Going Out Ch. 02

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There are ‘twin’ short stories with Cassie and John coming in the next day or two, but this is the end of this little tale. Other stories will be starting soon, I promise.

Thanks to Marie for her help with this one when I was going astray.

* * * * * *

James and Nick

When the doorbell finally rang Nick ran to get it with his heart beating fast. He was desperate to see James again, and the killer smile he received made him sure James felt the same. In the light of day he looked even more attractive than the night before, and his eyes seemed to sparkle. James was also dressed fairly casually but his clothes showed off his body well, a hint of chest hair fascinated Nick for a moment, before he realised he was supposed to be inviting the gorgeous man inside.

“Sorry, I was just taking in the view,” Nick said, grinning. “Come in.”

Nick moved to let James past, but he didn’t go far, just putting down the beers he was carrying before turning back to Nick, noticing how the man’s eyes quickly travelled up from where they had been admiring his backside. Nick was licking his lips and it was pretty obvious to James what he had been thinking. He moved closer, needing more of a welcome than he had already received.

“I’m glad you liked the view. Seems you like the back view just as much!”

He moved even closer and there was no doubt he was going for another kiss.

“I have been waiting all day to do this,” he said, and moved his arms up to circle around Nick.

James pulled Nick in close to his body and the other man didn’t resist. This time the kiss was slower but by no means less intense. Their lips parted to let their tongues play and Nick licked and sucked on James, making both of them moan. They pressed closer together so that there was barely a part of them that wasn’t touching, and again they could feel their erections pressing together. It hadn’t taken much for them both to be hard.

Nick let his hands roam over James’ back and down to take his tight buttocks in his hands. Squeezing gently made James yelp, despite the fact he had his mouth full. Nick broke the kiss, starting to laugh, and James glared at him, but it was more a challenge that he was going to get his own back for that, and in the best way.

Nick was surprised with the depth of his feelings, unable to get enough of the taste or feel of James. His hands still rested on the firm cheeks, gently feeling them up as they kept kissing. He expected the same treatment when he felt James move his hands slowly down his back and across the dip at the base, making him shiver in delight.

Suddenly he was grabbed roughly, and his hips jerked forward to get away from it, but succeeded only in the hardness at his crotch crashing into another, equally stiff, erection. They both gasped at the feeling, breaking apart from their kiss to get some air. Nick couldn’t believe how turned on he was, and it pleased him no end that he was not the only one, but he needed some time to calm down. His efforts to move away from James were resisted, and he smiled.

“I just thought we might be more comfortable on the sofa.”

James too was struggling with keeping control, wanting Nick so badly he could barely understand it. Moving to the lounge, he pounced, pushing Nick backwards onto the sofa and following him down so he could lay on top of him, their torsos pressed tight together, and he went in for another kiss but moved aside at the last moment to kiss along Nick’s jaw and neck. The soft touches made Nick groan loudly, and that encouraged James to provide kisses, licks and nibbles to his lover.

Nick squirmed, pressed hard into the sofa, a cute man on top of him and kisses to a hot spot on his neck combining to have him unable to keep still, and every movement rubbing his erect dick against the hard body above him. This shouldn’t be happening, no matter how long it had been, no man should be making him lose control so fast, and he tried to push James off him, breathing hard when he was finally free.

James was confused by the efforts to move him away, because Nick had seemed to be enjoying every touch, and the movement of the man under him was driving him wild as well. The only thing that concerned him was that he might have been too forward or dominant for Nick, which was a surprise to him too as he usually didn’t take the lead in these things, but Nick had affected him too much to control himself. When Nick explained why he’d pushed him off it just made him grin.

“Sorry, I was getting a bit too worked up too quick,” he said, rather embarrassed.

“Couldn’t resist jumping you, I apologise. It’s been a long day and I’ve spent most of it thinking about… you.”

James wanted to admit he had spent the day thinking about a myriad different ways of how he could make love with Nick, but he didn’t think that would help him calm down. His daydreams seemed to be becoming reality anyway, he didn’t need to explain himself, but he hadn’t been able to get his mind off the man in front bursa escort of him, and as scary as that was, it was also exciting and he wanted to see where this went. Hopefully, at the very least, to the bedroom, but that probably wouldn’t be enough.

