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He woke to the nasty blaring tone of his alarm, and reached with one hand to slam the snooze bar while the other reached to enfold his lady. Gone already. He remembered now, she had an early meeting a few hours away and would be out early and home a little later than usual. Sighing, he rolled out of bed and snapped off the alarm. No point in snoozing if there’s no one to snooze with…

Her scent filled the bathroom as he made his way to the toilet. He sat down with another sigh and grabbed her towel to fill his face with her. Damn I love the way she smells, he thought. As he rose to start the shower, he placed his hand on the counter for support and accidentally flicked something into the sink. Looking down, he noticed the distinctive shape and instantly sprung an erection. A bright smile lit his face as he picked up the item and brought it to his nose for a sniff. His eyes narrowed slightly as a smile grew across his lips and looking into the mirror, he chuckled to himself saying, “Bucko, you are one lucky bastard.” He popped the biscuit into his mouth and crunched with delight as he stepped into the shower, humming to himself in anticipation of later…

Having enjoyed the shower a bit too long, he was now running late for work, but at least he wouldn’t be walking in with the raging hard-on he was sporting earlier. He followed the smell of fresh brewed coffee down the stairs to the kitchen and quickly filled his travel mug to the rim. Sun poured into the room and from the corner of his eye he saw something gleaming on the table. He turned quickly to see a shiny new leash and collar set, wrapped in a bow.

He picked up the leash, running the chain links through his fingers and raised it up to his mouth, gently laying it between his teeth. He gave his head a good shake. Next he brought the leather collar up to his nose and breathed deeply. Nothing like the smell of leather filling your nose and the feel of metal in your mouth. Damn, another hard-on. Should be an interesting ride to work…

She pulled into the driveway a bit tired and cranky from the long day and longer ride home. Turning off the engine, she heard the excited barking coming from the house and smiled widely, like a Cheshire cat. She loved that sound.

Making her way to the door, she called to her baby inside, “Where’s my boy? Where’s my boy? Happy to see me, Sugar?”

By now she was in the house and being greeted enthusiastically by her pup; a very large pup. She ruffled his fur and scratched lovingly behind his ears, and into his neck, down his chest and under his belly. He whimpered and whined his appreciation, reflexively thumping his hind paw against the floor as she scratched at his belly.

“Mmmmm, you like that don’t you?” she purred. He mouthed her arm gently and licked the palm of her hand as she brought it to his muzzle.

“Come on, Baby,” she called as she made her way upstairs to change into something more appropriate.

She sat on the edge of the bed, slowly removing her shoes and hosiery as her pup came bounding into the room. He stopped at the edge of the bed, just next to her legs and sniffed the air.

“Mmmm, be a good boy and lick Mommy’s tired feet.”

She held her feet to his muzzle and wiggled her toes in front of his nose. His nostrils flared and that long pink tongue came slithering from his soft mouth, to slide between each of her toes, licking the salty sweat with loving devotion. She dropped her feet as she sighed lightly and lay back to relax and enjoy. The pup lay on the floor with her feet between his paws, licking and suckling as he wagged his shaggy tail.

“Such a good boy,” she cooed and he moaned deep in his throat; a playful growl as he nibbled his way up her legs to the insides of her thighs.

Sitting up quickly, she swatted him lightly on the nose saying, “No! Bad boy! Not yet! You know you can’t have dessert before dinner! Come on, now, let Mommy finish getting undressed and the we’ll eat, ok?”

He gave her his best adoring eyes and lowered his chin to her lap, groaning a little as he tried to get a better whiff of the treat hiding inside her skirt. “Oh, such a pretty boy!”

She held his face etiler escort in her hands and kissed him lovingly atop his head, before leaning in to whisper in his ear, “I love you baby, you’re Mommy’s best boy,”, as she sucked his earlobe into her mouth, nibbling gently with her teeth. He whined and grabbed her leg with his front paws, attempting to hump her with his bulging erection. “Now, now, cut that out, you nasty pup!”

She pushed him off her lap and walked past him to the bathroom where she dropped her clothes piece by piece, apparently ignoring him as he sat in the doorway watching. He lay down, across the door saddle with a heavy sigh, as each piece fell in front of his nose, filling him with the smells of her and her day. Her shirt was a mixture of perspiration and perfume; her skirt, like the leather seats in her car; her bra, like the scented lotion she used after the shower and finally…her panties, wet and musky tinged with sweat and just a little tangy. He inched towards the pile of clothes, wanting to nose through them and suckle her panties.

Would she let him? Could he resist? As she breezed past him, the scent of her panties overwhelmed him and he dove for them, taking them in his mouth and running from the room, down the stairs and under the kitchen table, burying his nose in the prize and suckling the soft wet fabric, savoring the flavor of his love. She was after him in a flash, laughing and chiding him for stealing her underwear.

