Hannah Dances

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I told you earlier in the week that I thought it was time that we erected the pole again in the centre of the room, as we hadn’t done it for ages, and it I really enjoyed seeing you dance around it pretending to be my personal stripper.

The pole goes up, and during the week I am treated to an amazing dance, strip and blowjob. I know that you’ve enjoyed it too, because after my treat, I went down on you, and I could taste that you were soaking.

However, being lazy people, and perhaps a little deliberately on my behalf, we didn’t take it down straight away and it was still up a few day later when Lee came to pick me up so that we could go out for a few beers.

It dawned on both of us as he knocked that the pole was still up, but we thought we could have a laugh about it, after all, it’s not like he would have cared! He walked in, spots the pole and immediately laughs, and asks what it is for. He clearly knows, but rather than squirm, you brazen it out, and tell him that a few days earlier you’d danced for me around it!

We leave it at that, although I was hoping a little that something more would have happened, but never mind. Me and Lee disappear out to play pool, and have a few beers, while I’m left to imagine what might have been. The evening passes quickly, and the pair of us have a few beers, but nothing too bad. Approaching the house, I offer him a quick beer from the fridge, as it’s still quite early, he accepts and we step inside.

The lights are dim, and suddenly it occurs to me what has happened. The empty wine glass gives it all away. I know that while we’ve been gone, you’ve been picturing what might have happened earlier, izmir escort and have been lying in wait for me. Unknown you to, you are about to get what you wanted all night.

You haven’t heard us walk in, and you enter from the kitchen shocked to see us standing there. You’ve really gone to town for us.

You’re stood there, your hair in bunches, the white string top, your nipples straining against the holes in the fabric. Your lower half is barely covered by your checked red skirt, and it’s finished off with white socks and trainers. Lee laughs and offers to leave straight away, but interestingly you stop him, saying that we both may as well enjoy what you had planned.

Me and Lee sit down as instructed, and you put some hard, grinding music on. You begin your dance slowly at first, and the pair of us sit and enjoy the clear outline of your breasts, pressed against your top, nipples out for us both. Your hands trail all over your body pulling material this way then that, almost exposing everything, but not quite.

And then, standing there, behind the pole you slip your top off, finally exposing your breasts, as the music pumps. I can feel my erection throbbing hard in my trousers. You’ve decided to speed things up, and no sooner is your top off, then the skirt slides down, over your hips. It’s clear to us both that you are not wearing underwear, but we can’t quite see, as your pussy is still just hidden behind the pole. Running your hands over yourself in time to the music still, you fondle your tits, hands sliding lower until again, although we cannot see, we know that you must be rubbing your pussy.

I want alsancak escort you badly, but know I must wait at least a little longer. You step from behind the pole, giving us both a good view of your pussy, the thin strip of hair visible. Leaning with your back against the pole, you open your legs wide, exposing yourself to us, and then begin to masturbate while we watch.

I can’t believe how hard my cock is, and I can’t believe that Lee’s is not the same. You decide that you want to find out.

You know what you want, and you offer us both a lap dance. I don’t hesitate to say yes, and Lee agrees with me. Walking towards us, you get close, and then turning around begin to rub your arse over Lee’s crutch, telling him that he’s not allowed to touch: house rules after all. Laying across us both now, your head in my lap, you begin to masturbate again, this time giving Lee a close view of your closely trimmed lips. Grabbing his hand you guide his fingers down your body, letting them rest against your, urging him to push one inside whatever hole he chooses.

I know that this is the signal for more, and I release my now aching, throbbing cock from my trousers, and rub it against your cheek. Flipping over, you engulf my cock in your warm mouth. Lee continues to rub your pussy, and I can feel your moan around me. I tell you that you shouldn’t concentrate solely on me, and pushing my luck, I tell you to swap over.

Without hesitation you move, and reverse on us, my fingers seeking out your dripping pussy and swollen clit. I am amazed to see you urgently tugging at Lee’s trousers, and in a few moments his cock springs buca escort into view. Your hand goes straight to it, encircling his shaft with your fingers, and you wank him off for a few moments. When you manage to get the first bit of juice from his cock tip, your sink your mouth over it, while I slip a finger first in your pussy, and then another slowly worked into your arse.

Breathing heavily now, you demand some cock inside you. Standing up, I expect you to come to me, but instead you straddle Lee. You tell him to suck your nipples, and that although you won’t fuck him, you do want to feel his cock against your pussy. Slipping behind you, I watch as you grab hold of his shaft and rub his tip over your pussy, over your clit while he sucks hungrily at your rock hard nipples. After a few minutes of this, you kneel back in front of lee, sucking him again. I take this as my chance to fuck you, and quickly slip into you from behind. I can’t believe that this is happening, but I am turned on, and don’t care at all. We fuck hard and quickly, you with two cocks inside you.

With you in control, you move from us, and lie on the ground, guiding me back between your legs, and telling Lee to wank over your face. I can’t hold back any longer, and pushing deep inside you I empty my balls, shooting spurt after hot spurt into your hot wet pussy. Lee continues to wank over you, but you grab him, and guide him to your pussy, again rubbing his cock over your clit. I sit there, so turned on I can scarcely believe it. With a deep moan, Lees announces that he too is about to cum. Your legs reach around him, and in one hard movement you force him into your pussy, all the way deep to his balls, taking his full length inside you. And then quickly again, all the way out, and it’s at that moment that he cums, shooting a huge amount of cum over your pussy lips, your belly, and your tits, with you writhing in your own powerful orgasm beneath him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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