The sound of Nick’s stomach rumbling broke the intense look passing between them, making them both start to laugh. As surprised as Nick was that any part of him was thinking of anything other than James right then, he felt the need to slow things down and he grabbed the takeaway menus to work out what they were going to have for dinner.

“What do you fancy to eat?” he asked.

James looked him up and down with a predatory look, arched an eyebrow, and licked his lips, and the blatant lust displayed made Nick shiver in anticipation.

“Later, I promise… but in the meantime we should actually get some food, or we won’t have anywhere near enough energy!”

“Chinese for preference, but I’m cool with whatever you fancy,” James replied.

It was Nick’s turn to look James up and down, making the other man laugh.

“We should order now before we get totally distracted.”

As Nick ordered the food they had agreed on he felt James start to caress him again, stroking and teasing his body. Somehow he managed not to get too distracted while still on the phone, but as soon as that was done he turned, and finding James right behind him waiting for a kiss he obliged, their lips pressing together hard and fast. It was only when James ran his hands up under his t-shirt, clearly trying to remove it, that he drew back from the kiss, wanting to stop him.

“Can we keep our clothes on until after dinner?” he asked. “I don’t want to be a killjoy or a prude but it’s hard enough containing myself when you are fully dressed. The meal won’t be long and I don’t fancy answering the door stark naked with a massive erection.”

James grinned. “Massive?” he asked, making Nick blush. “I’m prepared to agree to this clothing rule for now, but once the meal is here I’ll be expecting to see what’s under that shirt. For starters…”

“We still have at least fifteen minutes to kill, and there’s plenty we can do with our clothes on,” Nick replied.

This time Nick managed to get James pinned to the sofa, leaning down and kissing him hard. James sighed loudly and returned the kisses eagerly, stroking gently again, but this time making no move to get under the clothes even though he did want to. The two lay intertwined and kissing until the doorbell rang with their dinner, taking it slow despite their mutual need.

Nick went to get chopsticks for them to eat with, at the last moment deciding he would take James at his work, and stripping off his t-shirt before he went back into the main room. The look he got made it worth it. James just seemed to be staring transfixed at what he could see of his body, his eyes darting over the chest now on display and down further to what he couldn’t yet see. It was only luck that made Nick notice the fact that during this perusal he’d almost dropped one of the cartons of food, the sauce pooling at one end, and he moved to grab the box and right it.

“Don’t want to make a mess just yet!”

The two ate quickly and in silence, James finding it hard to concentrate on his food, as much as he needed it, with the sight of Nick’s chest just beside him. Neither was that surprised at how fast they finished, and when Nick took the plates out James decided it was time to move things on again, stripping off his own shirt. The look of delight and approval when his new friend returned made it well worthwhile. Nick delighted at the slight but muscular chest covered in blond fur.

“Glad you took the hint eventually!” he said.

Nick came back to the sofa and rather than sitting down he knelt in front of James and pressed their bodies and lips together again. The feel of skin on skin was more electrifying than their earlier explorations, and James enjoyed the slight scratchiness of chest hair against him. It wasn’t quite enough though, he wanted them to be pressed together everywhere so he opened his legs and moved forward to have Nick between his thighs, their erections pressing together and making them both moan.

The slight connection wasn’t enough and James started to rub himself against the bulge he could feel, soon starting a grind of their crotches that was too intense and he had to stop. It wasn’t the time to come, it was time to explore his new lover. His lips and tongue moved down Nick’s body, kissing and nuzzling down his neck and across his chest, encouraged when Nick cocked his head to one side to give him access, and by the soft moaning sounds each touch produced.

He hovered over an erect nipple, seemingly begging for attention, and hearing a sharp intake of breath as Nick felt his breathing over the nub. Grinning, James flicked his tongue out and over it, causing far more of a reaction than he expected as Nick cried out and bucked his hips forward, crashing their cocks together again. bursa escort bayan It was clear his nipples were very sensitive, and James settled in, sucking one into his warm mouth and tweaking the other with his fingers.