“Give, give…don’t rip them! NO! Be a good boy…” He gently released them from his mouth, blinking rapidly and following her movements closely with his eyes.

“Good boy,” she called, “Here’s a treat for my good boy.”

She handed him a biscuit from the jar on the counter, which he took lovingly from her hand and pranced into the living room to munch it on the carpet. His eyes followed her bare ass and the two long slender legs, which propelled it up the stairs. He sat up and raised his head to let out an appreciative howl, which made her stop and turn slightly to throw him a sly smile before resuming her climb with a little more of a wiggle and sway, now that she knew she had his attention.

He bounded up the stairs after her as she turned the corner into the bedroom and out of sight. He was through the door and leaping for the bed when he caught a glimpse of her reflected in the bathroom mirror through the cracked door. She was standing in profile to the mirror, washing herself carefully with a face cloth. She lifted up each breast, then rinsed the cloth, washed under her arms, rinsed again, down her belly, rinsed, down one leg then the other, rinsed and finally, lifted a foot to the seat of the toilet and slowly dragged the cloth through her nether lips, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she did so.

She rinsed the cloth and repeated the motion, this time tipping her head back slightly and cupping a breast with her free hand. He heard her moan lightly as she dragged the cloth over her clit and dipped back down for one last wipe. Then she came through the door and threw him the cloth, which he caught in his mouth and chewed as he rolled on his back with his paws in the air. She laughed sweetly and sat beside him, petting his belly. Her hand swept past his cock a few times, as she rubbed and scratched him, making him shiver and whimper with delight.

She murmured to him lovingly as she sat there, sky-clad, stroking and petting her pup. He rolled back onto his belly and put his head in her lap, sniffing and nuzzling at her crotch. She giggled at the feeling of his soft fur on her thighs and ran her fingers through his hair, talking to him softly about what a good boy he was, as his tail thumped against the bed blissfully.

As he began to sniff and lick at her soft mound in earnest, she suddenly pushed his face from her lap and hopped off the bed, slapping her thighs excitedly calling, “Who’s hungry? Is my boy hungry? Wanna eat? Hmmm? Is my boy hungry?”

His eyes lit up at her suggestion and he leapt from the bed to sit between her legs, looking up at her face and into her patch, back at her face, then back to her etimesgut escort patch. He moaned and pawed at her thigh, just below the dangling, swollen lips protruding from her shaven puss and rolled his tongue out from his mouth, panting and lapping at the air to show his enthusiasm.

“I meant dinner,” she chided him, “I told you, that’s dessert.”

She wagged I finger in his face and turned to the closet to grab her robe, the sheer black one that barely covered the sweet round curve of her ass. He knew he was in trouble now. She’d make him sit and watch her prepare dinner, his face staring right into that incredible ass, barely covered and begging for him to sink his teeth into its meaty flesh.

Sure enough, that’s exactly how it went. She took her sweet time, savoring his whimpers and attempts to nuzzle her. At one point she turned to get something from across the kitchen and eyed his swollen member, stiff and purple between his legs.

“Is that for me, baby?” she cooed in her sweetest voice. She knelt down, taking his head in her arms and bringing his face to her breast, which was falling out of the opening in her robe.

“Do you love Mommy, baby? Such a good boy.” He nosed into her robe a bit more, probing for her nipple, finding it and suckling sweetly as she purred and sighed lightly. She held his head there for a few moments, enjoying his soft attentions, then patted him gently and rose to finish her cooking.

He ate at her feet from a bowl on the floor and when he was done, laid his head in her lap under the table as she slowly finished her meal. She stroked his head as she read the paper and ate; he was grateful for the attention and not being told to ‘go lay down’. Finally, she pushed her chair back from the table and took his chin in her hand, ruffling his hair with her other hand.

“Have you been a good boy today?” He whimpered and whined deep in his throat as he inched closer to her feet.

“Did you see the present I left you today?” He growled playfully and tried to snap at the hand under his chin. “Go get it boy! Go get your leash…” He tore himself from her grasp and bounded out of the kitchen to the front hall closet where he tossed the leash before leaving that morning. He could hear her giggling as he rummaged through the boots and umbrellas, tossing them out of the closet with his mouth, digging through the chaos and making a big fuss, even though the leash and collar were right at his feet the entire time. This brought her to the closet as intended, inquiring what all the fuss was about. He poked his head out innocently and then dove back to his search amid peels of laughter from his lady.

“Where’s your leash boy? Where is it? Get it for Mommy!”

