Hardcore Holiday Ch. 08

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After talking with Ant about the best way to go about finding Mikey and Jackson we decided we would get more done if we split up, and besides I knew I would probably have to retrace my steps back to where I was released from, if we had no luck searching the hotel complex.

Agreeing to meet back at my room we both headed out of the door, Ant going left and me taking the right. I looked over my shoulder as he headed down the corridor, watching his tight ass get further away, before heading in the opposite direction, not really sure how I would know if I had found the room they were in, all the doors looked identical.

Deciding the best thing to do would be to try each door I began to turn each handle, the first few not moving at all, until I came to one that clicked and turned. Slowly I pushed the door open, unsure what I was going to find, and peeked through the gap. I couldn’t hear anything so slowly pushed the door further open and headed inside. Closing the door, as slowly and quietly as I could, I ventured further into the room and looked round. It was identical to the room I was originally in, I guessed most of the rooms were going to be, and it did look like it was being used.

There was a pile of female clothes just thrown onto the bed, perfumes on the bedside cabinet and a couple of pairs of ladies shoes just under the bed, obviously Mikey and Jackson weren’t in here.

Opening the door to leave I heard voices in the corridor and closed it again quickly. Listening I heard two voices from the corridor, both female, and they were arguing. I heard one of the women say that she couldn’t believe her friend had slept with the guy she fancied, the other firing back that it wasn’t her fault he had fancied her more.

Suddenly the handle turned and I froze, expecting the door to be flung open any second. Looking around I realized that if the woman opened it I would be caught red-handed and Franco would no doubt hear about it. Bracing myself for the scram that would surely come from the woman I was relieved when the handle was let go, and the two women continued their argument.

Quickly I headed out onto the balcony, looking to see if I could get across to the next one, when I saw Ant down by the pool talking to a couple of guys. I watched for a few seconds as they talked, before he turned and pointed towards where we had split torbalı escort up. The men he was with both shook his hand and headed to where he had pointed, before Ant walked off towards the other side of the hotel complex.

“FUCK OF BITCH AND LEAVE ME ALONE.” I heard from the corridor and quickly jumped over the balcony, to the room next door, just as the door was flung open.

Standing back against the wall I listened as the woman who had entered slammed the door behind her, sobbing. As I listened I heard her door being knocked on loudly, the woman in the room trying to ignore it, until it was finally opened.

“W-W-Who are you?” The asked between sobs.

“Hotel security ma’am,” a male voice said. “We have been alerted to the fact that a male has been seen entering rooms.”

“W-W-Well there isn’t one in here,” the woman said.

“Do you mind if we just have a quick look?” Another male voice asked.

“Go ahead.”

I tried the balcony door behind me and found it was locked. If the men in that room came onto her balcony I would be caught, and explaining myself would be impossible. I climbed over two more balconies, to the end room and hid around the small end of the wall, just as one of the men stepped onto the woman’s balcony. Peeking around the corner carefully I looked towards the man, and realized that there was no way he was security, he was one of the men Ant had been talking to.

I froze, holding my breath, as I watched him look over the edge, not wanting to believe that Ant had sold me out, not after everything we had talked about, before he turned and headed back into the room. Letting my breath out I tried the door behind me and was relieved when it slid open. Stepping into the room I found this one to be empty of clothes, and assumed this one hadn’t been booked. I sat on the couch and wondered why Ant would do what it seemed like he had, before deciding to forget searching the hotel and retrace my steps to where I was held captive.

Cautiously opening the door I left the room and headed outside, making sure I wasn’t being watched, before quickly heading out of the complex and on to the street. Looking at the sign post I remembered one of the names and headed in that direction, out of town. I had forgotten how long it had taken me to get back to the hotel once I had been released urla escort and started to wonder if I had taken the wrong direction, when I saw a large building in the distance.

Assuming that was where I had been held I made my way towards it, the sun blazing down on my body, still making sure I wasn’t being followed. Once I was in range of the building I stopped and scanned what was before me. The place wasn’t abandoned, because I could see a few cars out by the front, so I began to walk towards them, hoping someone would be able to help me find Mikey and Jackson.

As I got closer I could see a few people outside, putting bags and cases into the cars, and assumed their holiday had come to an end as well. Starting to hurry towards the people I suddenly stopped, as two people were led out and into one of the cars. I was sure that the two people were Mikey and Jackson, they looked to be the same size and build, and I needed to get closer to be absolutely certain though.

I stood and waited until the people milling around were looking the other way before I made my move. Sprinting towards the cars I managed to get behind one just as another couple of people came outside, a man and a woman, closely followed by Franco.

“Thanks Franco,” the man said. I never thought I would get to see that.”

“All part of the service,” Franco replied.”And did you enjoy it as well?”

“Yes I have never been so turned on in all my life,” the woman responded. “Watching those two together doing whatever I said was amazing.”

“Hope you come back again real soon,” Franco said. “I will have new actors next time.”

“You can count on it,” she replied. “And maybe next time you will join in darling.”

“After seeing that you can count on it,” the man replied.

I sat listening, unable to believe what I was hearing, as the couple got in a car and drove away.


“Yes boss,” someone said climbing into the car.

Spying my opportunity I sprinted to the side of the building, luckily not getting spotted, and hid around the corner. Waiting until no-one was around I entered through a side door, closing it behind me, and found myself in a dark, dimly lit corridor. Cautiously I headed along, past a few locked doors, before buca escort I reached the end of the corridor and found myself in front of a large oak door. Turning the handle slowly I opened it and found myself standing in a large reception room type area. Making sure I was alone I headed towards the desk that was in the middle and picked up a clipboard that had notes scrawled over it.

Scanning it quickly I saw Mikey and Jackson’s names, as well as a few others that I didn’t recognize, until I got to the bottom of the list. Staring back at me in block capital letters was one last name.


I stared at that one name and began to realize that he had been planted by Franco all along, and that Franco was using him to keep me sweet.

“I really wish you hadn’t seen that list,” Franco’s voice said from behind me.

I spun around and came face to face with Franco and he wasn’t alone. Standing behind him were two men I didn’t recognize and Ant.

“What the fuck is going on Franco?” I asked aggressively.

“You should have just left well alone and listened to me,” Franco said.

“I said what’s going on?” My rage boiling up.

“Isn’t it obvious yet?” Franco asked. “Even to someone as gullible as you.”

Franco and Ant started to laugh as the other two moved towards me.

“You didn’t really think that the hotel made enough money to live the lifestyle I want to live did you?” Franco asked.

“What you on about?” I said. “The place is packed.”

“True and with people comes opportunity,” Franco said. “Opportunity to make even more money.”

“So where do I fit in?”

“You my dear Dan,” Franco said. “Are going to be my number one star.”

“What if I refuse?”

“I don’t think you will,” Franco continued.

“Well you’re fucking wrong there,” I replied, just before the two other men grabbed me by the wrists.

“We shall see,” Franco said. “Take him to the room.”

The two men holding me started to drag me across the reception and up the stairs, as Franco called after me.

“You could have made so much money,” he said. “If you hadn’t been so nosey.”

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!” I screamed at the two men.

“Dan calm down and I shall come to you shortly,” Franco said. “Then you will be given one more choice to make.”

Five minutes later the two men pushed me into a room, before shutting and locking the door behind me. I banged and kicked at the door, desperately hoping that it was flimsier than it looked, but to no avail. All I could do was wait and see what Franco really wanted, and is it was I didn’t have to wait too long.

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