Nick was writhing against James now, electric currents seeming to run through him. He’d never had such a thorough treatment to his chest and nipples and he was loving every moment, shaking with his pleasure and desire. He might never have stopped it, but James moved a free hand to his trousers and he realised that if he was touched right now he’d probably come right there.

He didn’t want that, he needed to explore James too, find out what turned him on, and his hand moved to grab hold of the hand against his crotch to stop it from moving while he tried to calm himself. James drew back completely and looked at him in confusion, clearly worried he had gone too far, and Nick had to reassure him.

“We need to take this to my bedroom.” he said, panting. “I don’t want my brother to walk in on us if he gets back early.”

It was an excuse to get a moment to recover from the intense feelings, but James didn’t care and just grinned, glad this wasn’t ending already.

Nick stood, swaying slightly, his legs shaking from how turned on and desperate he was. Both men were fully erect and leaking already, James finding giving pleasure to Nick had that effect on his body even though he had barely been touched. Nick led the way upstairs, James paying particular attention to his arse as he walked, desperate to get his hands on it, and even though it wasn’t his usual desire, wondering what it would be like to sink his cock between those cheeks and make Nick beg to be fucked.

The trip upstairs gave Nick chance to calm himself, and to form a plan. It was wonderful that James could turn him on so easily, but he needed to know how he could do the same. He wanted his lover writhing beneath him, all control lost, and he pushed James down onto the bed, coming to rest on top of him and kissing him hard. His hands started to move a moment later, finding skin to stroke everywhere he wasn’t already in contact with.

James shivered under the attentions, loving the feel of his man exploring his body, the kisses on his neck and licks to his chest and sides causing him to moan. Then hands were in his own chest hair, tugging lightly, and it was good but it wasn’t quite enough. He tried to move, to rub his hardness against something, but he was pressed down onto the bed and had little room to do it. Even licks and bites to his nipples, although they made him gasp, wouldn’t push him to the edge and he knew that. His mind warred between enjoying what was happening to him and wanting to beg for something he would love.

Nick was frustrated though, not finding anything that drove James as wild as he wanted. He decided to ask, knowing there must be some major turn on that he could explore.

“What really turns you on?” Nick asked breathlessly. “What can I do that will have you feeling as hot as I did downstairs… before we get more naked?”.

Okay, so he didn’t need to beg. Blushing slightly, James confessed, hoping Nick would not think he was weird, but he was too horny to stop himself.

“Let me turn over. Hold me down and kiss and nibble the back of my neck and across my shoulders. I really like that.”

Nick grinned and moved off James so he could turn over. James knew he hadn’t fully explained what he liked, and he just hoped that Nick would get the idea. He settled down, feeling Nick move back over him and press his body into the bed again, making him sigh deeply. His hands moved up alongside his head, presenting the opportunity for Nick to hold him down completely, and he moaned wantonly when Nick’s hands came to his wrists to pin him to the bed.

That was too much for Nick, letting out a moan himself at the slight submission and the sight of James beneath him. His hard dick pressing through their trousers was resting against James’ tight backside as he began to do what he had been asked. He started with soft kisses and licks, but testing the waters with the occasional graze of his teeth. The moans those gentle touches caused spurred him on, and soon he was not only nibbling but also biting, not especially hard, but the first one of them had James bucking under him and crying out with pleasure.

James was moaning loudly with every touch, even louder with each bite, and then he felt Nick start to hump against him and that just turned him on more. Each movement above him allowed him a little freedom too, and he rubbed his hard length on the bed as the bites increased in force and pressure. This was what he loved, having some control taken from him, but knowing and trusting it was still about his pleasure.

Nick was grunting above him, his hips moving in a slow fucking motion despite the clothes in their way. He held James down, both giving him pleasure and using his body to take his own. It was good, probably too good, and he began to slow down, escort bursa not wanting to come before they had even been naked together. He felt James wriggle under him, wondering if he was feeling the same, and then shocked he realised James had stiffened and was now crying out as he came.