He jumped out from the closet, leash hanging from his mouth, collar dragging on the floor and pranced into the living room, rolling on his back, chomping on the metal chain and growling playfully. She ran in after him, laughing and diving onto his belly, pulling his legs and arms apart and biting him up and down the length of his tender underside. He yelped and feigned a struggle but she swung a leg over to straddle him and pinned him to the floor. For a brief moment, they caught a glimpse of one another, he with his leash and collar dangling between his teeth and her kneeling over him, scratching his belly like a dog and they laughed wildly at the absurdity of the situation before resuming their roles.

She got up off him and walked over to her favorite chair beside the fireplace. He had lit a beautiful fire and stoked it full before she arrived. She pulled the chair up close and bade him come sit in front of her. He slithered along the carpet to sit front of her as commanded and offered her the leash, letting it fall from his mouth tenderly, into her lap. She stroked his head and murmured to him softly as she unbuckled the collar and gently wrapped the stiff leather around his neck. She cinched it tight enough to pinch just a little and buckled it closed, letting the tags hang from under his chin.

She placed a finger between his neck and the leather, “There, does that feel ok, boy? See the pretty tags? They make etlik escort a nice sound don’t they? Shake your head for Mommy, boy.” He gave his head a good shake and the tags rang against each other and the metal chain of the leash.

“Mmmm, yes, I do love that sound, baby.”

She tugged at his leash, pulling him closer to her, opening her legs for him to snuggle in tight. She held the leash tight against her thigh, forcing his face into her crotch.

“Want some honey for dessert, Baby?”

He growled playfully into her soft patch of fur, breathing her heady scent and mouthing at her mound. She tugged his leash and the tags rattled against it, making her laugh softly as she pushed her puss into his face. Her feet were up on his shoulders now and her knees were up against her chest. She was hot and wet, her bare lips glistening with her juices.

“Come on Baby,” she moaned, “show me what that long pink tongue of yours can do.”

He nibbled and mouthed all around her mound, the inside of her thighs, the soft round curve of her ass, purposely avoiding the wet lips she was thrusting at his mouth. She tugged and yanked on his leash, pulling him closer, reining him in, holding him tight against her, but still he avoided her slick, wet slit, growling and mouthing everywhere but…

Her frustration was growing; she grabbed at his collar with her free hand and pulled him against her lips. He was now tight against her pussy and could no longer avoid it. He rubbed his mouth and nose up and down her slit, doing his best to fuel her fire. She moaned and growled, pushing into his face and tugging at his leash and collar. He let the tip of his tongue poke out of his mouth and she cried with delight and then horror as he retracted it, using his chin instead to rub against her.

“Be a good boy now, or I’ll have to get your choke collar…” she warned as she yanked his collar again, rattling his tags and holding him tight against her crotch. He knew she was aching, but wanted her just a little riper before letting her fly. He kissed her gently and slowly, up and down her lips and cheeks until, trembling with anticipation, she began to beg.

“Please, please, I can hardly breathe. Please Baby, lick me long and wide, right through my slit, from my ass to my clit and back again. Oh God, Baby, suck and lick and stretch me wide open!”

Her hands fell from his leash and collar and grabbed into his hair, pulling and tugging as she bucked her hips against his face. He rolled his tongue from deep in his mouth, flat and wide against his chin and licked her long and slow, from the crack in her ass, up through her slit to end on her clit as she quivered and trembled under his touch. Over and over he lapped at her lips and her clit as he sucked and stretched her swollen flesh, rolling her lips over his tongue, sucking them in and out of his hot mouth, to her endless cries of ecstasy. She flooded his face with her sticky, sweet juices, which he drank with unquenchable thirst. She rocked and bucked against his face, sighing and moaning, groaning and growling, pulling him closer and closer, rubbing against his face, the fur on his face, his nose, his chin. She was beyond all sense of herself, rising to new levels of pleasure with his every movement and finally, as he began spreading her with his fingers and lapping at the tender insides of her swollen lips, she cried out in heady gasps and moans, pushing into the back of the chair, rising up and away from his face, trying to give her aching loins a reprieve as she gave way to the powerful waves of orgasm, rippling through her body.

He sucked and sucked, long and hard, just as he knew she loved it when orgasm took her in this way. She was rocking and howling with delight, holding his face against her so tight, he could hardly breathe; he just held on for dear life and let her ride him to the ends of her passion. Finally, she slowed, her breathing a bit ragged but becoming more regular. He kissed her lips gently and lovingly, petting her sweetly as she wound down from her reverie.

Her head rolled back, eyes fluttering, brows knitted together, as soft whispers floated up from her mouth. He raised himself from his knees and took her in his arms, laying her on the couch and wrapping her in a chenille blanket. She curled up against him, wrapped in the sweet softness of the blanket and the tender love of his strong arms, and gently faded into oblivion.

“That’s Mommy’s good boy,” she purred, “My best boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32