Halloween’s Birthday Bootie Bash

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Double Penetration

Una couldn’t wait for her 18th birthday, which also happened to be on Halloween. For weeks Brad had asked her what she wanted for her birthday and when she finally told him he promised not to disappoint her.

They planned a dinner alone at his parent’s home for All Hallows Eve, which fortunately fell on a Friday night. Brad’s parents would be away all weekend and he planned to sit guard at home to greet all the young “trick-or-treaters.” Una and Brad had both planned to wear complimentary pirate costumes without revealing the details to the other.

Una’s parents were also planning a big family party the next day to celebrate her birthday, so she was expected home at a reasonable hour. Her uncle was as strict as ever, reminding her that for as long as she lived in his house she would follow his rules.

Una was excited for days thinking about her present and selecting just the right costume to wear. She got really excited thinking of getting dressed up for Brad. She decided on a pirate’s wench, in a calf length dress with lots of petticoats over antique white lace bloomers split in the front and back. She selected a black thong to highlight what would hopefully be the evening’s treasure. The dress was low cut with puffy short sleeves. She chose a white satin bodice that laced up the front to narrow her waste and accentuate her breasts, a pair of old fashioned pilgrim shoes with silver buckles and a triangular hat circled by a colorful scarf that hung to one side. She purchased hold-up white stockings long enough to disappear under the bloomers.

Una arrived around 8 PM. to find Brad dressed in long boots, calf skin pants with a wide leather belt, realistic looking plastic sword with a couple of rubber daggers, and an eye patch. From the very start he acted in character.

“So me lass you are me date for tonight.” He threw an arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him roughly as he crushed his open mouth against hers.

His tongue tasted a bit salty as she sucked it deeply into her mouth and pressed her body against his.

“It’s yar birthday, and you’ve come to fetch your gift.”

“Brad, it’s all I have wanted from you for years.”

“Me lady, are you sure you really want me to plunger your bottom as a birthday gift?”

“I want to be treated like your wench, taken over your pirates knee, my dress lifted and given a good birthday spanking that we both will remember!”

Una immediately felt that old familiar tingle between her legs at the thought of Brad spanking her. She wanted to yield control of her mind and body and feel her behind stinging. She had not been seriously spanked since giresun escort her sixteenth birthday and she was more than ready. She wanted to experience Brad’s rough hands and deep down wondered if he would be up for the demanding task.

As the doorbell rang, Brad swatted her hard on the behind and told her to tend to the visitors.

Una was greeted by a loud outburst of children all dressed in various costumes, screaming “trick-or-treat.” She handed each candy and warned them to be on the look out for pirates roaming the streets. She closed the door and returned to Brad.

“Me lass, this may be a little difficult with all the little pirates roaming around, but I will try. Over the arm of me chair for a couple of warm-ups.”

He grabbed Una’s arm and spun her in a circle until she lost balance over the leather arm of the couch. She lurched forward. He spanked her a couple of times over the billowing skirt held high by her petticoats. He flipped her dress up and planted a few good slaps across her bloomers. She could feel her excitement growing until the bell again interrupted them. Brad instructed her to stay where she was while he answered it this time.

“So what are ye kids doing out at night?”

“Trick-or-treat,” ten voices announced like a choir.

As he replenished their bags with candy, Una could see their inquisitive eyes looking her way.

“She’s me mate and instead of making her walk the plank, I decided to give her a whipping,” Brad said, as he swung the door shut.

Una felt mortified and exhilarated at the thought of being seen, even by the kids with her dress flipped over her head getting a whipping. The thought of being controlled and beaten increased the rush of desire through her body. After all it was the birthday present she most desired.

Brad parted the bloomers and explored the smooth bare contour of her behind.

“It’s a lovely ass you have me lady. Are ya sure ya want it reddened.”

“Brad, I want to be treated like your captive slave being held for ransom.”

“Then off with these frilly petticoats!”

Una stood and posed; reaching under her dress she lowered the petticoats and stepping out of them slowly. She spun in a circle revealing the bloomers.

With one push in the back from Brad, she was back over the arm of the couch. He immediately started to spank her behind through the material of the dress. He lifted it and parted the bloomer to expose her bare bottom. He began a series of soft slaps, obviously being careful not to strike too hard.

It felt wonderful as her body pressed against the leather couch. Although he gölbaşı escort had little experience doing this, she was pleased with the preliminary results.

The doorbell rang again and it was Una’s turn to respond.