Nick tensed himself, the realisation of what he had caused with little or no contact almost making him shoot as well, trembling and biting his lip as he tried to stop it. When he had it under control and knew James had finished he pulled him around onto his back, noting the blush but also the gorgeous sated look.

For his part James was just embarrassed that he had come like that, and he couldn’t look Nick in the eyes. Unfortunately looking down only drew his attention to the damp patch forming on his jeans, a rather obvious reminder of what had just happened.

Nick knew that James needed some reassurance, and his hand stroked his cheek, trying to remove the blush. Leaning forward to kiss him, Nick realised he was still shaking himself, turned on beyond belief.

“Don’t be embarrassed. That was really hot! I was having trouble holding off myself when you were moaning and writhing underneath me like that. It’s just a shame I didn’t get to taste you,” he said softly.

James smiled then, less worried about himself and realising that Nick wasn’t upset, plus was still hard. He pounced, flattening Nick to the bed. He was surprised by the sudden movement but didn’t try and stop James this time when he went for his zip. James started to work on his nipples again as he removed the trousers and underwear that were in the way of his goal, catching his breath at the beauty of the cock that was revealed, hard and aching.

James ran a cupped hand down it and was rewarded with a twitch and a moan. He had thought to work Nick back up into a frenzy like he had been downstairs, but now he couldn’t resist going straight down, ignoring the cock for a moment while he licked around and underneath Nick’s balls. A loud groan encouraged him further and he sucked one nut into his mouth, rolling it around before he let it fall so he could treat the other to the same warmth.

Nick’s hands were suddenly in his hair, encouraging him up, silently begging for some attention to his erect penis. When James looked it was leaking, a pearl of precum at the tip that he readily licked up. Last night he had only imagined this, now he saw that Nick was even more beautiful than he could have dreamed. His tongue flicked over and around the head, then sucked in half of it, revelling in the feel of satiny skin and being filled in this intimate way. Nick cried out at the warmth, knowing he couldn’t last long like this and sure only a few movements would be all that he needed to find release.

The feel of more of his cock enveloped in the warm heat, lips around the base and the head pressed into James’s throat was almost enough, then James looked up into his eyes and moaned, and that was it. Nick cried out with each shot of cum, aware that he was still being sucked as he pulsed out his seed into the wet mouth. Dazed and satisfied, he felt the soft licks start and prised his eyes open to look down, trying to smile at James in thanks because he was unable to speak after that explosion of pleasure.

He was saved from having to say anything when James moved back up his body, pressing a kiss to his lips that he returned as well as he could. They started slow, but soon got deeper, tongues exploring and fighting. Nick enjoyed the feeling of his lover on top of him, but that and the fact he could feel that James was hard again even through his clothes made him want a lot more. He wanted to be filled, but first he needed to see it.

‘Why am I the only one naked here?’ he asked.

James smiled and rolled to the side so he was no longer on top, starting then to undo his trousers. Nick just watched, fascinated as more skin and then a hard dick were revealed, James soon naked in front of him. Nick looked up into the other man’s eyes and decided he was sure what he wanted.

“Fuck me, please.”

James’s cock lurched, clearly ready for action. He moved back over to Nick but stayed at his side, kissing him hard. Despite Nick’s recent orgasm, he could feel his dick reacting to the kisses and the thought of what would happen next. He rolled over and grabbed lube and condoms from under the bed, shaking all over despite the fact he had barely been touched so far.

“Roll over,” James ordered.

Nick quickly obeyed, laying on his front and spreading his legs a little to allow access. He expected to feel a finger against him but James moved down the bed and for a moment there was nothing, no movement or sound. Nick took a look over his shoulder, wondering what was going on, and saw James staring, eyes glazed with lust.

“You are so beautiful,” he said reverently.

Having seen enough of the gorgeous man spread open and waiting for him, for the moment, and eager to touch, James moved his hands to the firm cheeks in front of him, stroking and kneading them. He heard a moan and smiled, moving across the body displayed for him to move from touching to kissing, his tongue licking gently into Nick’s crack and moving closer and closer to his hole.

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