Gold Card Ch. 09

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So there I was, my cock buried to the hilt inside Casey, the beautiful dark haired woman, who just happened to be the one of three women who were fucking me, who was fucking me when I came. She remained on top of me as my cock slowly shrank and finally slipped out of her. I figured it was all over then but suddenly, the other two women did something that took me completely by surprise.

They both jumped at Casey, quickly pushing her onto her back. Janis then grabbed her legs, spread them open and dove in, her face seeming to splash into Casey’s pussy. While Allison watched them both intensely, Janis pushed her tongue into the woman’s cum filled pussy and began lapping. After a few laps of the pussy, she moved up to Casey’s clit and I could see Casey’s hips begin to move up and down.

Allison then got up on her hands and knees and gently tapped Janis’s ass. Janis quickly moved aside and then watched as Allison took her turn on Casey’s pussy, lapping the cum from her cunt and then moving up to her clit. I could see Casey getting closer and closer to coming so I moved in next to Allison and shoved three fingers into Casey’s pussy. She immediately arched her back and came, her pussy pulsating on my fingers as she moaned loudly.

Figuring that Allison and Casey had both had orgasms, I realized poor Janis had not, so I moved over to her and as she opened her legs, I moved in, running my tongue down her tiny slit and slipping it into her pussy. She tasted different from Allison, a more earthy taste, a bit salty too. I circled my tongue around inside esenyurt escort her pussy as I glanced over at Casey and Allison.

The two women had their legs intertwined and were slowly grinding their pussies together as they watched me eat Janis. As they did that, Allison had reached over and was toying with one of Janis’ nipples and in a few moments I could feel Casey’s hand caressing my balls. Oddly, I could feel my cock begin to grow and knew it would be ready for action pretty soon.

Janis’ hips began to rise up and down as she pushed her pussy against my face, so trying to ignore the fingers teasing my balls, I concentrated on Janis, moving my tongue up her slit. I found her clit and ran my tongue over it and then sucked it in between my lips. I could hear her moan as I did that, so I continued the gently sucking on her as I moved my hand up and eased a finger into her pussy.

Suddenly, Allison moaned loudly and moving her hand from Janis’ nipple she ground herself furiously against Casey’s pussy. Casey moved her hands from my balls and grabbed Allison’s thigh, whispering encouragement to her, “Come on Allison, come on my pussy, come for me baby.”

Hearing that, Janis began bucking her hips wildly and then she suddenly lifted her head and looked down on me with such an intense glare I thought she was ready to eat me alive. She then closed her eyes and came, her pussy squeezing on my fingers again and again. As her head fell back onto the pillow I could hear her sigh as her whole body istanbul escort relaxed. I left my finger inside her as her pulsations slowly subsided, finally easing it gently out of her.

No sooner than my finger slipped out of Janis, she moved at me, shoved me onto my back and grabbed my cock with her hand. Burrowing her head down between my legs, she sucked first one and then both my balls into her mouth as her hand stroked up and down wildly on my cock. In the meantime, both Allison and Casey had moved so one was on each side of me. They both began sucking and licking my nipples, looking down and watching my cock as Janis’ had moved swiftly up and down, up and down.

Once again my body surprised me, because I could feel the pleasure building in me, and the sensation on my balls, my cock and both my nipples at the same time was simply so intense. Wanting more I reached over and grabbed Allison’s thigh, pulling her a bit closer, I plunged a finger into her pussy. I then reached over to Casey and did the same and then I even moved my foot down between Janis’ legs and ran my toes through her pubic hair.

Suddenly, the four of us became one large, panting mass of sex and all of it was centering on my cock as Janis’ hand moved up and down. The suction on my balls and the sensation from my nipples, my fingers and my toes all went tingling to my cock until there was nothing more, nothing less than the incredible pleasure, the pressure, the building and the final release as my cock spurted once and then continued beylikdüzü escort flowing out over Janis’s hands.

Allison and Casey quickly moved and began licking the cum off of my cock, Janis’ fingers and my crotch as all I would do was relax and enjoy it all. In a few minutes Casey got up and started getting dressed, the other two women got up and headed into a nearby restroom. Figuring it was over I sat up and got dressed too.

When she finished getting dressed, Casey sat down on the bed and waited for me. As I was pulling up my pants she said, “I certainly enjoyed giving you your deluxe premium.”

“It was incredible for me, I only wish we could do it again.”

“Well, buy another big screen TV or something and we might just work something out.”

As I was pulling on my shirt I realized that one wall in my bedroom was awful bare. Maybe she was right, another big screen TV might just be the answer. When I finished getting dressed I noticed Janis coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. She had apparently just taken a shower.

“Goodbye Janis, I enjoyed it,” I said.

She moved over and kissed me on the cheek and then said, “Allison’s in the shower now, go on in and say goodbye if you want.”

I stepped into the bathroom and watched through the glass door as Allison scrubbed herself. As she reached down to scrub between her legs I called out, “Goodbye Allison.”

“Oh, goodbye and thank you,” she said, continuing to scrub.

I walked out of the bathroom and then followed Casey back through the store. As we reached the customer service desk, she leaned forward and gave me a hug whispering in my ear, “I had fun, hurry back.” She then walked back toward the back of the store, turning once and waving back to me. I waved and then walked over to the TV’s wondering which one would look best in my bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32