman on the planet that wouldn’t have gotten addicted to his clit licking. He made my orgasms more intense than I ever had.

While I was laid up with a broken ankle he took advantage of my helplessness by deciding one day (without any discussion with me) that because he loved watching me cum so much that I should cum more for him because Patrick wanted more and more of whatever he liked.

Having me positioned on the couch perfectly. He had me in the corner of my L shaped sectional. One leg extended in one direction of sectional and the other leg extended in the other direction of sectional.

Patrick was kneeling licking my pussy. Before long I couldn’t even feel the pain from my broken ankle. When Patrick made me cum, I usually creamed so much I made a mess everywhere.

Ohhh, God, fuck Patrick your gonna make me cum so hard. Oh, oh, oh God Patrick it’s cumming. Yes yes. Ohhhhh, ahhhh. Awwwww

My body spasming so hard I felt out control. Spasms producing such convulsions ankara grup escort that my body literally looked like I was having a seizure. Even after I peaked and came it took my body some time to recover because the orgasms were so intense.

Usually it was during this time Patrick would slide his beautiful cock deep in my pussy.

Except this time he didn’t do that…

At first thought Patrick was being silly when he wouldn’t stop licking my clit. But he wasn’t being silly. He was very focused. He had a mission. One he did not share with me.

He had not stopped licking me since I came. He kept up the same intensity and consistency he had on my clit pre cumming. It was uncomfortable to say the least. I couldn’t handle it. It was horribly irritating from being so sensitive from cumming.

I said “Patrick please stop. That doesn’t feel good. I can’t take it.”

Patrick ignored me and kept licking. I tried to move but he held my legs and with the broken leg and combination of pain meds I didn’t have much strength. I started begging Patrick to stop. Whimpering almost crying. I kept telling him it did not feel good.

He ignored me. It was like I didn’t even exist. I used my hands to try and push his head away but it was no good. He just kept it up.

I was so pissed off but I could do nothing. My clit became almost numb because of so much stimulation. After quite a bit of time feeling overwhelmed in a bad way, something began to change. I found myself starting to get wet all over pats face. This time much more then I normally do.

Slowly my hips started to circle in response to the sensations. Whimpers turned to moans. My pussy kept getting wetter. It was feeling so good.

This time though it felt more intense as my orgasm built.

Before long I was screaming out. “Oh fuck Patrick I’m gonna gümüşhane escort cum again babe. My pussys gonna cum so hard babe. Oh fuck yes.”

I could hear Patrick moan as my body shook and pussy contracted and I exploded in the biggest cum I’ve ever had.

I could tell from looking at Patricks eyes that he had a huge grin on his face as he looked & lapped up my cum.

Patrick still didn’t stop. He again ignored me and I began to get worried about how long this would go on for.

It went on for almost 70minutes. By the time Patrick was done I had cum all over his face 15 times.

After the 4th orgasm my clit was so engorged. My pussy lips swollen like a balloon. So much of my cum juices everywhere.

It was as of Patrick had awakened me to a new experience. One I would not forget.

Patrick did what he want and never compromised. He was difficult to have a relationship with because I had to roll his way or no relationship.

I ended up accepting this and not questioning.

The long intense pussy licking sessions continued daily. Sometimes twice a day.

It was as if Patrick didn’t see me as a woman. It’s like I wasn’t even there. All that mattered to him was getting more and more cums from me.

I began to tolerate his continued stimulation and I began peaking with orgasms one after another until my body got to a place that I needed that.

He trained my pussy to be what he wanted.

My orgasms now came one after the other. My body spasming and convulsing and as soon as my orgasm would subside my body began peaking again and I’d spasm and shake all over again. One after another after another.

Patrick began counting my orgasms. I was beginning to feel like his toy and no longer in a relationship.

I initially thought what an unselfish man. To spend so much time pleasing me. It was something halkalı escort I never experienced. But actually it was completely selfish.

Pat said he wasn’t doing it for me but rather his motives were much more selfish…

He got more satisfaction from me cumming then he did at cumming himself. He wanted that more then anything.

It was as if my response gave him so much fuel he wanted more and more.

He always eventually fucked me. By the time he’d slide his Rock hard cock in I couldn’t help but cum all over his cock as soon as he entered me because by this point I had cum so much and my pussy so hot tight and wet that the sensation of his cock deep in my hot hole made me spasm and cum hard. He loved that too. He loved pulling his cock out after I cum on it and hold his cock over my face. His hard cocktail was so saturated with cum it dripped and dripped all over my face.

He then slid his cock back in.

This became our normal routine during sex.

At times my body physically could not take more. It did not matter to him. It was not about me.

My spasms and convulsions were so violent that my body collapsed and sometimes I passed out from exhaustion.

When this happened. Patrick still didn’t stop. I’d either awaken right when I was about to cum again or I’d awaken as his cock was fucking me.

Having experienced this daily for several months I began noticing a change in me. I became addicted to Patrick touching me, licking me, fucking me. I was willing to do whatever would make him happy.

Patrick had changed are whole relationship from what it used to be. I became more and more a toy for him. I didn’t want it like this but nonetheless I submitted to it because what I didn’t realize was he had trained my pussy and mind to need this.

My body changed to. My pussy never stopped being wet. I found myself in unusual places getting horny and needing to cum.

The worst part was I couldn’t make myself have the multiples. Only he could make me. Which furthered my dependents on him.

Now that my pussy belonged to Patrick, where would things go from here… I was about to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32