“Trick-or-treat! This time the kids seemed older; a group of girls and boys, more of high school ages. The boys took their time leering as Una bent forward to distribute the treats.

“Nice tits wench,” said one of the boys after taking five paces back as Una closed the door.

“Yea, nice tits wench. Give me a good look before I help meself,” Brad spoke with a renewed gleam in his eyes.

Una faced him, and peeled the puffy sleeves down her arms revealing the white satin-lace bodice with her breasts billowing over the top.

“Off with the dress wench and let’s get a good look at me booty.”

She peeled the material down her body, allowing the dress to hallow around her feet. There she stood in white bloomers, white laced bodice, black buckled shoes, white transparent stockings and a pirate’s hat.

“You look magnificent.” Brad said slipping a finger down the front of the bodice making contact with one of her hardened nipples. She was enjoying the strip tease and felt very sexy in her antique underwear, which to anyone else might seem fully clothed.

Brad pushed her over the couch; parting her bloomers, he began to spank the bare flesh of her behind. Just then, the doorbell rang, leaving Una draped over the couch with her pert behind peeking out from the split in her bloomers.

“Har, what do we have here,” he greeted a group of costumed older boys and girls, who could easily see Una’s semi-exposed pink behind.

“Here ya go, a little candy for your efforts,” Brad said surveying the unrecognizable faces of the masked visitors.

“What’s with the wench,” inquired one of the visitors.

“She getting a whipping, before I make her walk the plank,” Brad said taking a few quick steps back toward the couch landing a sharp smack across Una’s behind.

Like the “pied-piper,” the group followed Brad and instinctively formed a circle around Una.

“Need any help?” an anonymous voice spoke from behind one of the masks.

“Sure, on your way out, have a go at her if you like,” Brad replied as an invitation to each.

Una felt like a market slave surrounded by a group of prospective buyers as they began the procession toward the door. Each from behind their masks took swats at her behind as they passed. The last boy in line stopped.

“Let’s make it ten,” he said.

“One,” as her ass stung from the unexpected intensity of göztepe escort an experienced hand. “Two,” even harder, more like the strength of her uncle. “Three,” she felt her pussy grind into the arm of the chair. “Four,” she started to clench and rise up to meet his hand. “Five,” her body was on fire. “Six,” she crossed the threshold of pain. “Seven,” she hoped he would come back to give her more. “Eight,” she could feel her body tighten. “Nine,” oh god she hoped he wouldn’t stop. “Ten,” so close to orgasm as she watched him walk out the door.

Closing the door behind the parade, Brad turned to see Una grinding her pelvis against the arm of the chair.

“I can tell you enjoyed that,” he said with a grin and a wink of his unpatched eye.

“Let me see, where was I?” he said, flopping down on the couch.

She stood and draped herself across his knee.

“Spank me hard Brad…. Please. Now!”

Brad gripped the elastic waistband of the bloomers and peeled them down revealing the black thong dividing two warmly pink mounds of flesh. Una shook her legs to disengage the material. Brad’s hand began landing firmly, again and again this time with increasing intensity.

“Harder,” she pleaded as he increased the tempo and strength.

Something had changed following the best ten. The anonymous intruder had raised her threshold and Brad was not willing or able to take her there. Vainly, she squirmed and pressed her pelvis against his knee. The sting seemed hollow and she needed relief.

Una dropped to her knees between Brad’s legs and pushed him back hard. She reached for his zipper and opened it quickly. She grabbed his fully erect cock and pulled it free. She dropped her head and opened her mouth taking as much of his erect dagger as she could swallow in one swift motion.

Una’s eyes closed and her head spun with desire. She swirled her tongue around the arrowhead tip burying her face against the soft leather of his pants. She controlled the desire to wretch as his cock plunged into her throat. She grasped his balls in her right hand and pulled him forward with her left clenching and probing his behind with her index finger. Closing her lips as tightly as possible, she slowly lifted until almost disengaging and pistons back down. She lost control as she began to violently face fuck his column of flesh.

She could feel her orgasm rising as she lost control to the fullness in her mouth. She came in waves of pleasure as a steady flow of womanly secretions began to run down her legs. Moaning loudly, she released her grip on his balls and grabbed his behind with both hands, she hammered her face up and down a few more times. His hands closed like a vise gripping her ears, pulling her head down as he screamed her name. Una’s mouth filled with Brad’s cum as she drank and swallowed her birthday treasure.

Arriving home late, Una wondered if her Uncle would be waiting.

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